Carpet Cleaning Company Names: 485+ Catchy And Best Names

Carpet cleaning is a challenging business to start up and gain traction in. Daily foot traffic can make a carpet pretty dirty, with spills and other household accidents can make your Carper dirtier.

Carpet cleaning is one of the more equipment-intensive businesses to start. For the proactive business owner, carpet cleaning can provide a steady flow of reliable and interesting work.

However, becoming a professional carpet cleaner could cost $20,000 or more in cleaning equipment and other expenses.

Top Carpet Cleaning Company Names In The US

  • Top Steamer
  • Today’s Carpet Care
  • TLC Carpet Green Clean
  • Steam Pro Carpet Cleaners
  • Snap Cleaning
  • Sierra Carpet Care
  • Same Day Carpet Care
  • River Carpet Care
  • Rapid Carpet Cleaning
  • Pro Tech Carpet Cleaning
  • Pro Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Presidential Cleaning Force
  • On Time Steam Cleaning Inc.
  • New Freedom Carpet Care
  • Mission Carpet Care
  • Loves Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Hi-Tech Carpet Cleaning
  • Heavens Best
  • GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning
  • Green Solutions Carpet
  • Goldstar Cleaning Services
  • Go Green Carpet Cleaners
  • Evergreen Chem-Dry
  • Dry Out Restorations
  • Designer Carpet Care
  • Daily Carpet Cleaning
  • Coach Carpet Care
  • CleanLines Company
  • City Wide Chem-Dry
  • Always Green Clean
  • All 4 U Carpet Cleaning

A Name Can Make Or Break Your Company

Your name is such a critical part of your brand. Here we tried to suggest some Catchy Carpet Cleaning Business Names Ideas for your Inspiration. A Creative business name gives more attention and Attraction to your Business.

While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract new customers also. Cool names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest.

Carpet Cleaning Names

When you are choosing a name for a carpet cleaning venture, then you will come across a lot of varieties of names. These varieties will eventually help you in choosing a good name for a carpet cleaning venture.

The name of your carpet cleaning ventures should be different and meaningful to the business. This helps in providing a clear picture of your carpet cleaning venture to the public. Moreover, you can also attract customers to a carpet cleaning venture with a catchy or attractive name.

PurpleClean Carpet Cleaning

GreenMotto Carpet Cleaning

CleenQueen Cleaning Services

Majestic Cleaning Services

Everglow Carpet Cleaning

PrettyClean Cleaning Services

CleamMachine Cleaning

BlueDream Carpet Cleaning

Cosmix Carpet Cleaning

CleanStreet Cleaning Services

Atmos Carpet Cleaning

GreenCrest Cleaning Services

MasterGlow Cleaning Services

CleanMighty Cleaning

Angelhands Cleaning

CleanMate Cleaning Services


YouniQ Carpet Cleaning

UrbanRay Cleaning

UPZing Carpet Cleaning

CasaZest Cleaning Services

NextVibe Cleaning Services

UrbanWave Cleaning

Mysteva Carpet Cleaning

Featherlady Carpet Cleaning

WhiteAce Carpet Cleaning


HydraClean Services

BlueBay Carpet Cleaning

PrioHome Carpet Cleaning

GoodBliss Carpet Cleaning

Travia Carpet Cleaning

Skill Eagle Cleaning Services

UpTown Carpet Cleaning

Merrion Carpet Cleaning

Clean basket Cleaning Services

Just Crazy Cleaner

DailySense Carpet Cleaning

Seastone Carpet Cleaning

WhiteShades Cleaning

CleanBell Carpet Cleaning

HygieneDots Cleaning

GoodWave Carpet Cleaning

SuperFeel Cleaning Services

YellowTrails Cleaning Services

FirstClass Carpet Cleaning

UltraBite Carpet Cleaning

HIlton Carpet Cleaning

CleanRite Carpet Cleaning

LovingCare Carpet Cleaning



Perfect Pleasin

RagTag Carpet Cleaning

Jefferson  Cleanings

Carpet Cleaning Business Names

Not enough customers? Need a catchy slogan to attract new customers but don’t know what it should be. So do check out the catchy carpet cleaning company slogans and taglines.

Carpet Cleaning Company Names

Do you want some amazing names that can be used for your carpet cleaning company? Well, you must have a basic knowledge of names before choosing a final name. This will help you in choosing the name for a corporate cleaning company easily.

Moreover, you can also use some branded names for your carpet cleaning company. This will help you create a good image in front of people and easily attract customers. Hence, it is advisable to target the name of your carpet cleaning company.

NatureWish Cleanings


Pink Trail Cleanings

CircleQue Cleanings

Jungle Thrive Cleaning Co.

Five Friend’s Cleanings

UrbanCave Cleanings

Compell Cleanings

ShineStyle Cleanings


Victor Cleanings

ShineSpires Cleanings

SupremeSand Cleanings

UrbanMove Cleaning Co.

Moroder Cleaning Co.

ShineMasters Cleanings

FieldTrails Cleaning Co.

Tinytail Cleanings

Shinebert Cleaning

Pinnola Cleaning

Peuberrin Cleanings

OmniRyte Cleaning Co.

Maxwell Cleanings

WregWood Cleaning Co.

WhiteShine  Cleanings

FieldLane Cleaning

The DreamyShine

Shinegie Champ

Alfred’s  Cleanings

Amico Cleaning

belfast Cleanings

Pubby Pew Cleanings

Cybelle Cleanings

JoeyJim Cleanings

Sleepy & Surfy

The Lonely Shine

happy Shinegies

Shineberry Cleaning

bravado Cleanings

Vibrant Feet

ShineStreet Cleanings

Funbelly Cleanings

BetterCrew Shine

Memorette Cleanings

Barley’s Cleanings

HumoShine Cleanings

OldEast Cleaning


HeyDay Cleanings

Goodhead Cleaning Co.

ShineSphere Cleaning Co.

Divine Kane Cleanings

Primester Cleaning Co.

Shinego Trance Cleanings

StreetSurf Cleanings

Stately Cleanings

Aeron Cleanings

MOuntain hut Cleaning Co.

Murphy Cleaning Co.


CleanSpan Carpet Cleaning

SuperMaids Cleaning


SpicSpinner Cleaning

Trending Carpet Cleaning Business Names

If you want to brainstorm some more names so, do check out the big list of business name suggestions.

Funny Carpet Cleaning Business Names

The name of your carpet cleaning business can be a slightly different name from other cleaning businesses in the market. You can opt for some funny names that will make your carpet cleaning business look unique.

However, the name should be relevant to the services provided by your cleaning business. For that, you can use some popular awards that are funny for your carpet cleaning business. This will make your cleaning business look amazing in public.


Promex Carpet Cleaning

UltraShine Cleaning

Clean Aviva


YOurWish Cleaning

JoyGala Carpet Cleaning


MegaHyper Cleaning

LevelRite Carpet Cleaning


ZenQleen Carpet Cleaning


ManMiracle Cleaning

NewBright Cleaning

Refresh Carpet Cleaning

Divine Carpet Cleaning

Sereneset Cleaning

Astrex Cleaning

AntrixCraft Cleaning Co.

WoodEdge Cleaning Co.


Everinn Cleaning

EdenDiva Cleaning Co.

Gorgon Cleaning

Sassy Lee Cleaning Co.

Vivid Esse Carpet Cleaning

Kryoss Cleaning



Cubent Cleaning

LevelGrid Carpet Cleaning

AbbioMan Cleaning Co.

UrbanRays Carpet Cleaning

Vivian Cleaning

Crewden Carpet Cleaning

Estonna Cleaning Co.

HubertHex Carpet Cleaning

Merraki Cleaning Co.

Elyssion Carpet Cleaning

Every website needs a unique and exciting About Us page that compels visitors to buy your product or service. So make sure to check out the carpet cleaning business about us page.

Carpet Cleaning Business Names

If you need help with the name of your carpet cleaning business, then you can have a look at this page. This page will help you learn many factors that will eventually help you find the name for your carpet cleaning business.

You can create a name for a carpet-pleasing business by using your ideas, as it will result in a unique name. On the other hand, you can refer to any list of names before choosing a name for your carpet cleaning business. The name should be relevant and meaningful to the business.

Graphe liss Carpet Cleaning

DreoDrex Cleaning Co.

Wellstyn Cleaning

Gruossin Carpet Cleaning

GreySpace Cleaning

EastWood Cleaning Co.

FustaLiss Carpet Cleaning

BlueDash Cleaning Co.


Lowe Vega Cleaning Co.

Lumin Groove

Delbetta Cleaning Co.

Bonomono Carpet Cleaning

Aventen Cleaning Co.

The Mentro Carpet Cleaning

Criterion Cleaning Co.

Elumx Cleaning Co.

Majestic hands

Mississippi Carpet Cleaning

MatterMind Carpet Cleaning


The Cleaning Hype

HewMoss Cleaning Co.

Verrena Cleaning Co. 


Ellen Crew Cleaning Co.

Accentrix Cleaning

Presario Carpet Cleaning

SilverMing Carpet Cleaning

Crysta Cleaning Co.

Cassa Dee Carpet Cleaning

Graffan Carpet Cleaning

NewMan Cleaning Co.

Prime Fette

Moxello Cleaning

MettleSpace Cleaning Co.


Cappastone Cleaning Co.

DeMessa Carpet Cleaning

Artville Cleaning


CrossDale Carpet Cleaning

Specible Cleaning

Crimsom Kept

Espanze Cleaning Co.

Elfin Ess Cleaning

Fabulle Carpet Cleaning

Zero Degree Cleaning

Silverstar Cleaning

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