Top 41+ Best Air Fresheners Brands in the World

Air fresheners are usually products of releasing fragrances or scents into the rooms of houses, cars, planes, or other commercial houses. Mostly, people who are more concerned about being hygiene or don’t want to get embarrassed when inviting guests, thus helps them to remove bad odor from rooms and allows fresh smells to produce through the usage of air fresheners.

From big hotels to hallways, medical institutions to restrooms, have been using air fresheners. There are a wide variety of air fresheners available in the market. So, let’s check out here some of the top brands of Air fresheners that are manufactured by the world:

Air Fresheners Brands in the World


Country: U.S

Febreze is an air freshener brand for discharging of bad smells that occurred from household activities. It is exported to all the continents of the world. It first launched in the U.S and subsequently, flourished. It is marketed as Ambipure brand to Countries that speak only their native languages. Its key ingredient is corn.

Air Wick

Country: U.S

It was developed in America in 1943, by Reckitt Benckiser. It is available in a range of products in the form of Scented oils, Mist diffuser, Automatic sprays, Aerosol sprays, and V.I.P Pre Poop spray. It helps refresh the room with fresh air.


Country: U.S

It is an air freshener brand that is best consider for refreshing household odor by emitting fragrance. It launched in 1956 by S.C. Johnson & Son Company. It is also available in a range of products like Aerosol Sprays, Glass Scents, etc. It is a popular brand and is sold across the world.


Country: North America

It was developed by Henkel Corporation. Its first air freshener was launched in 1972. The fragrance of this freshener was made with a combination of perfumes. It not only succeeded to remove the odor but also resulted in such a fragrance that would easily turn up any bad odor without being too hard to breathe out.


Country: U.S

It is an air sanitizer or an Aerosol spray that is clinically recommended to eradicate bad odors instead of covering them. It is produced to contend airborne pollutants and germs. It is usually preferred by hospitals and other medical clinics. Ozium contains some toxic properties, therefore, it should be avoided to come in close contact.

Yankee Candle

Country: U.S

It is a kind of air freshener brand produced in America to release bathrooms and household odor in a specific way. It uses extracts of aromatic oils and scents. Its smell can stay up to 28 days. It comes in a variety of fragrances and shapes. The most popular Yankee Candle uses Balsam and Cedar fragrances.

Ambi Pur Effect Air Freshener

Country: U.S

It is a spray bottle air freshener brand product of Procter & Gamble Company. They are considered the best manufacturer in health care and household goods. Air freshener is one of the key elements of P&G’s brand worldwide. It contains cyclodextrin, pH neutralizers, and aldehydes that helps to remove bad odors and produce fresh fragrances.

Ona Gel

Country: U.S

It was launched in 1995 in Canada, with the perspective of creating an odor neutralizer that can remove and tackle any odor released whether from household, industry or hydroponic gardens. It is also available in different flavors of fragrances such as PRO, Fresh Linen, and Apple crumble. It is an odorless and environmentally friendly product.  

Begone Odor Eliminator/ Neutralizer Gel Beads

Country: U.S

It is an air freshener brand that can eliminate odor by absorbing it and leaves behind a fresh lustrous smell of fragrance. Gel beads neutralizer is a unique invention of reducing odor and placing it with a bright smell. It is a user-friendly product of odor eliminator.


Country: U.S

It is the topmost producer of car fresheners in the United States. It provides the endurable and rich quality of air fresheners for cars. It is made from raw materials of premium quality. It gives the option to customize any design according to one’s own needs.

Citrus Magic

Country: U.S

It was launched in 1983 by Beaumont, to supply pure natural and aromatic flavored air fresheners. It is made from the essence of citrus fruit. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It can eradicate any bad odor within a moment. It is an eco-friendly and user-friendly product.

Little Trees

Country: U.S.A

It is a disposable air freshener designed as an evergreen tree. It is preferred usable for motor vehicles and can be seen hanging around the flat mirrors. It is made of a unique formulated soaking substances in a range of colors and fragrances.

Wallflowers Air fresheners

Country: U.S

It is a brand of air fragrances by the Bath & Body Works. It comes with an attractive plug and a magnificent smell. It is a single plug-in air refresher that suits best for any homes.

Eclectic Lady 

Country: U.S.A

It is a handmade customized air freshener product. It gives the choice to select the desired fragrance. It focuses on minimizing the carbon footprint by recycling it with packing peanuts and wrappers. It uses essential oils for providing fragrances.


Country: U.S

It is made from a pure sustainable source of paper that is easily biodegradable and creates a canvas for fragrances. It is produced by using a technology of maltodextrin, basically, a corn product that helps to spread fragrances equally all over the surface of the environment.

Kuumba Made

Country: U.S

It was established by Denise, a herbalist in 1980. She created the fragrances from coconut oil with natural essential aromatic oils using her hand. It subsequently, flourished after a tiresome dedication. The fragrance is pleasant enough to ease the mind.

H & B Oils Center

Country: U.S.A

It is one of the topmost shortening and oil industries. It is a competitive brand and its products are supplied worldwide. Its main products include the high quality of essential oils, natural aromatic scents, etc.

Impact Product

Country: U.S

It was founded by S.P Richards Co. It is focused on supplying customers with easier, safer, and better products. Its products are designed to lessen the carbon footprint and make it a green world.


Country: U.S

It kills the bacteria producing odor and purifies the air of the surrounding environment. It is used at home for the disinfectant purpose. It removes the bad odor of bathrooms, smoke, or other foodstuffs. It can be considered as a sanitizer spray that neutralizes bad smells.


Country: U.S, Germany

It is produced by Stephen Davison in 1980. It produces high quality of products and supplies across the world. It is a cost-effective product to minimize industrial and household odor.

Scent Fill

Country: U.S

It is a natural air plug-in freshener with no chemicals and enduring fragrances. It was launched in 2016, with a perspective to produce natural plug-in air refresher that will have no bad effects.


Country: U.S.A

It is a brand of air freshener that has uplifted customer choices by providing premium fragrances to combat odor. It is a trusted brand that solves odor problems with its air care solutions.


Country: U.S.A, India, Pakistan, Africa, Indonesia

It is an international brand by MAX.EX. It involves the collaboration of young talents and their experience from around the world with a common purpose of inventing the AIR PRO series. It is designed in such a way to make our surroundings more charming and comforting with fragrances.

Natural Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Bag

Country: Singapore

It is a natural air freshener brand by Great Value SG. It is designed to enhance the lifestyle of people using household products in a healthier and advanced way. It is packed inside a dyed linen bag that adorns the environment of any surroundings. It does not mask the odor, instead, it completely eradicates.

Allergrini Aqua 

Country: Italy

It is an Italian air freshener brand of deodorants with no gas, only water sprayer with odor absorbing chemical compound. It can neutralize bad odor by replacing it with a refreshingly delightful smell for a long time. It contains some vital aromatic oils and flavors of fragrances that produces a beautiful smell within the surroundings.

Erbario Toscano

Country: Italy, U.S.A

It is an Italian brand of home diffusers and scents that offers a wide collection of home fragrances. The fragrances contain the essence of aromatic flavors to diffuse the bad odor by emitting fresh smells in the air. It is packed inside a box with some deposits of reeds.


Country: Japan

It is designed by a Japanese company with a view of producing innovative household goods for a healthy lifestyle. The best way to use Asakuki diffuser is to add some essential aromatic oils with an amount of water. After switching on the diffuser, it releases a delightfully rejuvenating aroma within the environment.

Treefrog Air Freshener

Country: Japan

It is one of the topmost brands in an air freshener. It is a high quality and distinct product made in Japan in 2011. It produces a great smell of fragrance for its customers.


Country: U.K 

It was launched in 1991 to provide a high quality of air fresheners. It mostly produced to serve commercial houses with good quality of air freshening products. It produces a range of products that include aerosol spray, gel fragrances, air freshening gel dispensers, etc.


Country: U.K

It was the first brand in air fresheners to eradicate bad odor and is the topmost deodorizer in the world. It gently purifies the air quality. It is a user-friendly and eco-friendly product. It has proved to be an Expert in combatting against bad odor. The credit goes to the dynamic research & development laboratory.

Nu-Eco Freshener

Country: U.K

It is a spray bottle of air freshener that gives out a refreshing citrus-flavored smell. It is a brand of the air freshener of natural ingredients containing essential aromatic oils and extracts of citrus with pleasant enduring smells. It is eco-friendly and has no aerosol in it.

Puressential Purifying Air Spray

Country: U.K

The Puressential is a brand of air freshener that produces an atmosphere of a natural aromatic environment filled with fragrances within the surrounding of the inhabitant. It purifies and refreshes the air quality by removing the bad smells. It is also subjected to wipe out bacteria and germs. It contains natural essential oils.

IRIS Potpourri

Country: India

It is composed of a blend of dried plant products to produce a slight fragrance. Its appearance is beautiful in design because of which it is more demanding. They produce a rejuvenating smell in the surroundings. It is best to feel the smell by placing it on a bowl.


Country: Czech Republic

It was formed in 1992, under The JEES Company. The brand products of air fresheners for car, home, and business are popular all over the world for its creative design, rich in quality and range of great pleasant fragrances. POWER AIR fresheners are sold in hypermarket, gas station supplies, medicinal stores, and car supplies stores.

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