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5 Reasons for having a Good Business Slogan

Tagline and slogans are the communicative tools with the customers. A business can be described by its tagline and slogan. These are the verbal, visual and audible way to communicate and connect with the targeted market. They play important role in creating images of the business to the customer.

They create the perception of the brand in the market. Research shows that the perception of a brand is the key element of the success of the business. People recall the tagline, not the company name. After hearing the tagline and slogan people can imagine the product’s benefits that might get if they buy it.

Tagline and slogan are a part of branding. Every business has the same goal and that is to reach the customer or sell more products. The Internet makes the market vast and therefore the competition is increasing at a faster pace. To reach the pick of the business, a company chooses its tagline for making its own brand, goodwill and use the good slogan to recognize their product without giving stress on memorizing the company name.

A tagline is the keywords or phrases that will help the customer to recognize the business or product that makes some promise to the customer. Tagline exacerbates the key value of the company which is the ultimate identity of the brand.

On the other hand, a slogan is used for advertising purposes. A slogan is related to the part of the company’s mission that reaches to the customer through an audible method and also escalates the goodwill of the company. But both the tagline and slogan have the same purposes.

They are connecting transport with the customers. In short, a tagline is related with branding position and a slogan is related in the way to do business. A company must be careful to choose a tagline and slogans.

A good slogan and tagline are important to create the business identical brand. They are the part of the marketing strategy. They are important to recognize the product among the millions of the same identical products.

For example “I’m lovin it” is the tagline of McDonald’s. By saying this Mcdonalds reminds the customer of their burger that is cheap and available and people love to eat. While E-Bay uses the slogan of “The Worlds’ Online Marketplace” and thus this catchy word reminds the customer of the worldwide products they can buy from them. To make your own brand you need a tagline and slogan.  

Let’s Identify five Reasons for having a Good Tagline and Slogan for your business.

Focus the key promise:

 A tagline focuses on the key promise that a business does with their customer. Customer easily can recognize the key benefits that might be given to them through tagline. They can take the decision by seeing the tagline of the business that they will get their utmost requirement from the product.

Therefore a good tagline is very critical for the business. A good slogan also serves the same purposes for the company. It also represents the benefits of the product.

Brand Segregation:

Both the good slogan and tagline escalate the brand and helps the business to be identical and different from their peer business. Thus they are the tools that differentiate business brand form the unlimited competition throughout the world.

Competitive advantage:

Tagline and slogan create a competitive advantage among the industry. For example ‘Just Do It’ is the slogan of Nike. No one in the competition with Nike can use the same word. This slogan is the identity that reminds the customer about the shoes that are elegant. Thus tagline and slogan become a competitive advantage for the business

A recollection of the brand:

A good tagline and slogan help the customer to remembrance the product if they forget the company name. Thus a good slogan and tagline is a working agent of a logo to remember the product. They assure the brand positioning and repositioning.  

Part of Strategy:

A tagline or slogan is the part of the marketing strategy of the business. So it should be worthy of the company. A good one will be in the market forever where bad one might help the business to shut down.

A good slogan and tagline thus play an important role in flourishing the business for the long term.  The most important thing is that when businesses go to expand or introduce new products, then the tagline helps the new products branding. Business can use the existing tagline for the new product.

Beside this, since tagline is memorable, a customer can feel the inner value of the new product as business has already fulfilled their promises with the existing product to the customer. It is a risk factor as well because if a business fails to keep the promise that they will give the value through the product, it might be the cause of declining for the business.

Therefore Company should choose a relevant tagline or slogan that they have the ability to fill up through their products or services. Once a company achieves the trust of the targeted customer, they can use their tagline for their expansion of the business. The very important thing is that tagline and slogan must be understood by the customer and they ought to associate with the business.

To sum up, a good slogan and tagline is the key part of its marketing strategy.  The few words that contain in the slogans or taglines are so powerful that even if the business does not exist anymore, people can recall the brand.

It helps the business to make a position in the market and to help the customer to make understand what the brand or business it is. Actually, tagline and slogan serve for both the parties; companies and customers. It is the bridge that connects the customer with the company.

Therefore business should keep research and development on creating a tagline and slogan. The good one escalates the profit of the business while the bad one will destroy the business.

The company’s marketing manager has the main responsibility to create the tagline and slogans that are associated with the product. One suggestion is that both the tagline and slogans should be simple and easy to remember but obviously, the words will be catchy and trendy.

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