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151+ Best Autism Awareness Campaign Slogans

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that impairs the person’s capability to communicate and interconnect

It impacts the nervous system and affects the overall emotional, cognitive, social and physical health

Autistic face challenges with social skills, speech and nonverbal communication. Autism affects 1 in 59 children in the United States today. Henceforth it become really essential to know about it and spread awareness of the same.

Best Autism Awareness Slogans

  • Love the differently-abled
  • Differently abled, not disabled
  • It is not the end
  • Do not be ignorant
  • Love them a little more
  • They deserve the same attention
  • Working for a chance
  • Working towards a better cause
  • Different is not disabled
  • Love and acceptance

People having autism, learn , think in different ways. It depends upon particular individual and it can be as varied as highly skilled to severely challenged. however some live independently in their lives, some might need significant support in day to day life, while others may require less support. 

List of Best slogans on Autism awareness Campaigns.

Autism is a spectrum disorder

Autistics have distinct set of strength and challenges

Autism is not a disease, it’s a disorder

Autism speaks, try to understand it

Intuit, Accept, respect

Don’t ignore indications, early intervention yield out to be positive

Don’t stare, u can’t see my Extra chromosome

Stop judging autistics don’t lie or think wrong for anyone

Be a supporter, not a leg puller

Autism impacts nervous system, Support Autism awareness!

I can’t speak properly, please try to understand me

I am Autistic and can understand everything, why can’t you?

 Autistic children don’t misbehave, they try to adjust

I am Autistic, not weird

Try to see world from my perception, it’s different

Don’t ignore , don’t stare I know I am different not strange

Autistic don’t demand cure, they need care

There’s no cure, therefore accept Autism

Autism doesn’t makes me an Alien

Acceptance is a solution

Autism is a part of person affected, he is more interesting than this

Autism doesn’t make anyone disabled, they have some special abilities

Embrace specialities of person with autism

Awareness brings courage to accept

Autism is nothing to run away from

Being different isn’t difficult, perhaps difficult situation is when you stare me

Autism must be embraced

Autism doesn’t build layer of judgement in my eyes

Autism is just a part of me, I am more interesting

Autism is a variable disorder

Get along don’t get away

Autism is not an epidemic,it’s doesn’t spread

autism awareness campaign slogans

Autistic are also emotional, affectionate and romantic

Autism has nothing to do with good or bad parenting

Try to be a part of the world of person having autism

Autism is not merely a word, it defines life of millions

Be patient with Autistics, they too are sensitive

Encourage, motivate and accept

Autism acceptance is end to autism awareness campaigns

I will shine in a different way, God made me autistic

Autism is a developmental disability, not mental disability

Acknowledging Autism is first step towards acceptance

Questioning is better than staring, you might accept after having right answers

My abilities are my strength, don’t focus on me being autistic

Try to change your perspective, you may understand autism

Autistics are unique

Autism makes a child extraordinary

Autism can make a kid shy

Autism shouldn’t affect your acceptance for anyone

Strength to those who have autism

Love for autistics, to the moon and back

People with autism are not disabled, those who can’t accept them are disabled

Treat a person as a person, regardless of autism. Simple!

Autistic only need your attention

Try to create a safe works for autistics, by simply accepting them

We become happy in small achievements

Autism is not a curse

Autism can’t be a parameter for anyone’s capacity or creativity

Enter into the world of an autistic child and learn to live differently

Love and accept me, I can’t be changed by your anger or unacceptance

Autism can make a person different but no less or more

Love us the way we are

Accept me I am different , it’s easy it’s new

Either enjoy what I do, or let me alone enjoy it

I am not rude, we can be friends

Explore the world differently, an autistic can guide you

Autism needs support and awareness

Autistic lives do matter

Autistic children are not stupid,in fact some are extraordinarily genius

Wrong attitude towards anything is injurious to society

Don’t ignore , they are as sensitive as others

Autistic people are resolute

Be an Inspiration for those who still can’t accept autism

Don’t make a person conscious, they are already struggling

The day you start accepting it, you will feel difference in yourself

Your ignorance might hurt someone

Autism doesn’t makes anyone insensitive

Autism doesn’t mean they can’t understand

Less speaking is not choice for autistics

Become the one who doesn’t add up to problem of others

Autism doesn’t need sympathy, acceptance will work

Autism is nothing to be scared of

Autistic person never thinks of hurting others

I am different , and I am happy

Being different is not upsetting, others making me feel different upsets me

Autistics stims emotionally self regulate

Autism doesn’t mean problematic behaviour

Autism is anti boring, they keep you indulged

I am Autistic, not an alien

Let’s fight together to win against Autism unawareness

If you can’t understand, live and let others live

Why don’t you mind your business, if you have so narrow thought process

Autism is not an add on

An autistic is not any having disorder, they live with it. Help them by accepting them

Autistics can be your senior someday, treat everyone well

It’s difficult to understand autism completely untill you live with it

Don’t force me to be away from you, be emphatic

Teach your children to be polite with all other children regardless of any reason

Give me the space to perform my best

Don’t judge or demotivate me before knowing my strengths

Little things Matters us, we are Autistic and we enjoy every moment

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