325+ Best Office Party Names

Office parties are the only way to make Monday mornings run smoothly. It must be both enjoyable and inexpensive. It’s a bit of a nightmare to come up with some cool names for an office party and great workplace party ideas. When planning an office party, there are a number of considerations to be made. 

Will everyone have a good time? Are folks going to show up? What happens if my budget runs out? Organizing an office party is difficult as it includes everything from choosing a theme to getting workers to turn up. Now that you’ve been entrusted with a wild party, the choosing of an exciting name for the office party seems like an important job.

list of some thrilling names for an office party

Office Food Party

Who killed the boss?

Disco Flashback

The Dad Bod Party

Be Good Once a While

Puppy’s Day Out

The UnHoliday Season

Minute to Win It

The Sitcom Party

The Sitcom Party

Holiday Party

The Stood Up Guy

Are you ready to Gamble?

Field Trip Fiasco

Scrabble It Up!

Boss is Always Right

An Appraisal to Remember

Corporate Safari

A Night in the Office

The Night of Appraisals

New York, New Work

York is New, But Work is Old

C‘HR’istmas ‘Caroloke’

Singles’ Mixture 

Classic Summertime BBQ

Winter Wonderland

Spring Has Sprung

CarnivalInspired Corporate


It’s All About Beer (After Work)

Tidying Up in the KonMari way

DIY Taco Fiesta

MiniGolf Tournament


Superlative Awards

Outerspace Workspace

Escape the Room 

BYOB (Be Your Own Boss)

Slate & Crystal

Done Right

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

East of the Boss, West of the HR

Winter Formals

Time of My Life

Office Table Masquerade Ball

Prom of the living dead employees

Office Room Romance

Holiday Soiree

Toyland: Bring your children in!

Cherished Moments by the Copier

City Lights, Office Heights

This is Your Life

Mystical Balance Sheet

A Night for Startup

Blue Sky Thinking

Sunset Skill Set

Town and Country Christmas

Black and White Ball

Island Dreams not approved

Heart of Hearts, Heartless HR

As Time Goes By 9 to 5

G(r)eek Gala

An Office Affair

Walk of Fame

Dance Spectacular

Waiting for Tonight

A Black Tie Affair

Space Officey Odyssey

Hollywood Nights with Boss 

Time After Time, But Still Late

The T‘HR’illing Moment 

Unforgettable Copy Machine

Lunchtime Interlude

A Night with the Coworkers

A Night of Mystery Boss

Evening in the Park of Appraisals

Casino Night Fight

Halloween Howl

Stand By Me (By the Coffee Machine)

Running Out of Moonlight! No, It’s paper

Magical Memories that we don’t have

Caribbean Office Night

Manhattan Mystique Workplace

HR Moonlit Evening

You’ll Be In My ‘HR’t

Las Vegas Appraisal Nights

Captured in a Dreamy Coworker

Night of Mystery PPT

Saturday Night Fever

Written in the Halls

Around the Office

A Night on the Beach

Hollywood Night of the Staff

Romeo and Juliet: Drama Night

Fall Flurries

New York, New York

What Dreams May Come



Pretty in Pink Outfit

Under a Cherry Blossom Table

Office In Venice

Midnight in Office

Sherwood Forest

Bloom Where You Work

Starry, Starry Night

Simply the Best

Memories of Tonight

Night by the Copier

Frosty Frozen Files

A Night to Remember


An Office Affair to Remember

Hawaiian Group Paradise

Starlight Office Tale

To the Conference Room and Back

Tonight’s Dream…Tomorrow’s Memory

Boss and Bros

Casino Royale in Office

Moonlight on the Rooftop

Let the Good Times Roll

Boss is the Moon, We’re the Stars

If Only for One Night

Tahitian Work Cruise

Tonight is the Night

Accountant Nights

Light Up the Night

A Walk in the Halls

Oscar Night with Us!

Midnight of the overtime

Moonlit T‘HR’iller

Heaven in Your Eyes

Mystical Twilight Cubicle Partayyy

Happy Hearts, Coffee Helps

Born to Be In Corporate

Can’t Fight the Management

Enchanted Evening of the Employees

Between Your Paper and My Stapler

Earth on Heaven

Comic City Coworkers

A Lunchtime Affair

The Laugh of HR

Deep Blue Officers 

Broadway Backstage Backup

Office Drama!

Conference Hall Safari

Return to Copacabana

Diamonds in the Office

Hawaiian Calorie because of Salary

Pirates of the Officeobbean

Whig Party

A Taste of California

It’s a Jungle Out There

Got to Believe in HR

KnowNothing Party

Dancing with Boss

Bootleggers Ball

Retro Office

Box Office Bliss

Winter Wonderland

Save the Last Coffee for Me

Night in New Office

Mardi Gras Office Partayyy

Hall of Terror

Eternal Elegance

A night with the Staplers

Come What May

Moonlight Serenade

I Could Not Ask For More

Magic Under the Salary

Night of the Golden Boss

Summer Breeze Gala

Nightmare in HR’s Office

We’ll Always Remember You

Get the ball rolling

Enchanted by the Staff

Stars of the Year

Red Carpet Gala

A Night by the Conf. Hall

Happily Ever Never

Hurray for Happy Gal

Music of the Night

Office Partay: Shores of Venice 

Bright Lights, Beautiful City, Big Office

A Night on the Town

A Night in Rio

Staff Struck

City Nights

Office Allure

A Night with Coworkers

Remember Me Always, Bye

Salary Day 

Voices That Care

A Night on Broadway

Golden Age Glamour

A Knight to Remember

Let’s fly together!

Come Fly with Me

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

An Evening of Staffs

Here’s to the Night

Office Office, Monday Again

An Evening in the Office

Midnight Masquerade in Office

Wish Upon a Star

Management over Miami

Casino de New York Firm

Greek Paradise of Savannah Company

Back to the Future of the Office

The Office Prom

Destiny Awaits Your Company

Putting on the Glitz In Office

We Promise You the Stars

Under the Sea

Nifty Fifties


Springtime in Office

Office Nights

Tequila Sunrise

Cinderella and Prince Charming stuck at Work

These are the Times

Tropical Paradise, Typical Projects

Shades and Swimsuits

Dancing by the Starlight


We Believe in HR

Parisian Romance Room Escape

Fabulous Fifties

It Might Be You

Midsummer Office Dream 

In The Still of a Meeting

Nightlife Nomore Exists


A Night in Vegas

Escape from Boss

Cupid’s Ball, Stupids Fall

One Sweet Cubicle

Boot Camp

Underwater Paradise of Payment

Depths of Director

Salary Calorie


Weekend Drinking Nights

When Works Collide

Retro Romance in a Cubicle

One Upon a Time

Paradise Awaits. I mean, HR Awaits.

Too Many Copies

Not Another Meeting!

Lets Talk Appraisals.

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