List Of 330+ Best Anti Rape Slogans

Rape is a term of sexual assault that involves sexual intercourse or any other kind of sexual penetration without a person’s consent. The act of rape can be caused by physical force, coercion, or even against a person who is unable to give proper consent. To prevent rape, proper Anti Rape Slogans should be used for campaigns.

Rape is a cruel act that causes trauma, stress disorder, or even suicidal attempts. It can also cause some serious injuries, including pregnancy risks and sexual infections. The right Anti Rape Slogans should bring about a lot of change.

Best Anti Rape Slogans

  • Don’t be violent
  • They were someone’s relative too
  • Rape is a punishable crime
  • Stop rape at any cost
  • Rape is no solution
  • Punishment is not adequate enough
  • Say no to rape
  • Show some love to the rape victims
  • You can be next
  • Stay vigilant, stay prepared 

The reason behind Anti-raping slogans is to create awareness in people so we can take the proper movement to stop this monstrous act and to make a rape-free environment where every girl from every corner of the world is safe. 

Anti Rape Slogans

Best Anti Rape Slogans

If there is something most heinous that a person can do to another, it is rape. It is, hands down, the most inhuman act that can exist. No logic or phrase justifies this act of cruelty, and unless we all stand united against the rape culture, we cannot expect a change in the turn of events.

Our society is built in a way where we find ways to shut down the victim instead of finding ways to question the oppressor about their mindset.

It is now time for us to come up with the best anti-rape slogans so that people recognize the depth of our protest against this gruesome act.

  • Rape is never a mistake.
  • It wasn’t her dress; it was your evil mind.
  • There can never be any reason to rape someone.
  • Never blame the rape victim.
  • Because blaming the rape victim will not change anything
  • Because raping boys is also not done.
  • It was not her mistake being late at night.
  • Save women. Stop rapes.
  • Punishment for rapes should be nothing but death.
  • Because rape has hardly anything to do with the dress.
  • Rape came before short dress.
  • Raping a girl is never forgivable.
  • It’s getting worse day by day for women.
  • She was just three. What’s your excuse now?
  • Rapists are nothing, just animals.
  • Let’s make our society free from rapes.
  • Today, it’s her. Tomorrow it can be your own sister.
  • Look upon her face.
  • When you touch her, remember, someone could have touched your sister.
  • Every woman has her will.

Topmost Slogan Against Rape

A slogan is not just a slogan – It is the voice of the youth. It is to remind people of social causes, which should be a part of their concern every day until justice is served.

The rape culture has been an issue for ages at a stretch now, and the voice of the youth should rise to awareness with slogans that should be powerful enough to stir people’s emotions.

Being the inhabitants of the modern world, it is our responsibility to try and bring about a change in the scenario. Here is a list of the topmost slogans against rape, which may help to change the social structure.

  • This world is not safe for women anymore.
  • Because the safety is no longer there.
  • Speak up and protest against rape.
  • If you support rape, that means you are a rapist too.
  • Stand up for women’s rights.
  • Kill the rapists.
  • You might not know, but you are a beast.
  • We want justice for the rape victims.
  • The rapists are out there free.
  • Because capital punishments are for the rapists.
  • It’s nothing for a rapist to rape someone, but it ruins a life.
  • Don’t blame her modesty. Blame yourself.
  • Because eve-teasing is also not a good sign.
  • Short skirts are not a sign.
  • My daughter is nine. But yet she is not safe.
  • When was the last time you asked for consent?
  • What the mistake of that eight years old girl?
  • We are against rapes. Are you?
  • Stand against rapists until the next one is from your home.
  • Because any time now, it can be a girl from your house.
  • If you don’t stop now, when will you?
  • Raise your voice against rape.
  • When will your blood boil? 
  • Candlelight march against the rape victims.
  • When was the last time you looked into the mirror and could face yourself?
  • How she dresses up is not a sign.
  • A safe society is when it’s rape free.

There is no denying the fact that you might find it extremely difficult to choose the top slogans. That is why go through the Brand Slogan Guide to get all the guidance you need.

Anti Rape Slogans To Use

Although we reside in the 21st century, modern times have still not succeeded in giving women a safe environment to reside in. There are thousands of voices that get muffled, and there are more voices that go unheard.

It is our responsibility to bring these people under notice so that people can muster up the courage to speak for what is right. During times like these, slogans can be a part of the propaganda.

Here is a list of the best Anti-rape slogans to use so that they can be a source of inspiration to all those voices which have been silenced owing to societal pressure.

  • Chop the rapists.
  • Because it can be you too, protest.
  • Concent is utmost important.
  • No woman deserves to be raped.
  • When will this heinous crime stop?
  • She was screaming out of pain, not out of pleasure.
  • So, End rape now.
  • Rapists are nothing but monsters in a human face.
  • A real man never rapes or disrespects.
  • So, a girl wearing a short skirt is asking for it?
  • How did you decide that she wanted it?
  • Rape is the most horrible reality.
  • Which “No” you did not understand?
  • So, if your sister wears a short dress, would you do the same?
  • We demand an anti-rape environment.
  • Because rapists will have no place in Hell also.
  • Rapists are cowards.
  • My daughter is just born, and I’m already worried.
  • Because you are a human, not a pervert.
  • We demand justice for those rape victims.
  • Stop eve-teasing to stop rapes.
  • Because Rapists are beasts.
  • Look at girls with respect.
  • Because the minimum that you can do is respect women.

Slogans on Rape Victim

No matter how many years passed by, victim shaming is something that I World has still not gotten over. Every time, rather every minute of the day, one voice gets silenced because they were made to believe that their opinion or their right to freedom does not exist.

The World has created such a stigma that there are hundreds and thousands of women who are still scared to come up to the forefront and talk about the abuses that they face, owing to peer pressure.

It is our responsibility to propagate the idea that victim shaming should stop, and the victim should be empowered to speak for what is right. Here is a list of slogans on rape victims so that they get motivated to stand up for themselves.

  • Rape is the worst nightmare for a girl.
  • Rape and sex are two different things.
  • Because respect should come to you naturally
  • If you don’t ask for consent, then it’s rape.
  • Rapes- do something to stop it.
  • Because respecting should be your mentality
  • Real men will never rape a girl.
  • We want death sentence for rapists.
  • Don’t stand with the victim. Stand against the rapist.
  • Because disrespecting women doesn’t make you cool.
  • Because there is nothing before humanity
  • Enough is enough. We will not tolerate it anymore.
  • Don’t touch a girl without her permission.
  • Respect humanity. Stop rapes.
  • Humanity is in danger.
  • Raping a girl makes you nothing but a coward.
  • We are ashamed of a society like this.
  • Save our girls from being raped.
  • Because we can change the world

Most of the time, ragging is done either to show power as superior over the freshers or as just as an act of sadistic pleasure. To stop ragging, check out the brilliant anti-ragging slogans.

Top Anti Rape Slogans

We, as citizens of this World, have failed to stand up against the most important cause – the atrocities faced by women, over generations, without a way to stop the crimes which take place on a day-to-day basis in their lives.

As inhabitants of the World during the 21st century, we have failed to provide an environment that will help women in their growth; instead, we have muffled their voices and have inculcated a fear which drives them away from standing up for what is right, and for facing the truth with the right, knowing that it is the criminal who should be shamed, and not the victim.

To bring a change, we have to think of certain slogans which will move people from within. Here is the list of top anti-rape slogans to help bring about a change in this World.

  • Teach your son to respect women.
  • Because you are stupid enough to harass women.
  • It’s the rapist who is to blame, not the victim.
  • Beware of the molesters.
  • Break the silence and protest against rape.
  • Because you know women can crush you anyday
  • Death for rape.
  • Fight against rapists.
  • Stop it now before their next is your sister.
  • Because you will not be spared by the laws
  • Girls are not your toy with whom you can play anytime you want.
  • Hang the rapists.
  • Because capital punishments can only stop heinous crimes.
  • Girls are human beings first.
  • Are you deaf? She clearly said, No.
  • Because this cannot b forgiven at any cost
  • Murdering is a crime and raping?
  • Rapists should be hanged publically.
  • Silence will not break violence.
  • Because you are nothing but cowards
  • Rape is the biggest crime.
  • Don’t keep calm. Speak up against rapists.
  • When you start understanding, it will just get too late
  • It’s a war against all rapists.
  • We have had enough of this shit. Stop rapes now.
  • What kind of society we live in where people don’t fear to rape.

Significant Slogans Against Rape

There are thousands of women who still shudder in fear when they walk alone on the road in the evening because they know that something gruesome might happen to them.

We are still living in a world that is of great worry to women around the World, as well as children, because they have no idea what may come up next.

To create a safe space for everybody around the World, we must come up with protests which can bring about social change. And to bring about such a protest, the importance of the slogan should not go unnoticed.

Here is a list of significant slogans against rape, which will give thousands of people the courage to speak up for what is right.

  • So, if you want to make the environment safer, stop rape now.
  • Stop rapes and make a safe environment.
  • Stop rapes for your sisters and daughters.
  • You can’t feel the pain b’coz she was no one of your relations.
  • So, next can be a lady you know
  • Imagine happening this to your sister.
  • Just hang them who rapes.
  • Because the only solution is hanging
  • Stop the silence and stop this violence.
  • What if it was your wife
  • Because if you don’t change your thinking, this will happen regularly
  • Respect the gender which brought you in this world.
  • The penalty of death is a must for the rapists.
  • Raping is not a mistake; it’s a crime.
  • Because you know a crime when you commit one
  • We need an anti-rape society.
  • Because rape is the most heinous crime
  • No bail for rapists.
  • Rapists deserve to die.
  • Because maybe public humiliation can change you
  • Rapists are not human beings.
  • Because you are a rapist, you should be hanged

Top Slogans Against Rapism

The rape culture is so deeply inculcated among people that we have still not found a way to come out of this social stigma. Living in a world that is so unsafe for women and children, it is our responsibility to bring about a change for the betterment of the next generations.

The victims should know that they are not somebody to be blamed; rather, the criminals should be shamed and be severely punished for their acts of cruelty.

During desperate times which need desperate measures, the youth has to come up with top slogans against Rapism so that it makes people around the World more concerned about the deep-rooted social causes and try to find a solution in its place.

  • Considering rapists as human beings is a mistake.
  • Only death for rapists.
  • No mercy for rapists.
  • Because there is no thing as mercy for rape
  • Shoot and encounter for rapists.
  • Because one voice can be the voice of thousands
  • We want a society where girls don’t need to be scared.
  • Want an environment where parents don’t have to worry.
  • Imagine what a victim goes through.
  • Because hanging till deatyh is the only solution
  • We need a world where we don’t have to ask our daughter not to go out.
  • Teach your sons to behave properly out there.
  • Because you are sinning against God
  • Every 1 hour, a rape happens.
  • Because we need to fight this together
  • We need to stop this cruelty.
  • Let us strike against the rapists.
  • Because if you stay quiet, this will increase
  • Our dress is not a sign of rape.
  • The only death penalty can prevent the society from rapes
  • Because without the death penalty, this will hardly stop
  • Stop rapes!

Stop Rape Slogan

We live in a modern world with countless modern facilities, yet the safety of women and children across the World is still questionable. Rape still has some stigmas associated with it, and the victims, in turn, find it unbearable to reside in a society that points the finger at them instead of finding ways to punish the offender.

We should all rise collectively towards this cause and make sure that we bring about a change in this perspective and end this rape culture. To do so, we need slogans so that they can be our voice collectively towards our issue.

Here is a list of stop rape slogans that can help bring about a change in the mindsets of the people. Together, if we want to wish for a change, then we can be the change instead.     

  • “No”.. she kept saying.
  • Start teaching not to rape.
  • Because you should teach boys more than your girls
  • No parent raises their daughter to be raped.
  • A short dress is not a yes.
  • Because wearing a short dress is my choice
  • I dress up for myself; not to be raped.
  • Rapes kill humanity.
  • Because values are required by your sons too
  • Mankind is in danger.
  • Rapists don’t consider a woman as a human being.
  • Casting couch is also one kind of rape.
  • It was her choice to go out, and it was your choice to rape.
  • No mother teaches her son to rape.
  • Because it is high time to make boys understand that girls are not weak
  • Say- We want a rape free world.
  • When we hand you over to wild animals, you will know.
anti rape slogans

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