165+ Annoying Words and Phrases Not to Say Wife

Business Communication Messages & Wishes 165+ Annoying Words and Phrases Not to Say Wife

165+ Annoying Words and Phrases Not to Say Wife

Wife and husband’s relation is the most fragile relation which needs to be dealt with immense love and care. What hampers a healthy relationship between husband and wife is the husband being disrespectful towards his wife.

Presenting some annoying phrases that a husband should not say to his wife are:-

-You are gaining weight!

-You don’t look good in that dress!

-You are wearing too much makeup!

-We are getting late because of you!

-Quickly get ready!

-You are wasting your and my time!

-You can’t take the whole day to get ready!

-We are going grocery shopping, not on a date!

-Don’t talk unnecessarily!

-Stop getting into unnecessary quarrels with the delivery boy!

-This food tastes like feet!

-You can’t even cook properly!

-You make me do disgusting things!

-I don’t love you anymore!

-My friend’s wife is way too hot!

-I could have got a better wife!

-Why don’t you maintain yourself?

-You look pale!

-You are losing your beauty!

-I am not interested in gossiping with you!

-I have a lot of other work to do!

-Why did you not arrange my cupboard?

-You can’t even take care of the house!

-Go get the stuff yourself, I am not your hired maid!

-I deserved a better woman than you!

-You are getting lazy!

-I don’t even remember why I was attracted to you in the first place!

-I regret the decision of getting married to you!

-I have to change myself because of you!

-My whole life changed from fun to boring real quick after getting married to you!

-I don’t want you to work, I want you to take care of the house!

-Stop talking to that guy!

-I should have said yes to my boss’s daughter, I would be in profit now!

-My life is ruined!

-Stop checking my phone!

-Can I get your hot friend’s number?

-No I will not stop talking to my ex!

-Why should I change my lifestyle because of you?

-What have you done for me?

-You are unlucky for me!

-You are boring!

-I will hang out with my colleagues tonight!

-Don’t wait for me at dinner!

-You should be grateful for the life I have provided you!

-You have to apologize for misbehaving with my friends!

-How dare you to take my things without my permission!

-No I won’t adjust a bit in my own house!

-If you have a problem with me and my lifestyle then go away from my house!

-Why do I keep hearing complaints against you from mama and papa?

-You have made my life difficult!

-Do not interfere with this!

-Talk less!

-Shut up!

-Get lost!

-No, I cannot do that, I am busy!

-I am not free for you!

-I don’t care about what you think!

-I need my shelves to be cleaned and rearranged!

-What do you do at home?

-You don’t have anything to do?

-What is your role at the house?

-Keep your stuff within yourself!

-I don’t want to get involved with your family matter!

-You are a stupid woman!

-Thank God that you are a bit pretty otherwise I couldn’t have handled you!

-You will not understand this!

-It is out of your reach!

-I was way beyond your league!

-Be grateful that you got a rich husband!

-You should take care of yourself on your own!

-Can you do anything without me?

-I want space!

-Don’t be so clingy! 

-I can’t stand you anymore!

-I don’t think we can stay together!

-We should fake a break from ourselves!

-Did you call my friends? Why!

-I don’t want you to hang out with my friends!

-No I cannot take you to that party!

-I cannot take your responsibility!

-I am done with your demands and tantrums!

-Go earn for yourselves!

-You cannot so spendthrift! 

-Cut the expense! 

-You are not presentable!

-You silly woman!

-Idiot like you cannot understand business things!

-I don’t want to share things with you!

-Mind your own business!

-I like some other woman!

-I don’t want you in my life!

-You are a sick-minded person!

-You had nothing before marriage!

-You are spending my money!

-Where are the records and bills of today’s shopping?

-Enough! Stay out of it!

-You and your family have made my life miserable!

-Do you know the cost of it?

-Have you heard of these luxurious things before marriage?

-I am not your checkbook! 

-I will turn bankrupt because of you!

-You will not go out without my permission!

-Can’t you wait for me at dinner?

-Why were you calling me so many times?

-Stop bugging me all the time!

-You don’t understand my situation!

-I have turned into a machine that makes money for you!

-I have my requirements too!

-Cook dinner for my friends tonight!

-No we cannot go out on Sunday!

-I don’t want to go out!

-Go with your friends!

-You cannot stay out late at night!

-Do as my parents say!

-You can’t even see what our children are doing?

-I am drinking mad because of you!

-You are no more attractive to me!

-You are useless!

-Why did I marry you when you can’t even cook?

-You have no self-respect for yourself!

-You have to behave like my wife!

-Maintain the standards!

-I have more important stuff to do than just keep talking to you!

-I am so happy that you are going out for a week!

-Why were you being so frank with that guy?

-Can you do anything properly?

-All that you know is make mistakes and then cry!

-You should have asked me before doing that!

-You are a crazy woman!

-Lucky are those guys whom you rejected!

-I can’t believe I have to spend my entire life with you!

-You are disturbing me!

-Let me work, you idiot!

-Your talks don’t make sense to me!

-I don’t need your suggestion!

-Keep me away from your stuff!

-I hate you!

-Who the hell are you? 

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