135+ Fantastic Arizona State Slogans and Mottos

The State of Arizona is located in the southwestern region of the United States. It achieved its statehood on the 14th of February, 1912 as the 49th State.

It is the sixth-largest state in the country. The motto of this state is “Ditat Dues” which means God Enriches. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and the state colors are blue and gold.

The state bird and flower are Cactus Wren and Saguaro Cactus flower respectively.

Best Arizona State Mottos

  • The last state at counting
  • A location you can’t resist
  • Enjoy your stay at Arizona
  • Enjoy the heat
  • Arizona for life
  • The secret for life starts here
  • A state with honest people
  • The residence of the Aztecs
  • The state with a sand hill
  • Get amazed by the colors

Arizona has a strange fact that they have official state neckwear which is the Bolo Tie. Arizona is the greatest and largest industrial producer of copper in the states hence it has a nickname of “The Copper State’.

It is also famous for The Grand Canyon National Park and various beautiful sandhills. It is also called Italy of America as the mountainous scenery here is found to have similarities to the mountains of Italy.

List of Best Arizona State Slogans

The state of copper

The land of sunset

New Mexico for a rich man

The “show the papers” state

Try us for the next vacation

The damn hot state

The place where the myths turn into reality

You have to stand the heat to be in Arizona

Arizona has to be no.49 in everything

Where secrets are kept secrets

Temperature is always higher than your grades

With the hottest people in the world

A place where it is Bolo tie or say bye

Heat won’t let you get bored

Where sunset and sunrise are gorgeously beautiful

The state built on mining

Want to be a radiation researcher? Come to Arizona

The Arizona desert can shake you mind

Arizona native hug the cactus once in their lifetime

The land where summer can spend the winter and hell can spend the summer

Oh! rainy day puts you in a good mood. Are you an Arizona native

Arizona people take rain dances very seriously

Heat is the reality of Arizona and rain is a dream

A land of fascinated deserts

Arizona – The Dry heat state

The heat here can easily evaporate your good mood

The younger brother of Italy – Arizona

Arizona natives are cool because their state is hot

Arizona loves cactus 

Blue gold can never get old

49 is the favourite number of Arizona

arizona state slogans

If you can stand the temperature here, you are welcome in Arizona

The state of love as it was adopted on the day of valentine

You can’t write CrAZy without AZ, that’s what this state is all about

You may get out of Arizona if you can’t stand the heat

Try to fry yourself for the next vacation

A place with honest summer

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A land where deserts are fascinated and sunshine is enchanted

Arizona people stay proper and provide copper

A state of Sand Hills – Arizona

You can call Arizona as the Italy of America

The state of Aztec people

“Ditas Dues” and the copper is in great use

Don’t claim to be hot until you can withstand the heat here

The state where no tax credit is left behind

People here are cool but the temperature here does not cooperate

The place where you will find good springs are much better than a gold mine

Blue and gold is the color of their soul

The state with Right to work

Cool thinking of Arizona people heated the possibilities

The state which leads the nation in copper production

It’s a place where heat falls heavily.

The home of Grand Canyon National Park

The empire of the desert with water as a king but a shadow as queen

Where heat has never been so cool in nature

Nobody can beat the copper production of Arizona

The land where multicolored corn is grown

The born place of Caesar Estrada Chavez

A land where heat challenges people every day

A land where heat like fire will roar

In Arizona, get humongous heat energy.

Serving the finest quality of heat

Arizona doesn’t have a season summer instead it has a season called fire

Certified heating land

Kill the chill while beating the heat is the new motto of Arizona

We connect you with copper

Because heat Production of Arizona is unbeatable

Helping world burst the rust with copper

Arizona provides topper as well as copper

Cooperate and copper are the two business of Arizona people

We are soft yet tough and that’s why our national flowers is a cactus flower

If you love rain dance, you are a true Arizonan

The sand hill here will make you still

Here, cold water faucet is much hotter than the hot water faucet

Beautiful things get discovered with mining, and so Arizona is

The perfect place for a radiation researcher

If we would have not provided copper, you wouldn’t have more cents

Not sidewalks, Arizonan salt margaritas

The temperature here is higher than test scores

A state of lovely people

Where values are considered higher than money

The great Canyon state

Where heat is in the blood of people

Because being 49th is so cool with high temperature

We were built on mining like the precious diamond

The color of sunshine here is gorgeous red

Where life is hot and sorted

A beautiful state with beautiful people

Where petrified wood is so satisfied

Leading the nation in copper production

Whether it’s a bola tie or a goodbye

Right to work and right to shine is what Arizonan believe

The sand hills here are wow so you need to visit now

Let the beautiful sunshine of Arizona come in your life

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Sunshine, forty-nine, and valentine defines Arizona

Place where “beat the heat” is a challenge

The land where heat doesn’t cheat

Cry with onions or visit the Grand Canyons

Have a bolo tie and fly high

The copper is found proper here

Blue gold is its color and anti-cold is the nature

It’s land where Lake Powell flows

Requires heavy budget to live here

arizona state slogans

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