List of 155+ Catchy Anti-Fur Slogans

God has created every creature with love and affection and his concern for his creations is equal. Humans are every greedy creation and in their desire to fulfill this greed they inflict atrocities on innocent animals. To ensure that these barbaric happenings stop, the right Anti-Fur Slogans have to be used.

In order to make fellow humans or mankind aware and persuade them same to be kind towards animals and stop killing these beautiful creatures for insane human needs and desires, we have come up with top Anti-Fur Slogans addressing protection for animals and respecting their rights and feelings.

Best Anti-Fur Slogans

  • No more fur abusing
  • Fun is awesome
  • Don’t waste these cute furs
  • It’s barbaric to rip off fur
  • Fur is for the animal, not you
  • Wear what suits you
  • Don’t kill in the name of fashion
  • Fur is no style for style
  • Fur is fun only on animals
  • Cuddle the animals with fur


List of Catchy Anti Fur Slogans

It’s their skin, don’t rip it off

Fur is not fashion, it’s barbaric against animals

Because your wisdom can save animals

So, fur is definitely not cool.

You will never look elegant by killing an innocent life

You wear their skin when they trust you?

When will you stop this?

Animal fur is not for fashion

Why kill for fashion when you already have so much

It’s their body; understand

Humans will wax their hair and wear animal hair; Irony

Winter and cold is for both human and animals

Fur fashion is cruelty

Because fur protects them, it is not for you.

Fur is an inhuman fashion statement

Use technology instead of fur 

Animals are beautiful with fur

Humans look ugly with fur

Because fur is what makes them protected

Let us rip your hair off every year

When you have a pet at home, how can you kill other animals?

Don’t kill for fashion

Say not to fur  

Because fur cannot be your fashion.

Animal skin is not for you

Since when have you gone this wild?

How about exchanging animal’s skin with yours?

Ugly people wear beautiful fur

When animals revolt, you will be skinned alive.

Keep animals safe from humans

Because humans are supposed to have humanity.

Cruelty-Free Anti-Fur Slogans

Cruelty, inhuman and barbaric is fashion with fur

Get a life not fur

When animals start fighting, your skin will be their accessory?

Their fur is not for your fashion

No buying fur

So, tell me, how can animal skin be your accessory

Animals skin for fashion; God won’t forgive

Because animals shouldn’t be hurt.

Animals look elegant with their fur

Humans looks like another deadly creatures with animal fur

It’s fur not a  fabric keep away

Evolve from being a caveman; avoid fur

When you wear animal skin, how do you go and pray for forgiveness?

Evolve as a human use technology not fur

Because one step can change the world.

You have not right to harm animals for selfish use

Animals needs to sue humans

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So forgivness from the ALMIGHTY will ge granted if you stop atrocities.

Fur is their protection

Animals are gifted with fur, however, humans steals their gift

Slogans will not help; your action will

Unite for animal protection

Because animals are innocent!

You smuggle animal skin along with your soul

Animals are helpless, nevertheless, humans skin them.

Let fight for animal protection

Together we can make fur free fashion

Because you should lead the change.

Fur is only for the original owner

Anti-Fur Sayings for You

Here are the top Anti-Fur Slogans that will motivate you to stop barbarism.

When will you stop this sin for extracting fur?

God gave fur to animals not humans; don’t snatch it

Example of cruelty is fashion with fur

When you skin animals, you are sinning.

Be kind to animals don’t wear them

Humans are insane; they wear other creatures

When fur is not yours to take, why take it?

Say no to insanity, let this be fur free

Love animals when you can

Fur is made from animal blood

Fur may look soft but someones hard cruelty is hidden behind it

Every time you buy fur, there are animals you murder

Don’t be a murderer and don’t buy fur

Because you need to stop being muderers.

Stop cruelty on animals; stop fur trade

Because it takes one to change all.

Buying fur means to let a murder roam free

When wearing fur is nothing less than a murder

Stop! When will you stop?

When will trading an animal’s life end?

Because Extracting fur is almost making the animal handicap

Let’s not feel our greed using the innocent wild animals

Animals do not want our skin to survive cold; so do not take theirs

Fur fashion makes us the most cruel animals in the world

So, Fur is totally Unfair

Get your own coat to fight winter; don;t steal from the animals

Animals do not like sharing their fur, so stay away

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Anti-Fur Taglines to Stop Barbarism

Here are a few Anti-Fur Slogans and taglines for you.

Because if you stop, many others will!

The fur you wear drips blood

The smell of fur is the animals blood

When will you understand that there is blood on your hands?

A cold hearted murder for your warm satisfaction

Don’t be a killer; stop purchasing fur

Because humans are supposed to be kind

So if you want to be a good person, stop this now!

Because you can lead to a change.

White fur reflects blood of the dead animal

Open your eyes; the fur you see is red not white

So, blood is your favorite?

Get your clothes for winter, don’t steal it from the animals

Fear God; he loves animals 

Because you are sinning against animals!

Even God won’t do it to the humans

Animals are innocent

Feed the animals instead of wearing them

To make one fur coat you kill in multiple

Have compassion in fashion

Let the animals live 

Be aware! Know how they make fur

So, as a smart murderer, how many animals have you killed?

The answer for fur is in technology

Because animals balance the environment

Save a life today, say no fur everyday

Be real wear fake

Fake fur will make you real human

Real fur makes you less than a human

Can’t humans make their clothes without animals?

Top Anti-Fur Sayings and Taglines

Animals rights should be respected

Fur is inhuman

Because without animals, the balance would go

Have kindness be more like human

Ugly people wear animal fur

Animals don’t like sharing their coat

Clothes that kills; no fur please

Being exposed is cool instead of utilizing fur

Disapprove of fur use 

I am against to murder creatures for fur

Pitilessness is one style explanation we can manage without 

Because animals help in managing the ecosystem

Creatures are our companions and we would prefer not to wear the skin of our companions

Insanity is wearing a creature

Because stopping now is inevitable

Abstain from getting captured in the style TRAP, Don’t wear fur

Try not to disregard, secure! 

Gradually observe the effect, as the creatures reconnect! 

Stop this because you are ruining the balance

Our lives start to part of the bargain become quiet about things that issue

Killing for fashion makes no sense at all

Please do not wear animals

Fur is fun when the animal is in it, not humans

Fake fur for real human

Furs are meant for animals; not for human clothes

Because God designed animals

Save the fury and furry

Their fur and purr are the cutest

Because you are being inhumane.

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Humans do not be a cause for animal pain

Animals are not to feed humans greed

Creatures lives are their privilege and we have quite recently started to battle

Creature activists join as one. We won’t quit battling until the war is won

Creature activists in the road. We won’t acknowledge fur traffiking

Exchange food with animals; not their fur

Find another way of earning you bread, stop fur trade

Life is God’s gift; No killing any animals

Your way to hell is clear when to kill an animal

anti fur slogans

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