Bandit Names: 615+ Catchy and Cool names

Banditry is a sort of marshal crime which is involving the utilization of violence. The individual who is tangled in these activities is called a Bandit. The primary crimes of Banditry are burglary, homicide, and blackmail.

Bandits are also known as gangsters in the modern era. The word Bandit was introduced in 1590 by Italians. 

In current Italy, The similar word Bandito means to forbid or ban. The Bandit who leaves the punter or gambler with zero money is known as a one-armed Bandit.

Bandits use martial arts and weapons for their self-defense. Are you looking for some great Bandit names? Here is the list. 

Cool Bandit Names

An Indian Bandit named Veerappan who born on 18 January 1952. He is one of the famous Bandits of India known for killing elephants, sneaking sandalwood, and kidnapping politicians.

He lived the life of a Bandit for 36 years. He killed many police officers and kidnapped many Bollywood actors.

Shaun the Beast

Three Toed Jena

Garrick Spider

Madalyn the Professional

Ashby the Bug

Silent Destinee

Dominick the Silent

Three Fingered Tristen

Sally the Professional

Barden Three Toes

Aron Bullettooth

Riley the Ravager

Hastings Eyepatch

Alisha Two Face

Warton Coins

Winchell the Knuckles

Bryanna Blackjack

Harold the Punk

Phantom Oxon

Bandana Gabriel

Shep One Eye

Jester Golda

Scarface Haley

Love Blackjack

Wild Remmie

Scars Yvonne

Cliff Robbing

Whitford the Rat

Blue Eyed Karl

Darrin the Weasel

Jagger Danger

Annabelle Whisper

Shirleigh Whispers

Mad Hat Ariel

Carolyn the Spider

Gunner Five Fingered

Bandana Miriam

Eccentric Halie

Ramsay the Bandit

Pickpocket Queena

Knuckles Katharine

Menacing Reid

Skylar the Clown


Rutherford Pegleg

Braeden the Punk

Sly Neddie

Felicia the Viper

Zoe Greed

One Eye Madisyn

Wallas Dangerous

Watkins the Serpent

Thieving Millson

Trudy Toothless

Oswall Coins

Moneybags Missye

Dingbat Rebecca

Swindling Woodrow

Klepto Angie

Kenton the Wild

Klepto Chelsie

Maidy Blue Eyes

Grinning Kaiya

Shelly Bullettooth

Eldon Lucky

Ryley Mumbling

Kailee the Beast

Taylor the Smile

Madelynn the Knuckles

Straight Jacket Margaret

Crazy Eyed Mckayla the Razor

Annie the Heist

Lacey the Cheater

Maggie the Bug

Nine Lives Skye

Whispering Alan

Angelique Blue Eyes

Razortooth Selina

Martha Mad Eyes

Helen the Mumbler

Mad Eyed Mariam

Juliette Mad Eye

Holly the Diamond

Wild Celina

Maci the Scar

Moneybags Tanya

Sherborne Black Eyes

Whispering Janet


Lucky Edsel

Crystal Whispers

Elden Crackers

Viper Melina

Jill Bullettooth

Brenna the Wild

Andrea Bandana

Connor the Jester

Bullettooth Lillian

Kaitlyn Eyepatch

Hunter the Thug

Diamond Arlene

Lucky Emerson

Wheaton the Sly

Jeffrey Straight Jacket

Holden the Whisper

Catchy Bandit Names

Northwest Nigeria is an underway dispute between the various group of Bandits and the government of Nigeria. Kidnapping is a major problem in Nigeria.

Bandits rush into the villages on motorbikes to rob and snatch the money from the poor people of Nigeria. Here is the list of some catchy Bandit names.

Ramsay the Pirate

Drew the Fang

Scarface Ida

Walter the Rat

Angel Eyes Kelsi

Reade Smokey

Gregory the Wild

Norwell the Greedy

Joey Mad Dog

Milten Greedy

Brody the Beast

Mad Selena

Brandi the Menace

Travis the Nightmare

Putney Scars

Kimberly the Squint

Kristin the Outlaw

Sharon the Pegleg

Busting Alvina


Mad Dog Penley

Audie the Bull

Jasmyn Poison


Marlene Scarface

Karen the Serpent

Kiersten the Angel

Juliana the Shark

Straight Jacket Jackeline

Shark Gray

Wardley Five Fingers

Triston the Danger

Aron the Dwarf

Cristal Rusty

Robbing Shandy

Emyrson the Spider

Marilyn the Thug

Action Xavier

Stanbury the Menace

Coughing Fern

Pegleg Faith

Robin Five Fingers

Lara Black Eye

Rusty Kiera

Kaylee the Buster

Mad Eyed Tuesday

Roberta the Knuckles

Daryll Whispers

Mad Dog Valentina

Mad Brocton

Sly Sarah

Scarface Jocelyn

Moneybags Ashli


Reaper Jessie

Billy Mad Eye

Vala the Bug

Thieving Jenna

Blaine the Smirk

Mills the Viper

Calista the Dwarf

Eda the Heist

Denisse Three Toes

Robbin Three Fingers

Crazy Eyed Ellen


Sabrina the Swindler

Coughing Tanya

Mad Man Graham


Mad Ashi

Dangerous Makaila

Viper Ansley

Nightmare Hollace

Smirking Ralph

Greyson Mad Eyes

Annika the Bull

Ruby the Suit

Alf the Mumbler

Three Fingered Blythe

Maidel the Smile

Daphne the Cheater

Chloe the Bug

Kym the Spider

Blackjack Justine

Marlee the Pickpocket

Greedy Burne

Numbers Elder

Grady Lucky

Scarface Brentan

Grace the Razor

Alfie Ghost


Haylie Angel Eyes

Lunatic Callie

Ravinia the Pegleg

Norvin Black Eye

Busting Selwin

Ember Bullettooth

Knuckles Damon

Best Bandit Names

Ali kachalla was born in smal village named madada. He was controlling a Bandit group that consisted of 200 Bandits.

The main base of this Bandit group includes several huts near the Goron river. This group commands the villages of Daniella and Gobirawa. Check out some best Bandit names.

Garret Grin

Rusty Gary

Eldridge Crazy Eyed

Wacko Joanna

Ann Mumbling

Kiersten Crackers

Aurora the Outlaw

Angelique Numbers

Three Fingered Rob

Tina the Punk

Remme Nightmare

Numbers Eaton

Muscled Harman

Alden the Snake

Busting Radclyf

Wild Reinhold

Osbert Mad Hat

Wild Allston

Rudyard Mad Eye

Slithering Rylan

Coughing Manny

Buster Two Face

Crazy Eyed Hedwig

Crazy Julien

Mad Eyed Lillie

Elisa the Crazy

Spider Hollie

Toothless Karly

Ashlyn the Bandit

Jasmyn the Squint

Diane the Beast

Laurel the Ravager

Black Eyed Wallach

Jessie the Spider

Katerina the Cheater

Greedy Rebekah

Foolish Ben

Toothless Welford


Coughing Paula

Keegan Smiling

Lewis Gold Digger

Busting Baxter

Dangerous Hertha

Breonna Mad Dog

Annie Crackers

Bullettooth Kinnell


Greedy Barnett

Rebeca Coins

Bullseye Josie

Kaela Crazy Eyes

Elyse the Fang

Blaze Smokes

Pegleg Tostig

Welford the Lucky

Jaylin Black Eye

Madeleine the Jester

Poison Denisse

Winslow Blue Eyes

Weller the Brute

Brenden the Outlaw

Diamond Robina

Shurlie Bullettooth


Emilee Straight Jacket

Keira Eyepatch

Linda the Nightmare

Beldon Brute

Reade Swindling

Three Fingered Durwald

Straight Jacket Tayler

Braydon the Sly


Michelle Fast Fingers

Slithering Bond

Mad Dog Kiara

Stephanie Greed


Squinting Fern

Blackjack Raven

Phantom Rycroft

Leigh Sly

Stephanie the Punk

Rusty Sandra

Four Fingered Zoie

Pickpocket Davin

Mckayla the Razor

Zoie Four Fingers

Bulletproof Elden

Robin Whispers

Bullseye Hailey

Mad Hat Snowdun

Holli the Crook

Halie Danger

Alize the Phantom

Sly Hertha

Klepto Jessica

Durwald Crackers

Morgan the Bandit

Amazing Bandit Names

Gudda Turji was the leader of one of the famous Bandit groups that operated several roads, raided small towns, and did the work of property agreements in the town. Gudda Taraji invades villages like Surya, aware, and keta. Here are some amazing Bandit names.

Crazy Winter

Heather the Smirk

Mad Eyed Clive

Slithering Poppy

Angel Eyes Jayden

Fast Fingers Danny

Crazy Eyed Grace

Crazy Eyes Giana

Maverick Coins

Razor Jerry

Razortooth Quinten

Cyrus Muscles

Janie Bullettooth

Alison the Crackpot

Marlowe Coins

Hugo Fast Fingers

Redman the Buster

Wild Ashli

Ashli Bandana

Lyric the Diamond

Anissa Ghost

Smiling Kendra

Richard Smokes

Rusty Locke

Kali Danger

Bug Eyed Radclyf

Poison Rishley

Theodore the Bug

Cecelia the Sce

Arleigh the Phantom

Reaper Haylee

Ally the Razor

Carmen Three Toes

Violet Mad Eyes

Kaitlin Gold Digger

Welch the Pickpocket

Julianna Spider

Winter Reaper

Mad Man Maida

Chandler the Bandit

Menacing Keanu

Thieving Ayana

Ben the Punk

Thieving Elvis


Eartha Three Fingers

Angelina the Wild

Bandana Mallory

Harvey Grin

Dominick Scarface

Klepto Viviana

Prowling Jane

Slithering Michelle

Eccentric Evelin

Nash the Heister

Toothless Juliet

Diamond Alder

Brock the Suit

Isabela the Silent

Taitum the Smirk

Robbing Walker

Tristin the Pirate

Knuckles Mina

Justine the Shark

Valeria Two Face

Angel Eyes Cindy

Kaiya Black Eyes

Brentan Whisper

Cason the Knuckles

Five Fingered Morgan

Prowling Ripley

Five Fingered Palmyra

Pelton the Wild

Cheating Melany

Braxton the Angel

Busting Daryl

Leslie Fast Fingers

Aliza Scars

Angel Eyes Baylee

Kennedy Blue Eyes

Annette Grinning

Cheating Brayton

Chana Razor

Stormie the Rat

Mace Smokes

Palmyra Moneybags

Poison Maidie

Stanway the Menace

Elisa Dangerous

Angel Eyes Gaven

Yazmin Three Toes

Action Oliver

Gold Digger Alycia

Shades Cristina


Wakeman Three Toes

Woodward Foolish

Farland Numbers

Genevieve the Swindler

Lunatic Easter

Awesome Bandit Names

Illegal guns are used in the areas of northwest Nigeria very commonly. They also control the gold mines in Nigeria, and with the help of gold, they purchase illegal weapons from foreign dealers. More than 60000 illegal guns are circulating in the northwest part of Nigeria.

Watson Luck

Kaylyn the Viper

Wacko Aubrey

Lyndsey the Thief

Mumbling Ariella

Manny Bullettooth

Red Slithering

Jacey Whispers

Smokey Ember

Kiara One Eye

Poison Monica

Toothless Pyper

Spider Olin

Thieving Kate

Holli Mad Eye

Shark Hailee

Addisen Five Fingered

Bullettooth Leigh

Teresa Grimm

Felicia the Wild

Pell the Shark

Dwight the Smirk

Ashlyn One Eye

Xander Crazy Eyes

Jimmy Bandana

Palmyra the Heister

Arley Muscles

Stanberry Shades

Ackley the Pickpocket

Lilian the Knuckles

Makayla Toothless

Straight Jacket Ember

Mad Man Serena

Bancroft Poison

Sydnie the Pillager

Gold Digger Fearne

Alena the Mad

Leila Crackpot

Ruthren Angel Eyes

Mad Eyed Ryland

Elisabeth the Pegleg

Oscar the Heister

Franklin Five Fingers

Numbers Kasey

Christy Mad Eyes

Fast Fingers Darwyn

Westbrook the Silent

Spencer Foolish

Burns Five Fingers

Sasha Three Toes

Dingbat Colbert


Dwyte Lunatic

William the Crazy

Audra the Fool

Elmar the Weasel

Rhett the Maniac

Sally Diamond

Nightmare Shirleen

Bethany the Ravager

Dwite Spider

Poison Jazmine

Lunatic Makayla

Thieving Craig

Crazy Kaylin

Golda Coins

Nina the Cheater

Tina Eyepatch

Louis the Robber

Scarface Hawthorne

Straight Jacket Abigail

Cheating Ford

Poison Bianca

Hadley Straight Jacket

Kiley the Rogue

Nikki Crazy Eyes

Selby the Whisper

Toothless Whit

Alexia Muscles

Numbers Kym

Esmund the Whisper


Ray Crazy Eyes

Scarface Alfredo

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