650+ Slime Shop Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas ( Video+ infographic)

650+ Slime Shop Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas

Slime is going to be trending nowadays. If you don’t know what slime is, you probably don’t have children or young people in your life. Earlier, I have no idea about Slime, but now Slime is a real trend, a grassroots interest for Young Children.

It’s not only just kids that are into slime, but aged people are also part of it. From fluffy to glitter-filled, the demand for slime has skyrocketed, leaving kids all across the country squealing in delight.

Many Homemade slimmers are available in the market. It’s Going to be a Profitable Business. The current iteration is homemade, and it comes in a multitude of colors and textures — fluffy, glittery, grainy — that emit crackling noises when poked and squeezed.

“When you are starting a slime business, make sure you add creativity to it so that kids and teenagers get attracted to it.

Furthermore, you must keep in mind that slime is one of the most sought-after products among teens in today’s world. So, you must think creatively while deciding a name for your slime business.”

In this particular piece of writing, we are going to highlight the points that will help you choose an ideal name for your slime business.

Also, make sure whatever the influencing factor is, it must attract your customers and side by side be simple enough so that it is easy to remember and spell. Read on to know more.

Top Slime Shop Names In The US

  • ThingamaBlob
  • Taffy Slime Shop
  • Sugar Slime
  • Snozzleberry Surprise
  • Snap Dizzle Pop
  • Smell the Ooze
  • Slop2It!
  • Slimezini
  • SlimePotion No. 9
  • SlimeCommand
  • Slime Vidaa
  • Slime New York
  • Slime Jewel
  • Slime Fantasies
  • Slime Box Club
  • Slime Aurora
  • Sky Slimezz
  • Scented Slime
  • Ria’s Slime Shop
  • Peachy Slime Bakery
  • Oozeslime
  • Ooze Gurus
  • Hoshimi Slimes
  • Hope Marie Slime Shop
  • Gooerrific
  • Goo Crew
  • Glitter Slimes
  • FunGlop
  • Firefly Slime
  • Family Slime
  • Dope Slimes
  • Alpine Slimes
  • All Slime Shop
  • All Slime

A Name Can Make Or Break Your Shop

Your name is such a critical part of your brand. Here we tried to suggest to you some Catchy Slime Shop Names ideas for your Inspiration. A Creative name gives more attention and Attraction to your Business.

While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract new customers. Cool names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest.

Slime Shop Names

Are you looking for some amazing names that will look good on your slime shop? You must know names before deciding on a name. There are certain ways to create or choose a name for your slime shop.

First, have a look at some existing names so that you can get some knowledge. This knowledge is very important because it will make your task easier in finding a name. Therefore, you should wisely choose a name for your slime shop.

Rainbow Slime

Colorful Slime

Orange Slime

Flavored Slime

Glittery Slime

Glitter Dust Slime

Galaxy Slime

Pink Slime

Shaded Slime

Plain Slime

Slimy slime

Glue slime

Halloween Slime

Glow in the Dark Slime

Sunset Slime

sunrise Slime

Color burst Slime

Subtle slime

Colorful Slime

Spring themed slime

Winter themed slime

Summer theme Slime

Wintry Slime

velvet slime

Watery Slime

Playful slime

Gifty slime

Crafty slime

Scented Slime

Slimes with perfumes

Scented slime

Slippery slime

Slime affair

Slime and slime

Printed slime

Sparkling slime

Foodie slime

Autumn slime

Spring slime

Summer slime

Cold slime

Burning slime

Furthermore, keep in mind that the name you select for your slime business should be well-known and related to the product itself so that people get an idea of what you are marketing.

If you can keep these things in mind, no one can stop you from choosing a perfect name for your business. Here are some examples of names for your slime business that will be attractive and simple enough for your purpose. So make sure to choose the right business name.

Slime Shop Names

Do you own a slime store that’s struggling to come up with a catchy slogan? So do check out the catchy slime store slogans and taglines.

Slime Company Names

The names must have that pretty and attractive factor in them. Without that particular factor, your business won’t be able to thrive well in the market.

Your shop name is the first thing that attracts people to your business, which is why your business’s name should be attractive enough for people to praise it. Here are some examples of pretty and attractive names for your slime business.

AllFeel shops

Colorful slime Shop

Childhood Slime shop

Memories Slime Shop

rainbow Slime shop

Slimy Slime Shops

Crimson Slime Shop

Slime Bakery Shop

Family Slime Shop

Shop all the slime

Slime for all

Slime for Gifts

Firefly slime

City Slime

Glam Slime

Best slime shop

Joy Slime

Slime Smile

Scented Slime

Slime fantasies

Happy Swing

Star Breeze

Cute slime

Sweet Slime

Old Memories Slime Shop

Fun Slimes

Velvet slime

Attractive Slimes

BlueHeart Slimes

Slimes for gifts

Twin Slimes

Vivid slime

Memorable slimy affair

Pinkthrob slime

Fiery slime

Slimy slippery affair

Bright and vibrant slime

Friends and slime

Me, slime and you

Our own slimy affair

Slimes to cherish

Trending Slime Shop Names

If you want to brainstorm some more names so, do check out the big list of business name suggestions.

Slime Business Names

A slime business can help you earn a lot of market profits. You need proper planning to run such kind of business. First, you must begin with the name of your slime business. The name of your slime business will help you get proper identification with the public.

You can claim a secured position for your slime business if you have a meaningful name. So, it is advisable to first decide on a name for your slime business and present it to the public.


Alpeno Slimes

Dudenly Slime Shop

Plavio Slimes

Motivv Slimes


FirstBright Slimes

SplashBox Slime Bakery

LOrenzo Slime Shop

CappaCale Slimes

TinyTrett Slimes




CrimSom Slimes

JoyGroove Slime Shop

MeltEclat Slime Shop

Qute Slimes

Orion Slimes

NorthBlaze Slime Shop

Triangle Slime Bakery

GoodVibe Slime Bakery

Redstar Slimes

Wellbrett Slimes

OldMemories Slime Shop

Alperona Slimes


SeaStreet Slimes

CrossDale Slime Bakery

PrimeEight Slimes

LIneMark Slimes

Fragga Slimes

Crysten Slime Bakery

CurlUp Slimes



Aeronna Slimes

Behood Slimes

CasaBliss Slimes

UrbanZest Slime Bakery


FirstPrime Slimes

BlueWave Slimes

Your “About Us” page is one of the most important pages on your website, and it needs to be well crafted. So check out the slime store about us page samples.

Good Slime Shop Names

So many names are available to the public that will look good on your slime shop. It depends upon the kind of name that you are using for your slime shop. You can choose the name of your slime shop in different ways.

If you want a unique name, then you can use your ideas to create the name. You can refer to any list of names if you want a short and simple name for your slime shop.

ColoTwin Slimes

CasaTwist Slime Bakery

SptingCrew Slime Shop

GlamWorld Slime Shop

midCity Slimes

BlyssBerry Slime Bakery

NewView Slime Bakery

Leviss Slimes

Springo Slimes

Rockberry Slime Shop

NorthFlip Slimes

manifest Slime Shop

BlueHeart Slimes

Estella Slimes


Glemmex Slime Shop

OnePro Slimes

FunQube Slime Shop

Artostyle Slime Shop

Vivid Slimes

Ellipse Slimes

NorthQueen Slimes

Cute Slime Business Names

If you want a little different name, you can go for some cute names for your slime business. It is always a better option to pick up a style of the name while deciding on a name for your slime business.

There are a lot of benefits to having a cute kind of name that can be used for your amazing slime business. 

Treats Slime Shop

Ooze Snooze

Slimes and More

Power Ooze

Butterfly Glitsy Crafts

Peanut Butter Slime

Slime Fitfully

Tincture Ooze

Slime Sages

Slime Express Inc.

Cool Stuff on Slimes

Ooze Burgundy

Doodle Slime Store

Crunchy Slime Caddy

Fluffy Slime Munch

Clear Slime Paradox


Slime Zone

The Allure of Coral

Fizzling Frost

Soli Slime Scent

Gluey Goodness

Fluffy Slime Networking

Sop Slime

Jelly Bubbles Shop

Slime Kit Sensual

Pink Slime Shop

Rainbow Plus Slime

Winter Slime Shop

Ooze Maroon

Happy Slime Shop

Singles Slime

Slime Strides

I Heart Slime

Sequence Slime

Slime Spotters

Slime Box Cuban

Slime Bytes

Cloud Slime Balloon

Pink Berry Slime

Dead Melting

Glow In The Dark

Cloud Slime Hue

The Slime Shop

Slime Stylist

Slime Sirens

Slime Scribble

The Yellow Snail Store

Mud and Bloom

Slime Kit Bail

Marshmallow Slime Shop

Slime Lovers Paradise

Place Slime Store

Lazy Slime Shop

Slime Spots

Blobs Incorporated

Wild and Fresh Slimes

Ooze Overview

A Little Slither of Slime

Lip Slime Stitches

Mermaid’s Secret Island

Slime Heist

Cupcake Slime

Zola Slime Scent

Critters Corner

Bunk Slime

Cloud Slime Ostrich

Slime Spike

Cloud Slime Citizen

Slimed World

Summer Rain Slime

Ooze Typhoon

Slime Salute

Glitter Slime Shop

Slime Standards

Slime Shop On Mission

Slime Streaming

The crystal lining inside

Slime Kit Paces

Cloud Slime Badger

Ooze Parachute

Slimmy Cubes

Slimes on the Beach

Ooze Repute

Wet Slime Shop

Ooze Herring

Cinch Slime

Mix Cute Slimes

Slime Heaven

Sparkling Stars

Slime Rise

Ice Cube Candy Floss

The Rainbow Slime Shop

Slime Starting

Slime Sprints

Frozen Slime Shop

Ooze Green

Clear Slime Cooks

Cookie Slime

Slime Swarm

Cool Slime Shop Names

Do you need cool names that will look good on your slime shop? You can either create such kinds of names by using some trendy words.

On the other hand, you can also refer to this list while choosing a cool name. However, these names are unique, so your shop will be different from others.

Butter Slime Tier

The Art of Slime

Jingled Goo Company

Slime Union

Popsicle Sugary Fizzy

Crunchy Slime Corner

Crunchy Slime Neat

Mining Slime

Dizzie Wizzies Slimes

Slime Scout

Sleigh Slime

Slime Specialty

Sunny Day Slimes

Moist Rainbow Toys

L&M Slime Shop

Rule with Slime

Slime Box Seam

Ooh Shiny Things

Expanding Empire

Clear Slime Pike

Start Slime

Ooze Plume

Creative Colorful Creatures

Slime Hut

Slime Scent Spotters

Ice Slime Mania

So Many Oozes

Smarty Slime

Sunny Days Slime

Tis Slime Kit

The Oddball Experiment

Slime Store

Unicorn Slime Shop

Slime Kit Stadium

Ocean Slime Shop

Slime Oozing Bubbles

Condition Slime


Glow-in-the-dark Slime

Slime Box Church

Slime Factory Inc.

F&G Slime Shop

Slim Eire

Crunchy Slime Called

Slime Slate

Fairytale Slime

Sweet Strawberry

Dreams Slime

Rainbow Ice Slime Shop

Soapie and Sweets

N&O Slime Shop

Nice ‘N Cute Splash

Sink Slime

Crunchy Slime Ahoy

Glitter Land Jelly Beam

Pleasure Slime

Cutie Pie Slimes

Eyes Slime

Slime Forward

Ghost Slime Shop

Ooze Butte

R&S Slime Shop

Grunge Glitter Slime

Slime Spirit

Purple Pitt Slime Company

Slime Junction

The Slime escape

Slime Stocking

Cloud Slime Polite

Goldies Slimes

Bubbling Oceans Slime

Maddest Slime Shop

Greenies Gummies

Sticky Situations

Candy Cane Slime

Cloud 9 Slime

Mario Slime Shop

Fluff Shop

Christmas Slime Shop

Apple Slime Shop

Slime Box Hogg

Pink Drive

Universe Inspired Slime Shop

Slime Box Helix

Butter Slime Wizard

Slimy Syrup Shop

Slime Kind

Slime Paradigm

Ooze Shop

Slime Box Hollow

The Chemical Mixing Shop

B&C Slime Shop

Slime Spool

Ooze Groom

Butter Slime Bandwidth

D&E Slime Shop

Gooey Pleasure

Slime Squash

Slippy Ranks

Slippy Slimes

Aesthetic Slime Shop Names

Rainbow Ripple Slimes

Slick & Slimy

The Slimy Wonderland

Sparkle & Squish

The Slimy Soiree

Sweet & Slimy Treats

Soft & Squishy Co.

The Slimy Emporium

Milky Muck

The Oozy Outlet

Whipped Wonder Slimes

Cosmic Slime Craze

The Slimy Smoosh

Floam Fantasy

The Slimy Symphony

Cloudy Slimy Skies

Soothing Squishies

Pastel Perfection Slime

The Slippery Scoop

The Slimy Surreal

Jelly Jelly Jams

Fizzy Frenzy Slimes

The Slippery Stop

Shiny Squishy Delight

The Slimy Sanctuary

The Aesthetic Slimery

Glittery Goo

Smooth & Silky Slimes

The Glittering Glob

The Squishy Spa

The Slimy Swirl

Dreamy Drips

Bubblegum Blobs

The Slippery Sensation

The Slimy Sensation

Gummy Goodness Slimes

Glitzy Gloop

The Slippery Squeeze

The Squishy Squeezery

Slimy Dreams

Creative Slime Shop Names

The Glitzy Gloop Co.

The Squishy Emporium

The Squishy Squeezery

The Squishy Circus

The Squishy Sensory

The Silky Slime Co.

The Slippery Scoop Shop

The Slippery Squad

The Slimy Carnival

The Slimy Soiree Co.

The Slimy Soundscape

The Squishy Shoppe

The Jelly Joint

The Slippery Serenade

The Bubbly Blob

The Slimy Odyssey

The Slimy Realm

The Oozy Outpost

The Squishy Squad

The Slimy Sensory Co.

The Squishy Sanctuary

The Slippery Sculpture

The Slimy Symphony

The Squishy Oasis

The Slimy Sensation Co.

The Squishy Spectacle

The Slippery Sands

The Slippery Symphony Shop

The Squishy Symphony

The Slimy Wonderland

The Slimy Escape

The Slipper Squishies

The Squishy Safari

The Slushy Studio

The Slimy Marvel

The Squishy Symphony Co.

The Slippery Stream

The Slimy Showcase

The Squishy Spa

The Slimy Skyline

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