135+ Catchy Anti Dating Violence Slogans

If you get harmed by someone whom you are seeing someone romantically, don’t hesitate to raise your voice. Assuming how could they hurt? It could be emotionally, physically, sexually.

It’s unpredictable when it might happen, it could be your first date experience or it might even come up when you are deeply in love with someone.

Dating violence and abuse are very common in the United States. Unfortunately more than 4 out of 10 girls in college experience violence or abuse in a dating relationship, which implies young girls are more prone to dating violence and abuse.

Best Anti Dating violence Slogans

  • Do not promote violence
  • Violence results in tragic ends
  • No felony or jealousy
  • No justification for abuse
  • Keep her safe, not insecure
  • Treat them right
  • Don’t be her pain
  • Talk, don’t abuse
  • Be compassionate
  • Violence is not the way

Verbal abuse from sexual or romantic partners is also abuse. It may happen with any woman, regardless of her race and ethnicity, income, and education level. Domestic violence or abuse is also dating abuse.

In any such situation, one must fight back. Believe me, it is not your fault. And this is possible only when you learn signs of dating violence and abuse.

List of Catchy Anti Dating Violence Slogans

Speak Up like humans, don’t be violent like animals

Having fight only ruins a relationship

Don’t choose fight rather opt for peace and be bright

Discussions are way more Rational than Debates

Be a Man for her safety not for her Insecurities

Attacks show lack of hack

Be on right track, violence is a dark endless tunnel

Think before using fist, others can throw back a punch

Those who use brains, believe in power of words not punch

Get along with resolution, Violence is outdated Convention

Intellectuals believe in being peaceful

Speak out to resolve, Keep calm it will get resolved

Violence is unfashionable, why not look for trends

Everyone has right to live with respect

If you hit her, she must look for someone more manly

Rise up against Abuse, it’s inexcusable

Are you Violent, Get yourself cured.

Be brave and break silence, to stop destructing everything

You abuse your mate, if love not your trait

Relationships must be free from jealousy

Start acting to prevent yourself from getting Abuse

If you keep going getting abused you are your enemy

Rebel is not a choice it’s a need if someone is abusive

Love is beautiful if its Love not Lust

Violence can’t be good, as its aggression doing some permanent Evil

You can bully to dominate, however not win the relationship

Relationship is ship that just seeks a peaceful sailor

Love is a win-win game, get respect by giving respect

anti dating violence slogans

Violence while dating reflects how your father treated your mother

Your behavior with your mate portrays your background

Choose to spread love, abuse spreads hate

You are the only force that drives your relationship

Your relation is your portrait

Never judge your partner, you may hurt them

If in doubt, clarify and resolve

Stop the violence! Before everything gets ruined

You can best decide your fate with your mate

Dating is not rocket science, it just needs care and love

Don’t destroy what you have with violence

You can’t be violent to get what you want

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Be sensible keep calm and move on

When you are violent it’s not you

While being violent your anger decides your actions.

Don’t make way towards physical abuse, don’t do dating abuse

Stalking, hitting doesn’t suit men

Dating abuse happen in lack of love

Dating abuse can happen at any point of relationship, don’t ignore it

Don’t yell, you might loose this person to even tell

Oh do you bully? Shame on you

Show emotions of love, not hate

You don’t love your partner if you isolate them from friends and family

Your weakness comes out as violence

Don’t blame yourself for being abused

Gifts can’t make up for disrespect and emotional diabalance

Act wisely and strongly against dating abuse

Yes ! Sexual assault and rape can happen while dating

Dating doesn’t give licence to have sex without consent

A No means No, easy meaning right!

In a relationship, love yourself first

Don’t get abused just because you are dating

Dating doesn’t means have right of forcing

In a relationship? Stay Safe.

Accept that you don’t have complete right upon your mate while you date

Choking your mate, you are choking your relation.

Physically getting hurt by your partner is not at all a part of dating.

If your mate is throwing objects upon you, keep them aside and move away.

Don’t accept any violent act love yourself before you like anyone

Tolerating once means tolerating forever

Don’t take dating abuse granted.

Act upon getting forced, abused and move on

Dating doesn’t mean you are selling yourself

Don’t get influenced by gifts, look at your scars

Don’t ignore emotional abuse while dating

Verbal abuse is the beginning of dating abuse

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In a date Not paying bills doesn’t mean, you owe sex to your mate

Its a relationship not a fight, control and dominance is unacceptable, act now.

Be a mate while dating not a teacher, who keeps a check on me at school

You date your mate not to get dispoliate

You must be careful and strongly face any unexpected situation.

You might face dating abuse on your first date

It is your right and responsibility towards yourself and society to raise your voice against dating abuse.

Nowadays it’s not just domestic abuse that people face, even among teenagers, it’s a rising problem. Henceforth it becomes utterly essential to spread awareness and educate young boys and girls on what to do if they are getting abused.

anti dating violence slogans

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