Artifact Names: 630+ Catchy And Cool Names

There are a lot of items that are usually found within the premises of a historical place. Historians usually name it an artifact. An artifact or a piece of history is an item that relates to an old Civilization or an old community, or a person. 

Artifacts are a great way to know more about a place or its history. The artifact name usually contains a relation in the name to a place, person, or work it was utilized for. Here is a list of different artifact names based on the usability and judgment of the item. 

Cool Artifact Names

Items in artifacts are usually magical. They have different characteristics and properties in them.

These can be mythical or magical objects or places and will elevate the artifact’s depth of meaning and sensibility. Here is a list of cool artifact names which are related to some objects or places.

Inscriptions of Birth – inscription is writing carved into something made of stone or metal

Curse Statue – a curse that would

Cup of Hatred – the feeling of one who hates

Shield of Teleportation – simply for travel

Grimoire of Paralysis – a book of magic spells and invocations.

Canopic Chest of Fate – being an ancient Egyptian vase

Microlith of Invincibility – a minute shaped flint

la Source du Culte – The Worship of Reason 

Hand of Time – To recount, recreate, or return to a time or era from the past

Crown of Metamorphosis – a complete change of form

Sword of the Creed

l’Urne de Métamorphose

Root of Misery

Skull of Evils

Dominion Tiara

Tiara of Misfortune

Microlith of Eternal Slumber

Enigma Door

Amulet of Evil

Runed Rod

Necklace of Enthrallment

Thunder Circlet

Canopic Jar of Lightning

Canopic Chest of Transmutation

Nightmare Cube

le Cylindre de Cauchemar

Goblet of Delusion

Grail of Death

Robes of Eternal Slumber

Ring of Toxi

Mantle of Decadence

Restoration Amulet

Shield of Spellbinding

Ring of Mending

Goblet of Eternal Slumber

Cloak of Sanctification

Canopic Jar of Wishes

Fleece of Destruction

Runes of Persecution

Hide of Black Magic

Band of Gluttony

Crown of Lightning

Hand of Lifeblood

Cup of Persecution

Angel Boots

Urn of Valor

Hide of Curses

Scroll of Dementia

Box of Blinding

Chest of Invisibility

Inscriptions of Evil

Burning Rod

Amulet of Vice

Sandals of Fear

Grimoire of Damnation

Lucky Mask

Pillar of Riddles

Tablet of Dread

Cloak of Doom

Book of Remedies

Microlith of Ruination

Goblet of Invincibility

Amulet of Malady

Crown of Angels

Canopic Jar of Birth

Box of Eternal Health

Invisible Sword

Robes of the Gods

Statue of Silence

Statue of Curses

Runes of Luminosity

Urn of Blessings

Robes of Riddles

le Manteau de Mal

Arch of the Aether

Monolith of Invocation

Necklace of Virility

Key of Passion

Temptation Cup

Ring of Ice

Elixir of Courage

Door of Light

Azure Disc

Grimoire of Peace

Sword of Sanctity

Chalice of Spellbinding

Hand of Blessings

Sandals of Exiles

Jar of Honesty

Inscriptions of Chaos

Pillar of Corruption

Disc of Specters

Letters of Enthrallment

Exile Chest

Shield of Destruction

Staff of Strength

Obsidian Boots

Rebirth Necklace

Cylinder of Resistance

Equinox Sword

Catchy Artifact Names

Artifacts present us with many proofs of the old times. It helps us to understand how the older adults lived with many kinds of Artifacts that even have proof of smart engineering in them, like the first wheel or the pulley system. Here is a list of catchy artifact names.

Sandals of Loyalty –  a person’s devotion or sentiment of attachment to a particular object

Black Magic Ring – a type of magic that is used for evil purposes 

Chalice of Service – a large cup or goblet.

Gauntlet of Summoning – a strong glove with a long, loose wrist.

la Corne de Transmutation – to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form

Summoning Letters – to order a person to come to a place 

Robes of Restoration –  the return of something to its original owner

Horn of Absorbing – holding all your interest and attention 

Tome of Chaos – a book, especially a large, heavy, scholarly one.

Canopic Jar of Courage – pertaining to Canopus

Instrument of Heroism

Elixir of Grace

Infinity Sandals

Oracle Statue

Devotion Shard

Microlith of Birth

Horn of Wisdom

Necklace of Sleep

Box of Spite

Root of the Void

Key of Enigmas

Symbols of Enthrallment

Mantle of Revival

Circlet of the Void

Urn of the Aether

Texts of Damnation

Disc of Enthrallment

Sandals of Virility

Enigma Rod

Key of Delusion

Hellish Canopic Chest

Robes of Scorching

Life Mask

Feather of Revival

Triumph Hide

Lamp of Fortitude

Cylinder of Banishment

Cup of Resurrection

Ring of Genesis

Hide of Hell

Urn of Faith

Hand of Futures

Fountain of Hatred

Fleece of Blessings

Banishing Band

Shield of Immortality

Mask of Futures

Box of Dreams

Scroll of Betrayal

Longevity Seal

Anguish Gem

Finality Cube

Gauntlet of Sanctification

Thaumaturgy Pillar

Instrument of Dread

Chalice of Persecution

Venom Necklace

Urn of Resurrection

Ichor of the Creed

Fountain of Collapse

Sword of Storms

Staff of Frost

Chalice of Vengeance

Band of Fire

Arch of Blights

Necklace of Transformation

Healing Tiara

Amulet of Absorbing

Darkness Book

Hand of Decay

Temptation Ring

Sandals of Courage

Tiara of Truth

Gem of the Aether

Fruit of Courage

Inscriptions of the Oracle

Enigma Crown

Cylinder of Curses

Infinity Crown

Ring of Doom

Robes of Doom

Circlet of Origins

Alchemy Seal

Cube of Seduction

Shade Ring

Fountain of Secrets

Circlet of Charming

Darkness Jar

Vice Robes

Cube of Spellbinding

Shield of Downfall

Crown of Flame

Book of Light

Arch of Divinity

Mask of Passion

Mask of Peace

Disc of the Dead

Athanasia Chalice

Mask of Wishes

l’Anneau de Contagion

Best Artifact Names

The oldest artifact source is the excavation site of the Harappan civilization, which is considered the oldest and the smartest civilization on the planet.

The artifact shows that they had developed an advanced irrigation system for their fields. Here is a list of the best artifact names.

Fountain of Seduction – to make them want to engage in sexual activity with you

Staff of Enigmas – a person, thing or situation that is difficult to understand

Alchemy Box – magic power that can change things

Equinox Jar – one of the two times in the year

Mantle of Fertility –  the part of the earth between the surface

Shade Sword –  something that keeps out light or makes it less bright

Finality Canopic Chest – the fact or impression of being final and irreversible

Ichor of Rebirth – a watery discharge from a wound

Sword of Resistance –  long, very sharp metal weapon, like a large knife

Paramount Gauntlet – most important

Circlet of the Aether 

Box of the Oracle

Primal Fleece

le Bouclier de Faim

Ichor of Evils

Immunity Letters

Key of Misery

Aurora Necklace

le Grimoire d’Étanchéité

le Pilier de Damnation

Instrument of Courage

Chalice of the Heavens

Sword of Mysteries

Runes of Protection

Skull of Sanctification

Tome of Fortitude

Bracelet of Exiles

Runes of Rebirth

la Plaque de Séduction

Rod of Acrimony

la Peau d’Innocence

Box of Massacres

Horn of Remedies

Shard of Souls

Instrument of Hell

l’Arche de Runes

Fountain of Time

Fortitude Elixir

Key of Light

Hallowed Hand

Staff of the Gods

Blinding Door

Chalice of Oblivion

Arch of Enthrallment

Robes of Demons

Invincibility Sandals

Elixir of Resistance

Door of Desire

Chalice of Decadence

Anguish Canopic Jar

Disc of Grace

Statue of Eternity

Shield of Abundance

Flame Ring

Damnation Shard

Ark of Peace

Monolith of Shadows

Cursed Seal

Cloak of Blinding

Band of Corruption

Crown of Origins

Fruit of Angels

Mirror of Flame

Feather of the Titans

Fortitude Stone

Necklace of Summoning

Inscriptions of Benediction

Box of Collapse

le Cuir d’Immobilisation

Cup of Time

Hand of Spells

Shield of Corruption

Resistance Crown

Ark of Bane

Microlith of the Gods

le Sabre de Chance

Disc of Collapse

Fleece of Collapse

Staff of the Cosmos

Box of Invocation

Runed Monolith

Shield of Malevolence

Tablet of Sanctity

le Microlithe de Suprématie

Door of the Gods

Diabolic Grail

Necklace of Light

Gauntlet of Heroism

Root of Dreams

Goblet of Blinding

Gauntlet of Collapse

Texts of Radiance

Enigmatic Shield

Hand of Fear

Crown of Malady

Light’s Chest

Sword of Treachery

Cylinder of Vice

Twilight Circlet

Decimation Ring

Amazing Artifact Names

Artifacts’ value depends on the condition it is found in. Some of the artifacts dug up were damaged, which are usually less in value.

Still, some other preserved artifacts, like those found in the Pyramid of Egypt, have very high value because of the protection against damage it had. Here is a list of notable artifact names.

le Disque de Mérite – record

Chest of Dismay – a strong feeling of disappointment and sadness

Boots of Misery – great unhappiness or suffering

Enigma Mask – a person, thing or situation that is difficult to understand

Pandemonium Stone – a state of great noise and confusion

Instrument of Damnation – a tool that is used for doing a particular job or task

Symbols of Evil – a sign, object  

Restoration Canopic Jar – the return of something to its original condition

Hell’s Statue – a place where evil people are believed in some religions to suffer after death

Prosperous Hand –  rich and successful

Door of Lunacy

Canopic Jar of Youth

Tablet of Heroism

Mantle of Dreams

Runes of the Aether

Anguish Arch

Fountain of Silence

Chalice of Dismay

Goblet of Eternity

Disc of Angels

Arch of Runes

Hand of Malediction

Instrument of Spirits

Stone of Agony

Demonic Chest

Scroll of Oblivion

le Gant d’Obscurité

Angel Chest

Ring of Revival

le Texte de Malheur

Lamp of Binding

Fleece of Longevity

Tiara of Delirium

Shield of Divinity

Genesis Sword

Grail of Delusion

Boots of Gold

Teleporting Skull

Scroll of Fate

Scroll of Hatred

Unholy Cup

Chest of Longevity

Flame Cube

Blight Necklace

Fate’s Monolith

Fleece of the Crux

Anarchy Sword

Frost Horn

Hand of Guardians

Cube of Greed

Oblivion Statue

Archangel Feather

Sword of Strength

Gauntlet of the Titans

Resurrection Cup

Aurora Fruit

le Rouleau de la Renaissance

Golden Tiara

Chest of Dread

Key of Damnation

Microlith of the Aether

Statue of Downfall

Almighty Necklace

Goblet of Vice

Inscriptions of Hell

Instrument of Destiny

Book of Protection

Titan Texts

Seal of Virility

Ring of Rain

Shadow Mirror

Staff of Honesty

Seal of Desire

Enigmatic Grail

Letters of Spirits

Stone of Decadence

Instrument of Spite

Urn of Shapeshifting

Tome of Torment

Rod of Divinity

Tome of Frost

Fire Fountain

Robes of Depravity

Longevity Boots

Runes of Silence

Enigma Scroll

Scroll of Gluttony

Horn of Service

Tiara of Spirits

Destiny’s Jar

Jar of Gold

Torture Letters

Urn of Youth

Storm Root

Celestial Monolith

Slab of Futures

Gem of Resurrection

Grimoire of Spirits

Seal of Black Magic

Bravery Fruit

Awesome Artifact Names

Artifacts can be of many types. Sometimes it is as basic as a spoon or a pot made of clay; sometimes, it can be a bar of gold as found in the Pyramid of Egypt.

These excavation sites usually need a huge amount of security to protect the artifact. Here is a list of awesome artifact names.

Mantle of Invincibility – the quality of being too powerful to be defeated or overcome

Tome of Silence – no noise or sound at all

Tome of Toxin – a poisonous substance

Petrifying Monolith – so frightened that they are unable to move

Fruit of Futures – the time that will come after the present

Goblet of Decadence – a glass or metal cup for drinking wine

Enigma Canopic Jar – a person, thing or situation that is difficult to understand

Chalice of Radiance – a large cup or goblet

Worship Seal – to pray to and show respect for God or a god

Skull of the Creed –  the bone structure of a human or animal head

Grail of Venom

Necklace of Doom

Ring of Grace

Agony Stone

le Bocal de Protection

Invisibility Gauntlet

Root of Gold

Staff of the Creed

Eclipse Mantle

Sandals of the Crux

Microlith of All-Seeing

Fountain of Apathy

Rod of Strength

Chalice of Greed

Pestilence Skull

Cube of Absorbing

Gem of Annihilation

Binding Skull

Gem of Protection

Rod of Spellbinding

Canopic Chest of Sanctity

Mantle of Annihilation

Ark of Mending

Boots of Acrimony

le Flocon de Jurons

Fleece of Temptation

Dread Sword

Teleportation Cube

Grimoire of Serendipity

Goblet of Spirits

Seduction Robes

Canopic Jar of Storms

Canopic Jar of Divinity

Symbols of Radiance

Binding Grimoire

Fountain of Paradise

Resolution Inscriptions

Feather of Banishment

Hand of Binding

Microlith of Hunger

Texts of Healing

Hell’s Boots

Goblet of Futures

Pillar of Blessings

Fruit of Eternity

Titan Amulet

Chalice of Riches

Angel Stone

le Fruit du Dieu

Mantle of Rain

Book of Divinity

le Manuscrit de Puissance

Skull of Infinity

Soul Scroll

Goblet of Charming

Obedience Runes

Sandals of Chance

Sword of Benediction

Seal of Malady

Robes of Truth

Immortal Key

Ark of Nightmares

Fruit of Resistance

Aethereal Canopic Jar

Venom Shield

Seal of Rain

Sandals of Black Magic

Seraphic Statuette

Slab of Banishment

Philosopher’s Staff

Symbols of Frost

le Flocon de la Tombe

Ichor of Enthrallment

Torture Root

Spite Hand

Valor Cup

Rod of Downfall

Ring of Fortuity

Necklace of Loyalty

Bravery Sword

Amulet of Toxin

l’Ichor de la Flotte

Disc of Wealth

Staff of Malady

Chest of Seduction

Guardian’s Feather

Elixir of Darkness

Bracelet of Lust

Grimoire of Vice

Fleece of Malice

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