231+ Catchy Baby Boomer Slogans and Sayings

A baby boomer is generally referred to a certain group of individuals who were born between the time period of 1946-1964.

Due to the influence of the post-war government, this particular generation of people is much wealthier and active as compared to the rest of the population.

The baby boomers come in between the silent generation and the preceding generation X.

Here are Best Baby Boomer Slogans

  • The baby boomer rocks
  • A great generation indeed
  • We are the worthy generation
  • The best time of America
  • The advice givers
  • The knowledgeable population
  • You can count on us
  • Our working days is over
  • We made America great again

At the very moment, baby boomers share 20% of the American population. These people have a huge significance in the country’s economy as a result of which they are often focused on marketing campaigns and business plans.

All the baby boomers that are alive to date have already hit their retirement age with facing some key challenges, including funding their own retirements.

Here is a list of some of the Baby Boomers slogans and sayings

We’re growing Old Too Soon And Too Late Smart

We’re really well washed up

Wearing your’ Best Tucker And Bib’

Well, my mouth is shut

When Hell overfreezes

Who is now your father?

Worth the salt

You’re not In The Pond The Only Duck

You’re betting on your ass

Without the tools, you can’t do the job

You can’t send a kid to do the job of a man

It’s growing your nose

Baby boomers ain’t no baby

The classy old

The people you can trust

People worth loving

The sweet generation

The generation you can trust

The wealthiest people on Earth

Stupid is like stupid

Go to the dress of Meetin on Sunday

The Best Is To Come Yet

The early bird receives the worm

The Limit of Skies

Attach the knot

Too big for the Britches

Too close for convenience

In The Kitchen, too many cooks

Too many Fire Irons

Tuckered Out

Two short of a snootful snorts

Beneath the Weather

Wake up and the coffee smell

The coffee people

The coolest dudes alive

Riders of real muscle cars

The survivors of war

The lovers of God

The generation of surprises

The people we can trust

The people worthy of love

Rapid as a whip 

Red Up

Saved from the Bell

Keep calm and wait for the boomers to perish

Million boomers and countings

It is the time for a generation to perish

The generation counting in millions

The people of surprises


Scarce like the teeth of Hen

To Buffalo shuffle off

Swim or sink

Sleep as a log

Slow like molasses

Smoke Em ‘ If You Got Em ‘ 

The Roses Stop And Smell 

Straight from the mouth of the horse

Around string, Around gallivant, Or Piddling

Keep calm and love the Baby Boomers

Boomers or not, but surely cute as a baby

The sleep lovers

The intelligent investors

The pot smokers

The horse riders

The love makers

The last generation of War

The weet grandpa/grandma

The chatterbox

No chicken from the spring

Not The Sky’s Brightest Star

Older than that of Dirt

On the Nine Cloud

The Whole Barrel is spoiled by one bad Apple

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A Bundle Brick Short

A Brick of a Load Shy

Persnickety. Pert-Near

baby boomer slogans

Play the naughty

Beautiful as a picture

Pretty Is, a beautiful does

Put on the cape of your mind

The generation of hopes

The people whom you trust

The people who survived the war

The people of God

The surprise givers

The trusty uncles

The old geezers

the picture lovers

The naughty people with a sweet mind

The people with a better heart

Generation of kinder people

Getting on with your Freak

High like a kite

Hold the horses


Hot To Trot

I Reckon

Jawing / Jawboning

My grits kiss

Caboodle kit and kit

Let the dogs lie to sleep

Madder The Wet Hen

More than God, more money

In a Haystack needle

Needs to take a notch or two down

The pie lovers

A generation of not so fools

The sweet pumpkins

The original horse riders

The pre-modern generations

The trustworthy uncles

The people who value peace

Literal peoples

The unstoppable generations

The great accomplishers

A generation of great deeds

Colder Than A Tit of Witches

Dead as a threshing floor

You’ve got dirt in your ears

Before they hatched, don’t count your chickens

Don’t judge the cover of a book by it

If I’m coming or going, don’t know

The great challenges of America

The people who know the language of freedom

The peace seekers

The hopeless generations

The apathetic generation of the west

Don’t put in one basket all your eggs

Drunk Like a Skunk

As a Dipstick, stupid

Silly as a stone

Do not go to the top of the elevator

To Midland Fair

Fat And Sassy

Feather In The Cape

Fit like a fiddle

The old with a mustache

The old chickens

Gold biscuits: Old but precious

The oath keepers

An axis for grinding

At Sea

Bad Egg

Sooner than an eagle

Barking on a node

Barking The False Tree

Bee In The Bonnet

Been by the Mill

Better than anything else

Among Hay And Grass

Black as the spades ‘ ace

As a Bat, blind

Bring the bacon home

Calaboose. A Choose the Bone

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A Promise And a Lick

A stitch saves nine in time

A Pot Never Boils watched

Everything that glitters is not gold

The junky axe

Spoiled generation of all

The most self-centric generation

A narcissistic generation

The trash-talkers of the old generation

The old brats

The never-dying generations

The education never worked

Old shoppers with no tricks

The never-changing ones

The retired ones

The backbone of generations

An era worth remembering

I love lucy

The generation of fashions

The silliness within

The greatest generation of WW2

The stock market counters

The money lovers

Grabbing your money, ain’t our thing

Monty python lovers

The nostalgic era

The era of homes

The industry lovers

Time for the boomers to retire

Remember your retirement plans

The self-absorbed boomers

The people of both despise and hope

Minority yet powerful

The 60’s Kids

baby boomer slogans

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