139+ Brilliant Anti-Ragging Slogans

So what exactly is ragging? Well, any vulgar conduct that is either conducted through spoken words or as an act which is in effect during teasing or mistreating the junior or fresher is known as ragging.

Ragging is not always physical but mental also. Providing psychological harm or raising the fear of apprehension is always coined as ragging.

Most of the time, ragging is done either to show power as superior over the freshers or just an act of sadistic pleasures. In either way, it is the juniors that suffer.

Best Anti-Ragging Slogans

  • No ragging anymore
  • Ragging is not an ice-breaker
  • Punishment awaits
  • Abide by the rules
  • Be the ideal senior
  • A junior doesn’t deserve ragging
  • Ragging is a great crime
  • Don’t even dare to rag
  • Ragging comes with great consequences
  • Stop ragging at every cost

For many decades, it was considered to be the customs, but in recent years the young generations have stood against it as zero tolerance, and this is where the anti-ragging movement starts.

The end game is to abolish ragging from all the colleges so that new students don’t have to face something such horrific as their seniors. 

some of the slogans on anti-ragging within the campus:

Ragging is a crime, better be known to you

Break the ice, but not through ragging

Keep calm and stop ragging

If going to jail is your thing, then surely go for ragging

Juniors are for love, not for ragging

Make your campus, ragging free

East or West, ragging free zone is the best

Start the change, stop ragging

Say no to ragging

It’s time to say goodbye to ragging

Ragging is not tolerable

Don’t make ragging a necessity

Spread the word for anti-ragging

Spread the word, ragging is a crime

Let us all join the anti-ragging squad

Rag today and your brother will be ragged tomorrow

Ragging is not an act of glory but shame

It’s better to treat your juniors as brothers or sisters 

Don’t let ragging be the path towards darkness

A child’s life is above your sadistic pleasure

anti ragging slogans

Never push anyone into depression, for that is ragging all about

Ragging in college ends up with rape at home

Stop ragging spread the love

If you are a senior, then act like one

There’s no place for monsters who love ragging

Anti-ragging is not just a movement, its is a stance

A junior once ragged is a senior about to rag

Break the chain, stop ragging

Ragging is injurious to health

Ragging is worse than cancer

Smoking a cigarette is far better than ragging

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If you want to rag, go rag yourself

Spead the word, promote anti-ragging

Together we can make a ragging-free campus

Don’t take pride in your ragging

Pity the people who rag and support who are ragged

You know who you are, you don’t need to rag for that

Ragging was never a solution

Sooth the people whom you rag and stop the one about to rag

Ragging is no longer an option

Nobody shall be bullied ever again

Stop ragging before it’s too late

The trauma you give while ragging is never-ending

The nation condemns to those who rag

If you want to break the ice, go break one

Ragging breaks live

If you think of your family, stop ragging

Let’s make the whole nation, ragging free zone

It’s time to say goodbye to ragging

Support the change, support anti-ragging

Anti-ragging is not a thing anymore

From now onwards, zero tolerance to ragging

The necessity of ragging was never there

Create a character, support anti-ragging

Stop being a mute witness to ragging

Hazing and ragging, they all mean the same

Its time to quit ragging and start a better life

Don’t let anyone be the pray to ragging

Ragging is a choice which no one should select

Stop staking your life, say no to ragging

Ragging is an option you shouldn’t consider

Once a bully, always a bully

Keep calm and fight against ragging

Ragging is the other name of torture

Ragging is strictly prohibited here

College is for fun, not for ragging

Ragging kills more than it was supposed to be

Ragging is not an escape route

Once you rag, there’s no coming back

The dead you ragged is not coming back

Don’t ruin your future with ragging

Stop ragging, now and forever

Bullying others will never make you feel big

The choice is yours, so are the consequences

Ragging is the mistake you will never forget

Ragging is the destruction of two futures at the same time

Forget ragging, treat them as equals

Brotherhood before ragging

Shame on the name who started 

Don’t ruin your college’s name

The biggest criminal offense of all time: Ragging

Ragging is the reason for student’s suicide

Think before ragging

Anti-ragging is not that hard to accept

Save lives, stop ragging

Anti-ragging makes the world a better place

Let us all create the anti-ragging awareness

Anti-ragging: Live and let to live

No ragging, no live lost

Ragging is the curse we must forget

Don’t waste lives by ragging them

Ragging is easy but the outcome is tough, remember that

Let us all make ragging a punishable crime

Ragging is nothing less than committing a cold-blooded murder

Say no to ragging: It’s as easy as it sounds

Ragging is the pleasure you must forget

Forget ragging for the sake of a better future

The student you rag today will be the culprit of tomorrow

Ragging is the social evil we must defeat

Stop bullying

Behind every ragging is a sick mind

Always be strong and stand against ragging

A slogan won’t change anything unless we want to change ourselves

Ragging is a crime, accept it before it’s too late

Ragging is never fun

Don’t destroy a student’s life, just for the fun of it

Be a brother the juniors need

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Stop ragging, start treating them like brothers and sisters

Don’t mute yourself, if you see something, say something

Anti-ragging is always a noble act

Never witness ragging, do something about it

Ragging is something that doesn’t need to be carried 

Forget ragging for a greater good

The call for the days of ragging is over

Stop ragging before it’s too late

anti ragging slogans

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