Top 56+ Best Aftershave Brands in the World

Aftershave is a product of cream, gel, or lotion that is applied to the skin after the removal of unwanted hairs using a razor or sharp object.

It is composed of alcohol and treated as an antiseptic product or astringent to relief from cuts, stinging sensation and prevents inflammation or irritation.

Aftershave Brands in the World


Country: Italy

Gucci brands are known for their creative endeavors towards a sophisticated lifestyle. It is a fragment of the international grandeur Kering Group. It has restated the fashion house with a luxurious collection for the 21st century.

Gucci produces aftershave lotions that are gently soft and provides instant relief to the skin.

Old Spice

Country: America

It is produced by Procter & Gamble. It was first introduced by William Lightfoot Schultz and focused on products for women instead of men during 1937.

Old Spice is an aftershave brand for refreshing the skin after removing the hairs to provide relief from the scratches caused by the razors.


Country: USA

This brand was produced in 1948, from a small laboratory that aspired to bring about new changes and innovative products for the upcoming generation. Thus, deliberately caused the birth of Proraso products of wholesomeness with efficacy. Soon it garnered huge demands and love from the growing population of home shavers.


Country: Germany

It has been a century of Nivea as a global skincare product. It is one of the reliable and trusted brands of the world.

Nivea explores and works relentlessly in innovating products of all skin types and any ages. Its aftershaves are an instant reliever and comforts from irritating sensation.

Hugo Boss

Country: Germany

The brand is engaged in the production of many different varieties of aftershave products for the active men from scents to balms that give the notes of an alluring fragrance as a memory of temptation.

It is enriched with the enduring fruity and flowery smell to refresh the mind and soul.

Lucky Tiger

Country: USA

The brand is entrusted by the House of Harley-Davidson. It was launched in 1935 and has proved to be an influential brand for men by offering a wide range of grooming products.

The aftershaves come in the form of a tonic with a citrus-flavored smell and remain for about 10 minutes.

Aqua Velva

Country: U.S

It is concerned with the production of men’s grooming products since 1917. Aqua Velva is popular for its ice blue aftershave. Made from liquor, Blue Curacao, and citruses, the perfume of this aftershave cling in the air with an amazing mint-flavored smell.

Jack Black

Country: U.S

The brand was established back 19 years after a survey about the actual skincare requirements of men with a purpose to create sophisticated products specifically for modern men.

It produces a soothing gel that controls irritating sensation and moisturizes the skin post-shaving.

Taylor of Old Bond Street

Country: U.K

The brand offers a range of shaving and aftershave products. It has an overall 18 shaving creams containing distinctly flavored perfumes. The scent is composed of flowers, citruses, and some classic flavored smells.

It is one of the greatest and reasonably-priced aftershave creams. It helps the skin beforehand to become soft.


Country: U.K

The brand was introduced in 1973 and currently, produced by Coty Inc. It delivers a blend of woody and flowery smell for men. It has a subtle smell of scented flavors which includes notes of Murray Moscona, clove pink, citruses, spices, lavender. It is a classic brand containing a fragile smell.


Country: USA

It is a brand of Aramis Inc. that deals with the production and distribution of men’s skincare products worldwide. It is the first and foremost reputed brand for men’s perfume in the U.S. Since its establishment in 1963, it became the leading brand with its opening of 20 men’s skincare products.

The Art of Shaving

Country: USA

The brand is known for its premium quality of aftershave and skincare products. Its aftershave balm cools and moisturizes the skin.

It has 83 functional stores worldwide. It is partnered by Gillette. In 2009, it was acquired by Procter & Gamble.

St Johns Bay

Country: U.S

It originated in the Virgin Islands by naval officers of WWII using bay leaf oils. It was considered aesthetically a healthy product. This formula is still used and carried by St Johns.

It was crafted by hands with the exceptional quality of bay leaf oils and distinct ingredients of the Caribbean.

Burt’s Bees

Country: U.S

The brand is a fragment of the Clorox company, that deals with aftershave creams to make the skin feel better by moisturizing. It contains Vitamin E to nurture the face skin along with sunflower and coconut oil to retain its hydration with a refreshing look. It uses pure natural ingredients.


Country: USA

In 1936, it was first introduced for women by Dana. During the 1960s, it was promoted as cologne for men and post-shaving lotion. It is demonstrated as masculinity due to its sea richness. Canoe Dana was soon broadcasted as men perfume. Jean Carles is the perfumer behind this brand collection.


Country: Italy

The brand is an indication of the exceptional quality of products for approx. of 130 years or more. It has been innovating skincare products reasonably for its customer preferences.

It produces polished, gentle, and tactfully perfumed with Bvlgari’s foremost scents for men. It is easy-to-use and specially made for contemporary men.


Country: Italy

It was founded by Michael and Joseph as a hobby when in Tuscany, found some alum stones. They wetted them to rub on their skin post-shaving and explored about healing the small cuts by tightening the face skin leaving no irritating sensation.

Soon, it turned into a luxury business delivering worldwide.


Country: Canada

Dove is a popular international brand producing skincare and grooming products for both men and women. Its aftershave balm contains Vitamin B5 that cools and comfort the withered skin. It instantly hydrates and provides relief to the face skin by speed absorbent skills. 

Skin Tight

Country: U.S

The brand produces creative and rich quality products. It is concerned about health aesthetically. It focuses on creating gentle with mildness soft cream for the skin. It was deliberately invented to provide relief and comfort to the skin from cuts or acne.


Country: U.S

It was founded by Sidney and Albert Muster in 1945 while exploring about oats. Oats were used as a traditional skincare product because of its capability to nurture and abilities to comfort the skin. Finally, they came up with the miracle of oats that healed withered skin by providing coolness.

Botanical Skin Works

Country:  Kenya

A natural organic skincare product for those who are cautious about their skin. Its ingredients are collected from sustainable agricultural farms.

It is made for the sensitive people who are prone to chemicals. The beard oils are pure and contain natural preservatives. It is known by “The company of No” …

Bump Patrol 

Country: South Africa

This aftershave brand is an amazing skincare product for men to work with efficacy even in the utmost situations of razor bumps with ease.

It can be used by women as well. It is substantial to apply even after using any hair removal cream and also it is reasonably priced.

Paul Sebastian

Country: USA

It is a brand by Paul and Sebastian from New jersey. The products contain the exceptional fragrance of masculinity. It has a tactful flavored and essence of condiments. It is developed as a lavish and contemporary product for men. 

The foremost scent of Paul Sebastian is Lavender, Cananga odorata, and Patchouli.

Maurer & Wirtz

Country: Germany

It was a family-owned business founded in 1845, whose legacy is carried by Michael Maurer and Andreas Wirtz. It is the brand of Dalli Group. It is concerned with the production of skincare products aside scents.

The aftershaves are a quick reliever to the razor cuts and irritation of the skin.

Monsieur Musk

Country: USA

Monsieur Musk is a fantastic brand crafted and presented by Dana since 1973. It is the rich quality of skin products composed of the eastern Asian flavors. It is constituted as a manly smell with a combination of high quality of natural ingredients which includes spices, plants produce, and wood.


Country: Switzerland

It is a brand of Zino Davidoff Group, a family-owned business that flourished due to its honesty of natural and excellent quality of products with health benefits.

Davidoff concerns with grooming products of regular usage. It relieves, nurtures, and refreshes the skin with coolness after shaving along with a pleasant smell.


Country: U.S

It is an aftershave skin care product by Mennen. It is known for its soothing quality against irritation caused by post-shave. It is composed of a manly fragrance to release a rejuvenating look with cleanliness.

It is recommended for morning use to relief from witheredness by restoring the essential oils.


Country: USA

It was established by Jane Wurwand, a therapist from the U.K. when explored that Americans are unaware of skin therapy. Thus, Dermalogica was developed in the USA, to deliver the best skincare products recommended by global high-skilled therapists.

Hence, the aftershaves reduce the gap of retrieving by hydrating and intercepting bumps.


Country: U.S

It is a skincare brand suggested by Dermatologists. It has a wide collection of skincare products. Neutrogena relieves and comforts the skin. It acts as a shield for the sensitive skin against regular burns caused by post-shaving.

The products also avoid minor cuts, removes dead cells, and refrains from irritating sensation.


Country: U.S

It was invented by King Camp Gillette and currently, presented by Procter & Gamble. The aftershaves use a luxury formula and contain the hydration properties of glycerin. It possesses a mild and manly scent for sensitive skin as well. It retains the moisture of the skin and provides a refreshing look.


Country: USA

The brand is produced by Dana. It is the best mass delivered perfume for men’s skincare. It is a first-class manly scent with refreshing look post-shaving. It is best to use while adventuring a tour with friends, on a date, or on a voyage. It has an alluring and durable smell.


Country: USA

It was founded by Anthony Sosnick in 2000 with a deliberate cause to invent reputed and branded skincare products for men. He introduced the high-end and rich quality of grooming products for both men and women.

The aftershaves soothe the skin against burns and irritation from razor cuts and avoid bumps.

Anthony logistics for men

Country: USA

It is a brand manufactured in NYC since 2000 by Anthony Sosnick with a purpose to develop skincare products with effectiveness. 

Its products have several benefits. It contains natural ingredients and is a user-friendly skincare product crafted for men. It was created for men but welcomed by women as well.

Tend skin

Country: USA

The brand is known to diminish the razor bumps on the skin and reduce irritation by relieving with comforts and coolness. It also helps to prevent inflammation caused in the skin post-shaving. 

Before applying on the skin, one has to gently clean and withered the discomfort area frequently for instant relief.

Loreal Aftershave

Country: France

It is a renowned and popular brand in worldwide from Paris. It uses the latest technology with the help of experts including 100 years of exploration and composed of fresh ingredients specifically crafted for the sophisticated man. 

It deliberately produces and delivers the best skincare products globally for modern men.

Pre de Provence

Country: France

The brand individually selects its essence of scents and skincare products to deliver the elegance of Pre de Provence. The brand is styled aesthetically by its French artisans with great honor and pride. It also meticulously concerns about the quality and generosity of the products. Its product uses natural ingredients.

Clubman Pinaud

Country: France

It is concerned with the production of luxurious unisex grooming products from the early 19th century, by renowned Edouard Pinaud.

Its aftershaves are an aesthetic combination of the flavored liquor resulting in an alcoholic attribute. It produces a smoke-filled note to relieve and invigorate the skin from an accidental scratch.

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