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55+ Best Evening Gala Invitation Wording Ideas

An Evening or a Gala is mainly a brighter and bigger party than the normal ones in terms of everything. According to the almost a seer status gained Google, guests attending the gala need to be the best at their fashion game.

Food, entertainment and sometimes silent auctions are an integral part of organizing a gala. A gala is generally held to reward or celebrate the audience present there and as well as engaging the attendees with a three course meal.

Either way, organizing a gala can help boost your reputation unless you have a huge guest list of investors and clients.

So, here is a list of invitation wording ideas that you can use to invite all the important personalities to you evening gala.

Evening Gala Invitation Wording Ideas

  • It gives us great pleasure to invite you and the missus at the Evening Gala held in honor of the war veterans. We will be expecting you on (date & location).
  • Please be our one of the most esteemed guests at this years’ Annual Evening Gala ceremony held at the wonderful (location). Hope to see you there on (date).
  • (company name) has organized an evening gala on (date). We request the honour of your presence and do join us in the celebration at the (location).
  • While our company’s been growing, we haven’t had the chance to appreciate the reasons behind it. Hence, your presence is requested on (date) for the evening gala held at the (location).

_It fills us with great joy just to invite such an accomplished personality like you to our annual business gala event held on the (date & location)).

_(company name) is glad to invite you and a guest to attend its annual fundraiser evening gala to benefit the [cause]. The event is from (time) on (date & location).

_I would like to cordially invite you to our company’s evening gala held at the (location) for the benefit of (cause). Please come for the event on (date & location).

_You and the missus are cordially invited to attend an evening gala organized to benefit the crisis of climate change. The event is being held at (location) on (date).

_Our Company’s annual gala night will be nothing short of the MET gala and that’s an assurance. I hope you do try to make it on (date) at the (location).

_That time of the year is here when we will have to donate something to the world. So please come at the annually organized fundraising gala on (date) at the (location) 

_The Company has organized an evening gala on (date) to support the war victims of Syria. It would be a pleasure to have you as our guest at the beautiful (location).

_We have never had a charity evening gala without your support and enthusiasm. So do bless us with your support on (date) and help us change the world.

_ [host name] would like to request the honor of your presence at the Annual evening gala held in honor of (cause) on (date), from (time) at the (location).

_Our joy will be more complete if you can grace the evening masquerade gala event held to benefit the victims of skin cancer. The event is on (date) at (location).

_We (organization name) would be honored to see you at the evening gala held at the (location). We hope to see you at the event on (date) from (time).

_(name) is proud to let you know that they are going to organize a gala evening till midnight on (date) in support of the tornado victims. Please be there at (location).

_A night of music and dancing are in store for you and the missus on (date). The gala is being held at the (location) from (time). We’d be expecting you a lot sooner.

_(town name) women’s society has come forward and are organizing a socialite gala night at the (location). Please grace the event with your presence on (date).

_No one should ever shy away from spending a splendid evening. So here we are, inviting you to the annual graduation gala night on (date) at (location).

_As long as our company has you, it is in safe hands. So, we would like to have you at our annually organized gala on (date) held at the (location).

_We couldn’t be more thrilled to arrange an evening gala for the first time in our lives and we’d expect you to be there first on (date & location).

_ (Company name) is throwing an evening gala on (date)and it wouldn’t be complete without our presence. Do join us along with your wife at the (location)

_As a host of the event let me assure you first hand it is not just any gala but an evening filled with cocktails, dancing and silent auctions. Please be there on (date & location).

_Your presence is requested at the masquerade gala organized by (name) Industries on (date). We are looking forward to see you and the spouse at the event held at (location).

_We invite you and your family to be with us when we celebrate and raise funds for the (cause). Please grace the evening gala on (date) with your presence.

_Galas are a great place to have fun as well as do some work. Hence we would like to have you as our guest for the evening gala on (date & location).

_We ask those dearest in our hearts to join with us for a graduation gala night and celebrate our kid’s achievement. The event is on (date) at (location) from (time).

_ Mr. (Name) CEO of (organization) would like to invite you and the family for the upcoming gala night held at (location). Please honor the event on (date).

_Just like earlier, we will need all your support for the upcoming gala held for CHW organization. Do bless the event with your presence on (date &location).

_Your presence is greatly requested at the annual evening gala organized by (name) Industries on (date). We are hopeful to see you at the event held at (location).

_ As one of the most challenging days of our lives is upon us, we would like to cordially invite you for the 10th Annual charity gala held on (date & location). 

_Aside from the beautiful gala on a beautiful night, there will be cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and dancing waiting for you. So please be there on (date) at (location).

_It would be absolutely enchanting for you to join us at this year’s Black Gala night on (date). We will raise funds as well as celebrate the event held at (location).

_Mr. and Mrs. (Name) would like to request the honor of your presence at the evening gala held in their honor of 25th anniversary. The event will be on (date & location).

_We would like to invite you and the missus for the charity gala held at the (location) in the evening of (date).  We are hoping to see you there.

_ You and a guest are being cordially invited to attend the 20th annual community gala in the evening of (date) at the newly opened (location).

_Winter is here and so is the Annual Winter Gala on (date). Please be our guest as we celebrate winter and humanity at the beautiful (venue).

_Let the warmth of friendship the spirit of the season make winter easier to bear as we celebrate our annual holiday gala with you on (date) at the (location).

evening gala invitation canva templates

What to write in an evening gala invitation?

  • Mention why are you hosting the gala 
  • Mention the venue along with the time
  • Mention the theme for the evening 
  • Write about the events planned for the evening

How to respond to an evening gala invitation?

  • Congratulate the host on the party 
  • Send an RSVP on time
  • Thank your host for inviting you 
  • In case you fail to attend, write a proper apology

Here is the big list of All Invitation Wording ideas that covers over 501+ of All Parties, Events, and related to Businesses. also, We Crafted Catchy Ready-made Invitation Card Canva Templates for you.

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