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121+ Catchy Arbor Day Slogans and Sayings

Arbor Day is a day on which people individually and also people in groups are encouraged to plant trees. In fact, in many countries, the arbor day is a holiday.

Although Arbor Day is usually celebrated in the season of spring, the date of its celebration varies,  because the celebration of this day depends on the climate which has to be suitable for planting.

Best Arbor Day Slogans

  • Plant one today
  • Plant a tree for a change
  • Towards a greener planet
  • Save our home
  • A day of awareness
  • Away from destruction
  • Even one tree matters
  • Plant the seed of a brighter future
  • Go green
  • Save the green

In 1594, the mayor of the Spanish village of Mondonedo first organized this festival of planting trees. The place is Alameda de Los Remedios and to date, people plant horse-chestnut and lime trees. There is also a granite marker and a bronze plate that symbolizes this event.

After this, in 1872, around a million trees were planted in Nebraska on the tenth of April. On the 15th of April, in 1907, Arbor day was proclaimed to the schools of the United States.

List of Catchy Arbor day Slogans

Arbor Day is a reminder of how important trees are to us.

Plant more trees and save the Earth

Listen to the crying earth, plant trees.

Plant trees to save the planet.

Arbor Day does not dwell on the past, it is a day that holds meaning for the future.

Planting trees is our duty to the earth

Trees and more trees are what we need!

We do not need more skyscrapers, we need more trees.

Most of the days that we observe, celebrate the past while the arbor day gives us hope for the future.

The arbor day is based on a significant past, it takes care of the present and promises us a bright future.

Plant trees for your children.

When you are planting trees, you are investing for your future generations.

Plant one seed and the world will thank you.

Start planting trees and the rest of the world will follow you.

Plant trees even if you feel the world might explode tomorrow.

Plant one seed and who knows, maybe that seed will give rise to an entire forest.  

A forest is the earth’s oxygen tank.

Love trees? Plant some of them.

arbor day slogans

If you love your children, you should plant trees for their sake.

Because when we are planting trees, we are securing our future.

Because when we are planting trees, we are taking care of the earth

Because when we are planting trees, we are creating a world that will be habitable for our children.

A nation that does not plant trees does not take care of its land is dangerous for people to live in.

Start your day by planting a tree today.

Because a green tree is more valuable than gold or silver.

A green tree, with its spreading branches, is a majestic sight.

There is no better time to plant a tree except now.

Do not waste more time, just plant a tree.

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Plant a tree now, think later.

Do not think, just plant it.

If you love the earth, just plant a tree.

Plant trees because the future depends on it.

Plant a tree, because your future depends on it.

Plant a tree because our future depends on it.

Do not judge a man because he loves the forest, judge a man when he clears out the forest.

There are not many ways that you can show your love for the earth but planting trees is one sure way to that.

Plant trees and you will be a hero.

It does not need much to save the earth, just plant a few trees.

Love the trees if you love your children

It is very important that we celebrate arbor day in our country.

We need more days like the arbor day.

Celebrate arbor day with your friends and families!

Plant a tree, promote the Arbour day.

The rate at which the trees are being cut down, there will be no trees left if we do not celebrate the world arbor day seriously.

You can not get enough of what you get from the trees, think of the time when there will be nothing left for you to get.

Help the Earth! Plant more trees.

Help when there is time because you will not be able to help when it becomes too late.

Love greenery? Planting trees is your only option.

The more trees you plant, the more lives you are helping.

Greater the number of trees you plant, the more the number of lives that you are saving.

Choose trees over buildings.

Because trees matter.

Because lives are dependent on trees.

Because trees are our only option.

Plant trees and the air will become cleaner.

Plant trees to stop global warming.

Happiness is when you sit under the shade of a tree and feel the breeze on your face.

Happiness is when you open your window and look at the trees swaying in the breeze.

Trees and greenery give you happiness that you cannot explain.

It is very important to celebrate the world Arbour day because it gives us some hope for the future.

Please save trees.

You are a fool if you think it is not important to save the trees.

There are so many ways that we are harming the earth, we can save the earth by planting some trees.

Arbour day is the most loved day among environmentalists.

Even god cannot help if foolish people cut down trees, it is up to us to educate these foolish humans.

Teach children to plant trees on The World Arbour day.

This is a day that needs to be observed desperately for the good of the earth and the living beings.

If you do not save the earth by planting trees, the earth will not save you.

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Encourage your friends to plant at least one tree one day of the year.

Live among trees and you will live beautifully.

Mother Earth smiles as we plant a tree.

Your best friend while you live is a tree because while you live a tree will give you all you need without asking anything in return.

It is always a good time to plant trees.

A little effort is all we need to make our world green again. 

Do not wait for the others to take the initiative of planting trees.

arbor day slogans

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