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300+ Catchy Anti Drinking and Driving Slogans

Drinking and driving are two things that must be done separately. It is a fact that cannot be denied.

People who are indulged in drinking and driving are causing many issues and dangers in their life, along with the life of their loved ones.

The one who drives must be sober. Generally, people don’t find drinking as deadly as it becomes when driving a vehicle with other innocent people in it.

Best Anti Drinking And Driving Slogans

  • Drink, drive, and regret
  • Drink responsibly
  • The streets don’t need your blood
  • Act responsibly
  • Save lives
  • Don’t die young
  • Sober is safe
  • Act according to your age
  • Don’t donate blood on the roads
  • Don’t regret it when it is late

They are endangering their life as well as the others. It clearly reflects the irresponsible attitude of the people who drink and drive.

They can’t seem to care about the life of the other innocent people that might come on the way. Life is more precious than the money you invest in your daily booze. 

Drunk driving must be taken seriously in order to stop the dangerous accidents that result in the loss of many innocent people. 

Catchy Anti Drinking And Driving Slogans

Drinking and driving never go hand in hand. The major accidents that are happening across the globe are prominent because of drinking and driving. Drunk driving is illegal, and nobody in society should practice it.

There are huge fines imposed for persons who violate the law. Here are some catchy anti-drinking and driving slogans that will give you more information regarding the harmful effects of drinking and driving.

  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • When you are drunk, you are on a highway to hell.
  • Drive save to make sure it is not your last party.
  • Don’t be too addicted to dying this way.
  • Your drinking and driving will surely cost you more than the money.
  • Are you drunk, take a cab then.
  • Alcoholism will lead you to destruction, nothing else
  • Don’t be a fool to risk your life in such a way
  • We are against drink and drive
  • A sober drive will help you to party another day.
  • A tree never hits a driver except in self-defense.
  • Alcohol addiction is self-destruction, let it not snatch away your life from you.
  • Drinking affects more than just you.
  • Drinking and driving cost you more than just money.
  • Be the way a sober is, be safe.
  • Think more than you drink, drive a sober way.
  • Stop drinking and driving, save your life
  • Your family is waiting for you at home
  • Don’t become a ruthless one, be an intelligent one.
  • Think twice when you drink and drive
  • You cannot go slow when you drink and drive
  • Have the situation under control, don’t let the alcohol control you.
  • Be the man with responsibilities
  • There are high hopes for your family, don’t leave them with hopelessness
  • Imagine a world free of drinking and driving, imagine a world of safety
  • Don’t favor it, be against it
  • If you use it, you are going to lose
  • Keep away from self-destruction
  • Don’t let it control your life
  • If you are comfortably dumb, you must be drinking rum.
  • Be the change to inspire against drinking and driving
  • Let us make a world free from alcoholism
  • He is on the loose, he has taken the booze
  • Don’t let it snatch your life away from you
  • Mama says no to drinking and driving, be a good son.
  • This disease has no cure
  • You do not mean to say goodbye to your loved ones, but you will if you drink and drive.
  • It affects your self-esteem and kills away
  • Don’t get killed, be an achiever
anti drinking driving slogans

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Don’t Drink And Drive Slogans

Drinking and driving are famous causes of death and also other deadly injuries. Don’t drink and drive slogans must highlight the harmful effects posed by alcohol on human health. The slogans must raise awareness about the dangers of drinking.

We should take drunk driving cases seriously to prevent dangerous accidents resulting in innocent lives and deaths. Don’t drink and drive slogans should be catchy, unique, and impressive. Here is a list of some who don’t drink and drive slogans.

  • Drinking and driving is not a thing to be done by intelligent people, so be smart.
  • Why drive while you are drunk?
  • Try! It is not impossible to stop it.
  • Raise your hands if you’re against drinking and driving
  • I hate those people who drink and drive
  • You cannot beat the odds when you’re drunk
  • It is better to be sober and get killed that way
  • What are you thinking about? Just stop it now.
  • Smart people drink that much they can control.
  • Don’t die unnatural
  • Your premature death might stop others but we want you the first one to realize it.
  • You will not be getting any posthumous award for this.
  • Don’t lose your control, or the death will have control over you
  • Don’t you have any responsibilities?!
  • You drink and drive but not at the same time. Keep these two apart.
  • You are going to achieve everything in your life if you stop drinking and driving.
  • Being sober is much better than being dead.
  • Are you in a hurry to go to the graves?
  • Stop drinking and get more time.
  • Stop drinking and driving if you’re on the living side.
  • Drink and drive you to want to make your mama cry.
  • Don’t let your friends drink and drive, save them.
  • You are gambling in a place where you only lose.
  • We have been given a life to thrive, not to drink and drive.
  • Don’t party so hard that you cannot reach home.
  • Being sober is appreciated when you drive
  • Drunk drivers are not allowed here.
  • So you are drunk driving? you must have taken your life as a joke.
  • Don’t kill your morale, be responsible.
  • Keep your life away from alcoholism.
  • We need abstinence in drinking.
  • Maybe you are a good driver, but will not be you when you drink and drive.
  • Be a man of values rather than indulging in alcoholism.
  • We want a world free from alcoholism
  • See forward but being sober.
  • Drink and drive, it kills
  • We have a vision of a world alcohol-free.
  • Don’t let your friend drive he/she is drunk
  • Drunkards are not the person they are.
  • You may not be as good as you are in sober.
  • Drive sober today, stay alive for tomorrow.
  • Drinking and driving is deadly
  • Only idiots drink and drive.
  • Booze will let you lose.
  • Don’t lose your mind, you will lose your soul. 
  • Stop it till you make it.
  • Choose between death and life. It is that simple.
  • It is the way to disaster
  • You have a choice-either handover the key or handover your life
  • Don’t arrive home in an ambulance
  • Call your girlfriend, not 911.
  • Life of a drunk driver- Error 404 LIFE NOT FOUND
  • You must have expected many surprises in your life, except this one.
  • Don’t leave your family to mourn on your grave.
  • You drink and drive, they mourn.
  • You are having a deadly cocktail of drink and drive.
  • Drink and drive- A joint venture of destruction
  • Your life is in your hands, make good use of it.
  • Don’t spoil your life in drinking and driving.

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No Drinking And Driving Slogans

No drinking and driving slogans help people to be aware of the danger and seriousness of drunk driving. It’s important not to be in a state of being drunk while driving.

Anti-drunk driving quotes are great words of inspiration to create awareness of the harmful effects of drinking and driving. The no-drinking and driving slogans must not be long.

It should be short, unique, and encouraging. The no-drinking and driving slogans must be attention-grabbing and also must help raise awareness of anti-drunk driving. Here is the best collection of no-drinking and driving slogans.

  • Rethink about your precious life, and don’t drink.
  • Don’t play with your life. It’s precious.
  • Life is a blessing, don’t misuse it.
  • Drinking affects your entire life. Get facts right.
  • The heavier drinker you are, the more you become self-destructive.
  • Enjoy life without drinking and driving.
  • Don’t get addicted to drinks. Your family needs you.
  • Know about your responsibilities. Stop drinking and save your precious life.
  • The more you get drunk, the more you lose.
  • Your life is more important than one bottle of alcohol.
  • Be mature. Don’t donate your life to roads.
  • Act wisely and choose your way patiently.
  • Alcohol destroys many lives.
  • Act responsibly. Choose either drink or drive but never both.
  • Don’t ruin your life by drunk driving.
  • Only you can control your life. Make good decisions.
  • Drive sober today, and experience a new morning tomorrow.
  • Drinking and driving lead to death and life-danger injuries.
  • Stop drinking and reach home sober and make everyone happy.
  • Don’t drink and destroy your precious life.
  • A precious life is gifted to you. Be sober while driving.
  • Don’t lose control while driving. 
  • Drunk driving is not acceptable at any cost.
  • Don’t get your life blurred with alcohol.
  • True friends don’t let their friends get drunk.
  • When you drunk-drive, you will reach death.

Drinking And Driving Slogans That Rhyme

Drinking and driving issue is common nowadays. Using motivating and unique drinking and driving slogans that rhyme is a must to avoid danger to your near and dear ones.

Creating anti-drinking slogans that rhyme is a unique way of encouraging people to say no to drinking while driving their cars. Anti-drunk driving will save not only your life but also many more lives.

Writing slogans is not a difficult task. Using good motivating words and rhyming sequence is all that it takes. Here are the best quality drinking and driving slogans that rhymes.

  • Don’t get too addicted to alcohol this way. Instead, keep drunk drivers at bay.
  • Let’s make this world free from alcoholism and encourage anti-drunk driving.
  • Don’t drive drunk otherwise, and you might lose your luck.
  • Don’t drink rum. Switch to chewing gum.
  • Rethink your fourth drink. You might not get a chance to wink.
  • Drive healthy and fine, and avoid red wine.
  • Give your friend your car keys so your life doesn’t end.
  • Don’t drink in bars; otherwise, the officers will show you the actual bars.
  • If you avoid drinking and driving, you will live a happy life.
  • Allow your life to thrive, and avoid drink-drive.
  • Don’t lose your soul; otherwise, you might hit a pole.
  • Take the courage to change.
  • The after-effects of drinking and driving are mourning.
  • Don’t get yourself so early to the grave because you have so much to save.
  • Thinking is still a better option than drinking.
  • Don’t drink and regret it; you will be late.
  • Don’t ride while drunk; otherwise, it might sink you.
  • Say no to drinking and driving because your family is waiting.
  • Keep yourself away from alcohol.
  • Don’t die unnatural, be kind to nature.

Funny Drinking And Driving Slogans

Drinking and driving is a significant issue responsible for innumerable deaths throughout the year. Many people know about the harmful effects of drinking but cannot get rid of it.

Motivating them with some funny drinking and driving slogans is a good solution for it. While reading the funny anti-drinking sayings, they will get the message from it quickly and will be memorable easily.

The slogans should be catchy and unique besides being funny, which will help you to reach most of the population. Here is a list of some of the best funny drinking and driving slogans that will easily convey your message to society.

  • The road is safe when the driver is sober; the driver is safe when the road is dry.
  • You will be rewarded with a new life if you don’t drink and drive every time.
  • Don’t lose control of your life; life can’t control you.
  • Stop thinking about drinking.
  • Don’t dream about alcohol so much that dreaming makes you drunk.
  • Be smart and don’t drink and drive.
  • Always be against drinking and driving; being with its side will not give you any reward.
  • Don’t get high on alcohol. Otherwise, you will be on the loose.
  • You cannot drive slowly when your mind is fast and high on alcohol.
  • Don’t favor alcohol consumption, be against it.
  • Imagine a safe road and keep yourself away from drinking.
  • Drinking is an imperfect art with zero compliments.
  • Achieve everything in life if you stop drinking and driving.
  • If you want your soul to live, don’t get yourself along the drinking breeze.
  • Don’t kill your life; better deal with your wife.
  • Be sober today and stay alive tomorrow.
  • Drink and driving kill so many people rather than the person himself.
  • Don’t allow deadly drinking and driving to destroy your career.
  • Being alive is more precious rather than a bottle of alcohol.
  • You drink, drive, and your family loses you.
  • Alcohol consumption will lead you to the road of self-destruction.
anti drinking driving slogans

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