Top 31+ Best Adhesive Brands in the World

The comfortable and non-sensitizing are used for purposes over attaching techniques such as thermal bonding, mechanical fastening and sewing. With so many adhesive brands in the world, it is difficult to choose one. Given below is a list of top adhesive brands in the world.

Adhesive Brands in the World

3M Company

Country: United States 

Maplewood, Minnesota-based this American global management company has 3M employees and runs its business in over 70 nations. With more than $31 billion in yearly exchanges, their product portfolio includes medical products, car-care products, abrasives, electronic materials, orthodontic and dental products, laminates, and adhesives.

Henkel AG

Country: Germany 

With head offices in Düsseldorf, Germany, this global corporation having the best market role in both industrial and consumer sectors, is popular for trademarks such as Loctite, Schwarzkopf, and Persil. The corporation is categorized into three internationally managing industry departments: Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care, and Laundry & Home Care.

Illinois Tool Works (ITW Plexus)

Country: United States 

With more than $13 billion exchanges this main multinational factory of structural adhesives has 49,000 employees nationwide and runs a business in 57 nations. Its commodities and remedies find applications in wind and bridge turbines, deep-sea oil rigs, automotive OEM, healthcare, and aerospace technology.


Country: United States 

This corporation produces chemicals for multiple enterprises, including personal care, detergent, health care, coatings and paints, constructions, textiles, aviation, automotive, and plastics. The corporation is also specialized in structural adhesives. It has nearly 15,000 workers and performs globally. Huntsman had 2015 earnings of more than $10 billion.


Country: United States 

With head offices in Covington, Kentucky this American company is one of the biggest adhesive factories. With earnings of more than 8 billion, their portfolio includes structural adhesives, lubricants, gelcoats, vinyl ester resins, and unsaturated polyester. The corporation has nearly 15,000 workers and runs its business in more than 100 nations.


Country: United States 

It is a manager in the advancement and creation of stocks and systems for protecting, reinforcing, damping, sealing, and bonding in the motor vehicle industry and building sector. Sinks have a primary factory of structural adhesives. It has associates in 101 nations around the globe and trades in more than 170 manufacturers. The corporation has nearly 19,500 workers.

DuPont Automotive

Country: United States 

This corporation offers technologies, products, and solutions for the automotive business. Their organization and its related industries had approximately $2.8 billion of earnings in 2014. It is a top structural adhesives factory for the vehicle business. It also offers a variety of other commodities for the automotive business, including automotive aftermarket products, foams, and composites.

H.B. Fuller

Country: United States 

H.B. Fuller provides adhesives, sealants, and other specialty chemical products for a number of markets. Major applications include packaging, building and construction, paper converting, woodworking adhesives, general assembly adhesives and laminates, person hygiene and nonwovens, tile and floor adhesive products, and polymers. The company had an estimated revenue of approximately $2.1 billion in 2014.

Royal Adhesives

Country: United States 

It is a primary factory and trader of specialty polymers, encapsulants, sealants, and high-performance adhesives. It has more than $600 billion yearly earnings. The corporation mainly specializes in which it has extensive mastery: lamination, packaging, printing, fenestration, product assembly, residential and commercial construction.


Country: United States 

Adhesives and expandable and standard sealants are manufactured by this company. It also produces remedies for several businesses with a specialization in transportation and automotive business. The sealant and adhesive commodities are operated internationally in the product assembly industry, heavy equipment, agriculture, trailer, and heavy truck, and automotive.

RPM International Inc.

Country: United States

This American global corporation with associates markets and produces building, sealant materials, and high-performance specialty coatings. Industrial trademarks include Dryvit, Day-Glo, Vandex, Euco, RPM/Belgium, Stonhard, Universal Sealants, Carboline, Flowcrete, Illbruck, and Tremco. Customer brands include Testors, Varathane, DAP, Rust-Oleum, and Zinsser.

Bostik SA

Country: United States

With head offices in Paris, France this global adhesives corporation started in 1889 as the Boston Blacking Company. The United Shoe Machinery Corporation (USM) purchased this company in 1929. In 1975 Bostik SA incorporated with Emhart Manufacturing.


Country: Japan

Lintec company provides an incredibly separate expanse of commodities that include release papers, color papers for envelopes, LCD-related products, semiconductor-related equipment and tapes, window films, automobile-use products, and adhesive papers.

Wacker Chemie AG

Country: Germany

Introduced in 1914, the Wacker family operates this worldwide management corporation of the chemical industry. They manage over 50 percent of the investments. The company is managing over 25 creation locations in America, Asia, and Europe. The corporation trades its commodities in over 100 nations.

Pidilite Industries Ltd.

Country: India

This Indian company of adhesives trades industrial chemicals, construction chemicals, and art materials. It produces commodities that can be divided into customer commodities: adhesives & sealants, car products, fabric & food care, publications, stationery & art materials, specialty industrial stocks: learner chemicals, industrial & textile resins, industrial pigments, and industrial adhesives.

Lord Corp.

Country: United States 

This American diversified technology and producing corporation creates sensing technologies, motion management devices, coatings, and adhesives for enterprises such as gas and oil, automotive, and aerospace. With offices in North Carolina, it has nearly 3,100 workers in 26 nations and manages 19 production capacities worldwide.


Country: United States 

With head offices in Stow, Ohio this American corporation began in 1959. But Morgan is the creator of this corporation. The commodities of Mactac are used in a broad range of enterprises including medical device assembly, automotive assembly, assembly engineering, fleet graphics, retail display, digital imaging, packaging, graphic design, and label printing.

DELO Industrial Adhesives

Country: Germany

With head offices Munich, Germany this leading factory of industrial equipment and adhesives for curing and dispensing adhesives. The corporation has about 780 employees. It performs globally from associates in Japan, Singapore, China, and America as well as ordinary departments in Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea.

The Reynolds Co.

Country: United States

Dayton, Ohio-based this non-governmental company’s main business is giving professional car services, management software, and industry forms. Their software is utilized to operate exchange logistics at dealerships. The Reynolds Co. also develops features in insurance and medicine.


Country: United States

This global unified company produces commodities including soak-off nail polishes, Gas pipe sealants, custom printer ink cartridges, photopolymer resins, UV adhesives, epoxy resins, adhesive activators, impregnation sealants, anaerobic adhesives, and cyanoacrylate adhesives. The corporation’s list of patents includes chemical mixes, packaging devices, and processes.

Avery Dennison Corp.

Country: United States

With head offices in Glendale, California this American global company distributes and produces specialty medical products, RFID inlays, clothing branding tags and labels, and pressure-sensitive adhesive materials. The corporation is a part of the Fortune 500.


Country: France

Montivilliers, France-based this corporation was introduced in 1981, which specializes in the Industrial material hire business. This company also performs in the distribution of packing industries and adhesives abrasives, and Adhesives glues.


Country: France

Lieusaint, France-based this manufacturer specializes in the adhesive and tale enterprise. Presently, it is one of the prominent factories of  system solutions and self-adhesive commodities for professional customers and craftsmen and industry.


Country: France

Launched in 1986, this Bruz, France-based corporation specializes in metals and steels – machining enterprise. Sarl Publivue also performs in the mastering industries and illuminated symbols adhesive.


Country: France

Introduced in 1956, this Lomme, France-based manufacturer manages in the adhesive business. 


Country: France

This French corporation mainly specializes in the Printing industry. Azur Adhesives also performs in the adhesive and tags industries. It is established in Eybens, France.


Country: France

Jean-Louis Semin introduced this family-operated corporation in 1838. SEMIN produces frames, tapes, inspection panels, fillers, and adhesives for painters, tilers, and plasterers.


Country: France

Alsace-based this corporation operates in the manufacturing of mastic and adhesives for transport, construction, and industry. It was launched in 1965. It manufactures water-based, vinyl and hybrid adhesives, silicone mastic, polyurethane mastic, and application kits: combs, spatulas, guns, etc.

Norelem France

Country: France

This corporation offers its technique to fulfill machine installation and construction objectives. For more than 60 years, Norelem has been continuously improving its commodity ranges. This company also provides commercial hotline, online shop, online stock availability checks, and high-quality service.


Country: France

This company produces straps and tapes and also operates in technical fabrics. They develop cords, braids and tapes reproduced with settable epoxy or polyester resin for the electromechanical and aeronautical businesses.


Country: France

Introduced in 1934, this paper factory offers a very broad expanse for industry and catering: aluminum laminate paper, tissue, kraft, heat sealable, greaseproof baking, and duplex. They also provide customized labels, adhesive ribbon, gift bags, and printed paper.

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