159+ Great Atletico River Plate Team Slogans

Atletico River Plate is one of the most popular football teams in Argentina. They are commonly known as River Plate or River only.

The team has won the Primera Division championship of Argentina 36 times making a record by their latest victory in the finale of 2014.

They are one of the most supported teams as they have won many domestic trophies multiple times. Moreover, they have 18 international victory titles. 

Best Atletico River Plate Team Slogans

  • Fear the river eleven
  • The red stripes will win
  • Here to take the day
  • We hate to lose
  • Won’t stop supporting the river
  • It’s all about football
  • The emotion is greater than football
  • Here to win a million hearts
  • Playing since 1901
  • We strive for victory

The club Atletico River Plate was founded on 25th may of 1901 by merging two clubs known as Santa Rosa and La Rosales. The club was later affiliated with the Argentine Football Association in 1905.

The team has got a jersey of white with a red stripe on it. They have been the only Argentine time with multiple victories in various championship trophies held.

List of the cheer up football slogans for cheering up the River Plate team:

Hold on to the River

Let hear it for the River!

Any way the wind blows, let’s cheer for the Atletico River Plate

River eleven on a single mission

The river is the champion forever

Hustle for the Win

Atletico River all over the world

Nothing lasts forever, but the “River” do

Shout out loud for the Atletico River Plate

Atletico River Plate – the dream team

River Plate knocks you out

Go Red and White

What are you waiting for? River Plate is Here!

River Plate knows how to win

It’s time to battle, River Plate!

River Plate! Let’s make our dreams come to life.

The river is here, nothing is impossible

River Plate – a team like brothers

We wish for it, River Plate works for it.

Here comes the Boom!

Our heart beats for the River Plate

River Plate – a team that never quit

Let’s do this boy!

Say it loud say it proud

Champions are with champions, so are we!

Football fans are River Plate fans!

atletico river plate team slogans

We do have the same goal, but you can see River Plate do it perfectly.

Until they leave the ground, the game is ON!

Red strips on white looks cool!

To Support River Plate or NOT? Such a bad question!

Here they stand, the opponent falls!

There is a will, there is a way for River

River Knows its way

Do support, River Plate never disappoints

Opponents beware of Armani

You cannot find a defender like Rojas

Angileri, the midfielder you cannot take the ball from

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Always ready for the game!

River Plate – Winning hearts since 1901.

The combination of red and white makes me awesome!

Nobody does it better than the River Plate.

As long as they are in the ground, they own it!

Never tired of winning our hearts, none other than River Plate

Los Millionarios winning millions of heart

River Plate – losing is not in their blood.

River Plate – either they win the game or our hearts

The more you watch them, the more you love them!

Football means River Plate

Here echoes the noise of Victory

Bet you cannot get through Armani!

Never have I ever hated River Plate

Hope for the best, as you Know red stripes are the best!

Cheer up for the lions

High hopes for “The River”

The heart and soul of Argentina

We share the same goal, so support River Plate

Shout out loud, your team needs it

Football has a name in Argentina – Atletico River Plate

River Plate – not just a team but an emotion

We have faith in River Plate

Love for the River Plate, respect for the opposition.

Let us heat up the land of Argentina

Go River Go, let us show some Football!

Play with all your might and let us paint red and white

Football is our heart and red stripes are the blood running in the veins.

River Plate – the brave soul

River Plate – Creating history with the victory

Come on River Plate, show them who you are!

River Plate – shaping the victory since 1901

Take us higher and bring out the fire in you

It is now or never, so shout out loud for river Plate!

It is the River Plate’s call to kick the ball

It is your day, make us happy and gay.

Kick it hard to have a big win

Your success, our progress

Let us show some football

Keep in the game until you raise the trophy

The match is ON! River Plate is here to knock you out

Show them the spirit of Argentina

Gotta cheer for the best team ever!

Eleven playing for the million hearts

You cannot get tired of watching them on the ground.

Cheer up for the future of Argentina Football.

River Plate keep us where the light is!

They play, our heart paces up

Cheer up for the legends

Sing for the unsung

Keep calm and support Atletico River Plate

River eleven with a dream

Breaking the grounds since 1901

River Plate wins our Hearts

Hip! hip! Hurrah! for Atletico River Plate

River Plate – a team a lot of potential

We are the kings of football!

River Plate – Victory is our Synonym

We wish, River Plate Fulfills.

Make some noise for the Argentina boys.

Nobody kicks the way they do

Kicking hard to victory

Atletico River Plate – the pride of Argentina

Football freaks are born here

The red stripes on the white is all we’ve got tonight!

Keep calm and support the River Plate

River Plate – Born Leaders

Victory is our destiny

The millionaires of Football

River Plate – the pride of Argentina

Red stripes on the white win the fight!

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The powerhouse of Argentina

Red white and black resembles perfection!

As we love Los Millionarios

Here comes the sun! River Plate

Coz you can’t get through Armani

River Plate is the heart of Argentina

River Plate Goes for the win!

Armani – The Great Wall of River Plate

White and Red always stay in the match

Nothing like us, nothing like the River Plate

River Plate never Gives up

River Plate always stays in the game

atletico river plate team slogans

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