Game Company Names: 465+ Catchy And Cool Names

As well as a form of art and entertainment, games are about business. Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. There are thousands of companies developing and publishing games all over the World.

In order to work and ahead in the industry, You must have advanced Digital skills like computer graphics, animation, software design, or programming. The good news is that the industry is continuing to grow in the next several years.

Top Game Company Names In The US

  • Valve Corporation
  • THQ Inc.
  • Six3Six Studios LLC
  • PopCap Games Inc.
  • Playdom
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Micro Center
  • Media Elements
  • Level Up Gaming Inc.
  • Legitcode
  • Large Animal Games
  • ID Software
  • Game Guys
  • ForgeWare Inc.
  • Forest Giant
  • Fire Hose Games
  • Filament Games LLC
  • Electronic Arts
  • Demiurge Studios
  • Code Particle Inc.
  • Brainy Chick Inc.
  • Bouncing Pixel
  • Blockdot Inc.
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Black Lantern Studios
  • BigPoint Inc.
  • Big Fish Games
  • Bethesda Softworks LLC
how to choose right game company name

Your name is such a critical part of your brand. Here we tried to suggest some Catchy Game Company Names ideas for your Inspiration. A Creative name gives more attention and Attraction to your Business.

While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract new customers’ attention. Cool names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest.

Every Game Store Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name. Following are some best game company names.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name for branding your brand; you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project and what type of customer you are seeking.

For game store business names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Below we have mentation some cool game company names.

Game Company Names

The game company has been in the trend for a very long time now. These companies are earning a lot of popularity among the public. They are also becoming successful in the respective gaming industry.

The name of the game companies helps them to get recognition in front of the desired people.

So, you should also have such kind of name for your game company that will make the company look amazing. The name of your game company should be a combination of some fancy and company-related words.

WhiteMyth Entertainment

FunWynk Elements

happy hands Studios

Jolleva Entertainment

YouPick Entertainment

HandySpice Games


CrazyCross Games

FirstFront Studios

Nexon Elements

Turbotex Games

FunPulse Entertainment

Increda Elements

RapidSurf Games

Upstring Entertainment


GoodBerry Studios

TwoDude Studios

UrbanTrail Elements

Emberon Games

Greyline Entertainment

UPwings Games

WaveyHand Games

Good Minute Entertainment

HopeStone Studios

West master Entertainment

WiseWave Elements

ShuffleBerry Games

SeaGreat Studios

EpicDegree Entertainment

CircleFloat Games

GoodFunk Entertainment

BigTwego Elements

Krystal Joss

FunStorm Entertainment

GreyMotion Studios

Angel Monkey

ZeroLoft Entertainment



SwissHexa Studios

AbleHippo Games


A Brown Fox Games

FunShades Studios

Blingo Entertainment

Rinotos Entertainment

Triangle Elements

Mossis Entertainment

WhiteMonk Games

Centrick Entertainment

Game Company Names

If you want to brainstorm some more names so, do check out the big list of business name suggestions.

Game Studio Names

For creating an amazing name for your game studio, you need to use your ideas as it will result in a rare name. The motive behind deciding the name of your game studio should be to attract people.

This kind of venture requires some fancy and trendy names that will make the studio look stylish. So, when you are finding a name for your game studio, you should have a list of trendy names.

These names will make your task easier in deciding a suitable name for your game studio.

Phantom Games

BareFoot Elements

YellowFest Games

BrevaBee Studios

WishFinger Games

GoosiPoosi Entertainment

TinyBurst Games

Darwin Studios

ZipFeet Entertainment

FlyingCap Studios

ClassyCoats Game Store

SpringBing Game Co.

VividBuddy Game Co.

Pallet Professional

BlueBliss Game Store



SpireSuite Game Co.

Morella Game Co.


ColoVibe Game Co.

De Messa Game Store

Chromatic Game Co.

Pixie Array Game Store

Colobrite Game Co.


InnovaHue Game Co.

PrimElite Game Co.


VelvetWay Game Co.


Cortona Game Co.

Trending Game Company Names

If you have started a gaming store, but struggling to decide a slogan for it? So check out the catchy gaming slogans and taglines.

Video Game Company Names

Are you looking forward to opening a video game company for the public? Then, you should have some basic knowledge of this kind of company before you present it to the public.

A video game company requires a lot of intelligence as well as some management. These things help in the success of the video game company.

You should put a lot of effort into the name of the video game company as well. This will help you in finding an amazing name for your video game company.

ShowGreat Game Store

Esprit Game Co.

Marvella Game Co.

GladWish Game Store


Ronona Game Co.


UrbanPlay Game Store

Zeddle Game Co.

ZealSome Game Co.

ThreeWave Game Store

Integra Game Co.


AdornJoy Game Co.

StarCave Game Co.

Locossa Game Store

SmithCrown Game Co.

Illumina Game Co.

Color Atmos

Urban Quest


ColorBliss Game Co.

UrbanWave Game Store

UrboGrid Game Co.


CappaCale Game Co.

mysteva Game Co.

ColoFavour Game Store

VividEsse Game Store

Ethos Game Co.

Spektren Game Store

Durenpo Game Co.



Overtone Game Co.

TruCoat Game Co.

SkyScrap Game Store

bravera Game Co.

WhirlyWish Game Co.

First Pallette

Blazeberry Game Store

PrisPoint Game Co.

MorronWay Games

Game Shuttle

Amegma Game Co.

Far Bewond Game Co.

Pixel Render Game Co.

Random Play

Mighty Scales

ApuriMac Game Co.

Hopestone Game Co.

Uptown Essential

Don’t forget to check out the top best video game companies in the USA.

Gaming Business Names

If you plan to open a gaming business, you can become popular easily with the public. The gaming business is very trendy and requires effort to get recognition.

The first thing that will help your gaming business in getting identification is the name of your gaming business.

When creating or choosing a name for your gaming business, you should look at the name of a successful gaming business. This will help you in getting a good idea of suitable names for your gaming business.

Lowa Leys Game Co.


CappaCale Game Co.



MInute Fusion

CassaWave Game Co.


Merlyn Game Co.

Coronna Game Co.


East Start Game Co.


CorbyCrew Game Co.

SpaceGrid Game Co.




Lowe Wang Game Co.

Great Tint Game Co.


Matrix Box Game Co.

Morriss Game Co.

NorthMan Game Co.

GreySpace Game Co.



Frank herdzdog

Yesterdo Game Co.

Mr.Stone Game Co.

Epigona Epex

NorthElite Game Co.

Travertine Game Co.

The Scarper

Hobitro Game Co.

Green Axel

Archedrive Game Co.

Nerdy Parsler

Patty East Game Co.


Cascaddex Game Co.

Ettission Game Co.

EyeWynk Game Co.

Mane Elegance


AeroCrest Game Co.

Easterly Game Co.


SuperFront Game Co.



MayPetals Game Co.


FloraFun Game Co.

NextSpace Game Co.

MoreEdge Game Co.


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