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Business Name Guide: Choose The Perfect Business Name

Choosing the right name is one of the most important and potentially challenging steps of starting a business. 

A proper name for a business always influences the business at a very high level. First of all, we should know what the need for the right name for a business is.

Understand the Importance Of Your Business Name

Your business name is the first impression you make on potential customers. It is the name they will associate with your brand, products, or services.

A well-chosen business name can help you stand out from competitors and create a positive image for your business.

Conversely, a poorly chosen business name can have negative effects, including confusion, misinterpretation, or even legal problems.

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Difference Between Brand Name 🆚 Business Name 

in simple words, the difference between a brand and a business name. A business is an exchange of goods and services in the market or produces products for sale and purchase, and the name of that business is known as the business name.

The Brand refers to the image and personality of a company that applies to its products. Famous brands such as sony, nick, and many more are also the name of the parent companies.

A Brand image is based on factors like quality and guarantees high prices to the customers, but on the other way, a business name promises the customer a lower cost with a fine quality product.

Brand NameBusiness Name
A brand is a company or product’s identity, consisting of the name, logo, packaging, and other features that set it apart from similar companies or services on the market.A business name is the entity’s official name registered with the government for legal and tax purposes. The name appears on legal documents, such as contracts, licenses, and permits.
A company’s or product’s reputation, values, and consumer perception are more emotionally and perceptually important parts of a brand.A business name focuses more on a company’s legal and administrative aspects, such as its structure, ownership, and compliance with regulations.
A brand is typically created and developed through marketing and branding efforts, which aim to create a strong, recognizable, and desirable image of the company or product in customers’ minds.
A business name is typically chosen based on legal and practical considerations, such as availability, uniqueness, and relevance to the business’s products or services.
A brand can be associated with multiple products or services offered by the company, and it can evolve over time to reflect changes in the company’s strategy or market conditions.
A business name is usually fixed and difficult to change, as it requires legal and administrative procedures, such as filing new documents and updating registrations.
A brand can be a valuable asset for a company, as it can increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and market share.A business name is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a company’s success, as it does not guarantee quality, innovation, or customer satisfaction.

Why You Need The Right Business Name

When we start a new business, choosing the right and valid name for the company is very important. A good, positive, and right name can be a way to success for the business. There are no hard and fast rules related to choosing the name of your business.

These are just a procedure or instructions for selecting the business name. These steps are not compulsory.

For example – if the companies never set a proper name for their companies, then no one can identify that company. People only say the company that sells clothes, shoes, etc., and there is not a single company that sells these types of goods.

So, choosing an individual company without a special and unique name is difficult. These are some important of a good name of the business for a business:

50-60% of consumers ignore ads on the sides of websites and only focus on the company’s names.

84% of consumer purchases goods by referral- even if they do not directly know that person.

90% of consumer expects that their experience with the brand will be similar across all platforms and devices.

➜ The right color can improve readership by improving 40% by making messaging easier to read.

91% of consumer says that they are more likely to purchase from an authentic company than from local companies. 

Usually, it is shown that when we start a new business, we don’t have more knowledge about business.

And we can select a name unsuitable for our company for that product or goods. So it is very important to get some help from the internet and from anywhere to select a good name for a business.

There are some trends that show these types of issues and their solutions;

  • Don’t be offensive– if you are not selecting a good name, then don’t be offensive or feel guilty. It was just a name. Be careful and take corrective measures to solve the problem related to the business.
  • Short is better. Keep it Short and simple but make it clever. There is power in Short business names that are easy to pronounce and spell, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring.
  • Make sure it makes sense. Many Businesses are deciding on such names where there I a strong need to present the company directly.

    Their name suggests the nature of business. No one is going to remember your business name if it doesn’t in some way reflect what your business does—no matter how clever you try to be.
  • The name should Motivate others- if you get confused, then don’t feel shy and guilty. Be unique, pick the word which motivates others, and Create a movement to create desire in their hearts.
  • Make it yours– before you fall in love with your business name, check that name on the internet and confirm its availability. If another one uses the same, please forget the name and select another. 
  • Simple is better– don’t think too much; select an appositive and simple name that is easy to say, read, and remember.

What Makes A Great Business Name?

A great business name can be a powerful tool in establishing a brand identity and building a strong reputation in the marketplace. A well-crafted business name should be memorable, unique, and reflective of the company’s values and mission. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a business name:

Memorable: A great business name should be easy to remember and catchy. It should be short and sweet, making it easy for customers to recall and share with others.

Unique: A great business name should stand out from the crowd and be distinct from competitors. This can help differentiate the brand in the marketplace and make it easier for customers to find and remember.

Reflective: A great business name should accurately reflect the company’s values, mission, and identity. It should align with the products or services offered and create a clear and consistent brand message.

Easy to pronounce and spell: A great business name should be easy to pronounce and spell. This can help customers find the business online or through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Future-proof: A great business name should be future-proof, meaning that it can adapt and evolve as the company grows and expands into new markets and products.

How to Choose the Right Business Name

A successful businessman always knows that the company’s name is important in business.

Before selecting a name, always take advice, take a look at the mistakes of others, check ratings and statistics, then select a name. with the help of our company’s name, we can communicate with others.

A companies name is everything for the company’s present, future, perception, etc. these are some statistical data that show that a business name is significant

➜ 78% of customer says that a good name for the business can give a direct impression on us.

➜ 58% of customers say that with a businessman, we can make personal relationships, but we can not make these relations with the branded product’s owners.

➜ 50% of consumers say that brands always create confusion compared to marketable products. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Business Name?

Choosing the right business name is crucial for establishing your brand identity and creating a strong customer first impression.

However, some common mistakes business owners make when selecting a name can hinder their success. Here are some of the most serious mistakes to avoid:

Choosing a name that is difficult to pronounce or spell – A business name that is hard to pronounce or spell can create confusion and make it difficult for customers to find you online. Keep it simple and easy to remember.

Using a generic or vague name – Generic or vague names such as “ABC Inc.” or “XYZ Services” don’t communicate what your business actually does and can make it difficult to stand out from competitors.

Not researching trademarks and domain names – Before finalizing your business name, make sure to research whether the name is already trademarked or if the domain name is available. Failure to do so can result in legal issues down the line.

Choosing a name that is too narrow or limiting – While it’s important to have a name that reflects your business, choosing a name that is too narrow or limiting can prevent you from expanding your offerings in the future.

Failing to consider cultural and linguistic implications – If your business operates in a global market, it’s important to consider your business name’s cultural and linguistic implications. A name with a negative connotation or meaning something different in another language can create problems.

Using a trendy name – While it may be tempting to use a trendy name, it can quickly become outdated and make your business seem less relevant.

Steps to Perfectly Name Your Business

Create a unique business name which is matching with your business. It can be clear, catchy, and effective. Select the type of name a consumer can easily recognize in advertisements and stores that help separate your product from others.

But what makes a good business name? The answer is;

  • Understand Your Business

Before selecting a name for your business, you should clearly know your business target and goals. You should be able to answer the following questions:

👉 What does your business stand for?
👉 What product/service are you selling?
👉 What is your target audience?
👉 What are your business’s main personality traits?
👉 What are Some descriptive words that you want others to associate with?
👉 What makes you valuable and different from your competitors?

  • Think and List Descriptive Keywords

Once you can core focus on your business, take some time to brainstorm keywords that describe your company quickly and simply.

For example- if you are starting a photography business, a word like “camera,” “snap,” “shoot,” “capture,” etc. are all good starting points for your business.

  • Choose a Name Style

How do you plan to create a unique name for your business? You can use some keywords for your business name; here are a few naming options that you can consider.

👉 Include the name of the company founders.
👉 Use a single word.
👉 Change, add, or remove letters from keywords.
👉 Combine two or more words.
👉 Create an acronym.

  • The Elimination Process

Take a look at your newly organized list of ideas and start highlighting your favorites. Before you show anyone else your top choices, take a minute and ask yourself these questions:

👉 Find the One which Perfectly suits your Business.
👉 Take care of Short term and Long term Goals
👉 Is it perfectly matching with your Company Image?
👉 Will it be able to Create a Unique image for your ideal audience?
👉 Does the URL look good?

  • Make Sure the Name Is Available. 

You can do so through three different steps:

👉 Run a Trademark search.
👉 Secure a .com domain by making sure it’s available through
👉 Secure your social media profiles (once you’ve finalized a name).

  • Register Your Business Name

Once you research and decide on your business name, you are ready to register your business name.

Start with a trademark search to see if the name you’d like is available. It is very important to register your business to make it safe and secure.

📚 Readers, check out our trademark guide – What Is Trademark And Why Is It Important: A Complete Guide

Criteria for select a good brand name

How Do I Come Up With A Good Business Name?

tips to choose right business name

Starting a new business may be very hard and challenging but not impossible; by taking the correct measures, we can quickly achieve our business goals.

Before starting and launching a new business, we should always select and set a proper name for running our business. Following are some steps:

There are a few things you should know before selecting a name for your business:

1. Find your Root Word

Initially, you should know what makes your company a good name. If you know what makes a good name, then don’t be overthinking. Take a look and select the Right Name for your Business: bistro, cafe, coffee, and espresso for Coffee Shop.  

The figurative words would stem from the descriptions of the literal. This means that they could be names, objects, phrases, moments, feelings, etc.

  • Where will you find such a Name?
    1. Use
    2. Go and Search on A Latin Dictionary
    3. Geographical Names Around you
    4. Personal and Professional Influences
    5. Hit the books at your local library and browse through the glossary

2. Avoid hard-to-spell names

when finding and selecting a name for your business, it is very important to know and that the name should not be hard-to-spell. It becomes complicated for the customers, and it causes loss to the business.

Now, we take the example of the photo-sharing company ‘Flickr’; no one can understand why the company chooses this name for a photo-sharing site.

3. Don’t get a name that could be limiting as your business grows

Avoid the narrow and meaningless name of the company; it can become harmful in the future. Take the example of the Amazon company; if Jeff Bezos selected the name “Online books” instead of “Amazon” to avoid these types of names, it could be harmful to the company.

4. Conduct an internet search

once you select a name for your company, do a web search on that name, then you can find another one that also uses the same name of their company, so select a name that no other one already uses.

5. Get the .com domain name

It is essential in the present time to secure your companies with a .com  domain name rather than .net or .org etc. Securing your company with a domain name makes it more profitable compared to before.

You can check the availability of a domain name on such sites as,, and many more. Also, make sure that your desired business name is popular on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

📙 Learn more in our guide: How To Choose Domain Name: Learn And Boost Online Presence

6. Use a name that conveys some meaning

When deciding on your company name, it is very important to decide on a meaningful name that conveys some positive meaning related to your business. With the help of the right, positive and meaningful name, people can easily understand your business.

For example, the site “” directly and simply shows that the site is for booking tickets. These types of names are very beneficial and good for the company. 

7. Consider a non-dictionary word

While selecting a name for your business, you must remember that you should never select a direct dictionary word. It can change the meaning of your company’s name. Make sure you can select a type of name that becomes memorable for everyone.

For example- youtube, Accenture, Zillow, etc., are the names of some companies which can never forget by people.

8. Tie it your story

while selecting a name for your company, always remember to connect your target with the public and customers.

When people ask you ‘ how did you get this name, then if you answer that ‘it sounds nice’, ‘it explains what we do, then you can lose a better chance to explain your business target.

9. Colour of the logo

33% of successful companies choose the blue color for the logo. The blue color is said to relate to one-to-one or direct communication.

Which helps to feel customers more personalized and free.

The History Behind Some Company Names

in our daily life, we hear about lots of successful companies such as Google, Panasonic, and many more names, but you never find the history behind these companies. Now, we take the example of the company Google.

There is the history behind selecting this name is explained in the following way;



From time to time, you read or heard of the origin of the search engine “Google,” which is incorrect. In 1996, Larry Page and Surgery Brin called their first search engine “BackRub” name for its analysis of the web “Back Links.”

In 1997, Larry and their officemates discussed many new names for the search engine company. Sean and Larry were in their office and using a whiteboard, trying to think of a good name related to indexing an immense amount of data.

Sean verbally suggested the name ‘googolplex,’ and Larry responded with the short form “googol.”

Sean was seated at his computer and decided to finalize the name. Still, by mistake, when sean registered the name, he mistakenly searched for the name spelled as “” which was found to be available, and everyone liked this name. Within hours they took the step of registering the name “”

So this was the history behind the successful company name Google, and the domain name was registered on 15 September 1997. It shows that every mistake is not a mistake.



Apple is a company providing the most expensive variety of mobile phones, laptops, and personal computers.

When Steve Jobs wanted to create a new personal computer in the 70s, the computer was considered foreign and inaccessible.

So when it comes to the company’s name, the job searched for friendly and inviting words to attract people. 



Kodak, this name shows the power of ‘K.’ George Eastman, the founder of Kodak- both Camera and the Company- loved the letter ‘K.’ Before arriving at the name “Kodak’ in 1892, Eastman tested several combinations of a word starting and ending with ‘K.’



Nike in 1971, Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, the founders of Blue Ribbon Sports, were set to launch a new line of soccer shoes with designed by Carolyn Davidson called the swoosh.

The new shoe line variety brake the records, and the management wants to decide on a separate name for it.

BRS consulted a greek methodology to select the name, and after lots of discussions, the ‘NIKE’ name was decided. It was a good name, and Blue Ribbon Sports officially changed its name to Nike. Inc.

Way fair– this company selects its name by giving this duty to a branding agency. This company also has a domain name. a spokesperson of this company wrote this in an email.



Before 2007, the name of this company is not Hopper. In 2007, the owner of this company wanted to change the name of the company and get this name.

The owner wants a short, easy, and quick-to-say name for the company. And Hopper becomes the favorite name for the owner.



During the iRobots beginning, the company was briefly named Artificial Creatures Inc… However, iRobot was officially incorporated in 1990 as IS Robotics. After the 90s, the Internet plays a major role in changing the name of this company.

With the rapid growth of robotics, the company decides to add ‘I’ to the word ‘Robot.’ ‘I’ means internet, then the word is born.

Many big and famous companies selected their business name when starting the business, and at present, these names are so renowned, and companies are so successful. The names such as iRobot, Hopper, Wayfair, and many more.

The history and reasons behind these existing startup names are fascinating.

So these are some existing companies’ name which is creative, and there is a great history behind these names. 

💪 Popular Brand Names with Meaning, here are some more popular brands from which you can take ideas and create a name for your business or brand.

Online Ways to find a creative name

online ways find creative name

Starting a business is hard, but with the help of online services, we can make our business more successful. The online sites provide services to select a better, positive, and best name for your business.

There are some online sites and online services which generate names and help you to find a better name for your business;

  • Oberle is a business name generator that gives u hundreds of creative name ideas for your company and business. It generates creative names according to your requirements.

    You can scroll through the options, select a good name, and launch your business. Once you choose a name then, it will also provide a domain name for your business.
  • Shopify– if you are looking for a great creative company name generator, Shopify is the best choice. You will find hundreds, if not thousands, of clever names for your business.

    The great thing about this site is that after you select a name, you can easily sign up for a Shopify account and launch your first store. 
  • Cool name ideas– it is a great company creative name generator; it asks you to enter the keywords which define your business, then it provides lots of names related to your business, and after selecting the name, it also gives a domain name to the company.
  • NamelixNamelix uses AI to generate short and brandable business names using just a few keywords of your choosing.
  • GetsocioGetsocio works in the Very best name generator. In that, you can also choose a category first to give the tool a bit more context about your business idea. And then find a great name.
  • BrandBucketBrandBucket allows you to search for Creative business names you’re interested in and find relevant domain names you can buy. Otherwise, browse suggested names that are available online by industry.
  • SquadHelp– It is the largest online gaming platform for businesses and companies. It is a very innovative crowdsourcing platform that harnesses the talent of over 50000 creative names for your business, brand, or product. There are two ways to use SquadHelp;

    Naming contest- it launches a naming contest to get hundreds of ideas from lots of creative people. Names are automatically screened for URL  availability. 

    Premium Domain Marketplace– buy a “Ready-to-Use” domain name from our premium name collection, curated by professional branding experts.

    All names include URL, a Logo design, and complimentary validation features such as trademark reports and audience testing.  

So, these online services are provided by different types of sites to generate the right name for your company.  

🚨 Check out Top Business Names Generate, which will help you find the perfect business name.

Examples Of Business Name Ideas

If you are finding a business name, then there are lots of names according to different businesses:

Name for businessProduct/ Industry
SwipeWireeCommerce, Technology, App Developer
SecureSmarterSecurity, Web Security Service
DwellsmithReal estate
sale startsSales training, Sales consulting
AgencyStackDesign Agency, Staffing Tools
OverseesBusiness directory, Search engine 
SnapcrowdSocial media, Photography
MusicJoltMusic app, Dance Company

These are some names of different types of businesses which can be very useful for you.

👉 If you are looking for a name for your business, check out all types of name ideas for every kind of business and company; it will help you find a name.

Business Name Checklist

✅ Make sure your Name will appeal to my ideal target audience.  

✅ Do a Proper Google search to make sure there’s not a similar brand or company that is using this name.  

✅ Then, After checking the U.S. Trademark Database, this name is not trademarked in my category. 

✅ Then Check the website for business entity registration; this name is available to register in my state.  

✅ You also ensure that there aren’t other businesses with a similar name. Otherwise, you will not get a unique reputation. 

✅ Avoid too common of a term or phrase that dominates the first couple of pages in search results. Otherwise, you will Feel Higher SEO competition from the Big Players. 

✅ My brand name is easy to say and remember easily. You want to ensure your audience understands what you’re saying and easily spell it after hearing it. 

✅ Make Sure that name isn’t offensive. Check the name to make sure it’s appropriate around the world too. The Name shouldn’t have a different meaning in another language. 

✅ I’ve checked to ensure my brand name or a simple variation can be used as a domain name. I like to use or Google Domains to search available domain names. 

I’ve checked to ensure my brand name is available across various social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can Check to be able to check availability.

Should Your Business Name Reflect Your Industry or The Products/Services You Offer?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether a business name should reflect its industry or the products/services it offers. It ultimately depends on the goals and branding strategy of the business.

On the one hand, having a business name that directly reflects the industry can make it easier for potential customers to understand what the business does. For example, a company called “Auto Repair Services” would be easily identifiable as an auto repair shop.

On the other hand, a business name that reflects the products/services it offers can create a unique and memorable brand identity.

For example, a company called “Apple” does not directly reflect the technology industry but has become a well-known brand associated with high-quality and innovative products.

Ultimately, the most important factor in choosing a business name is ensuring that it aligns with the branding strategy and mission of the business. It should be memorable, easy to pronounce and reflect the values and personality of the brand.

Some Legal Considerations When Choosing A Business Name?

When choosing a business name, there are several legal considerations that you should keep in mind to avoid potential legal issues in the future. Here are some of the key legal considerations to keep in mind:

Trademark infringement: Make sure that the name you choose does not infringe on the trademark rights of another business. Conduct a trademark search to ensure that your name is not too similar to an existing trademark in your industry.

Domain name availability: Ensure that the domain name for your business name is available. This can help you establish a strong online presence and prevent others from using your business name online.

Corporate registration: Register your business name with your state or local government. This will help you establish legal ownership of your business name and prevent others from using it in your geographic region.

Avoid misleading names: Avoid using a name that could mislead customers about the nature of your business. For example, if you’re starting a consulting business, avoid using a name that implies that you’re a law firm.

Offensive or inappropriate names: Avoid using a name that could be offensive or inappropriate. This can damage your brand image and potentially lead to legal issues.

Use of personal names: If you plan to use your personal name as your business name, be aware of the potential limitations. For example, if your name is already associated with another business, you may not be able to use it without risking trademark infringement.

Creative Ways To Use Your Business Name In Your Marketing?

Here are some creative ways to use your business name in your marketing:

Create a memorable slogan: Use your business name to create a catchy and memorable slogan that resonates with your target audience.

Incorporate your business name into your logo: Create a visually appealing logo that incorporates your business name, and use it consistently across all of your marketing materials.

Use your business name as a hashtag: Use your business name as a hashtag on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to increase visibility and engagement.

Create branded merchandise: Use your business name on branded merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and bags to create buzz and increase brand recognition.

Use your business name in promotional videos: Incorporate your business name into promotional videos to increase brand awareness and showcase your products or services.

Use your business name in email marketing campaigns: Use your business name in the subject line and body of your email marketing campaigns to increase open rates and click-through rates.

Host a naming contest: Host a naming contest on social media and encourage followers to come up with creative ways to use your business name in marketing.

How Do You Test If Your Business Name Resonates With Your Target Audience?

There are several ways to test if your business name resonates with your target audience. Here are a few methods you could consider:

Conduct a survey: You can create a survey using tools like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey and ask your target audience to provide feedback on your business name. Make sure you provide them with context and ask open-ended questions to gather detailed insights.

Social media polls: You can run a poll on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to get quick feedback on your business name. You can also consider running paid ads to reach a larger audience.

A/B testing: If you have multiple options for your business name, you can create two versions and test them simultaneously to see which one resonates better with your target audience.

Focus groups: You can organize a focus group with members of your target audience and ask them for feedback on your business name. This can provide you with valuable insights and allow you to have a discussion about your brand.

Google search: You can conduct a Google search with your business name and see what comes up. This can give you an idea of how your target audience perceives your brand and whether the name is easy to remember and relevant.

Apart from this, Here is the infographic, which gives you more professional insight into the deciding Business Name. Read Below

professional name deciding Tips


It can be directly shown in the above discussion that the correct name of a company influences the company at a very high level.

If the company does not have the correct word, it can be proved harmful and suffer losses. So, before selecting a name, think and find everything about that.

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