101+ Inspirational Farewell Messages To Employees

It is always sad to say goodbye to an employee who has been associated with your company for many years. An employee might quit, retire or change his/her job.

A farewell message from the employer can inspire the employee to carry on his/her good work in other companies, motivate him/her to perform better, and leave the job with a smile.

It is a token of appreciation for his/her contribution to the company and a way of wishing him good luck and success in the future. The message can be formal or informal, depending on how close you are to the employee.

Farewell Messages To Employees

  • From today onwards, I will miss one of my finest employees. Goodbye, and all the best for your future endeavors.
  • Your services were indispensable to our company. I thank you a lot for your services. Goodbye and best of luck.
  • You have been a valuable employee to us for years. It feels bad to see you leaving us. Anyways I wish that you keep up the excellent performance in your new company. Goodbye.

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  • You were an asset to our company. It will be hard to find your replacement. Goodbye. May all your dreams get fulfilled.
  • Your memorable journey with our company comes to an end. Now it’s time to part ways but let me tell you that your contributions to this company are worthy of appreciation. Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you need any help. Goodbye.
  • I used to ask other employees to follow your style of working and your positive attitude to work. From today onwards, that option is no more available to me. Goodbye. Let’s catch up for dinner tonight.
  • Your work did the talking for you. You were an amazing employee. Will surely miss you a lot. Come back to us whenever you feel so. Goodbye for now.
  • You never complained about anything in the office. It’s hard to find an employee like you who can adjust to any workplace. It’s time for you to retire now, and I wish you a happy and healthy life in the future.
  • You were not only an inspiring figure to other employees but also to me. You always deserved something more than your current job. Goodbye. All the best.
  • I had never seen a punctual employee like you in my life. Thanks for being so disciplined and dedicated to work. I will miss your presence in the office a lot. Goodbye.

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  • I will miss your unique style of making presentations from today onwards. Goodbye. Wish you all the best as you are going to start a new journey in life.
  • Whenever we fell short of innovative ideas, we used to approach you. But now that you have decided to make a move on, we will have to find an alternative. Goodbye.
  • I really appreciate your hunger for success. Congratulations on getting such a lucrative offer in a company that is based abroad. Goodbye and wish you good luck.
  • Finally, the day has arrived when you have to call it quits. From now on spend some happy and memorable moments with your family. You don’t need to worry about meeting deadlines anymore. Goodbye and I wish you a happy retired life.

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  • It was a wonderful experience to work with you so far. I feel so sad to tell you goodbye but there is no other alternative. All the best.
  • Your dedication and commitment to work were simply unmatched in our office. As you leave, you set high standards for other employees to follow. Goodbye.
  • Yes, you are and will remain my favorite employee. You will be missed. Goodbye.
  • For me, you were not only an employee but also a friend with whom I could discuss a variety of topics, ask for feedback and pieces of advice. From now on I will miss all these a lots. Goodbye. Wish you success and good health.

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  • Wish I could hold you back for a year or more but that’s not going to happen now as you have decided to call it quits with our company. I wish you all the best for your future.
  • Your stay in this office was indeed a memorable one. We won so many contracts only because of your hard work. I don’t have words to express my gratitude to you. Our company owes a lot to you. You deserve a grand farewell from us. Thanks for all your contributions, and all the best for your future plans.
  • You could fight all the odds to achieve your targets. Every company would like to have an employee like you and I feel so lucky that you had been a part of our company for two years. Goodbye and wish you all the best.
  • Farewell to one of the most talented employees of our company.

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