752+ Best Tanning Salon Names Ideas + Generator

Are you excited to open your very own tanning salon? Picking the right name is key! Don’t worry, I’m here to help you find the perfect one.

Your salon’s name is like sunshine – it sets the vibe and attracts customers with its warmth. In this article, I’ll give you lots of cool ideas for Tanning Salon Names to choose from.

Whether you offer spray tans, UV beds, or other bronzing services, there’s a name that’s just right for you.

I’ll also share some tips to help you pick the best name for your salon. Let’s start this journey together and make your tanning salon shine!

How to Choose the Right Tanning Salon Name?

  • 1 Reflect Your Brand Identity: Consider the atmosphere and style of your salon. Is it modern and chic, or cozy and inviting? Your name should reflect the ambiance you want to create.
  • 1 Consider Your Target Audience: Think about the demographic you want to attract. Are you targeting young professionals, students, or families? Tailor your name to appeal to your ideal customers.
  • 1 Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What sets your salon apart from others? Whether it’s state-of-the-art equipment, exceptional customer service, or affordable pricing, incorporate your USP into your name to stand out.
  • 1 Keep it Memorable and Easy to Spell: Choose a name that’s catchy, easy to remember, and simple to spell. Avoid complex or obscure words that might confuse potential customers.
  • 1 Avoid Limiting Names: While it’s tempting to use words like “tanning” or “sun” in your salon name, consider whether you may want to expand your services in the future. A name that’s too specific may restrict your business growth.
  • 1 Check Availability: Before finalizing your salon name, ensure that the domain name is available for your website and that the name isn’t already trademarked by another business in your industry.
  • 1 Get Feedback: Once you’ve brainstormed some potential names, gather feedback from friends, family, and potential customers. They can offer valuable insights and help you choose the most appealing option.
  • 1 Legal Considerations: Make sure the name you choose complies with local business regulations and doesn’t infringe on any trademarks or copyrights.

Words Used To Make Tanning Salon Names

Sunkissed Terms:

  • Glow
  • Radiant
  • Sun-kissed
  • Bronzed
  • Golden
  • Tan
  • Sunlit
  • Tawny
  • Warmth
  • Luminous

Luxury and Pampering:

  • Luxe
  • Opulent
  • Lavish
  • Indulgent
  • Pamper
  • Bliss
  • Serene
  • Tranquil
  • Relax
  • Spa

Natural and Organic:

  • Pure
  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Botanical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Green
  • Earthy
  • Sustainable
  • Fresh
  • Clean

Health and Wellness:

  • Vitality
  • Wellness
  • Healthy
  • Renew
  • Revive
  • Energize
  • Balance
  • Wellbeing
  • Vitalize
  • Rejuvenate

Glamour and Beauty:

  • Glam
  • Chic
  • Elegant
  • Glamour
  • Vogue
  • Stylish
  • Trendy
  • Fashion
  • Glamorous
  • Beauty

Sun Protection:

  • Shield
  • Protect
  • Defend
  • Guard
  • Block
  • Safe
  • SPF
  • Sunscreen
  • UV Defense
  • Barrier

Top tanning Salon Names In The US

Tanning Salon NameMeaning
Twilight TansImplies achieving a tan that resembles the colors of twilight, possibly indicating a smooth transition between day and night.
Tropical TanSuggests achieving a tan similar to those attained in tropical locations, invoking thoughts of warmth and relaxation.
Toucan TanPossibly inspired by the vibrant colors of toucans and the exotic feel they convey, indicating a unique and colorful tanning experience.
Totally TanningIndicates a comprehensive tanning experience, suggesting full-body coverage and thorough tanning services.
Total Tan Inc.Similar to “Totally Tanning,” implying a complete tanning solution provided by a company.
The Solar LoungeEvokes the image of a relaxing lounge bathed in sunlight, emphasizing the solar aspect of tanning.
Tangible TanningImplies a tangible or noticeable outcome from tanning sessions, suggesting effective results.
TanfasticA playful combination of “tan” and “fantastic,” indicating an exceptional tanning experience.
Tan N SeaPlay on words suggesting both tanning and relaxation by the sea, invoking images of beachside tanning.
Tan Co.Shortened form of “Tanning Company,” indicating a business specializing in tanning services.
Tan Bella“Bella” meaning beautiful in Italian, suggesting achieving a beautiful tan through their services.
Sun Tan CityIndicates a city-like environment where one can attain a sun-kissed tan, emphasizing the urban appeal of tanning.
Sun Room TanningImplies a dedicated space for tanning sessions, suggesting a comfortable and inviting environment.
Sun ClubEvokes the idea of a club where individuals come together to tan, indicating a social aspect to tanning.
SoleilFrench for “sun,” suggesting a focus on achieving a sun-kissed tan through their services.
Solar SalonEmphasizes the solar aspect of tanning, indicating a salon dedicated to providing tanning services.
SoHo Tan SpaPossibly inspired by the trendy SoHo district, indicating a stylish and upscale tanning spa.
Salon EssentialsImplies a salon offering essential tanning services, suggesting a focus on basic but necessary tanning needs.
Planet BeachSuggests a beach-like atmosphere where clients can achieve a tan, invoking thoughts of relaxation and natural beauty.
Palm Beach TanEvokes the luxurious atmosphere of Palm Beach, suggesting a high-end tanning experience.
Oasis TanningImplies a refreshing and rejuvenating experience akin to finding an oasis in the desert, suggesting relief from stress.
Nautica TanPossibly inspired by nautical themes, suggesting a connection to the sea and beachside tanning.
Maui TanningEvokes the tropical paradise of Maui, suggesting a tanning experience reminiscent of Hawaiian beaches.
Mango TanPossibly indicating a tan with a hint of golden-orange color, resembling the hue of ripe mangoes.
Malibu TanSuggests achieving a tan reminiscent of the sun-kissed beaches of Malibu, indicating a beachy and glamorous tanning experience.
Image TanImplies achieving a tanned appearance that enhances one’s image, suggesting a focus on aesthetic enhancement through tanning.
Get Sun KissedEncourages clients to achieve a sun-kissed glow through their services, emphasizing natural and radiant tanning results.
Fun TanImplies a fun and enjoyable tanning experience, suggesting a lively atmosphere and positive vibes.
Darque TanPlay on words, replacing “dark” with “darque,” possibly indicating a focus on achieving a deeper, darker tan.

Best Tanning Salon Names

Several factors contribute to the success of any kind of venture. First, you need to have some basic knowledge about the venture when you’re planning to open it.

If you are planning to open a tanning salon, then you should be aware of the factors required in opening this salon. This will make your task easier in the future tanning salon.

On the other hand, you should also focus on the name of your tanning salon. The name is the first thing that will help your tanning salon in getting identification in public.

Trending Tanning Salon Names
  • Zammy Salon
  • Groffon Tanning
  • Grenn Tanning Salons
  • Tinyray Salon
  • maxxyn Tan
  • Exotix Tanning
  • SpaDaze Tanning Salons
  • D’front Salon
  • BeautyQuest Salon
  • Azure arc Tanning
  • SensoSpa
  • beautyCrafts Salon
  • CoastWings Tan
  • Obberen Tanning Salons
  • Secret Vida Salon
  • The SilverBooth
  • puraCherry Tan
  • ArrowTail Essentials
  • Treccta Tanning
  • Abby Osk Tanning Salons
  • Two Ozone Tan
  • DreamFoils
  • FusionFex Salon
  • Waybeat Essentials
  • WildLeaf Salon
  • nautica breeze Tanning Salons
  • Loftyshades Tan
  • SunKissed Tanning
  • DelSol Essentials
  • PinkCurls Tanning
  • Grasoon Tanning
  • NightLight Salon
  • Perini Salon
  • Cassava Del Tanning Salons
  • VegasLoft Tan
  • SenteSpa Tanning
  • purOrro Salon
  • DangyBolevo
  • Stylofit Tan
  • OrroDell Tanning
  • Secret Zen Salon
  • OasisGlow Essentials
  • Venobella Tanning
  • Spladon Tanning
  • Fresy day Salon
  • BodyGlo Tanning

Started a training salon, but struggling to decide a slogan, so make sure to check out the best tanning salon slogans and taglines.

Spray Tan Business Names

Tanning Salon Names

– Spray Sun Studios

  • Misty Bronze Boutique
  • Airbrushed Glow
  • SprayTique
  • Tan Fusion
  • Misty Mirage
  • Spray Haven
  • Tan Mist Magic
  • AirGlow Studio
  • Misty Radiance
  • Tan Aerosol Artistry
  • Airbrush Aura
  • Spray Salon Shine
  • Misty Sunbeam
  • AirTan Sanctuary
  • Tan Spritz Studio
  • Misty Marvels
  • SprayShimmer Spa
  • Tan Mist Temptations
  • Airbrushed Elegance
  • Misty Glow Haven
  • Spray Tan Oasis
  • Airbrushed Bliss
  • Misty Mirage Tans

Airbrush Tanning Business Names

  • Airbrush Glow Lounge
  • Tan Air Artistry
  • AirGlow Haven
  • Sunless Spray Studio
  • Airbrush Tan Oasis
  • Radiant Airbrush Tans
  • Tan Fusion Airbrush
  • Airbrushed Sun Sanctuary
  • Bronze Air Boutique
  • Sunless Spray Haven
  • Radiant Airbrush Spa
  • Sun-Kissed Airbrush
  • Airbrushed Bliss Studio
  • Tan Mist Artistry
  • Sunless Spray Salon
  • AirGlow Sanctuary
  • Airbrushed Radiance
  • Tan Air Temptations
  • Sunless Spray Glow
  • Airbrushed Oasis
  • Bronzed Airbrush Boutique
  • Sun-Kissed Spray Studio
  • Airbrushed Glow Spa

– Tan Mist Mirage

Funny Tanning Salon Names

When you are deciding on a name for a tanning salon, there should be a different approach to the name.

You can, at times, choose funny names for your tanning salon. However, you should always keep the meaning of that name in mind because it will help you create an image of your salon.

On the other hand, you can use some famous words as funny names for your tanning salon.

TropicsText Tanning Salons

Pebble Salon

Faabio Tanning

Ten Tantic Tanning

FineLines Tanning Salons

Tandana Coast Salon

FineZen Essentials

TrueView Tan

Spassify Salon

NorthWell Tan Salon

CottoMist Tan Salon

HappyFluff Tan Salon

LovinFest Tan Salon

FirstElite Tan Salon

Flexen Tan Salon

Amella Tan Salon

Exotix Tan Salon 

NorthQen Tan Salon

Clavely Tan Salon

Helinna Tan Salon

NebuChex Tan Salon 

NiceNight Tan Salon

Welljade Tan Salon



SiennaMist Tan Salon

Trebbon Tan Salon


AeroPose Tan Salon

HighStyle Tan Salon

TruJazz Tan Salon

Solobliss Tan Salon

Graphon Tan Salon

EverJade Tan Salon

Corofab Tan Salon


Arianna Tan Salon

Elevva Tan Salon

Zerkey Tan Salon

Do you want to start a tanning salon? So make sure to read out the actionable tanning salon marketing ideas.

Tanning Salon Business Names

Are you planning to open a tanning salon business? Well, you should have a prior look at the top tanning salons in your area. You should observe their business planning and their recognition in the market.

These two important factors will also help you in shaping your tanning salon business. To have recognition for your tanning salon business you should focus on the name of the business.

For that, you need to use your ideas to create amazing names for your tanning salon.


Essure Tan Salon

Slayer Tan Salon


WhiteAce Tan Salon


NightSpice Tan Salon


Replay Tan Salon

Movemex Tan Salon


CoolMynk Tan Salon


AngelCurves Tan Salon

VibeSecrets Tan Salon

Escott Tan Salon

GoodTrace Tan Salon

Movion Tan Salon

Secret Admire

YingYang Tan Salon

WhiteWerg Tan Salon


WoodLoft Tan Salon


SupraZip Tan Salon

Youzest Tan Salon

PentaMove Tan Salon


SilverEthics Tan Salon

Arvents Tan Salon

VelloVue Tan Salon

CrossDale Tan Salon


Driftwood Tan Salon

Night Ethics Tan Salon

CitySpring Salon

Blyss Tan Salon

ColoCorado Tan Salon

Blureva Tan Salon

Uptown Place



PrimaRay Salon

Eterna Tan

SunBella Tan

UNYC Salon

Jeco Jee Salon

Sunless Tanning Business Names

Sunlit Glow

Bronze Haven

Solar Radiance

Eclipse Tan

Golden Mirage

Sun-Kissed Sanctuary

Amber Aura


Radiant Eclipse

Solstice Shades

Luminescent Tans

Sunbeam Sanctuary

Bronze Oasis

Eternal Sun Tan

Solarium Glow

Tanned Temptations

Ray of Bronze

Sun-kissed Elegance

Sunshimmer Studios

Bronzed Bliss

Golden Ray Tans

Eclipse Glow

Sunlit Sanctuary

Luminous Tan Co.

Radiant Glow Spa

Tanning Salon Name Generator

<strong>Tanning Salon Name Generator</strong>

Explore our Tanning Salon Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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