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301+ Best Australia Day Party Names

Australia Day is celebrated as the Nation Day of the country Australia. It is a national holiday and is a day to reminisce on the glories and the rich past of the country. It brings out people’s patriotic feelings and is celebrated with friends and family. A successful party demands a unique Australia Day party name and loved ones.

Throwing a successful party that your friends and family remember for a long time requires a catchy name. It needs to be unique and original and should resonate with Australia Day. To help you out we have here a list of innovative Australia Day party names.

Here are some Catchy Australia Day party Names:

Delectable BBQ Party

Serenade with Advance Australia Fair

The Patriotic Parade

Patriotic Movie Fest

Cricket Mania

Remembering Our Past

It’s Our National Day!

Let’s play some Backyard Cricket!

Red, Blue and White

It’s Australia’s Birthday!

The Glory Years

Kangaroo Barbeque

Cricket n’ Cocktails

Hit the Less Travelled Path

Fireworks in the Night Sky

Cricket under the Stars

Get some Aussie BBQ!

Medley of Tunes

Dancing to the Beats

Open your Mind: Know Australia

Fun under the Sun

Kute Kangaroo Party

Roast n’ Toast

Wave the Flag

Friendly Family Cricket Tournament

Let’s Paint it RED, WHITE & BLUE

Foody Bonanza

It’s Grilling Time!

Light up the Sky

Barbeque on the Beach

Beach. Cricket. Barbeque.

Dress Down for the Big Dayy

Paintball Partyyy

Exploring Australia of the Past

To Discovering Alcoves

It’s the Waves, Martinis and Us

Barbeque for Brunch

It’s a Beachy Brunch

Running after the Kangaroo

Australia in the 80s Themed Party

Hap Hap Happy B’day Australia!

Black and White and Everything Nice

Show your Moves

We Patriotic Party

Journey Through Down Under

Singing on the Rocks

Jazz Up & Dazzle the Town

Spirit Sound

Splash in the Water!

 Party in Paradise

Hoppin’ & Poppin’

Tickle the Funny Bones

Pig on the Grill

Grill, Charcoal and Pork

Oink your way up

The King of the Meats

It’s the 90s Mate!

Funky Grill Event

Fiery Roast Party

It’s just Jazz and Booze

Meet some Kangaroos Party

Let’s Oink and Doink!

Kill the Grill

There’s BBQ in the air

Reminiscing the 70s

Cricket Themed Party

Fun with Cricket 

Grillin’ under the Sun

Eat. Compete. Repeat

Family Roast Party

Porky Party

Pork in the Belly

Dress up for Down Under

Grilled Pork & Pyjamas

Cricket and Friends

The Gaming Patriotic Party

Pork & Patriotism

Paint your Patriotism

Just Chillin’ & Grill’

Fiery Funday at the Beach

Poolside Grill Day

Mashed up Music Concert

Hop onto a Kangaroo

Pop on your Dancing Shoes

Musaholic Music Concert

Awesome Australia Day

Adventures on Australia Day

The Adventures of Australia

Field Trip on Australia Day

Australia Day Old School Style

Australia the Wonderland

Funday under the Sun Today

Flag Hoisting Ceremony

It’s Party Time on the Big Day!

Beach Ball Party

Our Golden Past

Arcade Party on Australia Day

The Smashing Grill Party

Dine under the Stars

One Year Wiser as a Nation

A Year in the Review

Australian Greats

The National Anthem Concert

Australia, Cricket and Kangaroos

Love Affair with Cricket Tournament

Sunday Pot Roast

Australia Day Quiz

Potluck on Australia Day

Potluck Brunch on the Beach

Glorious Australia Day Party

Australia in all its Glory

Masquerade themed Party

Australian Greats themed Party 

Tripping in the Beaches

Australian Greats Cosplay

A Musical Ode to Australia

Australian Flag Theme Party

It’s Australia’s Foundation Day!

The Pig of the Sydney Opera

Smoke n’ Roast

Let’s hit some Runs on Australia Day

A Musical Australia Day

National Day with Nancy

The March of Glory

Looking Back to Move Forward

Colourful Fiesta

Seafood on the Bay

Some Surf Some Turf

BBQ & Beer

Party like it’s Foundation Day!

Dolled up in Patriotism

Riot of Colours Party

Aglow with Pride

Smoke & Seasoning & Pork

Neon Themed Australia Day Party

Drive through History

Slip & Slide Party

A Party to Remember

The Ultimate Australia Day Party

Cocktails on Australia Day

Wild Wild Down Under

The Bestest Australia Day Party

Party under the Australian Sky

Australia Day Party Fever

Party and Pets on Australia Day

Poolside Partyyy

Cocktails all the Way Down

Beachside Surf n’ Turf

A Day by the Pool

Australian Themed Costume Party

Big Day call for some BBQ

Soiree by the Pool

Pork Smokers

Wild with the BBQ

Lucid Music Concert

Australian Dreamland Party

Grills Ablaze BBQ

BBQ by the Water

Kickstarting the Day with a Bang

BBQ N’ Mash

In-House Australia Day Party

BBQ & Bonfire on Australia Day

Let’s Get Buzzed on Australia Day!

Grilling and Camping Trip

BBQ with Bigfoot

Soulful Music Concert

Tunes & Melodies

Some Serious Smoking Pork

Barbeque in the Backyard

Aqua Australia Day Party

Hiking on Australia Day

Mystery themed Australia Day Party

Road trip on Australia Day

Brunch by the Tides

Cool Pool Party

Charms of Australia

Charred Pork Party

Razzle & Dazzle Dance Party

Cricket and Scones on a Breezy Day

Dessert Delight Party

Quirky Misfits Party

Seafood Dinner Party

Crab Fest by the Beach

Friendly Cricket by the Shore

Soulful Food with Friends & Family

The Cosmos Party

Build a Sandcastle Party

Get to Know Your Country Party

Meat Board Seaside Party

Fireworks by the Shore

Indigenous Movie Night

Awestruck by Australia

Cheesy Breezy Party

Unearthing Hidden Australian Gems

Treasure Hunt Party

Exploring the Alleys of Melbourne

Beach Bash on Australia Day

Australian Quiz Escape Room

Catch the Fish, Grill the Fish

Nature Trail on Australia Day

Connect with Cricket

Soiree in the Woods

Australian Food with Family

Fish and Grill by the Lake

Cruise & Barbeque

Connecting with Australian

The Perfect Australia Day Party

Bring Your Own Lunch Brunch

Cabin Party on Australia Day

Fishes and Crabs on the Grill

Vegan Australia Day Dinner Party

In-house Dance Night

Sing your Love for Australia Concert

Educational Trip on Australia Day

It’s not a Party if there’s no Roast!

Charcuterie Board Party

Lemon & Limes Dance Party

Get to meet a Kangaroo Trip

Medley fun in Melbourne

Serene Sydney by the Night

Meat Galore Carnivore Dinner

Field day at the Stadium

Craaazy Cricket Party

Freestyle Dance Fest

A Slumber Night in Sydney

Australia Day Forever

The Beauty of Indigenous Australia

Australia at its Best

Party in Home Stadium

Home Movies Party

Marine themed Australia Day

Epic Bash on Australia Day

Chasing the Sharks

Making Australia Day Great

My Australia, My Pride

It’s Game On on the Big Day!

Australia Day calls for Games

Burgers and Roast Lunch Party

Australian themed Pirate Quest

Shades of Australia

Have some fun Day!

Tea Party on Australia Day

Games Galore on Australia Day

Game Meat Lunch Party

Cricket with the Kids

Crackling Pork by the Beach

Find the Seashell Beach Day

It’s Movie Night on the Big Day

Retro themed Australia Day Party

Beach, Breeze & BBQ   

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