18+ Tips to Choose Right Business Name

To get attention in the world of business, a unique name is the first step to take. A name that will relate to your products, is easy to remember and will be noted for its durability, service, etc. In a word, it must be something phenomenal.

Every Entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name. Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding. There are many sites that also provide a facility for Generating Business Name Online.

Since only deep cogitation and thoughtful ideas can give honor to your business. here are a few steps that you should take while choosing your business name for the effective outcome.

Tips to Choose Right Business Name

Avoid Using Hard To Spell Names 

You don’t want to have a name for your company that sounds too difficult to spell.  It is especially bad when you don’t want to miss the potential customers. 

Having hard to spell names also makes it hard to do the marketing. It becomes difficult for people to relate and remember. 

Also, you need to avoid having a misspelled version of your company name, it’s important to keep it simple. 

avoid these naming business

Don’t Pick Names That Limit Your Business

When you are picking the name, don’t go with picking too narrow as it can make a downside for the business. 

Pick the name that does not limit the growth of your business, For example, if Jeff Bezos named Amazon, Onlinebooks, it would have limited the business. 

That’s why it’s important that you be smart when you are choosing the name for your business. 

Don’t Skip The Research On Internet 

So if you have the name determined, you need to do more web search on the name you selected. 

But a lot of the time, you might find people who already have a name similar to your business.  While this will not be the showstopper but it might give them pause. 

Assess If Your Name Is Catchy Or Not 

Not keeping the name catchy is going to affect the business in the long run.  Obviously, you are not picking the boring name for the business. 

Also, avoid picking the name that is too out there. This will also help the employee to say the name of where they are working. 

With that,  make sure that your business name also resonates with the audition you are planning to target. 

Say It Aloud 

A Lot of times you feel like you have a good name on paper but when you say it aloud it just goes with the vibe. 

So make sure you say it aloud, it will help you in knowing how it sounds to your ears. Also, it will help you in knowing about how it plays as well as spells.

Make Sure You Are Happ

You are the owners of the business you do, and it’s important that you know how you feel about it. 

This will live with you for the long run, so if you are not happy with the name of your business. It won’t work for you. 

So make sure you are feeling satisfied with the name, go with it 

Don’t Pick Too General Name

While you don’t want your business name to end up limiting the future growth or where you want to take your business.  But also you don’t want to pick a name that is way too general. 

It can’t be something that gives no idea of what you do and where the business is going. 

Avoid In Getting Stuck In Alphabet Soup

In days where print advertising, as well as printed directories, reigned, that the business name could get into the alphabet soup. 

Also, you might add too many alphabets to add a cool factor, but make sure you are not getting into the whole thing. 

Don’t Use Your Name

Unless you have a brand that is already established, then don’t use it for your business. 

Your name will not communicate anything regarding what your business is about.  This will also not get potential customers. 

Also, it ends up limiting the future of your business. 

Add Your Business Essence 

The best way that you can consider choosing the name for your business, you should do a review on the essence of the business. 

Consider your mission statement, business plan, unique selling proposition, etc. 

Some questions that can help here are : 

  • What message do you want to portray with the business name?
  • What are the biggest priorities you are preferring for business
  • What you want people to think when they are listening to the business. 
  • What is the name of your competitor?

Give Yourself Some Time

Finding the name for your business is a process, don’t skip the steps just to get the results fast. 

It give you time to analyze everything and remove anything that is similar to any other name. 

Here you should keep the whole thing simple and let it come to you organically so you can enjoy the name as well. 

When you are finalizing the name,  here are a few things to put some time: 

  • Your company name indicates what your business is about. 
  • Does your name is keeping you stand out from the competitors
  • Does the name is easy to remember for others 
  • It is easy to pronounce or can be easy for Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant to pronounce it well. 
  • Does it fit the tone and branding of your business or not?

So make sure you are answering all the questions before you fix the name. It will be the name for what you do, and everything depends on it . 

The Memorability

If people don’t remember your name, what’s the significance of your existence? The same logic goes with your brand name. We mean you cannot just have a brand that has little to do with your target audience.

That treatment would mean “nothingness” in terms of a business.

However, you can make your brand name memorable to people by keeping it short. Because people can easily memorize, even recall your business name.

Recalling not only helps them to remember your business name but also they can suggest others immediately which is one kind of word of mouth marketing.

The Domain Name

It’s not enough to choose a beautiful and mind-refreshing name for your organization, it should be unique in itself. Your business will not have a name only, it must have a digital identity also. In recent times, you cannot point out any business that doesn’t have any blog or blog.

For registering your business name in WWW (world wide web) you have to ensure that your business name isn’t replacing others.

The domain name refers to the text we type in the URL section of a browser after WWW. after clarifying that you have the unique one you can register in some domain servers like .com, .net, .org, .co, etc.

Each of these will need a certain amount of hosting cost for a limited period of time. You have to renew the server allocation from time to time.

The Spelling Test

Your business should have a name that isn’t hard to pronounce. You will hardly see any brand name that is sustained for a long time with a long and difficult name.

A short name does not mean that you have got the perfect name.

Still, there are some businesses that are running successfully comparatively with longer names than others. For example, Mercedez-Benz is a renowned automobile manufacturer and has a good reputation.

But your business as a startup needs to have a good and short name because easy names not only help in word of mouth but it also gives a customer to recall your brand name effortlessly.

Brands like Dell, HP, Acer were small businesses one day. They also adopted this strategy and you can see their success now.

Not Going Creative 

It’s important that you show the creativity in your business name too. So don’t be afraid to use creativity, and going with plain keywords will not work that well. 

However, you can use the modified version of those related keywords  That will help in working well for you. 

You can choose a catchy, memorable business name and it can be the alternate name of the common words.


You might have heard of eye-catchy business logos and designs. But what about a business name? Is it really possible to create an eye-catchy brand name? Don’t take my words,

learn from examples. There are tons of businesses that have short and eye-catching names like Ford, Hitachi. These names are not only memorable but they create an image of their products as soon as we hear their names.

There are several advantages of having an eye-catching name. Firstly, people will learn it easily. They don’t need to put additional effort to stand out your brand name because it is already in their mind.

Secondly, if your business name is sleek and attractive, then advertising will be more effective. Billboards with attention-grabbing names always result in an increase in sales.

Finally, at the time of marketing your brand, the process will be simpler than others.

Don’t Afraid To Get Feedbacks 

Come with more names instead of sticking with one name, go with at least 5 or 10 names. 

And don’t forget your friends, people around you, trusted colleagues, etc. Ask them what they think of it and get their feedback on the name you are planning. 

Territory based naming

Your business name may have a meaningful and attractive name that is well suited for your country. As soon as your business grows it is highly possible for you to operate outside the origin country in the age of globalization.

At the time, you have to keep in mind that the name which is representing your business may not sound sweet or sensible on that particular country.

It may sound bizarre there and may also have an unusual meaning which will be unwelcomed by the local people of that country.

Having silly, meaningless names can be beneficial in this case. For example, if your business has a name that doesn’t have any certain meaning that will not be unwelcomed in anywhere in the world. So, you can keep yourself calm and worry-free regarding its impact on other nations.

Background tip

Your business name may not sound well compared to the nature of your business or product. You can name your business strategically and tactfully. But how will this process work?

From an example, we can understand this point. German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen is the world’s one of the highest automobile producers.

The brand name Volkswagen apparently looks simple fun word without any meaning.  But interestingly enough, the word means “People’s car” in German.

That being said, being a business owner, you should get inspired to find a name that relates to your product or service in some way or another.

This will help you build a good name sooner in the target field and among the target audience.

These are all you can follow while choosing your business name. And by keeping these points in mind your thought will surely strike a powerful, easy to pronounce, spell and remember the name for long-term benefit.

Ways of Finding a Good Business Name

it is very difficult to find a good name for a business but if you follow these steps then you can get success to find a perfect name for your business. These steps are as follows;

step1know what makes a good name

Initially, you should know about what things make a good name for your company. If you know that what makes a good name then don’t be overthinking just take a look and select a name.  

step 2brainstorms a list of name

Once you get confident, select a good name and find the keywords related to the name. after selecting the names enlisted the keywords and create your owns business name for your business.

Step 3narrow it down to a few decent names

Select some decent names first select 500 names than 25, then 10, and finally get the name. After finalizing the name get your domain name.

Running your business with the help of a domain name is very profitable for the company. 

Step 4find out which one is perfect

After doing the above steps go on the internet and check the availability of that name. it an important part of this procedure. 

It can directly show in the above discussion that the right name of a company influences the company at a very high level.

If the company does have not the right name that it can be proved harmful and the company can suffer losses. So, before selecting a name to think and find everything about that.

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