Augmented Reality -The Successful Brand Marketing Strategy

Augmented reality marketing endured constant growth in recent period.  This tool engages customers in the most effective and interactive ways.

AR is a powerful tool to convey the brand’s objects to common customers by applying virtual technology.  Many experts say the tool can influence customers. Also, AR is capable of stimulating the buying instinct of customers.

This is the reason why AR has blown up the market. Moreover, there are several multinational companies that are adopting new technology to grow the product’s brand value.

 AR technology is completely able to bring the customers in virtual advertisements within a fraction of seconds.AR technology is so influential that most renowned organizations are upgraded their marketing system with technology.

Thus it has subsequently suppressed the importance of other tools. Also, it decreased the presence of marketing tools such as online mediums, radio, print, a television in the advertisement sector.

Due to fact, even those tools are also started thinking about their existence as they are losing their market and customer base as well. As they are also trying to develop their market stake significantly.

Let’s Know The Concept Of AR And Also The Utilization Of AR

 Today customers’ needs, as well as desires, drive the economy. But when a new technology develops in the market, customers automatically get through into it. Also, their preferences change in accordance with time.

AR technology allows customers to feel the most unique and distinct.  This technology also includes the wide use of mobile technology. Also, this technology comes with a mobile tapping option. Thus it makes a convenient method of advertising.

Mobile has become a very useful device that connects with customers so easily. These days’ customers really do their habitual buying through this application.  Most of the customers interact with mobile.

Similarly, this tool gives a tool that enhances your sales. Also, you can develop your brand value to the customers.

  You want a technology that develops your brand vertically. But you do not anything about AR. This article will help you to gain insight and knowledge of the technology. We will discuss everything step by step.

How Can You Use AR Technology?

You can market your product very easily: 

You are a newcomer in the market. You don’t want a strategic marketing tool. That could easily market your product additionally that could save the money also? Then AR technology is best for you. AR technology vertically develops brand value and also reaches your product to the customer’s hand.

Unique and still new in the market: 

Still now, augmented reality technology is a novel and new platform. As it is still new people stop to look around it. They will consume it as if it is new. As time will advance, the customers will be familiar with it.

Then you will find stiff competition at the time of using the technology. Therefore before the competition becomes tougher. Grasp the technology and use its benefits.

Redefine the branding with more humanistic value: 

Redefine the branding with a ‘living’ feeling:  You can equip many other technologies. But No other technology can provide you the lively feelings. But this technology will be able to induce liveliness in your brand. 

Here We Will Describe Some Of The Brands Through The AR Technology

Facebook AR Marketing And Ready Player One:  

Have you ever watched the cinema?  Of course, you will say yes. But have you ever felt connected with movie posters after seeing them instantly? Then you may say a big no’.  Most people avoid these posters as those posters do not have aliveness. Yes, that wants actually happens to us when we see the posters very frequently.

 But when you find immersive content that allures. You automatically get stuck on that. Moreover, you watch those contents.  Sometimes even, you do not only watch the content but also consume it.

Even you suggest your friends watch the content.  That’s how the brands gradually increase their presence in the market.

To make your brand’s presence everywhere, you have to hold your customers in your hand. You have to attach their hearts to your products or service. There is a very useful and classic example. A brand does the same thing earlier.

Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One brought an AR treat to promote their content. They are offering their film’s promotional content through Facebook through the scanning option and thus they permitting to entertain with the content. Customers may not have to install any app. They may access special 3D benefits only through a simple step of scanning.

USPS 2014 Holiday AR Campaign: 

US Postal service AR campaign brought a new campaign that wondered about many people. They are using this tool for promoting their gift-giving and holiday offers. Customers can go through the content through the platform.  They release the advertisement in 2014. Since then, they are able to get immense benefits out of it. 

After that, what happened, you know? The company’s inbox influxes with a lot of good wishes. Even many individuals help with cell phones in front of them. Customers turn into promotional gifts. Till then the UPSC never look back. Now the company is constantly developing its AR specifications.


When you buy a product from a mobile device, you may feel very confused. Whether the item you are buying will come in the right color or not. When we buy from a mobile device, we always think about the right color and the right option.

Similarly, your customers also may think in the same way as you think. After all, customers are also human beings. They are just like you.

When you fully focus on envisioning your product in front of customers. Then customers easily grasped that as they confirmed that they will desire color.

It is the key feature to give the guarantee of comfortable displaying. It actually centers on customers’ preferences, ease, and cost-effectiveness.

More Into IKEA-AR

 IKEA AR developed its marketing strategy based on the AR tool for its customers. Customers give a big thanks to the brand.

Because the particular company has developed the tool, they brought that kind of facility with the help of AR technology. Just, for example, a customer swipes the cell phone. Thought that they enter into different categories.

Imagine a customer who wants to purchase a sofa with their AR technology customers place their sofa in their home virtually. Just imagine the thrill and the pleasure of the customer.

 Of course, IKEA may be a decent example of branding through AR technology. They use the power of seeing and feeling. It permits their customers to take out and use the images in real life. This is a classic example of the utilization of entertainment as well as the


We are giving this example so that you can identify the aspects of this AR dimension. There are some AR-like technologies that also provide this type of marketing service. But these technologies are not at all like as AR.

Some people use these technologies as a substitute for AR. However, they may not be able to compete with or won’t qualify for the status of AR.

For example, Virtual reality is also a tool that provides Marketing services. But still, these have to go away a long way to compete with AI. Techno nerd is a brand that was earlier using the other tools. Now they turned into AI technology.

Stranger Things

 Perhaps you have watched the Advertisements for Stranger things on Netflix. Stranger things have made a tie-up with the customers. Thus they can make a strong connection with the customers.

When the customers enter the platform of Netflix, they watch the AR content. Thus they are successfully increasing the value of the brand in the whole world’s market.

Asos Virtual Catwalk:  

Asos is a company that sells apparel and fashion products. Since the start of their journey, they have adopted a marketing strategy that is more focused on mobile technology. And as a result, they are able to create their customers. 

 When the company understood this mobile technology can draw more benefits to them, it started its promotion with the help of AI. AI gave them a huge amount of success. AR tools brought a huge number of customers for them. Thus AI can help other companies too.

How People Use This Technology

  •  Rethink your brand.
  •  Decide on target customers
  •  Observe your customer’s move
  •  Use costly tools that may good, alluring experience
  •   Modify the plans
  •   Use your   resource very concisely 
  •  Most importantly, hire a good technical adviser who can develop your product very easily
  •  Never hurry while you develop your content
  •  Design the products very smartly young people use .mobile devices. Most importantly, the young people are quite proactive. And also, they are familiar with the technologies
  • Read the case studies related to AR. So that you can understand how other  companies are using the  AR technology
  •  Another critical step is to give access to your customers as they will go to your next-generation asset. Give your customers access so that they can feel your brand’s presence everywhere.

Things To Keep In Mind:

Power Is In Consumers’ Hands:

AR is completely under the customer’s control. They decide whether they will subscribe to it or not. Therefore to promote your brand with the help of AR, you need to produce products that entice the customer’s mind.

This is very crucial because once your customers decide to go with your competitor. Then it will be really difficult for you to bring them back.

Communication And Interconnection Are Important:

Your brand is your most powerful communication tool to convey your message. But, imagine if your product is unable to get your message. Then what will happen? Of course, then your brand will be successful. Your brand will be unsuccessful.

How your brand communicates to the customer matters. AI technology increases the communication capacity of your brand. After all, communication connects to the heart of the customers.AI and is capable of increasing the conversation

 For example, you are the owner of a brand. Your company supplies the products which are specially designed for disabled people. In addition to that, now, you want to promote your product. For that, at first, you need to identify disabled people.

In the second step, you need to showcase your product in front of them. After that, some of them may purchase your product. As that purchase will bring more customers to you. Therefore, before making the first sale, think a thousand times.

Know your customer’s mood. Plan it accordingly and study your customer’s purchase behavior before making the first sale of your product.

Renovation Is Necessary:

AI technology is blissful to business owners. As of now, many business owners have come up with multiple AI tools that help you to be a master to uplift your Brand’s presence. This is because most of the other market players are now new in the market.

Also, the business owner can innovate their product or service with the help of this technique.

Impulsion And Interaction: 

As an owner, do you feel scarce?  Do you want to make your brand powerful very comfortably? However, you understand that you need a strong marketing strategy that can influence your customers very quickly.

 To influence your customers easily, AI is the best solution. The reason is that AI connects with the need of the customer. It heels for the customer experience. For example, a customer is willing to buy a curtain. If a particular customer can feel the product’s real look with a 3D vision. Then the customer will be pleased.

It is helpful to increase the buying impulse of the customer .that business owners to gain immense profit. Because, at any cost, you want to make your brand more powerful.

Especially if you decided to promote your brand in front of young customers, then you must apply this to your brand.

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