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245+ Catchy Violence Slogans and Taglines

A person who does not have self-control becomes violent. It’s an uncontrolled reaction that is a result of provocation or lack of emotional control.

Violent activities may range from domestic violence and violence on street to terrorism. Any kind of violence is objectionable and one must always be strong to stand against it.

Best Violence Slogans

  • Abuse is not okay
  • Say no to violence
  • Stand up to abuse
  • Violence is never the solution
  • Violence is not smart
  • Act wisely
  • Spread love, eliminate hate
  • Peace is the only thing required
  • Work for peace
  • Love is what we need

Let’s all stand tall against violence and spread peace by teaching our children at first, how violent acts never lead to a better society.

Violence prevention messages must be spread as a responsibility. And if possible comprehensive education, counseling, and support must be provided through various programs at the school level, and for families also.

It is very challenging to create a slogan nowadays. It is because there are many features that a slogan must contain. Following are some violent slogans.

Violence Slogans

Slogans Against Violence

Uncontrolled reactions stemming from provocative acts or absence of emotional control often lead to violence. Such activities can be in the form of domestic violence, street violence, and even terrorism.

Every kind of violence is unwanted and objectionable. We must always stand strong against violence.

Here are some attention-capturing slogans against violence that will help you spread the idea that violence never leads to any good. You should pass on these violence prevention messages responsibly. 

  • Violence forces people to do things unwillingly
  • Violence is undoubtedly objectionable, raise voice
  • Violence is destructive, peace is constructive
  • Forcing someone, threatening is evil
  • If you think of violence quick solutions, you are a worst interpreter
  • Increase surveillance, decrease violence
  • Lessen violence increase peace for safer streets
  • Talking for Resolution is a symbol of evolution
  • Conversation can be the best way to solve any kind of problems
  • If any doubts persist, resist using fist
  • Fighting is always destructive, stay peaceful
  • Violence is insanity, as it’s not a choice insanity
  • Being violent is not cool, it’s done by a fool
  • Become a Peace Warrior
  • If you can’t be a monk, at least don’t be a punk
  • Being violent is just not right
  • Aftermaths of Violence are a portrayal of inhumanity
  • Violence is always weaker than peace
  • Violence gives birth to more which is a pessimistic approach
  • Do you really think, your best reaction is violence!
  • Power to peace spreaders and pity on  violence spreaders
  • Don’t hit, just sit and use your wit
  • Be the start of violence-free
  • Keep calm, violence will never happen
  • To make the world a peaceful place, start giving peace lessons to your kids
  • Violence gives birth to pessimism and fear
  • Love and respect others to get same in return
  • Violence complicates everything
  • Love and peace can resolute
  • Violent are those who can’t face reality
  • Violence is the worst tactic 
  • Strong is the one who’s peaceful
  • Being silent, you promote others violence
  • Those who are strong stops the wrong
  • Power to peace lovers
  • Peace, love, spill it 
  • Violence rises in silence
  • When you are violent, it’s not you it’s your anger
  • Don’t keep grudges, stop shaping your self violent
  • A temporary good from violence causes permanent evil
  • Spread peace and love, these are the basis of existence
  • Violence against violence leads to more violence
  • Control over your violence streak is as necessary as air to breathe
  • Violence shapes a bad society 
  • Violence against violence leads to more violence
  • Control over your violence streak is as necessary as air to breathe
  • Violence shapes a bad society
  • Violence turns humans into devils
  • It’s not you who is violent, it’s the creation of a violent streak in you
  • Don’t become a monster to fight against monsters
  • Becoming violent in the name of a good cause is also evil
  • Fight against social evils, peacefully
  • Violence destroys you from within
  • Violence is intolerable
  • It’s you who decides how others will treat you, don’t tolerate violence
  • Violence is deadly
  • A life lived violently is life wasted
  • Be kind, humble, peaceful, violence kills
  • Think before you harm someone
anti violence slogans

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Taglines About Violence

None can reach a conclusion or solution using violence. Only nonviolence brings glory to everyone’s life. No explanation can be provided for justifying violent actions. We should run our brains instead of talking to swords.

Let us stand tall against violence and spread peace. It is quite challenging to come up with slogans about the violence that will generate awareness. Following are some taglines that you can use to promote peace and stop the violence.

  • Stand against violence, it’s a stand for humanity
  • Insanity leads to inhumanity resulting in violence
  • Stay peaceful to Make A Difference 
  • Violence is not the solution to any problem
  • Nonviolence leads to glory in life
  • Peace makes way to happiness
  • Violence is a symbol of weakness
  • Violence is a dark blot on humanity
  • Non-Violence Is Life-saving
  • Nonviolence Is Prevention
  • There’s No Explanation For Violence
  • No justification can be pro-violence
  • A fight is chosen by insensible people, smart ones prefer conversation
  • Run your brain not swords

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  • Violence done by you is your depiction of yourself
  • Violence Is the most Insane act of human
  • Violence Prevention is necessary
  • We are the future, let’s learn to be peaceful
  • Support non-violence, support life!
  • Make peace with violence
  • Violence is good to see in action movies
  • It is an unending war, choose peace
  • Just believe in non-violence
  • Be positive, conversation can solve any and every problem
  • Power to the non-violent
  • With respect to the non-violent
  • Ask, listen and get along
  • Talk it out, don’t fight out about it
  • Learn to accept, respect yields respect
  • Peace is the cure to damage by violence
  • Pass on peace to end up violence
  • Stop the violence to live and let live happily!
  • Outcast violent, to make for peace
  • Keep the peace 
  • Fight against violence
  • Keep strong against violence
  • Prevent violence, stop wrong
  • Peace can spread peace, isn’t it enough
  • Spread love and live peacefully
  • Love is the body, peace is the soul
  • Nonviolence is contagious, just approach for it
  • Non-violence always wins over violence
  • Violence gives birth to hatred
  • Violence complicates and spread hates
  • Spread love to get a solution
  • Peace, life, love
  • Violence kills respect and love
  • Violence is never the answer
  • Live with Peace to spread love and harmony
  • Got Peace? Keep working against violence
  • When in doubt, chill out
  • Take space make peace
  • Think wisely, communicate strongly and act peacefully
  • Where is peace? Find it within
  • Don’t be rude, be kind
  • Don’t bully, imagine yourself at that place
  • Talk about issues sooner or later you will find the solution
  • Violence against anyone is not a sane move
  • Chill out and relax, there’s a solution to every problem
  • Don’t bully, next time you can get bullied
  • Remember that you are a human being, a violent streak can’t be dominant
  • It’s unimaginable to live in a world full of fears
  • Violence is always against humanity
Violence Slogans And Taglines

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