101+ Top Senior blogs and Pages names

These blogs are great sources of information based on personal experiences and professional advice, and they provide information that will improve your life.

Some senior blogs even give details on how to select apparel for seniors.  Blogs provide you with all the information you need to start on something.

Top 15 Senior Blogs of the World

Elder Chicks: Two senior women, Dr Thelma Reese and Dr Barbara Fleisher, run this blog to share their stories. This blog provides a platform for senior citizens to hold discussions and help each other navigate their retirement years in a rapidly changing world. It also advocates retirement activism for making a better world through dedication and commitment.

Time Goes By: This blog posts multiple times a week on a wide range of topics that every senior citizen can relate to. It discusses the music of the bygone era, family, retirement, health, changing technology, living and grief of dying, books, aging, wisdom and lessons learnt, and many such topics. A unique category is weekly updated “Interesting Stuff.”

Sunrise Senior Living: This regularly updated blog caters to all senior needs ranging from finance, lifestyle, nutritional advice, resources on care services and much more. This blog is an optimistic platform sharing heartwarming stories on the celebration of 100th birthdays, anniversaries, volunteering activities, incredible travelling experiences despite physical challenges and much more.

The Senior Nomads: This travel blog, run by the senior couple Debbie and Michael Campbell, details their personal experience of visiting more than 300 unique cities after their retirement. They share their travel advice and information to inspire and help other senior citizens to embark on such journeys. They also provide an Airbnb discount on their blog.

Grey Fox: David Evans runs this fashion blog to inspire the lifestyle and fashion style of men above 40. From menswear classics to newly emerging sustainable style, it has got it all. The “Accessories” features watches, belts, wallets, cycle helmets, shoes, hats and everything that will set one apart. The style sense of this blog is impeccable.

Senior Planet: A resource and information sharing blog that aims to support and celebrate ageing. This blog encourages senior citizens to engage with others and discuss any topic such as fashion, travel, dating and health. This blog aims to help senior citizens lead an active and happy life. It also focuses on helping seniors understand changing technologies. 

Sixty and Me: This blog is a trove of information and fashion inspiration for women above the age of 60. It features a comprehensive fashion category that shares new fashion trends, expert advice, accessories that suits the targeted age range and much more. It contains other senior-themed issues such as well-being, dating and finance under their lifestyle section.

The Art Of Manliness: One of the best blogs that cater to the interest of senior men. Even though this blog is for men of all ages, the senior men will not face any shortage of great content. To inspire them, this blog features knowledge sections, daily and weekly news, health, dating tips, jokes and cartoons, lifestyle articles and more. 

Bloggeries A blog that features a wide-ranging section on hobbies and is one of the best places to take up a new hobby from or to acquire more information and ideas on an existing hobby. The subcategories include knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, cooking and jewellery making to name just a few.

My Senior Health Plans: This blog serves senior citizens and cares about their health and well-being. It contains updated information on health and nutrition, ways to take care of oneself or a senior loved one and ways to cope with the difficulties of old age. It also features articles on senior health insurance, travel, fitness advice and memory care.

Seniors Aloud: A platform that allows senior citizens to connect and network with other like-minded seniors and share their stories and experiences. The weekly posts cover various thought-provoking topics and the blog also features relatable cartoons. The “Community Project” category shares the stories of community service that is changing the lives of seniors in need. 

VivaFifty: This colourful blog offers a bilingual community that celebrates the later ages of life and aims to empower senior citizens. It features informative posts that radiate positivity and makes one excited for the golden years. Along with sections on holidays, travel, health, lifestyle and fashion; the sections dedicated to mind and spirituality are indeed unique.

WOW: “Women’s Older Wisdom” is a path-breaking blog that strives to empower women over 60 and to celebrate the wrinkles and changing bodies. The unapologetically feminist Pat Taub, in this blog, shares her wisdom and life experiences. She aims to change the culturally approved ways of ageing by engaging in deep and meaningful conversations.

Mobility with Love: A one-stop blog that provides useful information on ways to improve the mobility of senior citizens with disability. One can find senior-themed articles on exercise equipment, walking aids, reviews on meal delivery services, sleep and well-being, recliners, helpful apps, dog breeds and much more.

Nothing But Net Nanny: A unique and one-of-its-kind blog which encourages and challenges the senior citizens to again attempt and share the things that they used to enjoy. With drastic changes in life after retirement, those once-beloved activities often become a thing of the youth. This blog tries to revive the lost passion and celebrates growing up.

Blogging is a hobby which is turned into profession these days. Many bloggers make handsome income through blogging. A blog is an online page where you can share your opinion and get comments from readers. Businesses create blogs to promote their services online. A blog name is as important as its contents.

Awesome senior blog names for you

Security Senior

Source Senior

Elder zone

Older Age Care

Living Hacker

Deeper Live

Mature Big

Life Perfections

Ages Big

Wise Steeper

Matures Drive

Younger Seniors

Superior Last

Way Meals

Major Aid

Old Nutrition

Superior Charge

Senior Fit

Older Energy

Elder Beauty

Elderly Run

Aged Sport

Senior Health

Aged Deal

Senior Medical

Senior Aid

Senior Care Art

Senior Easy

Elderly Clinic

Senior Gym

Bio Older

Senior Lift

Older Diet

Med Older

Aged Wish

Older Recovery

Senior Pulse

Yoga Older

Active Older

Healthcare skills

Alone care

Sunset colours

Seniors Globe

Mature Press

The Senior Post

Wiser Scoop

Senior News Line

Age seniors

Comfort Age Center

Senior Picks

Stories of Senior

An aged person needs quality care which is a great concern for many families to take care of them. There are many age old services which provide care for senior citizens including their finance, future planning, healthcare, food and nutrition advice, and a range of other helps. Senior needs extra care and the one who cares for them should have right knowledge in handling seniors.

Top Senior Pages Names

The senior related blogs are helping them by giving right advice and made their works easier with good resources available online. These blogs provide inspiration and positivity for senior carer.

Senior Blog Name Generator

Senior Blog Name Generator

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