10 Things to Check After Finalizing Business Name

When you start a new business, the main representation of it to the outside world is in the form of a name. It is how your organization will be addressed everywhere you go. In short, it will be the face of the company.

Since it is of such importance, it goes without saying that a lot of thought has to be put into providing a good name for your business. It should fulfill all the criteria, professional, legal, and personal.

A business is generally addressed by the name everywhere, so it should be easy to pronounce and remember.

If you look at all the big brands around the world, they have struck a chord with their customers with the names themselves. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Amazon, etc., have become almost synonymous with the products they sell.

You should aspire to reach that level, and having a good name is the first step in the right direction. Even after you finalize your business name, there are certain checklists you should satisfy to hit the right spot.

Things to Check After Finalizing Your Business Name

The Name Should Be Unique, And Easy To Remember

The first criteria that the business organization’s name should fulfill are the fact that it should be unique in all aspects.

It goes without saying that when you go through an advertisement in print media or online, if the name is unique, it sticks to your memory for a long time.

Once it gets lodged in your subconscious, it will also be easier to remember. Make sure that the name meets these requirements adequately.

It Should Be Easy To Pronounce 

One of the main intentions that you should have when naming your business is that it should become a household name. It can only happen if it is catchy and easy to pronounce.

Most businesses go for mono or syllables names that are relatively easy to spell out. If it resembles a tongue-twister and is difficult to pronounce, chances are that they won’t remember it for long.

It should be sensible and relatable to the business

It is not a good idea to go for some quirky names when you are starting a new business. Some companies like Yahoo and Quikr got really lucky in that respect, but they are always associated with some risks.

It should resemble the type of business you plan to run. In short, it should make sense. You should also check out your chosen name in other foreign languages.

It has happened many times that organizations have been embarrassed because the name meant something else in a different dialect.

There should not be any copyright or trademark issues

The trademarks and copyrights are the layers of restriction that could be imperative in naming your business. A trademark means a property in possession of a business that already exists.

If, as a new company, you infringe on the trademarks, you are liable to be sued for heavy amounts. Your business will not even take off. Copyrights include laws that provide protection against ideas and expressions.

You don’t have the right to use them for naming as well as marketing in any form. Even slogans cannot make use of these copyrighted terms.

Learn more in our guide: What Is Trademark And Why Is It Important: A Complete Guide.

Use preferred suffixes for an online domain Name

Whenever you start a new business, it is imperative these days that you have an online presence for the same. One of the most common methods of doing so is through an online website which is available.

Choosing a domain name for it is important, and any mistake in this aspect can cost your business dearly.

The domain name should correspond as much with the company name as possible and should have proper suffixes. This will ensure that there are no copyright issues later.

Learn more about How To Choose A Domain Name: Learn And Boost Online Presence.

See That Is Not Boxed

Do not put any restrictions on yourself when you are naming a business. For example, some business includes the location of the place or the product they are selling in the name.

This causes many problems when they want to expand to another location or change their preferred products, as the customer can get confused by it. 

Get reviews from Others

When starting a new business and deciding on a name, it is always advised to get reviews from your good-wishers before launching it officially into the market.

They will be able to tell you exactly what is right and wrong with it and if any changes to it will make it any better. They will also review whether it can bring out the same kind of reaction that you expect.

Ask potential customers about the credibility of the name

This step is more feasible when you have more than one name to choose from. However, even after finalization, you could go for a final check by speaking to your potential customers, investors, and others who will be associated with your business.

Ask for their input and check the credibility of it before making that final call.

See that the name is registered in every state of functioning

This is another important step from a legal point of view. Your business should have a registration in every state where you want it to function.

The main registration should be in the name of the home state in which your headquarters is supposed to be, and the others should be the states where you plan to have other extensions.

Once this step of state registration is complete, you can exercise your rights to do business everywhere.

There Should Not Be Any Offensive Terms

If your company’s name has any political or legal connotation, you are more likely to land in trouble with state and federal laws. It should also not provoke any pornographic thoughts or gestures that are considered indecent.

It should also not be offensive toward any particular community. Make sure that there are no such inclusions in your business name to be on the right side of the law.

Make sure that all of the above-mentioned points are properly cross-checked after you finalize the names. Once you are satisfied that all the criteria are met adequately, you should go for the official reinstatement of the name legally.

There are many types of Names that you can try while finalizing your Business name. Here is the infographic, which gives you more ideas on how to finalize the same. Read Below

types of business name infographic

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