101+ Top Essential Oil Blogs and Pages Names

Many people before using any essential oil, research on the internet about the qualities of particular oils. There are various blogs which neatly and deeply explains the uses of each essential oils. Also, guide the readers on how to use it.

Some blogs even advertise the essential oils they produce. While reading such blogs a reader might get attracted to the essential oils, use them in their daily life and get the benefits out of it

Top 15 Essential Oil Blogs of the World

Recipes with Essential Oils –

 This blog is run by Jenn & Beth. They have devoted their blog to help others realize the potential of essential oils. The blog posts once a week.

Plant Therapy – 

This blog is run by the company Plant Therapy, based in Twin Falls, Idaho, the United States, which is a 100% natural ingredients company. The blog posts thrice a week.

MONQ Blog – 

This blog is run by a team based in Goodlettsville, Tenessee, United States. It provides a lot of research on how the use of essential oils are beneficial for one’s mental and emotional health. It posts 4 times a month.

Essential Oil Haven – 

This blog is based in the United States and is run by Emma. It helps you with reviews of the various brands of essential oils. The blog posts once a week.

Loving Essential Oils – 

This blog is run by the blogging team of a company by the same name which manufacturers essential oils. They put up a new post each day.

Fresh Mommy Blog –

 This blog is run by a team based in Clearwater, Florida, United States. The blog provides you with a lot of information about the use of essential oils, travel, motherhood, etc. They post once a quarter.

Vibrant Blue Oils –

 This blog is run by the company, Vibrant Blue Oils which is based in Seattle, Washington, United States. They get their oils from organic farms which makes their essential oils absolutely authentic. They post once a week.

By Oily Design –

 This blog provides a lot of information about essential oils that you find really useful, especially if you are new to using them. They post once a month.

Organic Daily Post –

 This blog is run by a team based in Nashua, New Hampshire, United States. They share the latest news, tips, and hacks about essential oils. They post 2 times a month.

Wellness Aromas –

 This blog is dedicated to creating awareness about the benefits of the uses of essential oils in our daily lives. It also provides a lot of information about Aromatherapy. It posts once a month.

Dr. Mariza Synder’s Blog –

 This blog is the brainchild of DR. Synder, who is a resident of Oakland, California, United States. She is a published author, noted public speaker, and a wellness doctor. They post thrice a week.

Purify Skin Therapy –

 This blog is run by a team based in Utah, United States. The company sells 100% pure and organic essential oils. The blog posts 2 times a quarter.

Fresh Skin Beauty – 

This blog was launched in 2010, the same time this brand was established in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom. They sell premium essential oils to customers. They post once a quarter.

Aroma Outfitters – 

This blog is run by a team based in Loveland, Colorado, United States. The organization provides various accessories like diffusers, essential oils, etc. The blog posts once a quarter.

AG Essential Oils –

 This blog is run by the blogging team of the company AG Essential Oils which is a company based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. They are a reputed source of manufacturers of essential oils and other natural and cosmetic oils. They post 4 times a year.

Blogging is a way of expressing and sharing one’s thoughts and opinions with readers. Even readers can communicate with the blog writers. Blogging is helping people in exhibiting their hobby and talent to the world. Many of the bloggers earn through blogs and most of the businesses market their products through blogging. The blog contents are important to attract readers, in the same way, the blog name is also important to attract the traffic.

So, Here we have given some terrific essential oils blog names.

Aroma therapy essentials

Essential oils for mood

Essential oils for you

Essential oil and fresh skin

Love essential oils

Relax mind and body

Beauty tips for you

Essential oil miracle

Lifestyle ideas

Oil of mood

Massage with essential oils

Therapy from plants

Essential oil wellness

Live young with oils

Organic therapy

Ideas for better living

Essential oil recipes

Aromatherapy at home

Benefits with essential oils

Power of essential oils

Essential Nutra

Artistic Oils

Care from earth

Warmth of nature

Clever oils

Mind essentials

Healing quality

Professional Oils

Hair Essential Oils

Guide of essential oils

Concentrated oils

Vintage Essential Oils

Essential Flavour

Premier Essential Oils

Perfect Essential Oils

Essential Oils Tips

The essence

Essential Oils for Beauty

Fresh Essential Oils

Handmade Oils

Energy Essential Oils

Medicinal Essential Oils

Savour Oils

High Essential Oils

Therapeutic Essential oil

Brilliant Oils

Floral Essentials

Sensory Oils

Insight Oils

Royal Essential Oils

Impact Oils

Advanced Essential Oils

Essential Medicinal

Essential Oils Success

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from a single plant species. Essential oils are used to elevate one’s mood or used for health therapies. The essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, basil, etc are meant for mood-elevating purpose while bergamot and peppermint oils are for therapeutic use.

Top Essential Oil Page names

Hence, one should know the uses of each essential oil before using it. Essential oils are the most important in aromatherapy and depression therapies.

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