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372+ Catchy Laboratory Business Names

Technology continues to expand the service offerings and ways a laboratory does business in modern society. The laboratory is the business to sure the Symptoms of any Disease. its have better impact on the Health Industry.Medical laboratories play a role in helping detect, diagnose and treat disease.

Laboratories are utilized by medical clinics and hospitals to perform tests as per the Requirement.A primary motive for starting the business was to provide an alternative local testing facility. With the growth of biotechnology, applications of this Health science have evolved through the years to involve newer and better ways to promote disease-free products and to avoid those that may cause health problems.

Starting your own laboratory business can be a great idea if you want to explore science beyond the walls of a lab. This, make sure you get the right ideas and inspiration before you start with your business.

And, the most important thing that you must take a glance at is the name of your business. As we have already mentioned that your business name is the foundation of your service, thus you must keep in mind the business and promotional ethics that is needed for the success of your business. So, you need to follow the important factors that is needed to name your business correctly. Read on to find them below.

  • Creative names: The name of your lab business should be creative enough so that people will be willing to invest in the same. Furthermore, it should attract investors from various parts of the nation and globe so that you develop a higher chance of boosting your business.
  • Smart names: The name must be smart enough so that you don’t need any other definition of your business. Thus, make sure to choose a smart and catchy name.
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Creative and smart Diagnostic business names

ENergon Testing lab

ReliaScreen Diagnostic Lab

Diagnostics Wise

Encore Diagnostics

Realab Diagnostics

Excelsior Diagnostics

Nexium Laboratory Services


Resolution Testing

Stream Laboratory

OnPoint Diagnostic Services

UA Value Screens

Summitrust Diagnostic

MediTrust Diagnostics

Certitude Diagnostics

Certainty Laboratory Services


Labplex Diagnostics

Medical Diagnostics

UA I Testing Labs

Westmore Diagnostics

AccuLab Professionals

LaboraTest Labs

Sentient Diagnostics


Arrow Diagnostic

Sure Point Diagnostics

Drip Lab


safe diagnostics

Leakology Lab

Paragon Laboratory Services

accura Lab

5 Star Lab 


Diagnostic Solutions

AccuMark Diagnostics

Midas Testing Services

Inova Diagnostics

NuHorizon Diagnostics

Zenith Diagnostic Services

UA Diagnostics


1st Choice Diagnostics

Shield Diagnostic Testing

Clinical Lab Partners

First Choice Diagnostics

Lifespan Diagnostics

Cornerstone Diagnostics

AccuTests Laboratory

Atlas Diagnostics


TruResult Lab Services

bluesky diagnostics


Premium Diagnostic Center

Atlas Labs

Horizon Diagnostic

Straight Shot Labs

IntelliShield Diagnostic Services

Labs Insight

Innovacuity Lab



RiverStone Diagnostic Lab

Heritage Diagnostic

Eureka Laboratory

Symptomatech Lab

ProTrust Diagnostics

Reliant Diagnostic Laboratory

Proheaded lab services

Robins science laboratory



Exact Diagnostics

AdvantEDGE Diagnostic

Optimal Diagnostics


UrinalySys Laboratory

Legacy Laboratory



ProQuery Laboratory

Core Diagnostics

Stream Laboratories

ProQuery Lab


Blue Chip Diagnostic


Progressive Labs

Valiant Diagnostics



Relion Diagnostics

Delta Option Testing

AccuTrust Diagnostics

Accurate lab services


Provident Laboratories

Accurex Diagnostic Testing


Matrix Diagnostics

AmeriLab Diagnostics

Rely UA


Accustat Diagnostics

Merit Lab Services


Lifeline Lab Services

MediShield Diagnostics


White Glove Diagnostics

True Blue Lab Results

LiquiLab Diagnostics

Authentic Diagnostics

Labbix Diagn

Every Laboratory Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name. Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in a branding of your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking. For Laboratory Business Names, You can Generate Catchy names Online Easily.

The following list of Laboratory business names is from existing businesses around the United States.

Whitmore Lab

United Laboratories LLC

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

The Ames Laboratory

Smith Lab

SGS North America Inc.

Retlif Testing Laboratories

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Modern Dental Laboratory USA

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Kansas EPA Lab

Jefferson Laboratory

Icon Laboratories Inc

Greentown Labs

Eurofins Scientific Inc

Dolby Laboratories

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Clark Lab

Charles River Laboratories Inc

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory 

Your name is such a critical part of your brand.Here we tried to suggest you some Catchy Laboratory business Names ideas for your Inspiration. A Creative name gives more attention and Attraction to your Business.While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract more attention. Cool names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest.

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Check Best Laboratory business Names Ideas for your Next Startup


Vibo laboratory

LifeQuest lab

StarCare laboratory

AccuSpring laboratory

BioMidas Diagnostic Center

SureTrust Diagnostic Center

Marvell lab

Sterling laboratory

Victas Diagnostic Center

OnePro laboratory


UraTech Diagnostic Center

Encore laboratory

Clinocare Diagnostic Center

BioKnow laboratory

Amerin lab

Merlyn laboratory

OmniPro lab

Accustix laboratory


Capmark Laboratory

Stream Diagnostix

Emerge Laboratory

MeticuLab Services

Reputable Laboratory

Trustus Labs

Nexium Laboratory Services

Arrownostics Diagnostic

Labpro Services

ImpliCheck Laboratory

Initial UA Screening Labs

Laboratory Delivered

Diagnostic Solutions

DiaMetrics Diagnostic

Deluxe Diagnostic

Alpha Laboratory

AccuStreams /AccuStreamsDx

UA Diagnostix


Capmark Lab /Laboratory

True Trust Testing


DiagnostiClear UA

Benchmark Laboratory

Crest Laboratory

UDT Technologies

Atlas Labs

AccuLab Professionals

True Test Laboratory

Ace Laboratory

UrinalySys Lab /s

Faultless Diagnostic Labs

Gold Cup Laboratory

Trustex Laboratory

Excelsior Laboratory

Streaming Services

Blue Sky Diagnostic Labs

ReliU Laboratory

Accuread Laboratory

Top Choice Laboratory

Realab Laboratory

Open Gate Diagnostic

Statflo Laboratory

Relay One Laboratory

Clear Stream Laboratory

Statflow Laboratory

Sure Point Laboratory

Crystal Labs Diagnostic


SurePrime lab

Imperial lab

Accutest laboratory

LiquiLab laboratory

Equitas lab

MatrixTest laboratory

HealWood Diagnostic Center

Excella laboratory

UrgoLab Diagnostic Center

WellFlex laboratory

ClariTest lab




Alibi Diagnostic Solutions

Lucenia Laboratory

pro test labs



One Choice Laboratory

White Lab

Straight Shot

Bullseye Laboratory

Aegis Laboratory

ReliaQuest Labs

Tried & True

MediTrust Laboratory

Qualified Lab Laboratory

ClearTrust Labs


Secure Results

Sapient Diagnostic Labs

Diagnostic Testing Solutions DTS

PrelimiLab Testing Ctr.

Apex Laboratory

Rock Solid Labs

Sure Visit Services

Cold Stream Laboratory

ServicePros Laboratory


Trusted Laboratory


Silver Stone Diagnostic

Pierra Labs


Stalwart Lab Services

BestChoice Laboratory

Eureka Laboratory

Collaboratory Laboratory

Stream Test Diagnostix

UA Laboratories


Sentient Laboratory

XtraCare Laboratory




Dripology Labs

Prime Diagnostic Technology



Granite Testing and Laboratory




Peak Performance Labs


Beeline Services


Paragon Laboratory Services

United Laboratory

PrimeHeal laboratory


HealthBeat lab

Exeriya laboratory

CrestMark lab

ClariFlo laboratory

InterTrue laboratory

AvicaLab Diagnostic Center

MediOne laboratory


SilverStone Diagnostic Center

ReliaRest laboratory

GreenDots lab

AccuElite Diagnostic Center

Beeline laboratory

LaboTrail lab

Signix laboratory

Prexis laboratory

WhiteStar lab

Prolabs laboratory

MediFlex laboratory


TrueTrust lab

LIberiya laboratory



MediBrett laboratory

MetaCore laboratory

Cosmix laboratory

MidasEdge lab


OrenLab laboratory

YellowCure lab

TruDiagno laboratory

AccuRay laboratory


Superilytix laboratory

LabStream laboratory

These are some of the examples of business names for your laboratory company. If you are seeking inspiration for the same, make sure to check out the list of lab names solely formulated for your business and to take it to heights and make it perform its best. So, make sure to check out the above column.

Medical laboratories are playing a vital role in researching in the Health Industry. The most obvious startup costs would include the space for the lab, raw materials required to formulate chemicals and compounds, etc. The machinery and equipment required to formulate a particular product also Requisite. here is the Infographic which gives you more detail about the laboratory Business.

medical lab infographic

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