145+ Catchy Air and Water Pollution Campaign Slogans

Pollution is caused due to the introduction of dangerous or poisonous matters into the environment. 

Water pollution comes into being when the amount of poisonous chemicals surpasses the limit and the water becomes toxic enough to cause harm to living beings. Water pollution happens when wastewater is thrown into clean water bodies without going through a proper treatment to annul the effects of deadly chemicals.

Consuming this water leads to diseases like cholera and typhoid. Even aquatic life is severely affected by polluted water apart. 

Best Air and Water pollution Slogans

  • Use, don’t pollute
  • Use responsibly
  • Clean it as you own it
  • Preserving is cool
  • Trash doesn’t belong in the water
  • Save while you can
  • Pollution kills
  • Clean it if you use it
  • Act human
  • Do not risk lives

Air pollution happens due to injurious fumes and smoke and other sources like traffic, burning of fossil fuels, burning of garbage, and construction sites. It severely damages the cardiac and respiratory systems of humans, and also causes harm to several organs like the eyes. 

We live in an era of science that is capable of eradicating this growing pollution if led in a proper and controlled manner.

List of Best air and water Pollution campaign slogans

We are against air and water pollution.

Don’t inhale toxic air; it will make your lungs dustbin.

Don’t consume polluted water, it will kill you.

Polluting air and water is not fair; it will put you all on the bed.

Polluting water and air is not fair; save trees to breathe fresh

You have spread air and water pollution then who will search for the right solution.

Give some care to the air to breathe clean and safe.

Care for water, care for health.

Inhaling polluted air is not fair! And so is drinking the polluted water.

Spread solution, not pollution!

Don’t be mean, keep the air and water clean.

Clean air saves you from asthma.

Earth remembers.

There is not a plan B here.

Where will you go, there is not a place like earth.

Stop pollution, save our planet.

There is no forgiveness for a crime like this, stop polluting.

Air and water are to thrive not to pollute.

Pollution? It’s a big NO from me.

Earth is yours, so treat it like this way.

Air and water pollution is not good for our health.

Reduce air pollution as well as water pollution in order to induce life span.

Stop polluting air and water before it stops you to live.

If you are going to pollute the air, from where you are going to get fresh oxygen.

Say loudly ‘NO’ to air and water pollution.

Plant more plants to reduce air pollution.

Air pollution is injurious to the lungs.

Think about the elimination of air pollution and water pollution

air water pollution slogans

Air pollution is a slow poison, it kills our lungs.

Love unity and humankind but hate air and water pollution.

Support eco-friendly industrialization to reduce air and water pollution.

Open your eyes and see the level of air and water pollution.

Polluting fresh air and clean water is a criminal offense.

Stop polluting the air and water; leave some fresh air and clean water for future generations.

Air pollution is plummeting the level of fresh oxygen!

Stop polluting healthy living by polluting air and water.

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Raise your voice against air and water polluters.

Polluters are veiled killer of the environment.

Air pollution causes lung diseases.

We can’t still be waiting, waiting on the world to change.

Reduce vehicles in order to reduce air pollution.

Plant more and more trees to make this world air pollution free.

Do you want to see your next generation suffer?

Plant some trees so that you can inhale oxygen fresh.

Plant trees otherwise you have to wear a mask in the future.

Don’t wait for any friend; you are the first to plant trees.

Your forefathers have given many trees, what you will give to your future generations.

It’s our responsibility to reduce air pollution through tree plantation.

Don’t feel alone, make trees your friends. Plant them!

Trees are living beings, give you oxygen; don’t cut them.

If you cut a tree, you kill life and reduce oxygen level.

Life without trees means a life full of air pollution.

Clean air is always fair, don’t spoil it.

Reduce air pollution and save Mother Nature.

Less air pollution, healthy life solution.

Air pollution is the way to the diseased environment.

Conserve water to deserve it lifelong.

Save earth you wanna survive.

Nothing will be left here without air and water.

Water is life, don’t pollute it.

 Keep water bodies clean and safe.

Clean water and fresh air are equally essential to all of us.

No one can live without air and water.

Every drop of clean water and every breath of fresh air is important to us.

Think about the solution to water pollution as well as air pollution.

Raise your voice against water pollution.

Don’t spoil water and understand the value of water.

catchy air pollution slogans

Clean water is very less, try to keep it fresh.

Don’t pollute water; it will put you on the bed.

Clean water is a blessing from God, don’t pollute it.

Save water and air from pollution to secure the future.

Don’t make air and water bodies a dustbin of your wastes.

Don’t spoil air and water otherwise, your kids are gonna drink polluted water and breath toxic air.

What you are giving to your next generation, Air and Water Pollution!

 Water is to drink, the air is to breath, not pollute and waste.

Polluted water carries water-borne diseases.

If you drink polluted water you may get gastro diseases.

Polluted water causes diarrhea to your kids.

Polluted air and water cost much to you every year!

If you continue polluting air and water, you have to pay a big cost in the future.

Stop air and water pollution otherwise, it will make your elimination.

It’s we who are spreading air and water pollution, nature will never forgive us.

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 Fight air and water pollution at the right time before being late.

 Unite to search solutions for air and water pollution.

 Stop air and water pollution quick to be prevented from getting sick.

If you pollute water and air, you pollute life.

Polluting water and air is a sin as you pollute them you kill people.

air and water pollution slogans

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