481+ Creative Automotive Shop Names

In the U.S., the age of cars is at an average high of more than 11 years. Mainly with an increasing need for car repair, starting a small auto repair business may be a smart move, but there are several things to consider when opening up an auto repair business.

Define the Scope of Your Operation

Determine how many customers you plan to help per day and to what extent you will help them.

  • Types of services. So, you can either provide basic services such as oil and tire changes or comprehensive services such as collision repair, engine maintenance and electrical services.
  • New or current shop. Always determine if you will start from scratch or buy a current shop. Buying new means you have to buy everything including tools and equipment, whereas buying a current shop might mean that you already have everything you need to run your business.

Find a Strategic Location

Mainly situate your auto repair business close to main roads and highways. It needs to be in a centralized location to your customer base. Towing services are normally charged by the mile, and if you are not near your customers, they may go somewhere closer.

The garage mainly needs a wide access to allow customers to drive their cars in, a high ceiling of at least 15 feet to accommodate car lifts and a minimum mainly of a 6-inch thick floor to mount your equipment to.

Find Your Equipment

Your equipment is basically one of the most important things for your car repair shop. You can go to online shops such as Best Buy Automotive Equipment, Eastwood or ASE Deals Automotive Service Equipment to buy the tools for your shop. Depending on the services you provide, you need a wide range of equipment. However, three basics you need are:

  • Specialized set of mechanic’s tools. You can usually buy these in sets of 200 or more pieces. Your set should include wrenches, ratchets, hex keys and, a variety of assorted nuts and bits.
  • Diagnostic machine. This machine reads engine fault codes and displays live sensor data from the engine.
  • Car lifts. Car lifts mainly raise the car so you or your mechanic can work on it easier. Four to six of them is a good start for your business.

Licenses, Permits, and Regulations

So, in addition to a business license, your auto repair business needs an auto body repair license or the equivalent in your state. In New Jersey, this license is divided into three categories: full service, auto body limited, and auto body new dealer sublet.

Advertising for Your Auto Repair Business

One of the best ways to promote your business is through networking and establishing relationships with car dealerships. Basically, many don’t have their own mechanic shops and refer customers to local auto repair shops.

So, one way to get work from dealers is to have mechanics who are certified to work on particular brands of cars. So, if a dealer knows that you specialize in fixing its brand of car, it is more likely to refer clients to you.

Top Automotive Shop Names In The US

  • AAA Auto Mechanic
  • Above Pixel
  • Woods Mechanic
  • Wrench King Auto Repair
  • Your Honest Mechanic
  • Rightway Auto Repair
  • Rocket City Body Shop
  • Rolling Right Auto Repair
  • Screamin’ Motors Auto Shop
  • Screwbeat
  • We Love Autos! Repair Shop
  • West Loop Auto Body
  • Wheelsplay
  • Tinysafe
  • Triangle Auto Service
  • Tri-City Transmissions
  • Two Guys Auto Repair
  • The Carbon Hood
  • The Manic Mechanic
  • The Sharpe Collection
  • The Shop
  • Spare Tire Wheels and More
  • Speedy’s Engine Repair
  • St. Louis Tires Plus
  • Star Auto
  • Starr Motors
  • Expert Auto
  • RC Automotive
  • Ready To Go Auto
  • Real Pro Auto Service
  • Red Corvette Auto Repair
  • Red Wheels
  • Otto’s Auto Diagnostics
  • Paul’s Car & Truck Repair Shop
  • Pearl Shine Auto Repair
  • Performance Imports
  • Legit Automotive
  • Lenny’s Tire & Lube
  • Love Autos
  • Hot Rod Restorators
  • Hot Wheels Repair Shop
  • Ignition Auto Inc.
  • Extra Mile
  • GIC Car Clinic
  • Gold Crown
  • Hank’s Garage
  • Happy Helpers Auto
  • Feel Fresh
  • Fine Crew
  • Blue Jack Auto Repair
  • Echomotors Vehicle Engineers
  • Element Engine Specialists
  • Emergency Auto Shop
  • Engines 2 Mufflers Auto
  • Colonial Auto Center
  • Community Automotive Repair
  • Complete Automotive Systems
  • Crankshaft Automotive Specialists
  • Blue Ridge Tire
  • Car Doctor
  • Car Shapers
  • Cascades Auto Body
  • Central Agent
  • Central Body Auto Repair
  • Axle Automotive Inc.
  • Bay View Service Center
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Affordable Automotive
  • Beach Body Automotive
  • Best & Better

Starting up a business is no easy task, though; there’s quite a lot involved! It can seem overwhelming from securing the appropriate licensing and permits to the education requirements. Basically, here, we are going to focus on choosing good auto repair shop names!

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Tips To Choose The Right Automotive Shop Name

When it comes to owning any business, a name can mean the difference between scoring a new customer or getting passed over in a business listing!

This is why it’s so important to spend some extra time getting a name that will help keep you in business for years to come. So, just how do you think of some good auto repair shop names? Here are some pointers:

  • A” names: As an auto repair shop, you’re up against a lot of competition so it really helps to get your name at the top of any listings that might be available to consumers such as phone books or online listings.
  • Rhymes: Rhymes are memorable and fun, so it really can’t hurt to have something rhyme in the name!
  • Puns: Speaking of fun, using a pun in your business name might just drive some customers your way! Also fun and easy to remember!
  • Owner name: You are a business owner, so be proud! Using first name, last name, or initials are all pretty common in the auto repair biz. This is especially awesome if your initials spell out a word!
  • Specialty: If you are a specialized repairman, such as for transmissions or engine diagnostics, it really helps to specify this in your name so that consumers who specifically need your kind of business can seek you out much easier!

If you are in need of some example names, here’s a whole list for you to take a look at to get the spark in those plugs!

Best Automotive Shop Names

  • A+ Automotive
  • GreatDrive Auto
  • All About Auto
  • All Things Auto
  • Redstar Auto
  • Automotive Angels
  • Auto+ Experts
  • BestCar Care
  • Your car Caretakes
  •  Complete Car Care
  • Comprehenex
  • DiscountDex Automotive
  • FamilyFind Auto
  • Five Star Automotive
  • Full Service Auto
  • Auto Medal Automotive
  • GutenBerg Auto
  • InnovaPlus Auto
  • Mr. Automotive
  • NewHood Auto
  • New Age Automotive
  • On Demand Auto

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  • One Stop Automotive
  • Quick Care Auto
  • Ride for Life Auto
  • The Automotive Guys
  • The Auto Pros
  • CarCollective
  • Car Doctors
  • CarDesire
  • Car People
  • Car Whisperer
  • The Corner Automotive
  • The AutoPoint
  • The Honest Automotive
  • Trusted CarPoint
  • We Care Auto Stop
  • Care Doctor
  • AutoMed 
  • Hank’s Store
  • Mr Fix Auto
  • J and R Auto 
  • Crankshaft Automotive
  • For Wheels 
  • Ignition Auto 
  • 4 Wheels Auto
  • The Manic 
  • Cleen Street 
  • 24/7 Automotive
  • The Car Guys
  • Vroom Auto
  • In N Out Auto 
  • Quick Start 
  • Your Honest 
  • Under the Dash 
  • In the Hood Auto 
  • Engines 2 
  • We Love Autos! 
  • Mint Auto 
  • Classic Motor
  • Your Matrix 
  • Tri-City Trans
  • MIssion Auto
  • Best Bet Auto 
  • Exhausted Auto 
  • Shifters Auto
  • King AutoPoint
  • Auto Papa 
  • Hot Rod 
  • The Carbon Hood
  • Carbon N Chrome Auto Shop

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Car Accessories Shop Names List

  • Smithtrex Automotive
  • DieselDesire Automotive Center
  • Sunrise Auto Repair
  • Mountain Top Auto Shop
  • Wicked Wrench Body Shop
  • Bay View Service Center
  • Ready To Go Auto
  • Two Guys Auto Repair
  • Fo-Sho Auto Repair
  • Screwdriver Auto Shop
  • Car Carpenter
  • The Car Clinic
  • Wax On Auto Detailing
  • WhiteEnergy Auto Shop
  • Happy Helpers Auto
  • Frankie’s Famous Auto Shop
  • Rocket City Body Shop
  • The Auto Man
  • Pit Stop Auto Shop
  • HeurekaHide
  • SophiSheath
  • Rodeoxe AutoPoint
  • Pegasus  AutoPoint 
  • Armako  AutoPoint 
  • klout  AutoPoint 
  • LexoPixel  AutoPoint 
  • Geld  AutoPoint 
  • Ferrdan  AutoPoint 
  • Flank  AutoPoint 
  • Auto crown  AutoPoint 
  • Taurus  AutoPoint 
  • LifeLasing  AutoPoint 
  • Diuturnal  AutoPoint 
  • carbonate  AutoPoint 
  • Attache  AutoPoint 
  • SlimStrex
  • Panther  AutoPoint 
  • Chameleon  AutoPoint 
  • Automotive Loyal
  • Recover & Speedy’s Engine 
  • Premier N & L Automobile Repair Co.
  • Automotive Woods Mechanic
  • Automotive Agile
  • Automotive Leader
  • Automotive Instant
  • Revolution Mainstreet Automobiles
  • Import Wrench King Automotive
  • Phelps Brothers Automobiles
  • Automotiveex Toolbox 
  • Paul’s Car & Truck 
  • Automotive Drag
  • Automotivecouch
  • Automotive Check
  • Sharp Automobiles 
  • Automotive Propel & Boost
  • Direct Motor Agency 
  • Motor Repair
  • Transmission Physician
  • Shift Right Specialists
  • Element Engine Masters
  • Otto’s Car Diagnostics
  • Parts & Repair Automotive axle 
  • SpareShift Wheels and More
  • Lug Nuts Automobiles 
  • Lube Automotive Services
  • Just Patchy Mechanic
  • Allen’s Automobile Repair Co.

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Car Accessories Shop Name Ideas

  • Screamin’ Motors Auto Shop
  • Rolling Right Maintenance
  • AutoSure near You 
  • Cleen Street Automotives 
  • Detailing Cliff Repair
  • Colonial Automobile Repair Center
  • Community Automotive
  • Automotive Systems in Town 
  • Crankshaft Specialists
  • Restora for Automobiles
  • Classicflair
  • Right Center
  • GlassShift
  • Drag Repair for Automobiles
  • Automotives Tranny
  • Drag Racers Automotive
  • Repair Shop for Vehicles 
  • Hana Baizer Automotive
  • Grimmett Automotive Repair
  • Melrose Automobiles 
  • Bobby’s Auto Repair & Body Shop
  • Affordable Care of Hollywood
  • Quality Plus & Kevork Body Shop
  • Yoon’s Automotives
  • West Marina Automotives
  • Auto Body Repair
  • Battambang Repair for automotives
  • Matson Automobile Services
  • Automotive and Legit Repairs
  • Piechowski Center for Automobiles
  • SengAuto Repairs
  • Downtown Care for automobiles
  • Park’s Tire and Tank Repair
  • Pacific Service for Automobiles
  • Express Shop for automobile repair
  • Ori’s Automotives

Every Automotive Shop Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and know the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name is a branding of your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking. For automotive shop business names, you can generate catchy names online easily.

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