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646+ Best Art Blogs and Pages Names

Many of us express ourselves by drawing pictures or through any other art. Therefore, art has its own role in everyone’s life and most of us like art. Many of us like to gift art to our loved ones. Hence, there is always a demand for art. Many of us like to learn different types of art and some others want to promote their art.

Top 15 Art Blogs Of The World

Wix Creative: This blog is dedicated to helping artists develop their career and flourish their skills. It is also educated and share knowledge related to art and craft. It provides practical, tips, career advice to improve your work and also motivates artists by giving inspiring ideas.

Booooooom: This blog is run by Vancouver based artist Jeff Hamada, which offers relevant content directly from an artist to another. It provides an opportunity for beginners to showcase their talent and delivers articles, interviews, photographs, etc.

Juxtapoz: This cultural-based blog is the best platform to get the knowledge of upcoming exhibitions around the globe. It covers art shows, events, and exhibitions. You can discover new artists, paintings, illustrations, street art, and numerous artist articles.

Artspace: This blog is one of the top online platforms which sells the artistic product on web. It provides daily news updates, recommendations, the latest event updates, and artist interviews. It also gives plenty of knowledge on current themes going out in the artistic world.

ARTnews: The overall aim of the blog is dedicated to cover the wide range of art topics. It provides a steady flow of news updates as well as articles about various art trends and event. It follows the style of classic newspaper and gives frequent updates from the art world.

Art Observed: This blog is dedicated to providing informative articles associated with the artistic world. If you want to expand your art knowledge, this web platform is the best and suitable blog to follow among others. You will get longer text-based articles here.

Artforum : This is a popular platform that represents contemporary art from 1962. It provides full information about art galleries in a wide selection of cities across the globe. If you are the person who loves to watch and read art stories, then you should definitely follow this blog.

Aesthetica: This blog is started with a purpose to offer detailed creative and innovative articles. It presents a prominent topic discussion of the art world, queries, digital ethics, and relevant information related to arts.

Frieze: This blog offers art reviews, design books, shows and opinion pieces on different themes. It also publishes reports on political updates, cultural topics, and specific artistic events for the readers. Therefore, check out this blog regularly to upgrade your cultural and artistic knowledge!

GARAGE: The aim of the blog is to cover the trending topics of the artistic world and analyze it from a unique angle. The team of the blog is dedicated to publishing educational and an entertaining posts on film, fashion, photography, architecture, and several diverse topics.

Artsy: This blog is the part of the global organization that supports artists throughout the world. This blog is full of fascinating content to provide artist interviews, reviews, and art news to their readers.

Cass Art: This blog is focused on beginners and professional artists that cover a wide array of mediums and topics. It presents creative opportunities like competitions and open calls for exhibitions to encourage artists to participate. Thus, It’s a good chance to explore and increase artistic knowledge.

Artnet Blog: This is one of the biggest shopping platform to buy art products online. The content part of the blog brings the latest information on art such as art auctions happening in the city, exhibitions of artistic products, and news related to art events. All these kind of features makes this blog popular among its fans.

Commarts: This blog is started with an aim to motivate artists and other visual communicators. It highlights featured artists, book reviews, and interviews of different artists. It covers major art topics, designs, illustrations, photography, and typography.

Artists Network: This blog is founded with a purpose to encourage readers to be more creative. It introduces amazing artworks of professional artists with the help of graphics, articles, and video tutorials. Catch some how-to articles, engaging videos, and art demos on this platform.

For every such need, we can rely on art blogs. These blogs allow us to learn arts as well as exhibit our art forms. All over the world individuals do the blogging business.  Art Blogs are making really good money these days.

List of best Art blog names

Imaginary World

Creative Arts

Art History

Craft Skills

Traditional Art

Freehand Skill

Folk Art

Artsy Craftsy

Gift Shop

Talent Hunt

Flower Pot


Craft Work

Decorative Art

Visual Arts

Crash Courses

Feature Shoot

Find Your Way

Fine Practicality

Floating Cosmos

Art Classes

Pleasing Job

Artistic Trade

Cute Gifts

Grand Designs

Smart Creativity

Unreal Touch

Top Handwork

Craft Fair

Soft Toys

Ary Gallery

Skilled Labor

Life Engaged

Living Water

Lucky Acid

Man of Depravity

Nothing Written

Ceramic  Touch

Art Facts

Hand Technics

Beauty Piece

Rare Artisan

Creative Straw

Art Collector

Genuine Handwork

Blissful Décor

Lush Ideas

Art Show

Bright Teaching

Silk Screen

Potent Thoughts

Productivity Theory

Razor Shapes

Rusty Break

Wood Works

Needle Passion

Puppetry Show

Fine Arts

Origami Core

Metal Design

Fashion Fabric

Toy Techniques

Carve Dream

Candle Makers

Heavenly Dolls

Quality Quilt

Mask Materials

Unique Ornament

Finger Tricks

Glass Stain

Satin Touch

Authentic Work

Natural Design

Manual Style

Artistic Spark

Traditional Tales

Yarn Skill

Nice Stitch

Thread Shape

Unwind Thread

Homemade Gifts

Leisure Activity

Fashion Choice

Stranded Here

The Duck And The Owl

The Jogging

Extra Level

Knit Instruct

Pretty Blanket

Hobby Hours

Quick Stitch

Thread Master

Needle Bits

Trendy Gifts

Fancy Chain

Basic Garment

Extra Break

Pretty Look

Smooth Thumb

Custom Toys

Pattern Store

Messy Table

Tangled Thread

Practice Time

Organic Arts

Candid Handwork

Delicate Model

Refined Task

Bold Hobby

Divine Talent

Unique Gifts

Hyper Creative

Fresh Learn

Iconic Value

Artistic Career

Creative Matters

Present Figure

Graphic Designs

Photo Art

Make Print

Art Transform

Painting Appeal

Art Love

Visual Musing

Color Play

Talent Display

Poetic Spirit

Beauty Master

Object Choice

Artist Life

Art Care

Material Work

Color Brush

Craft Echo

Paint Your Dream

Redefine Handloom

Art Reveal

Rich Design

Craft Show

Mystique Paint

Art Style


Color Portrait

Shade Style

Ideal Print

Canvas Theme

Picture Detail

Artistic Genius

Scenery Series

Color Space

Shade Palette

Landscape Vision

Photo Concepts

Camera Talent

Image Panel

Ideal Museum

Color Contrast

Canvas Pattern

Beauty Series

Gallery Space

Digital Art

Pottery Sculpture

Brush Sketch

Dance Show

Camera Capture

Picture Concepts

Element Shade

Creative Icon

A blog is a page online created by businesses or individuals to exhibit their views, hobbies, and,  products. Through blogs, readers can communicate with the blogger regarding the contents whereas through websites readers cannot communicate directly. While businesses use the blog as a marketing aid, an individual uses it to earn money through the content.

Top Art Pages Names

Therefore, for a blog, the contents are a crucial part. A blog name too can draw the reader’s attention.  Therefore, it is important to make the best choice while selecting a blog name for your blog.

-Till death we do art

-Kristen’s art blog

-Aesthetic arts

-Arts of aesthetics

-The canvas story

-Arts and other supplies

-Modern art

-European art blogs

-Creative portrait

-Cultural art

-Paintings of new

-Paintings of old

-Paint your story

-Draw your own story

-Magnificent arts

-Differentiate artistico

-Art never lies

-The truth of art

-Sketching through life

-Surreal paintings

-Surreal art

-Surreal sketches

-Colour lab blogs

-Painter’s lab blogs

-Trust the artist

-Landscapes and portraits

-Colour palette

-Coffee and art

-The coal sketches

-Abstract art and more

-Abstract art 

-Abstract sketches

-Abstract paintings

-Let the brush paint

-The art launcher

-Hues of blue

-Shades of blue

-Pastel hues blogs

-DIY crafts

-Do your own thing

-Art is everything

-Everything is art

-Crafts and arts

-Crafts and sketches

-Art appeal

-Sketches of the horizon

-Paintings of the horizon

-Moody arts

-Moody paintings

-Moody sketches

-The artistic spirit

-Divine art

-Divine sketches

-Divine paintings

-Angelic drawings

-The abstract art of living

-Let the art talk

-Moderna artists

-Material art

-Still arts

-Still sketches

-Still paintings

-Draw the world

-Crafts are fun

-One for the art

-One for the artist

-Central art

-Crafts are cool

-Crochet and arts

-The story of the lenses

-Capture the moment

-Art is precious

-Artfully crafted

-Artfully yours

-Legends of the crafts

-Art show

-Art is healing

-Art therapy

-Picture therapy

-Art school

-Pastel art blogs

-The big yellow painting

-Mosaics and paintings

-Mosaics and sketches

-Mosaics and arts

-The classic art

-The vintage camera roll

-Vintage arts

-Vintage sketches

-Vintage paintings

-Pallets and brushes

-Photos and portraits

-Life of an artist

-Life of a photographer

-Fresh colours

-The aesthetic palette

-Hype the artist

-Spin the brush

-The more you draw

-The more you paint

-Express through art

-Creative crafts

-Creative arts

-Creative portraits

-The perfect vision

-The perfect portraits

-The perfect lenses

-Iconic images

-Iconic portraits

-The iconic pallet

-Colours of passion

-Art figures

-Art figurines

-Sketches and colours

-The art gallery

-Hearts and images

-Hearts and portraits

-Hearts and sketches

-The artistic hub

-The candid artwork

-The candid lens

-The candid lenses

-The candid portraits

-The candid sketches

-A heart of vision

-Mystical arts

-Mystical portraits

-Mystical sketches

-The unique strokes

-The unique brushes

-The unique pallet

-Pallets and dreams

-If only you sketch

-Could I be more artistic?

-Artists assemble

-Feel the art

-Picture perfect

-The perfect pictures

-Revolutionary art blogs

-Art and other hobbies

-Flowers and mosaics

-Monochrome world

-Monochrome art

-Monochrome sketches

-Monochrome portraits

-Monochrome paintings

-Monochromatic lenses

-Paint the world blue

-Feels like art

-An ode to the artist

-Art professionals

-Hooked to the brushes

-The creative pallet

-Colours of the earth

-Hues of the earth

-Autumnal art

-Autumnal colours

-Hues of winter 

-Colours of winter

-Lights and colours

-Lights and portraits

-The visionary artist

-Messy art

-Messy portraits

-Messy sketches

-Art and poetry

-Paintings and portraits


-A tapestry of art

-A tapestry of portraits

-Prism of colours

-The prism pallet

-Colours of vision

-Arts and stationery

-50 shades of blue

-Pallets and stories

-Paul the artist

-The monochromatic hues

-The floral hues

-The floral pallet

-Colour rush

-Paints and portraits

-Vector illustrations

-Vector paintings

-Vector art

-Illustrations and paintings

-Arts and illustrations

-Hues and colours

-The scenic view

-The scenic beauty

-Artist highway

-Artist hub

-Positive art vibes

-Art affirmations

-Dyes and colours

-Colours and dyes

-Dyes and DIYs

-Eccentric art

-Eccentric sketches

-Artistic expressions

-Artistic seasons

-Seasonal pallet

-Seasonal hues

-Seasonal colours

-The artistic butterfly

-Butterflies and hues

-The colour concept

-Colours and concepts

-The vision board

-Infatuated with art

-Shades and contrasts

-Contrasts and shades

-Gravitate towards art

-Art is the best escape

-Escape in art

-Escapes and portraits

-In my creative element

-Potteries and sculptures

-The chiseled art

-Clays and portraits

-The art board

-The spinning wheel

-The contrasting colours

-The contrasting hues

-The wooden art

-The forest hues

-Bricks and sculptures

-The clay sculptures

-Muddy hands

-Aesthetics and colours

-Hues and aesthetics

-The clay models

-The aesthetic clay models

-The aesthetic sculptures

-Capture the essence

-Capture the vision

-Brushes and strokes

-Art and elevate

-Decorative pieces

-Arts and illustrations

-The ideal hues

-The ideal colours

-Canvas and prints

-Canvases and colours

-Canvases and prints

-Hues and shades

-Hues on the canvas

-The aesthetic canvas

-Portraits on canvas

-Canvases and portraits

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