42+ Best Bakery brands on Instagram To Follow

Humans have been involved in baking since ancient times. From the humble artisanal wood oven to industry-level mass baking, companies and brands have grown substantially.

In this article, we shall discuss a few of the top bakery brands that are operational today and speak about their social media influences.

Top Bakery brands to follow on Instagram.

Cafe DU Monde

Famous for its beignets, this New Orleans cafe has been serving its sincere crowd since 1862. Today people gather with cell phones to click and enjoy this decadence, making it the most #grammed bakery in the States.

Dominique Ansel bakery

This is the place where chef Dominique Ansel married the concept of a croissant and a doughnut, giving birth to one of the most iconic deserts of America, the cronut. One can visit their Instagram page to witness amazing photos of this place and its products.

Voodoo doughnut

The founders of this bakery have spellbound the area of the Pacific Northwest, serving delights that the people have cherished. Visit their Instagram page to witness some of their amazing products.

 Martha’s country bakery

 Lattes, croissants, and macaroons, this is the perfect brunch spot for your French feast. Check out their Instagram page for some foodgasm.

Carlo’s bakery

 Known for their iconic lobster tail, a cream-filled flaky pastry. make sure to check their Instagram page for more amazing photos of this place and the products they offer.

Tartine bakery

 The bay area citizens need not to visit the Champs-Élysées to taste decadent pastries. They can just go to Tartine for its fulfilling treats. Follow their Instagram for some amazing photos of the same.

Leonard’s bakery

 This Hawaiian doughnut shop has been around since 1952. Do check out Leonard’s Instagram for amazing photos.

Maison Laudurée

 Dreaming for macaroons? Head to Laudrée’s first American outpost to quench your macaroon thirst. This place is considered the gold standard for this light and airy dessert and their Instagram prove the same.

City bakery

 Hot chocolate to homemade marshmallows they have it all. check out this photogenic stop on Instagram.

Bouchon bakery

 If you are craving Thomas Keller style bread or pastry but the budget does not support the French laundry price tag, Bouchon bakery is an amazing fix and Instagram seems to agree.

Top bakery brands on Facebook

Cobblestone bread co

 Artisan pieces of bread, rolls, and buns, they do it all. Head to cobblestone bread co Facebook page for the latest updates on their latest products.

Magnolia bakery

 Renowned worldwide for their classic American desserts and baked goods Magnolia Bakery has over 200,000 people following them on Facebook. So make sure to check them out.

New York bakery co bagels

They are authentic and great tasting bagel makers. Their bagels are boiled before stone baking to bring out the real taste of New York City. Do check their Facebook page out.

Abbott’s village bakery

 Located in Abbott village, this bakery offers a wide range of products including gluten-free bread, sourdough, light rye bread, mixed seeds, and grains bread, etc. They claim that their every last crumb can be savored.

And rightly so, as they offer an aroma, texture, and flavor that is irresistible. do check their Facebook page for the latest updates.

Silver hills bakery

 This family-run bakery crafts organic, sprouted, non-GMO bread, buns, and bagels. Using a sprouting process is unique and offers ingredients that are excellent in quality. They have over 24,000 likes on Facebook make sure to check them out.

Top Bakery brands to follow on Pinterest.

Boudin bakery

 Gastronomically speaking San Francisco and sourdough are synonymous and no one makes it better than Boudin bakery. Check their Pinterest for Epic photos.

Georgetown cupcakes

 Situated in 6 locations and with more than a hundred cupcakes to choose, Georgetown cupcakes keep updating their Pinterest with photos of their desserts regularly.

Charm city cakes

Chef Duff Goldman and the team prove that imagination has no barriers at charm city cakes. Follow them on twitter for regular mindboggling cake creations.

Levain bakery

This New York bakery is known for its massive and iconic cookies, but its rustic bread and other pastries can’t be ignored. So go to their Pinterest and have a look for yourself.

Julian bakery

This health-conscious bakery company is the prime destination for diet buffs. They offer gluten-free, paleo, keto, grain-free, organic, and low carb alternatives to traditional bread. Make sure to give them a check on Pinterest.

Top Bakery brands to follow on LinkedIn.

Grupo bimbo

Having a strong presence in the United States, Asian and European markets, Grupo bimbo has a wide range of major bakery goods ranging from sliced bread and buns to pre-packaged foods like salted snacks, confectionery products, and tortillas. Make sure to visit their LinkedIn profile.

McKee foods 

 The name ‘Little Debbie’ snack cakes resonate with this family-owned granola and snack food manufacturer.

Having a strong presence in the US, McKee foods is gradually becoming one of the most reached out bakery brands in the Asia Pacific region too. Check out their LinkedIn profile for more updates.

Yamazaki baking

 Japan’s biggest baking company, Yamazaki baking, has a sturdy presence in domestic and overseas trade alike. Currently, the company has operations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and the US. Make sure to follow their LinkedIn profile.


One of the global leaders in specialist food production, ARYZTA provides an impressive array of products, including quiches, pies, bread, sauces, appetizers, etc. Do check out their LinkedIn profile.


 Cakes, cookies, pastries, and chocolates, you name it, and Monginis has it all. It is one of the biggest bakery companies in India and has a presence throughout the country; it is also present in Egypt. Check out their LinkedIn for amazing stories.

Top bakery brands on Twitter

DK’s doughnuts and bakery

Known for its inventive creations, this all-day destination is the doughnut shop of choice for many. Do check out their Twitter page.

Sprinkle’s cupcakes

With over 138,000 followers on Twitter, the sprinkles cupcakes are a massive hit. They produce fresh and handcrafted products daily. Follow them on Twitter for regular posts and updates.


if you are thinking of over-the-top crazy cake decoration ideas, this is your spot of choice. They have a huge community that shares and creates eye-catching cakes. Follow them on Twitter.

Hummingbird Bakery

Ever since they opened in 2004, the hummingbird bakery team has been making authentic American cakes and bread. Make sure to check out their Twitter for the latest updates.

Amélia’s French bakery & café

 If you are looking for a fun atmosphere, pastries, and handcrafted drinks, then this is the spot. Head over to their Twitter page to witness the southern charm.

Thus, we can conclude by saying that humans have adopted the making and use of bread and confectionaries in their daily life. No matter if it’s a big elaborate cake, a cronut, or a slice of gluten-free bread, we have taken the artisanal trade and made it large-scale.

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