401+ Best Amusement Park Names

Increasing demand for amusement parks has been replicating in the form of new parks establishment all around the globe. Amusement parks are an opportunity for work-laden people to get away from the real world.

It works as a stressbuster. People go to amusement parks to have a jolly time. Henceforth, a cool Amusement Park name will attract more customers. 

The best amusement park names shall communicate the thrill and wonder that any good amusement park provides. We must have to make it simple and easy to remember so people can share it with others too.

The name should be appealing to people of all ages. Moreover, you’ll need to have an exciting Amusement Park name to be noticeable. 

Here is a list of some catchy Amusement Park names:

Fun Begins 

Ghost Land 

Wonder Village 

Wild Adventure 

Bubble World 

Fun World 


Splash Forever 

Fantasy Zone 

Joy World

Hype Land 

Rides n’ Slides 

Splash Town 

Glide Ride 

Rock n’ Roll

Crystal Castle 

Cinderella Palace 

Ghost Palace 

Ride Thrill 

Sugar World 

Gala Zone

Star Land 

The Paradise 

Game Land 

Amuse Me

Fairy Zone 

La La Land 

Beast Zone 

Marina Town 

Night Coasters 

Zombie Zone 

Quest World 

Water World 

 Monster Land 

Toy World 

Carnival Rides 

Sky Land 

Ice World 

Merry Land 

Land of Coasters 

Fun Express 

Twinkle Fair

Family Tale 

Play Zone

Scream Fair 

Quest Park 

Night Realm 

Laughter Park 

Legend Land 

Groovy Dome 

Wonder World 

Thrill Town 

Toy Town 

Terror Zone 

Freak Fair 

Candy Zone 

Child Land 

Vision Town 

Secret Park

Aura Land 

Mirror World 

Witch Dome 


Speed Zone 

Space Fair 

Wild n’ West Dome 

Miracle Fair 

Rocket Park 


Height Rides 

Spinning Scenes 

Play n’ Ride 

Ocean Land 

Nature’s Club 

Wind Adventures 

Roller Dome 



Fun Drive 

Jungle Rides 

Giant Resort 

Demon Rides 

King’s Land 

Hell Zone 

Dinosaur Empire 

Fun n’ Sun

Fantasy Parade 

Fun Tour 

Magic World 

Curious Palace 

Battle Rides 


Ariel’s Ride

Quest Zone 

Dear Castle 

Monster Drop

Thrillers Land 

Ride in Hell

Cozy Dome 

Tokyo’s Land 

Ocean adventures 

White Thunder 


Vega Kingdom 

Ocean Zone 

Bella Adventure 

Essel Land 


Wild Springs 


Fiery Fire

Bae Town 


Ride n’ Dive 


Carefree Coasters 

Gravity Ride 

Epic Rides

Pendulum Fair

Hell Fun

Jungle Jim’s 

Merry Mary

Dream Town

Magic Fair

Admiral Park

Leisure Land

Ferrari World

Monster Dive


Sun Realm

Terra Park


Mega Expo

Carny Zone

Luna Forest

Fairy Exposure

Heaven in Hell

Angel Land

Mini Fright

Wizard Town

Horror Park

Comic World

Fright Ventures

Spirit Town

Fair Fire 

Hero World

Mythic Dome

Feral Fun

Space Town

Epic Park

Thrill Land

Santa’s Town

Green Aura

Park Happy 


Park Hustle 

Woody Gang

Drake Down

Fun War

RedSky Park

Urban Blossom

North Wonders

Leaves of Green


Green Bridge

Luna Park

Space Zone

Midnight Whistles

Community Garden

Child Echo

Game Fair

Mega Paradise

Beast Cave

Wheel Ride


Pirate Adventure

Fantasy Village

Storm Kingdom

Curious Realms

Amuse n’ Play

Fun Avatar

Honey Land

Saga World

Wildlife Town

Berry Bee

Cartoon World

Maze Fair

Escape Hustle

Fable Ventures

Terror Paradise

F Zone

Super Ventures 

Warp Fair

Fun n’ Thrill park 

Comic Fair 


Crypt Town 

Robot Ville 

Fear Fun 

Fairy Fauna 


Summer City 

Rosemary Park 

Hunter Dome

Adventure Villas

Swing Way


Five Points 



Thrill n’ Refreshments 

Dino Resort

Vibe All Day

Family Adventure

Royalty Ride

Jubilee Town 

Fame Fountain 

Recreational Park

Little Fun Town 

Brigade Park 

Enjoyment Palace 


Mirthful Park 

Avocation Park 

Beer & Skittles 

Exuberant Park 

Hunter Garden 

Thunder Zone 

Port Aventura 

Rainbow City 

Land of Paradise 

Sun City

Kids Mania


Dream Kingdom 

Land of Drizzles 

Magical Spot 

Dollywood Park

Lagoon Villa 

Energy Landia


MeetUp Zone 


Glaciers City

Grand Canyon

Spree Land

Lotte World


Happy Valley



The Reef City 

Eftellies Dome

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