Animal Slogans: 290+ Catchy And Best Slogans

Animals are also children of nature; they have as much right on this Earth as we have. And yet some of us blissfully ignore this and go about hurting them.

A gift of nature, they have been our constant companion providing us with many things we require. We must be kind to them and protect them, and it is also important to understand that they have feelings too. Here are some

Animal Slogans

slogans promoting animal rights.

It should be animal rights and not wrongs.

It is cowardly to harm the harmless.

Not harm that which does not harm.

Keep the animals alive, and do your duty to nature.

Nature has left it to us to take care of her most beautiful creations.

It is but a loser that finds fun in abusing animals.

Animal abusers are losers.

Don’t take out your frustration on animals.

Constant protection for our forever companion.

You are not being kind; this place is also theirs.

Live and let other beings live.

The world should pledge to end the abuse of animals.

Spend your life-saving animals.

There is a greater thing than helping a harmless animal.

Don’t hurt animals.

Please don’t hurt them; rescue them.

Feed animals instead of eating them.

Save animals; they will always remember.

Put the animal abusers behind bars.

A cage is not for animals but for their abusers.

Save them from extinction.

Don’t let it end for them.

Respect animals.

Respecting animals is humanity in itself.

Keep calm and rescue animals.

Cool people keep the animals safe.

Saving animals is the new fashion.

Together we can end animal abuse.

Help save the animals.

Keep calm, and don’t be an animal abuser.

There is nothing cool about hurting animals.

I stand for animal rights.

The time to stand up for the animals is now.

Treat them kindly.

Save an animal today.

Love your fellow animals.

Save the loving paws.

My mom taught me to love and not abuse animals.

If they disappear, they won’t return.

Letting them go extinct will leave just us and how gray the world will look.

It’s them today, and it’ll be us tomorrow.

Keep smiling and save an animal.

Save the animals, save nature.

Give your gratitude to nature, and save her creatures.

First, the animals will vanish, then the greens, and finally, it will be our turn.

Saving animals is our business.

We have only one mission – saving the animals.

Don’t just sit there; save the animals.

Protect nature’s best creation.

Save nature’s beautiful creation.

Hunt down the animal abusers.

Help save man’s constant companion.

They were with us since the beginning, so protect them till the very end.

If you want to fight, fight for animal rights.

Divided by borders, united by the same mission- save animals.

Shoot animals with cameras and not guns.

You are not humane if you hunt animals.

Stop the poachers.

The Earth will lose its soul if it is barred from its animals.

Is it even Earth if there are no animals around?

Put the animals’ lives in danger, and you will do the same with yours.

If there shall be human rights, then there should be animal rights.

Put the shackles on your greed, not on innocent animals.

If you think killing animals is necessary, my friend, it is your greed.

Killing animals for their furs and bones is wrong.

Think of the birds and the bees; stop cutting trees.

Fight for the rights of the animals.

Bring an animal home.

Start adopting.

Share a little food and water with the animals and the birds.

Do not cage them; liberate them.

Cruelty towards animals is not what the world needs.

Protest against animal slaughter.

Bring up your children to be kind to the animals.

Only animal lovers are welcome.

Save animals because the responsibility for their safety lies with us.

We must save them after we have destroyed their natural habitats.

Animals know only to love.

Animals love and human beings are hurt.

There is no being as loyal as an animal.

Let us not treat animals inhumanely.

God gave us the faculty to think for us to keep the animals safe.

They also have a heart that beats like ours.

We do not have the right to take away an animal’s right to live.

We must promise to protect the animals by maintaining the ecological balance of nature.

They only ask for kindness and nothing more.

They depend on us, so it becomes our duty to protect them.

If you do not care for animals, do not call yourself a human being.

Care for animals; they need our love and care.

Let us save them before they are completely gone.

Save animals today to save our tomorrow.

We have lost to protect nature in many ways, but let us keep the animals safe.

For this Earth to be happier, we should learn to coexist with the flora and fauna that adores her.

We are meant to coexist with them, not kill them.

Animals are our companions; save them.

Let us not hurt animals; let us love them.

Every human being must keep the animals safe.

Wildlife is mother nature’s greatest treasure.

Animals are nature’s gift to man.

Shoot pictures and not animals.

Big or small, we must save them all.

Be their hero, save the animals.

Stop animal testing.

Join the protest against animal poaching.

If you stop destroying their homes, they will also leave us alone.

Come and save animals.

We stand for animal rights.

Cool people don’t poach animals.

Keep calm and care for the animals.

Being extinct is not good.

Time to stand up for the animals.

Join hands to protect the animals.

Animals feel pain too.

Animals are frightened of you for a reason.

If you value life, you will also value an animal’s life.

Animals rely upon us to keep them secure.

Protecting animals is the only choice.

Save animals for a better world.

Zero tolerance for animal abuse.

Save animals, and animals, we save you.

Let us end cruelty towards animals.

Let us say no to animal abuse.

Stop using animal-tested products.

Rescue animals and stop preying on them.

A tiger kills to satiate its hunger, and a human hunts animals to satiate his greed.

Speak for the unspeaking.

If you have a heart, do your part, and save animals.

Do not give up the animal’s cause.

Animals are not for selling in black markets.

We don’t own the planet; we share it with animals and all other beings that reside on it.

A wilderness is not a wilderness if it is without wildlife.

Be an animal rights person.

Some animals are fading away; stop it when it is still in our hands.

Animals need our help.

It is important to take every measure to ensure animal protection.

Will your grandchildren get to see the animals you have seen?

Extinction is not for a moment; it is forever.

Animals are friends and not food.

Keep in mind that animals are one of a kind.

It is not a funny thing to endanger animals.

Animals – save them from cherishing or leaving them to perish.

Save them so that they do disappear forever.

Put a stop to wildlife abuse.

Let us unite as one to save the animals.

Animals are killed for many products we use; give them up.

The planet belongs to the animals and us.

The animals are but our roommates. And it is not nice to kill one’s roommate.

The ones who have no voice need you to speak for them.

Stop hunting.

I love animals. Do you?

Compassion for all creatures.

Have a heart, and protect animals.

It is not animal rights if they are not treated right.

We could stop it if we tried it.

Don’t let it end for them.

There is no excuse for animal abuse.

Animals don’t have voices; that is what humans are for.

They need spaces, not cages.

They harm when they feel threatened.

It is caring that they need and love that they deserve.

Animals cant express themselves.

Real humans don’t murder non-humans.

Your hobby should not be at risk of life.

Look in their eyes before you hurt them; they fear too.

How are we better than the cruelest of men if we find pleasure in harming animals?

Adopt, rescue, and give them lots of love.

Humans are far more dangerous than animals.

Killing them for fur is nothing short of murder.

Cage cruelty, not animals.

Do something for the animals.

Save paper, save animals.

You serve as their voice since they are unable to do so.

In many ways, we have failed these lovely beings. We must repent.

Life on the chain is not life at all.

Punish the animal rights violators.

Animals have families too.

Use cruelty-free products.

Wrap them with love and care.

Animal life is precious.

We are their voices.

Man is not the only animal that deserves freedom.

Keep your promise and love the animals.

Animals are not lifeless or emotionless; they feel pain like we do.

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