725+ Bakery Brand Name Ideas And Suggestions

Are you the one who loves baking? And do you want to have your own bakery brand? If you already have a bakery business, then you do understand the importance of giving it a name. After all, you need to give your brand identity of its own.

Naming your bakery is not that difficult. But you do need to invest enough time so that you come up with a great name. This is where you will find some of the best suggestions that will help you to decide on the name of your bakery brand.

How To Choose A Name For Your Bakery Brand

  • The name should be related to bakery products.
  • Choose simple names that won’t create any confusion.
  • The name should be unique but not vague
  • Doing a trademark search is a must

Importance Of Name For Bakery Brand

A name bears a lot of importance with it. Unless you give your brand a name, your brand will not be able to flourish as per your expectations.

In order to establish a trademark, a name is a must-have for your bakery brand. Before you go on to look for a name, understand the role it is going to play for your brand. 

1. Name Carries A Weight

The name of your brand will be its identity. People will know about the existence of your brand by its name. Thus, it is best to say that a name definitely carries a huge weight, and it almost becomes a part of our daily speech. 

2. Name Increases Brand Value

When you want to generate more future business, then a strong brand name can increase the value of your brand by giving more leverage to it. Even it makes way for some appealing investment opportunities too.

3. Name Generates More Customers

A good brand name will help to create a positive impression of the brand among all your customers.

Your customers will show more interest in your brand because of the dependability and familiarity of using a name that they can trust.

Once you have established your bakery brand, word of mouth will be the most effective advertising method.

4. Name Creates Trust 

A well-planned and professional name will help you to establish trust with potential clients and customers. People will show more interest in doing business with you.

Having a proper name will give the impression of being an expert and will make the potential clients and customers feel that they trust your brand.

Tips To Choose The Best Names For Your Bakery Brand

Here are some tips that will help you to come up with a professional name for your bakery brand.

1. Make A List Of Names

First, you have to decide the type of name that you want for your baker brand. Make a list of all those names. You may also take suggestions from your friends, family members, and colleagues.

Once you have shortlisted the preferable names, it will become easy for you to choose one of them.

2. Keep It Simple But Catchy

You will find most of the existing bakery names are short and simple but catchy. You will get more customers in that way.

A short name will be easy to remember, and the catchy part will make them visit you more often.

For example – you choose a name like ‘Dream Pies’, ‘Break Talk’ etc.

3. Find That Are Available

For this, you need to run a thorough trademark search so as to find whether the name you have chosen isn’t already taken.

Never make the mistake of choosing a name that is already taken by others. You have to keep your brand different from the competitors. Otherwise, there would be the point of choosing a name.

4. Get A Domain Name

In order to make a website, a domain name is essential. The website will help you to get more sales if you choose the right keywords. You must also choose a name for the domain address so that you can promote your brand online.

For example- you may choose domain names like ‘breadbox.com’, ‘or cakehouse.com’.

Right Formula For Creating A Perfect Bakery Brand Name

Using the right method of naming a bakery brand can actually help you to come up with the most suitable name. This is a time-consuming process.

Hence, you need to invest enough time along with a little brainstorming is all that you need. So, this is where you will find some of the best formulas for creating the perfect name for your bakery brand.

  1. Geography – You may come up with a name that also includes the current location of your bakery. For example- London Cakes
  2. This and that- Try using ‘AND’ in the name that will make a long name sound shorter. For example- Cakes and Spoons
  3. Feelings- There are many emotions that exist. And you can choose one from them and put that in your name that suits your brand. For example- Happy Cakes
  4. Themes- You can choose a name based on the theme of your brand. For example- Nature’s Bakery.
  5. Personal touch- You can name your brand after someone who is close to you. For example- Grandma’s Bread
  6. Rhyming- A rhyming name can sound really great, and it will suit your baker brand too. For example- Artsy Tarts
  7. Colors- You may name your brand by including the name of a color in it. It is going to be memorable. For example- Blue Bakery
  8. Metaphor- You can use a figure of speech to name your brand. For example- Earthquake Cakes
  9. Alliteration- Alliterative names contain two similar-sounding words with an equal number of letters. For example- Knead Bread
  10. Adjective- Insert a suitable adjective to the name of your brand and make it more interesting. For example- The Big Cake

Top Bakery Brand Names In The US

  • Bakers Delight
  • Breadtop
  • Balfours
  • Michel’s Patisserie
  • Mrs Mac’s Pies
  • Pie Face
  • Cooper’s
  • Country Style
  • Fairmount Bagel
  • Canada Bread
  • Kee Wah Bakery
  • Biscuits Fossier
  • Groupe Holder
  • Monginis
  • Yazdani Bakery

Catchy Bakery Brand Names

You must go for catchy names if you want your bakery brand to become famous. These kinds of names are very attractive, and they help you in attracting customers.

The more customers you can attract to your brand, the more profit you can earn. You can choose any of the following names for your bakery brand to make it attractive.

Baked In the U.S.A.

Fairytale bakery

Sweet Dreams Cakes

Sugar & Spice Bakery

Pies Baked

The Baked Designs

Classic Cupcakes

Fruit Cake Bakery

Lady Jane Bakery

All Good Blessings

Sensational Goodies

Dwight’s Bakery

Cupcake Topper Creations

Sunrise Bakery & Cafe

Cravings Cakery

Belly Never Full

The Baked Basket

Fresh Friends

Fairy Pancake Cafe

Jumping Jelly Donuts

Naked City Cakes

The Bread Box

Pie Chic

Cakes R Us

Bake Away

Alpine Pastries

Baker Street

Seaworthy Bake Shop

Cakeology Gallery

Crunchy Crumbles

Sweet Home

Black puff pastry

Cup Oils Bakery

Baked To Order

Divine Cakes & Desserts

Happiest Goodies

Recollection Confection


Grandma’s Bakery

Bakers Room

Flour Up

Cake Hut

La Chateau Bakery

Red Rocket Cookies

Mad Baker Shop

Cookie Crissin

The Sweeter Side

Cakes in a hurry

Our Cookie Collective

The Joyful Bakery

The Rolling Scone

The Cute Bee

The Protein Bakery

Sweet Fetish

Bravo Bake

Mississauga Bakery

Sweet Taste Bakery

Scented Heaven

Sweet Flour Bake Shop

Timeless Pot Bakery

Batter Spatter

Honey Me Cafe

Lucky bird Bakery

Red and White Dough

Dessert Delights

Marla’s Sweet Treats

Taste Baked

The Grateful Bread

Bake Me a Cake

Olives & Almonds

Baked Satisfaction

Melt & Bake

For Goodness Cakes

Old Bakery Stone

Ladybird Bakery

You Doughnut Know Me

The Twisted Churro

Little Cake Boutique

Grizzly Baked Goods

Vanilla Bakery

Belo Bakery

One Way Cakes

Taste of Heaven

L’Sophie Bakeshop

Bakery Elevation

Idle Hands Bakery

The Smell Bee

Scented Luscious

Snowflakes Paradise

Wedding Cakes

Blossom Bakery

Born and Bread

Bakery A-Plan

Babylon Pastries

Budding Tastes

Souper Cakes

Awake & Bake

Just Sweet Enuff

Dinette Bakery

Fornet de la Soca

Cool Bakery Brand Names

Do you want some relevant names for your bakery brand to provide a clear picture? Well, you can take ideas from these names to create a name.

These are the perfect examples of a cool kind of name that can be used for your bakery brand. It will eventually make your bakery brand look great in front of the public.

Vanilla Bake Shop

Chew Cake Shop

The Bake Town

Freedom Bakery

Coco’s Bakery

Proof Bakery

Bake me Sweeter

Kool Cakes

Bake Me Ugly

Just Yummy Bakery

Black Star Pastry

Flour and Stone

Bread and Custards

Amazing Confections

Sweet Cake Bakery

Cheesecake Shop

Baker’s Basket

Sweet Apple Bakery

Hind Bakery

The Graceful Baker

Windmill Bakery

Flor Pâtisserie

Fantastic Frostings

Cupcakes Bakery

Home of Bread

Sweet Mary’s

Bakery Confections

A Taste of Nyc

Rising Cravings

Bakery & Restaurant

Cakes of Tempe

Serenity’s Smell

Take the Cake

Broadway Bakery

Squared Toast

Baby cakes Sweet

Sweet Dreams

Cupcake Crumbles

The Bread Nation

The Baked Butler

Taste of the Congo

Polar Puffs & Cakes

Cake & Kisses

Naturally Delicious

Maddison’s Bake Shop

Honey Moon Pastry

Bake me Up!

Defence Bakery

Barboza Market

Your Sweet Expectations

The Village Bakery

Oven Lovin’

Kiss My Bakeshop

Handmade Cakes

Wonder Bakery

Whipped and Baked

Bakery A Go-Go

Knead and Rolls

Small World Bakery

Mountain Bakery

Baking Company

Sweet Sunshine Bakery

Flor Patisserie

Chief Cake Maker

Sweet Home Bake Shop

Angel Cakes

Corner Bakery Cafe

Pine Garden

La Moda Pastry

Sweet Jane

Sweet As Bakery

Delightful Desserts

Novelty Bakery

Delight Bakery

Food Mood

Yours Truly Knitting

Tcatec Pie Company

King Crust

Bake ‘n Cook

Piece of Cake

Cakes Today

Sweet Lady Sugar

Baked Bits Boutique

Fruity Pancake

Lucky Bakery

Heaven Cake Shop

The Delightful Danish

Cutie Pies

Super moon

The Great Cake

Crazy Dough and Tops

Sweet Frog Bakery

Dutiful Creations

Creative Cakes

Toby’s Bake Shop

Whoopie Cakes

The Cookie Dough Man

Cookie Cutters

Woo Me Sugar

Cheesecake Takers

Best Bakery Brand Names

There are different categories of names that will be considered suitable for your bakery brand. It completely depends upon your choice of style while you are choosing a name for your bakery brand.

One of the easiest ways to choose the best name is by referring to the following list of names for your bakery.

Enjoy Cafe Bakery

Chicks N Flakes

The Hole in the Donut

Bake for Fun

The Parfait Factory

Cupcake Cafe

The Sensual Sweetness

Classy Pastry Shop

Dreamy Bakes

Bake me Sweet

Frosted Fritters

Yummy Knees Bakery

Donut Go Crazy


Mad Batter

The Roppin Gummy

We Bake it for You!

Classic Cakes Bakers

Angel Wish Bakery

The Sweetest Spot

Sugar Baked Taste

Flour Shower

Tiny Cake Boutique

Oven 2 Belly

Enlightened bakery

Blizz Bite Bakery

Flourtopia Bakery

Special Cheesecake

Piece of Cake

Sensual Bakeshop

The Happy Baker

Taste of Yummy

Bud Of Joy

Quakey Cakeys

A Taste of Honey

Sinful Temptations

Cookie Monsters

Blends of Flour

Golden Crown Pastry

Fat Bottom Donuts

Guiltless Protein Bakery

Wild Flour Bread

Cake Delivery

Grand Place

Sweet Life Baking

The Fluffy Cupcake

Slice Above Bakery

Luxury Long John’s

Your Day Cakes

Universal Bakery

Crême de la Crê

Tulloch Brothers

Organic Bread Bar

Prime Dough

Fresh from the Oven

Flour Power

Son of a Baker.

Sugar Me Nice

Cake Bites Eatery

My Confiture Eatery

Country Oven

Vanilla House Patisserie

Sugar Bowl Bakery

Legend Delights

Mele K Bakers

Butter Me Up

Bake Flake

Lucky and Baskin

The Baked Apple

Bake house

Cakes and Delights

Artsy Tartsy

Patty Cakes

New Tastes

Kings Cross Bakery

The Naked Baker

Savoury & Sweet

The Delightful Dough

The Good Cake House

The Glazed Spoon

Naughty Cakes

Bonjour Donut

Le Gourmeuse

Real Sweet Bun

I’m Sweet on You

Krispy Kreme

Custom Cakes Bakery

Funny Face Bakery

Freeport Bakery

Oh My Cake

Family Bake Shop

Snacks N’ Stuff

Chichi Treats

Cake Box

Sugar Room

The Baker’s Table

The Creamy Bakery

Guilty Pleasures Bakery

Sugar Sips

Saffron Boutique

Clever Bakery Brand Names

Bakery brand is very common, and these brands can be found anywhere. You must have a special feature to make your bakery brand unique.

For this, you must wisely choose a name for your bakery brand. In this way, it will make your bakery brand different and avoid confusion amongst the public.

Pullman Bakery

Cake Couture

Dolceria de la Colmena

Baked for You!

Lucky Bakery

Bread Ahead

Bluebird Bakery

The Flaky Croissant

Level Up Baking

Silverstream Bakery

The Artful Table

Your Treats Bakery

Cake Gallery

Golden Bakery Shop

Master of Smell

Smell The Cake

Fantastic Donuts

Crafted Baked Goods

Artisan Baker

We Take the Cake

Just Bake

Perfect Pastries

Sunrise Pans

Poutine Pâtisserie

Cake me Up!

Rugged Doughnuts

Baked Good

Flour Bakery & Cafe

The Secret Ingredient

Timeless Cupcakes

Hearth of Sweets

Gelato’s Delights

Down South Cake Pan

Sweet Dessert Bar

Patty Cake Bakery

Whole green Bakery

Happy Oven

Sigh of the Earthy

Sugar Cane Souvenirs

My Love Baking

Pie or Die

The Cake Lane

Supreme Sweets

Blue Door Bakery

Thou Shalt Bake

Donut Go My Heart

Goldstar Bakery

Cakes and Cookies

Panache Pastries

Rendezvous Baked

Unleavened Bakery

Ooh La La Oven

Médard Fritans

Bread Lounge

Village Baked Goods

I Love Yummy

Fantasy Cakes Bakery

The Bun Shop

The Bread Boss

Cookie County

Jake’s Cakes

Bakin’ Stuff

Kunstwegen Bakery

Snugly’s Frosting

Gluten Lovers Bakery

The Friendly Baker

Sweet Sensations

Sugar Kiss Bakery

Sweet Planet

Knead Bread

Elite Cheesecake

Pastelería Patio Baena

Honey Kiss Cupcakes

Dulce Pastries

Fine Cakes Bakery

Cupcakes Waterloo

Crazy Daizy

Celebration Cakes

Swirls & Pearls Bakery

Lustful Treats

Cake Yes

Bake for Me

Bake & Take

Lilly’s Cupcakes

PHD in Baking

Serene Rain Cookies

Saucy Cheesecake

Dough Queen

Friendly Bakery

Baking Bites

Pretty Baked

Bakery with a Twist

Sweet and Sassy

Sweet Passion Cupcakes


Crusty crunchies

The Buttercup

Buttercream Bakery

Sweet Cupcakes

Love of Cakes

Funny Bakery Brand Names

If you want to be unique from others, then you can go for some funny names for your bakery brand. A funny name helps your brand in inspiring people towards your brand.

This eventually becomes beneficial for your bakery brand and helps in its growth of the brand. You can choose a funny name like the following names for your bakery brand.

Mistress of Cakes

Party Pastries

Bake n’ Flake

Bake It up Bakery

Cupcake House Baking

Riverside Fresh Bakery

The Black velvet Bakery

Creative Treats

Country Girl Bakery

Love of Loaves

Let’s Knead

Melt Me Sweet

Golden Crust Bakery

Cakes cakery

Bread lovers

Donut Bar

Dwyer & Son

The Kook Doughnuts

Sprinkles of Joy

Breadlicious Bakery

Brilliantly Baked

The Happy Bakery

Butter dream Bakery

Fruit Cake

Cake Monkey Bakery

Tropical Bake Shop

Eclair Bakery

Peabody’s Bakery

The Passionate Baker

Cupcake Nation

Taste of Temptation

Bake Me Happy

Buns in the Oven

Bread N Things

Sugar Bee Smudges

Pastisseria Tartela

Hot Buns

Sweet Cheeks Cakes

Designer Cakes Bakery

Tiers of Joy

Cake with a Twist

Pastries Paradise

Elite Icing

The Sweet Spot

Sweetie’s Bakery

Delux Bakery

Buttercup Bake Shop


Flour Mid dough

Bread Society

Starlight Bakery

Café Parisienne

The Brownie Spot

Bread Milk and Honey

Dough Love Bakery

Daily Bread

Aucateau Bijoux

Allegro Pastry

La Goudre

Friendly Bakery

Parma Bakery

The Melted Pot

Bluebells Cakery

Cakes & Desserts

Golden Bakery Shop

Bake My Day

Blackbird Bakery

Glazed and Glorious

French Don’t Know

First Comes Batter

Blue Bakery

Cupcakes Mayfair

Muffin Tin Team

Lola’s Cupcakes Covent

Echo Smell Aroma

Rock, Cake and Roll

The Bagel Shop

Celebrate with Cake

Little Stream Bakery

Light Delights Bakers

Sun flour Bakery

Bread Basket Bakery

Melt Artisan

Smell Artisan Bakery

Our Daily Bread

Sassy Cakes

Bunny Cakes

The Grumpy Baker

Granny’s Cakes Bakery

Dream Pies

Flour Power

Finest Donuts

Butterfly Cake Shop

Delicious Bakers

Angel Cakes

Crusty Cookies

Cookies & Co

Breads Bakery

Euphorium Bakery

Cake Park

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is doing a trademark search necessary?

It is absolutely necessary because you need to be different from your competitors.

Your brand name should be different and unique. Doing a trademark search will help to know whether your chosen name already exists or not.

How can I come up with an interesting bakery brand name?

You will be able to come up with an interesting name if you take into consideration the above-mentioned tips and formulas. Those suggestions will surely help you.

Can I change my bakery brand name later?

Yes, you may change the brand name later, but it may create a lot of confusion among the existing customers. Make sure that you let the people know about the change of name through proper channels.

How can I work on the promotion of my bakery brand name?

There are various advertising methods that you can use to promote your bakery brand. You need to choose the most appropriate one out of them. You can also use more than one technique to promote your brand.

Why do I need to take care of legal complications?

It is very important to take care of legal complications while naming your brand so that you don’t end up in any kind of unwanted problems in the future.

Do I need to add a tagline?

Yes, you may add a tagline to your brand name definitely. It will help people to know more about your brand.

Final Thought

If you are able to come up with an interesting name for your bakery brand, then you will surely come out with flying colors.

The right techniques can help you to survive in this competitive market and also improve the growth of your bakery brand. The points and tips will definitely help you to a great extent. 

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