395+ Funny 50th Birthday Slogans, Phrases, And Sayings

50th Birthday- A Journey, A Milestone

A birthday is nothing but the acknowledgment of the anniversary of the birth of a person due to which it is one of the most important days for any person.

People expect special treatment from their family, friends, and relatives, along with warm wishes and gifts.

Birthdays are generally celebrated in some kind of similar ways like parties or some other similar events irrespective of the culture they belong to. 

Best 50th Birthday Slogans

  • Fifty and nerdy
  • Age is literally just a number
  • 20 with 30 years of experience
  • Old and better like fine wine
  • Age perfectly
  • Enjoy the fifties
  • Half a century
  • Love the old age
  • Never too old to party
  • You deserve a cake

Undoubtedly, the 50th birthday anniversary is considered to be a great milestone in life. Humans are not permanent in this world. Therefore, it is important for us to make the 50th birthday of our loved ones a memorable day to remember.

In order to honor them, throwing a wonderful party is highly recommended as they deserve for what they have done and faced in their lives. 

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50th Birthday Slogans

Catchy 50th Birthday Slogans

If you know someone who will be celebrating their 50th birthday, you’ll want to send them a message that honors them. Fortunately, whether you’re writing a greeting for a parent, a friend, a coworker, or a neighbor, we’ve compiled a range of relevant messages.

It can be difficult to come up with the proper words for a birthday message of this scale, but these messages can help you create a heartfelt birthday card, social media caption, or cake message with ease.

  • 50 is the five perfect 10s
  • I’m not 50, I’m 18 with 32 years of experience
  • Don’t be jealous because I look this good at 50
  • It took me 50 years to look this good
  • You made the big 50!
  • Fifty & Fabulous
  • Look 22, Feels 18, Acts 10, that makes me 50
  • Looking pretty fifty at fifty!
  • I’m only 5 decades old
  • It’s not about age, it’s about attitude
  • You make 50 look good! Happy birthday, gorgeous!
  • Cheers to fifty years, Happy birthday
  • I’m immortal — so far!
  • You made the big 50! Happy Birthday
  • The Incredible, Edible 50th birthday.
  • All You Need is a 50th birthday and a Dream.
  • God made 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday. It’s Everywhere You Wanna Be.
  • Bigger. Better. 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday just what you needed.
  • 50th birthday, any time of day.
  • Don’t Live a Little, Live a 50th birthday.
  • Things Still Happen After the 50th birthday.
  • Let the 50th birthday Come.
  • When’s your 50th birthday?
  • 50th birthday, and on, and on…
  • 50th birthday the time is now.
  • 50th birthday will make you feel better.
  • Life Should Taste As Good As 50th birthday.
  • My 50th birthday to Yours.
  • Don’t be an Amber 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday Is Good For You.
  • 50th birthday wanted.
  • 50th birthday lifestyle
  • Long life 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday, just the best.
  • Next stop, 50th birthday.
  • With a name like 50th birthday, it has to be good.
  • Good to know 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday – a safe place in an unsafe world!
  • Feel good with the 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday building a better tomorrow.
  • Enjoy 50th birthday.
  • You’ll Wonder Where the Yellow Went When You Brush Your Teeth with the 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday is better than chocolate.
  • Bridge That Gap with the 50th birthday.
  • If You’ve Got the Time, We’ve Got the 50th birthday.

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50th Birthday Slogans

50th Birthday Titles

Life is all about savoring every moment of joy. One source of joy is birthdays. People organize get-togethers, expect birthday wishes, and expect special treatment on their special day. Birthdays are the most exciting events on the planet.

Birthdays have become more extravagantly celebrated than weddings. Birthday parties with large themes have become commonplace. Birthday parties cost approximately $400 on average.

However, a birthday wish is not costly and should be sent out to the people you love. Here is a list of 50th birthday titles for you to take inspiration from. 

  • 50th birthday for your life.
  • Half the 50th birthday, You’re 25 twice.
  • Makes You Feel 50th birthday Again.
  • The Sweet You Can’t Eat Without 50th birthday.
  • Let Your Fingers Do the Walking Through the 50th birthday.
  • The 50th birthday of Champions.
  • The Home of the 50th birthday.
  • We Don’t Make 50th birthday. We Make 50th birthday Better.
  • Up, up and away with the 50th birthday.
  • You’ve Always Got Time For 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday. See more. Do more.
  • A 50th birthday’s Too Wet Without One.
  • There’s First Love, and There’s 50th birthday Love.
  • Men Can’t Help Acting On 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday – simplified!
  • Doing It Right Before Your 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday to play it safe.
  • Got a 50th birthday? You’re in Luck.
  • With 50th birthday you’ll have no more worries!
  • Oh my gods, it’s the 50th birthday.
  • It’s 50th birthday Time.
  • It’s a Beautiful 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday Prevents That Sinking Feeling.
  • Bring Out The 50th birthday.
  • I’m Lovin’ the 50th birthday.
  • Stay cool with the 50th birthday.
  • Better Living Through 50th birthday.
  • Because So Much Is Riding On Your 50th birthday.
  • Snap into a 50th birthday!
  • Let your 50th birthday flow.
  • Kick ass with 50th birthday!
  • 50th birthday: Music to the ears.
50th birthday slogans

Funny 50th Birthday Slogans

Sending hilarious birthday messages to your loved ones is one of the most efficient ways to make their birthdays more enjoyable. It’s not so easy to be hilarious with cards or text messages.

In amusing 50th birthday card messages, you must locate the proper phrases and know-how to utilize them. Here are some instances of amusing and hilarious 50th birthday slogans for someone turning 50.

  • It’s my 50th birthday!
  • See the 50th birthday, Feel the Shine.
  • Don’t Get Mad, it’s your 50th birthday.
  • Say 50th birthday.
  • 50 Reasons To Live.
  • 50th birthday works like magic.
  • Ding-Dong! 50th birthday Calling!
  • The 50th birthday community.
  • Be inspired by 50th birthday.
  • Who Would You Have A 50th birthday With?
  • 50th birthday only.
  • 50th birthday Comes to Those Who Wait.
  • 50th birthday stays on track.
  • It’s Just For Me And My 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday, you know you want it.
  • Nothing to worry about 50th birthday.
  • Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Grey 50th birthday?
  • There’s lots of fun in 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday – today and tomorrow.
  • 50th birthday extra dry.
  • 50th birthday, good.
  • 50th birthday solves your problems.
  • We’ll Leave The 50th birthday On For You.
  • Happiness is 50th birthday-Shaped.
  • They’re Yummy For Your 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday Makes Everything Better.
  • 50th birthday is a winner!
  • For That Deep Down Body 50th birthday.
  • It’s A Bit Of A 50th birthday.
  • It Could Be 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday, since 1845.
  • The World’s Favourite 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday, let the good times roll.
  • Start the day with 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday, it’s as simple as that!
  • Does the Hard 50th birthday, So You Don’t Have To.
  • Daddy or 50th birthday?
  • Feel the magic of 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday reaching for the stars.
  • Are you ready for 50th birthday?
  • 50th birthday – It Looks Good on You.
  • 50th birthday rules.
  • Simply the best 50th birthday.
  • Do it with 50th birthday.
  • The 50th birthday That Likes To Say Yes.
  • I Want My 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday, this is it!
  • The American Way of 50th birthday.
  • Stop! This 50th birthday is not Ready Yet!
  • Life’s beautiful with 50th birthday.
  • You Too Can Have A 50th birthday Like Mine.
  • 50th birthday nonstop.
  • Be alive with 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday rocks.
  • Too Orangey for 50th birthday.
  • hhmmmmm… 50th birthday.
  • A day with 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday a real winner.
  • Because 50th birthday is Complicated Enough.
  • Did Somebody Say 50th birthday?
  • High life with 50th birthday.
  • Can you feel 50th birthday?
  • 50 and kicking
  • 1/2 Way Party
  • 50 is the new 25 (*Twice)
  • You are 18,262 days old!
  • Keep calculating, it’s your 50th Birthday
  • Half a century young!
  • Old fart, young heart
  • Happy 50th birthday! Your wild oats have just turned to porridge.
  • The king is 50.
  • Hi Ho, Hi Ho it’s over the hill you go!
  • I reached 25 a second time!
  • Fifty, Aged to perfection
  • Happy 1/2 way to 100!
  • Too fit, Too feisty, Too fabulous, To be … 50!
  • Which sounds better: 5 decades or half a century?
  • Caution! A senior moment in progress!
  • How the hell did I get this old!
  • I’m not old, I’m youthfully challenged!
  • It is just my birthday, I’m not extinct yet!

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Best 50th Birthday Taglines

Catchy 50th Birthday Phrases

No two 50-year-olds are alike, with one foot just out of the forties and the other not quite over the hill. That is what makes the number 50 so intriguing. Some people still wish to be forever young, while others have become comfortable in their skin, and yet others are baffled by who they see in the mirror.

Some people still see an exciting adventure ahead of them, while others are already on their way to retirement. Here is a list of catchy 50th birthday phrases that can be used for your loved ones.

  • 50 equals five perfect tens.
  • 50 And Proud 50 Years Down, More to Come It’s Never Looked This Good Before
  • At 50, stay calm and awesome.
  • 50 Is The New Awesome In Life 50 Is The New Awesome In Life
  • I’m 49+1 years old.
  • 50 Years Fabulous 50 Years
  • 50 is simply a number that is neither old nor new. Happy 50th birthday!
  • It’s been said that 50 is the new 30.
  • I’m Fabulously Cruising My Way To 50 Years Old
  • The Number 50 Is Just A Number
  • Don’t bother counting your candles; simply bask in the glow!
  • You’re still shining at 50!
  • Fifty years and counting!
  • 50 Years Younger And Bolder Than Ever 50 Years Younger And Aged To Perfection
  • Turn 50 and Rule The World. Continue to Rock At 50
  • You’ve made it to 50; now ensure you reach 80.
  • May your life be as full as your head of white hair.
  • Nobody can make fifty seem as nice as you can.
  • When you turn 50, you can leave those years behind you and start again.
  • I’d like to meet someone in their 50s who is as attractive as I am.
  • Unless you’re 50 and your vision is starting to blur, you can always find whatever you want.
  • Because they can’t make 50 look good, some individuals just need a high-five.
  • Be proud to be 50!
  • It’s your second 25th birthday.
  • Have a wonderful 50th birthday!
  • There’s no better age to celebrate than 50!
  • Turn 50, and you’ll be king of the world.
  • I’m 50, single, and beautiful.
  • Keep living your best life! Welcome to version 2 of 25.
Catchy 50th Birthday Slogans And Taglines

50th Birthday Slogans For Her

The 50th birthday anniversary is unquestionably regarded as a significant life event. In this universe, humans are not permanent. As a result, we must make our loved ones’ 50th birthdays a special occasion.

Nowadays, coming up with a tagline for the person you love is difficult. Here is a list of birthday slogans for her. 

  • Happy Fifty Years! Here’s to another decade of laughing at each other’s jokes and lending a shoulder to cry on.
  • You are not elderly. You’ve reached the perfect age.
  • It’s not gray hair; it’s sparkling! Happy 50th birthday!
  • Age is a mental construct. It doesn’t matter if you don’t mind.
  • You’ve turned 50! But, hey, you’re not quite as old as you’ll be next year.
  • People with more birthdays live longer, according to scientific evidence.
  • Having a sparkle in your wrinkle is crucial.
  • Happy 50th birthday! You’ve made it halfway to 100.
  • You’re only 35 years old and have a 15-year bonus. Greetings on your 50th birthday!
  • Birthday greetings! Now you’re the youngest person in their fifties, I know.
  • Happy 50th birthday to the person who never fails to brighten anyone’s day with a kind word, a bright grin, or a humorous joke.
  • May the next ten years be even better and more enjoyable. It’s time to enjoy yourself!
  • Happy Fifty Years! Put on your dance shoes and let loose! This is a moment to rejoice over. I wish you nothing but the best today and always.
  • It’s time to toast another year of great, lovely YOU. Happy 50th birthday to a genuinely remarkable individual.
  • Here’s to a new decade…

50th Birthday Slogans For Him

Does any of this ring true for the person you’re honoring? It’s crucial to recognize your loved one and the general tone you want to convey when writing those happy 50th birthday slogans—celebratory, complementing, or hilarious. Of course, you can combine all three for your partner-in-crime.

  • Because you’ve been in it for the past 50 years, the world is a much better place. Here’s wishing you a prosperous future.
  • Best wishes on your 50th birthday! 
  • I wish you many pleasant returns! Have a wonderful day!
  • Congratulations on your 50th birthday! I wish you a fantastic day and a fantastic year.
  • Have a wonderful birthday! May the second half of your life be as fulfilling as the first.
  • On this very special day, I wish you peace and love.
  • Your first 50 years on this planet have been full of wonder, and I’m excited to see what you have in store for the next 50. Birthday greetings!
  • Happy 50th birthday to a terrific and well-liked individual. On this special occasion, we wish you a fantastic second half!
  • Happy 50th birthday to a beautiful and remarkable individual. What a lot you’ve accomplished! I wish you success in everything you set out to accomplish in the future years. May your future be bright and long.
  • Happy Fifty Years! You make every day a gift for people around you, and you are deserving of the finest that this new decade has to offer.
  • Happy Fifty Years! You are a ray of hope in a dark world, a confidante in a time of need, and a buddy who makes life a million trillion times more enjoyable. 
  • May your day be filled with blessings.

Catchy 50th Birthday Sayings

Anyone reaching 50 should celebrate the occasion and send happy thoughts for the future, especially if they aren’t sure how they feel about their age or if “funny” doesn’t feel right.

If your coworker is turning 50 and you want to make it office-appropriate, or you’re going to a party for someone you don’t generally hang out with, or if it’s someone you don’t see very frequently, it’s better to play it safe with a brief and simple wish.

Here is a list of catchy 50th birthday sayings for your inspiration.

  • It’s not about your age but rather your mindset.
  • You make fifty look great! Beautiful, happy birthday!
  • Happy 50th birthday, and many more!
  • You’ve hit the big 50! Birthday greetings
  • The Fantastic, Edible 50th Birthday
  • All you need is a dream and a 50th birthday.
  • 50th birthday was created by God.
  • 50 years old. It’s Almost Anywhere You Want To Be.
  • Better. Bigger. 50 years old.
  • Just what you needed on your 50th birthday.
  • Any time of day for a 50th birthday
  • Instead of living a little, celebrate your 50th birthday.
  • Things Continue to Happen After 50 Years.
  • Let the 50th birthday celebrations begin.
  • 50th birthday, and so forth…
  • The moment has come to celebrate your 50th birthday.
  • You will feel better on your 50th birthday.
  • My 50th birthday greetings to you.
  • Don’t be a 50th birthday Amber.
  • The 50th Birthday Is Beneficial
  • With the 50th birthday, you can close the gap.
  • If you have the time, come celebrate our 50th birthday with us.
  • It’s your life’s 50th birthday.
  • You’re 25, twice your 50th birthday.
  • Reminds you of your 50th birthday.
  • The 50th Birthday Sweet You Can’t Live Without
  • The 50th birthday residence.
  • With the 50th birthday, it’s up, up, and away.
  • For your 50th birthday, you’ve always got time.
  • 50 years old. Find out more. Increase your efforts.
  • Without one, a 50th birthday is too wet.
  • 50th birthday is a time to be cautious.
  • Have you turned 50? You’ve struck gold.
  • You won’t have to worry about anything after your 50th birthday!
  • It’s my 50th birthday, oh my gods.

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