630+ Best Astrology Blogs and Pages Names

Most of the people, being in the modern era, still believe in astrology as a genuine science as some of the greatest scientists have commented that astrology can predict the future.

Therefore, people take more interest in knowing their future and other mysterious things in astrology.

Top 15 Astrology Blogs of the World

Vedic Astrology Blog – This blog helps people under astrology as explained in the Vedas. The blog has various articles about the Vedic science behind astrology, discussions, etc.

Astrology: The Astrology of Sex, Love & Relationships –  This blog is run by a group of bloggers in Brooklyn, New York, and weekly post astrological forecasts about love, relationships, and sex. It also has a segment where they compare the romantic compatibility of couples.

Darkstar Astrology By Marina –  This blog run by United kingdom Based Marina provides the readers with horoscopes that can be personalized as monthly or yearly and have plenty of articles about mythology.

YourTango – This blog is more of an online magazine blog that is dedicated to helping you understand your zodiac sign and its underlying meanings as to how it can affect your love life and relationships.

The Astro Codex – This blog was started by Ordo and Xaos because they thought it was absolutely necessary to share knowledge about astrology online so that more people would have access to it.

Astro Butterfly – This blog deals with tropical astrology and has a very practical approach to understanding astrological practices. The blog also provides you with knowledge about the power of positive psychology, Ayurveda, and art therapy.

Tarot Life Blog –  This blog is a one-stop shop for everything regarding astrology starting from tarot reading to numerology. The blog posts four times a quarter.

Best Astrology Solution Blog by Pandit Subhash Shastri – This astrology blog is run by Pandit Subhash Shastri who is a renowned astrologer and has clients from all over the globe. This astrology guru is based in the Indian city of Jaipur and has many years of experience.

The Hoodwitch – If you were ever interested to know more about witchcraft then this blog should be on your must-follow list. The blog provides witchcraft solutions for the modern-day man, but always keep in mind to have respect for the planet.

Ruby Slipper Astrology by Nadia Gilchrist –  This blog, as the name suggests, is run by Nadia Gilchrist who is a self-proclaimed horror story addict. She provides her readers with tarot readings and other card readings and is an avid reader of fantasy novels.

Moon Loving Astrology by Yasmin Boland – This blog puts up a new post every once a week and covers everything from star readings to daily horoscopes to compatibility charts.

Sally Kirkman Astrologer – Sally Kirkman calls herself “The Consultant to the Stars”. She is a blogger who is very passionate about astrology and loves writing about the same.  

Astrology Patrick Arundell This blog started in June 2010 and has been posting a new piece every week. The purpose of this blog is to help people get a better understanding of themselves and get practical insights into astrology.

 Boho Astro Weekly Joanne Madeline Moore – This quirky blog is all things astrology but with a Boho twist. Run by astrologer Joanne Moore of international fame, this blog is a must-follow for all astrology buffs.

Pandora Astrology Blog by Jamie Kahl –  Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jamie Kahl runs this popular astrology blog. This blog will help you achieve success in your professional as well as your love life by means of astrology!

Hence, astrology blogs are getting more views and have become a popular search on the internet. Many of the astrologists created their blogs to help people with their future plans and to earn money through the same.

It is a good idea to start a blog now and get noticed for your astrology works.

Catchy Astrology blog names

Smart Belief

Prediction Game

Star Signs

Orbit Tides

Human Physics

Predict Claim

Read Mystical

Horoscope Cave

Astrology Idea

Fun Horoscope


Clear Reaction

Bumping Mind

Magic Belief

Universe Things

Life Sense

Culture Help

Genuine Therapy

Imaginary Things

Future Feel

Human Desire

Astro Life

Mysterious Force

Future Advice

Moral Ethics

Far Vision

Sixth Sense

Flat Proof

Planet Expert

Cold Reading

Smoke Screens

Carnival Trick

Better Advice

Star Projects

Science Theory

Dynamic Control

Fairy Facts

Gravity Effect

Space Force

Fact Hunt

Astrology Files

Genuine Science

Dynamic Field

Zodiac Magic

Black Magic

Supernatural Power

Spiritual Hub

Fascinate Star

Prediction Zone

Tricky Point

Illusion Abode

Conjuring Berth

Foretell Cruise

Black Art

Power House

Astro Part

Presage Service

Mind Tricks

Focus Life

Con Artists

Luck Claim

Prediction Story

Predict Expert

Future Skills

Vedic Life

Astronomy Chart

Star Origins

Spiritual Man

Logic Root

Religious Form

Mystery Core

Cosmic Stuff

Future Sight

Astro Speak

Straw Men

Forecast Diary

Trap Chart

Astro Stuff

Zodiac Minds

Life Chance

Sign Scripts

Life Guidance

Dark Matters

Astro Symbols

Spiritual Side

Astro Mapping

Myth Facts

Ritual Magic

Solar Station

Secret Destiny

Celestial Energy

Heaven Pattern

Gemstone Sect

Chart Wheel

Desire Fits


Hypnotic Game

Life Predict

Horoscopy Piece

Divine Sense

Reveal Life

Cosmic Story

Sky Talks

Astrology Blog Names

Star Guide

Alien Moment

Divine Star

Mind Balance


Giant Star

Mystic Astro

Planet Physics

Lunar Predict

Logic Wing

Planet Effect

Science Control

Earth Branch

Fortune Sign

Magic Sequent

Star Experiment

Mystic Tarot

Astro Tiger

Divine Comedy

Symbol Origin

Astro Source

Planet Science

Gem Planner

Nature Power

Karmic Pattern

Cross Life

Spiritual Cat

Star Talks

Jovial Star

Critical Degree

Grand Trine

Fortune Chart

Sign Project

Element Grade

Moon Harvest

Solar Aspect

Horizon Sign

Fortune Wheel

Planet Ruler

Moon Nodes

Astro Report

Divine Sphere

Crystal Gaze

Special Sense

Success Origin

Prophecy Sect

Predict Book

Lunar Aspects

Sign Reading

A blog is a page on the internet where you can post your views and get comments from the readers. Only a blog can have the option to communicate with a blogger directly. For a business, a blog acts as a marketing tool and for an individual, it is a way to earn money around the clock.

Trending Astrology Blog Names

Top Astrology Pages Names

Since a blog is updated frequently, people get fresh information through it. This is totally different from a website. Hence people are attracted more towards blogs. Therefore, it is necessary to select a unique blog name to get more readers to the blog.

-Prediction Play

-Stars Saga

-Horoscope Hype 

-Sign Session

-Lunar Logic 

-Provide Prophecy 

-Crystal Clinic

-Divine Detail

-Planet Principles

-Solar Sensor

-Astro Advice 

-Moon Method

-Spiritual Social 

-Karma Callin’ 

-Tarot Traffic

-Cosmic Calibre 

-Gemstone Guide 

-Celestial Conversation

-Magic Milestone

-Forecast Fables 

-Mind Muse

-Future Flex

-Religion Radius 

-Vedic Visions 

-Supernatural Signals 

-Belief Bonus 

-Darkstar Destiny

-Numerology Niche

-Witchcraft Web 

-Vision Virtue 

-Prediction Point

-Stars Strategy

-Horoscope Hub

-Sign Topic 

-Lunar Lense 

-Pro Prophecy

-Casual Crystal

-Divine Depth 

-Planet Potion

-Solar Selection

-Astro Arena

-Moon Value

-Spiritual Session

-Karmic Knight

-Tarot Thought

-Cosmic Chaos

-Gemstone Group

-Celestial Conquest

-Magic Media

-Forecast Forum 

-Mind Magazine

-Future Foresight

-Religion Realm

-Vedic Verse 

-Something Supernatural

-Belief Base

-Darkstar Duo

-Numerology Nature

-Witchcraft Wiz

-Volatile Visions

-Prediction Preview

-Stars Setup

-Horoscope Hustle

-Sign Cloud 

-Lunar Lingo

-Prophecy Prism 

-Crystal Comfort

-Divine Design

-Planet Politics

-Solar Simplified

-Astro Art

-Moon Mood

-Spiritual Sunshine

-Karma Knots

-Tarot Topic

-Cosmic Call

-Global Gemstone

-Candid Celestial 

-Magic Might

-Forecast Frame

-Mind Margin

-Future Fluency

-Religion Radar 

-Vedic Village

-Supernatural Sunshine

-Belief Buzz

-Darkstar Den

-Numerology Nomad

-Witchcraft Work

-Vision Very Much 

-Prediction Pact

-Stars Sutra

-Horoscope Heritage

-Signs Secret

-Lunar Lounge

-Prophecy Pals

-Crystal Charm

-Divine Direction

-Pure Planets 

-Solar Suggestions

-Absolute Astrology

-Moon Grid

-Spiritual Stories

-Karmic Kid

Astrology Pages Names

-Tarot Today

-Cosmic Creed 

-Gemstone Galaxy

-Celestial Canvas

-Magic Method

-Forecast Feature

-Mind Morals 

-Future Factor

-Relish Religion

-Vedic Vibe 

-Supernatural Shore 

-Belief Bell 

-Do Darkstar

-Numerology Ninja

-Witchcraft Wonders 

-Visions Venture

-Prediction Profits 

-Solvin’ Stars

-Hearty Horoscope

-Signs Signal

-Lucky Lunar

-Prophecy Pillar

-Crystal Convo

-Divine Destiny

-Planet Plan

-Solar Series

-Astro Assist

-Moon Module

-Spirit Sports

-Karma Prospect

-Tarot Trade

-Cosmic Chart

-Gemstone Gallery

-Celestial Corner

-Magic Machine

-Forcast Fort

-Mind Motive 

-Future Faith

-Religion Reflex

-Vedic Views

-Supernatural Social

-Belief Benefit

-Darkstar Desire

-Numerology Net

-Wild Witchcraft

-Vision Values 

-Prediction Profile

-Stars Secret

-Horoscope Habitat

-Sign Science

-Lunar Lifestyle

-Prophecy Power

-Crystal Abstract

-Divine Daily

-Planet Panel 

-Solar Sense 

-Astro Affairs

-Moon Melody

-Spiritual Ease 

-Karma Quiz

-Tarot Thrill 

-Cosmic Colour

-Graphic Gemstone

-Celestial Clique 

-Magic Magnet

-Flaky Forecast

-Most Minds

-Faded Future

-Religious Roads

-Vedic Vitals 

-Supernatural Style

-Belief Bubble

-Darkstar Discussion

-Numerology Nerd 

-World O’ Witch 

-Prediction Port

-Stars Status

-Horoscope Crib

-Strategic Signs 

-Lunar Links

-Plain Prophecy

-Crystal Channel

-Divine Dose

-Positive Planet

-Solar Sight 

-Astro Aura

-Moon Measure

-Spiritual Response

-Karma Key

-Tarot Tea

-Cosmic Comfort

-Gemstone Glory 

-Celestial Circle

-Magic Mojo 

-Future Fairy 

-Mind Maze

-Future Finds 

-Religion Recovery

-Vivid Vedic 

-Supernatural Mind 

-Build Belief

-Darkstar Depth

-Numerology Nova

-Wise Witch

-Prediction Pad

-Stars Stimulation

-Horoscope Assessment

-Signs Solution

-Lunar Liberty

-Prophecy Planet

-Critical Crystal

-Divine Discussion

-Planet Problems

-Solar Synergy

-About Astro 

-Moon Magic

-Spiritual Spice

-Karma Cosmo 

-Tarot Traits 

-Cosmic Community

-Gemstone Garden

-Celestial Circuit

-Magic Mission

-Forecast Flavours

-Mend Mind

-Religion Raven 

-Vedic Virtue

-Supernatural Stuff 

-Belief Bones 

-Darkstar Delights 

-Numerology Dynamic

-Witch Whispers 

-Prediction Pioneer

-Stars Scripts

-Horoscope Click

-Simple Signs 


-Prophecy Property

-Crystal Care

-Divine Discovery

-Planet Pairs 

-Social Solar 

-All Astro

-Moon Mirage 

-Spiritual Visions 

-Karma Pattern

-Tarot Tag

-Cosmic Consciousness

-Gemstone Geek

-Celestial Charm

-Demand Darkstar

Trending Astrology Pages Names

Geek Astrology Blog Names

Click Geek

Armed How

Freak Geek

Cool Tech

Daily Express

Danger Room



Forever Geek


Dork Chat

Fan Boys

Maniac System

Dork Pages

Fanatic Advisors




Hack a Day

How-To Geek

IT Toolbox Blogs

Idiot Stone

Fan Team

Nerd Alive

Moron Savvy

Fan Wiki

Eccentric Tees

Maniac Resources

Techno Flourish

Engineer Plus



Rough Type


Tech Spot

Tech Trader Daily

Tech Obtain

Techs Develop

Technique Bump

Tech Expand

Expert Gain

Tech Extra





Technology Lab

The Register

Tactical Grow

Technique Mark

Tech Load

Skilled Climb

Design Spike

Techno Enlarge

Skilled Over

Techs Build

Tech Rise

Industry Zoom

Expert Sum

Techno Enrich

Skill Explode

Formal Push

Freaky Extra

Cranky Surge

Geek Enrich

Geek Boom

Type Zoom

Screen Client

Device Download

Machine Dev

Notebook Class

Cyber Application

Software Platform

Video Execute

Laptop Shell

Keyboard App

Mainframe Computer

Device Method

Internet Hack

Digital Data

Machine Pattern

Cyber Object

Astrology Blog Name Generator

Astrology Blog Name Generator

Ignite your experience with our Astrology Blog Name Generator – unleash your unique online persona!

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