171+ Best Accident Prevention Slogans

In this progressive and fast developing world, Safety is a huge concern. Every now and then, the unfortunate information about hazards or accidents leading to loss of life is disturbing. hence it becomes individual responsibility to follow safety rules and adopt them as a habit.

Best Accident Prevention Slogans

  • Be safe at your own risk
  • Know your safety
  • Safety is the priority
  • Accident-prone zone
  • Be pro-life
  • Know the rules
  • Rules are not meant to be broken
  • Let the rules protect you 
  • Safety is a priority
  • No one likes to regret

One can easily knock out accidents any and everywhere by being alert each moment. Keeping safety in mind shows how sensible you are! Life is very beautiful if safety is considered dutiful. As safety must always be on my mind, at home, on the road, or at the workplace. 

Here are some slogans on Accident prevention, collaborated to keep you aware and alert

Be alert avoid accidents

Have greed for normal speed to meet your need

Safety awareness can save lives

Never quit on safety

Safety on mind forever, for no accidents ever

Safety comes first always

Follow Rules stay Safe

Never ignore Safety

Follow safety advise, if you love your life

Stay sound to keep safe

Know Safety No accidents

CPR can save life, know it Today!

Don’t Rush, hurrying can be worrying

Your safety, our concern

Everyday is great day, live safely

Work Safely, to come to work again

Safety is Unforgettable.

No need of speed, life will lead

Our focus is Zero Harm

Right thing at right time

Life is most critical, don’t just loose it

Safety is Priority

Safety rule are Best safety tool

Be alert to avoid getting hurt

Keeping safety standards high

Ignoring safety rules is worst you can do to your self 

accident prevention slogans

careful for your self is sensible

Love life, opt safety

Report what’s unsafe

Think Safety!

Never put your life on the line, Keep Safe

Danger waits for your single mistake

Do your work in right way, stay safe, Repeat

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Safety rules are life Safety Tools

Danger never goes for holiday

Falling can fail when you prepare well

Fall Prevention be worthy of Your Attention.

First safety standards then production records

Great workplaces don’t risks its employees

Eliminate hazards keep Safe

Prepare and prevent accident

Focus on road, keeps away from road accident

Think about Safety

Build safety culture around you

Act smart, Avoid taking unnecessary risks

Safety is Free, utilize it

No project is critical than safety

Stay safe, live long

Practice safety first

Teach Safety! Precaution are always better

Bee alert to foresee dangers

Accident Prevention Slogans

Safety guidelines are for your safety

Accident might be result of your step 

Safety must be a culture

Safest Team is best team

Win at safety is teams win

Follow safety rules till becomes a habit

Take safest paths always

Safety standards high, risk of hazard low

Live safely to live life fully

At workplace safety must be basic goal for all

Committed to safety

Take chances, but not at cost of life

Start planning with safety at the top

You are responsible for your safety

Be smart, avoid risks

Think before every step, accident is avoidable

Accidents don’t happen out of bad luck always

Be conscious, be safe

Safe paths are not shortcuts

Safety seeks proactivity

Assess the risks

Take time to think before every action

All accidents are preventable

Be prepared always

Company rules, regulations are for your safety

Stay alert to always lead

No hurt no bleed is all we need

Train and teach safety before employees breach

Safety first, production Next

safety; For Life

Ensure safety, if you love your life

Safety is a responsibility, not burden

Safety is the key to avoid any accident

Faulty wire can cause Fire

Don’t avoid sparks, it can become a fire 

Prefer harness to avoid hearse

 Avoid spill causing slip to avoid hospital trip

Keep accidents away!

Report accidents to avoid it later !!

Best Accident Prevention Taglines

High Attention Low Hazards

Safer you for those who care about you

Each day a Safety tips for a safe day

Safety means No Accident

Choose being safe

Never compromise towards safety

Safety can’t be replaced by anything

Safety is in your hands completely

Raise voice to raise safety standards

Avoid unsafe Acts

You last, if safety is first

Safety is non-compromisable

Poisons in the locker, as accidents are shocker

An ounce of prevention or pounds of cure? Choice is yours!

Safety zone is employees right 

Take care by being aware

Alertness is the key to Safety

Keep proactive towards safety

Be Aware, avoid Accidents, be Safe

Be Careful, Roads can be dangerous

Rush on road can crush on road

Drive carefully till it becomes a routine

Better reach late than never

Safety is not big or small, it’s for all

Roads don’t allow taking chances

Stay Careful, Accidents hurt

Better safe than Sorry

Being sorry doesn’t return Life

Opt to be Alert over getting hurt

Gear up for Safety Always

Choose your safety for your family

Accidents are unexpected, be prepared

Leave 10 minutes early to reach on time

Safety is driving carefully

Save your eyes from excess light

Chance takers are not brave or sensible

Being safe is brainy act

Recheck Safety, to reach home safely

 Act sensible, don’t panic

First read then proceed

Don’t ignore caution notes

Sorry is a formality, better be on high Alert

Read tips to avoid risks

Big or small, accidents hurts

Drive slow to reach safely

Safety must be a full time Role

Be generous, Safety is non chargeable

Safety is an investment with good return

Safety for Life

The safest way is perfect way

Inspection for employees protection is solution 

Leave early, drive slowly, reach safely

Traffic rules are unavoidable

Rules are never meant to be broken

Chance takers are Bone breaker’s

Check and recheck for safety

Catchy Accident Prevention Slogans And Taglines

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Be kind to yourself, Before every drive, fasten your belts

Someone is waiting for you, Stay safe

Prevent accidents, through good housekeeping

Machine are machines, stay alert and educated

Love yourself live by health and safety

Hear about protection, for accident prevention

Be wise, Loosen your seat belts after every ride

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