155+ Best Badminton Slogans

Badminton is a sport that is played with a racket and a hollow ball. The racket is used to hit the ball. The appropriate Badminton Slogans can help to ideally motivate the players to an amazing level.

Badminton can be played both indoor and outdoor as there are various types of it, like table tennis, which can be played indoors whereas lawn tennis has to be played outdoor. A badminton player needs full-on motivation and for that, Badminton Slogans are a must!

Best Badminton Slogans

  • Get the backhand 
  • I’d rather be playing Badminton
  • Owning the court
  • Smashing shuttlecock
  • We play shuttlecock, we don’t go to one
  • Team above all 
  • Beyond Play and court
  • Team spirit at peak
  • Watch us win it 
  • One for the team

List of Catchy Badminton Slogans

To motivate the badminton players, the list of catchy badminton slogans can be appropriately used.

Badminton is just not a hobby it has become both a professional and recreational sport.

Let’s hit success.

Your attitude is the best hit in the game.

Because with badminton, I want success.

When you play, you know.

If life throws you a curveball just hit it.

Go rock the racket.

Because without the racket, I have nothing.

Your attitude is your greatest asset in the game.

Badminton player before anything else

you have got to hit it well to make a point.

Serve your ball and serve it well.

If you are served a ball, make sure you hit it but your opponent doesn’t.

Because badminton is the only thing I wanna know.

Serve your ball with enough force that you drive a point home but your opponent doesn’t.

Let your action speak not your face.

Before starting the fame, let’s meditate.

Champions let their hit do all the talking.

Make sure your ball flies over the net, not into the net.

When I play, I brighten up.

The drawback, serve and hit it across the net.

Because badminton is my life and blood.

Let your ball fly not your words.

Let your confidence play in the court.

A Tennis court is the only place where you can backhand your opponent without repercussions.

Don’t just take the hit, give it back as good as you got.

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Go, give it a shot.

Since I have badminton, joy keeps holding my hand.

Best Badminton Slogans that Inspire

When hitting the cock, I am actually meditating.

Hitting things are bad, but all the bets are off when you are in the court.

Stoke your attitude and passion for the game, not your ego if you want to win.

let your passion light the court with fire, not your taunting. 

Because of badminton, I have a new life.

What’s your superpower, mine is I can smash the ball hard in the court .

Whatever you do just try not to make a Fault at the tennis court.

Don’t hit a Fault in the tennis court.

Since the time badminton entered my life, I have been super happy.

Rally your victory.

Take Stance, spin the ball and lob it hard towards your opponent.

don’t let Net cord judge have a say in your game.

Let your topspin score a winner

Because believing in yourself can empower you.

Make sure you win even when if you have to underspin.

Make sure you are in the Ad court if want a chance to win.

So, Let’ play over the net.

What’s your fix, mine is tennis.

Because you know you can win.

my only talent is I can play tennis as my life depends on it.

if you make a Fault at the court, keep it at that, don’t make it a Double Fault.

Game, set, serve!

So I decided to give all up for Badminton, it was worth it.

You live only once but you get to serve more than once, so make each of them count.

Only hit, don’t quit.

It will all be worth it when you do it religiously.

Hit it with everything you have got.

Hit it with all your might.

You want to get out of a plight, just hit it towards your rival.

Awe-spiring Badminton Sayings

Don’t let your sweat get to waste.

Because you can win it

Don’t just play, play your best.

Make every hit count.

Don’t just try, make sure you do it.

Push past your pain, only train and train harder.

Since you are sweating, you will get the results.

Without pain, there won’t be any gain.

Don’t try your best, do your best.

Play it like the winner.

We are a slave to our passion for the game.

When I will win, you will know.

Smash it like a winner.

My passion for tennis works me like a slave driver.

Dive deep then only you can hit it hard.

I love being a slave to my passion and only my passion.

A few backward steps can make the hit more forceful.

When you win, you know the mirth.

You got to know when to draw back and when to spring forth.

Super Motivating Badminton Tagline

Let’s settle it in court.

Let’s discuss over the net.

Since badminton entered my life, I am all but sad.

Don’t leave a litter of (balls) in your side for the ballboy to collect.

What’s your favorite weapon, mine is the racket.

If I want to nail my point, I don’t choose words, I pick my racket.

I don’t pick a pen to express myself rather I let My racket do all the talk.

Badminton keeps you fit when you play

The ball will always be on your court

All I need is my racket

When you are a winner, you will not complain

Pick up your racket lets swoosh!

You need luck when you face me

When looking for joy, play badminton

Courage and determination is what you need to face me

You serve, I serve better!

In or Out, the point is mine!

I train to win

Play like an expert; practice like a Newbie!

Because badminton leads to power.

When it comes to Badminton, I don’t have any excuses

I swing if I want to Win!

Because Winners don’t complain

I am training hard only so that I can win

Top Badminton Phrases to Motivate you

If you want a challenge, Try me!!

Never stop hitting the ball

Since the day I am playing, I am empowered

Love for the game drives me

Racket in my hand is the key to my success

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Mission of every game is winning

Because your win will be history-etched.

I followed my dream, and reached the Badminton court

My dedication and motivation is the key to my success

Since you are a badminton player, you are a winner.

Disrespect the game, and you get shame

Winners never quit and quitters never win

My backhand is enough to send you back home

I play Badminton, that’s my power

I have Badminton to worry about

Keep calm and play Badminton

Face me like a champion

I sacrificed, now I serve

I smash my way to the top

No excuse when I have to play

Smashing is my thing.

I sweat, I move, I swoosh, I win

You better be fast, Or else you don’t have a chance!

The Right Slogan on Badminton

My Grunt is louder than any words or action

Ten out of Ten for Badminton!!!

Grass, Mud or Clay, I will always Slay!!!

Shoes, Check! Racket, Check! Winning, Double Check!

One Serve, Two chances!

When looking for empowerment, grab that racket on!

Journey to Grand Slam is not easy!

Serve fast or you finish last!

Whatever it takes to win!

Grace and Respect is all I got for Badminton

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