Top 27+ Best Banjo Brands in the World

There are some physical advantages of playing the banjo. Practicing banjos helps to eliminate hip, neck, and back issues for a better posture. With so many banjo brands in the world, it is hard to choose one. Here is a list of top banjo brands in the globe.

Banjo Brands in the World

Deering Banjo Company

Country: United States

Based in Spring Valley, California, this corporation began by Janet and Greg Deering in 1975. Presently, the corporation is operated by their child Jamie Deering. They produce Goodtime, Tenbrooks, Vega, and Deering banjos. Several prominent banjo performers play banjos of this brand. 


Country: Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark-based this wholesaler of art and office supplies were launched as a simple paint store on Gammeltorv in 1860. In the early 1910s, though, a varnish, lacquer, and paint manufacturer were created by this company at Valgårdsvej 2 in Valby.

Gold Tone

Country: United States 

The company began life as Gold Tone Banjos, created in 1993 by Robyn and Wayne Rogers in Titusville, Florida. Wayne manufactured and designed the first banjo of this company, the actual TB-100 Travel Banjo, and started and traded the “Traveler” through mail order. As the corporation developed, Wayne’s designs, mixed with authentic vintage designs, had their buyers and dealers clamoring for the high-quality and inexpensive banjos. 

Gibson Guitar Corporation

Country: United States

Kalamazoo, Michigan-based this American manufacturer of musical instruments, guitars, and professional audio devices are currently situated in Nashville, Tennessee. The corporation was previously recognized as Gibson Guitar Corporation and in 2013 retitled as Gibson Brands.

Recording King

Country: United States

The Music Link Corporation acquires this brand of musical instruments. Hayward, California-based this company also develops other musical instrument chains. The expanse of commodities commercialized under this brand is banjos and resonator and acoustic guitars. The guitars of Recording King are manufactured in the United States, produced overseas, and retailed globally. 


Country: United States

This small, household managed corporation works in Jazz, Irish, Old-time, and building exceptional Bluegrass banjos. The styles and models presently they offer have developed since 1960 and have been steadily perfected and refined to produce the best possible value, beauty, longevity, playability, and tone. American banjo factory situated in Boulder, Colorado.

Vega Banjos

Country: United States

This musical instrument factory began its performances in 1881 in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm started under a minority of partners that include John Swenson and John Pahn and Swedish-born brothers Carl and Julius Nelson. Carl and Julius Nelson bought out the other established subordinates and created the Vega Corporation.


Country: United States

The banjos of this manufacturer are the only banjos in the globe to utilize a modest two-part head fixing strategy. This banjo trade is situated in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA.

Washburn Guitars

Country: United States

This American-based manufactory and supplier of string instruments such as guitar and mandolins was originally begun in 1883 and situated in Chicago, Illinois. The current Washburn is united with US-based Music Corp., in turn now developed by JAM Industries USA.

Morgan Monroe

Country: United Kingdom 

It is associated with SHS International who has been performing the commercial market of musical instruments for more than 26 years. The guitars, mandolins, and banjos of Morgan Monroe have the significance of successfully running in the market of globe bluegrass. Their stocks range from the inexpensive Rocky Top banjos and mandolins that provide intermediate players and beginners an incredible value and a 10-year assurance.

J. Romero Banjos

Country: United Kingdom

This small household run corporation is managed in Horsefly, British Columbia by Pharis and Jason Romero. Created in 2002, they feel appreciative each day to be producing playable jobs of drawing, art inspiration. Each of their products is distinct and handmade, with just adequate creation to give an elegant choice to the rest. 


Country: United States

This US-based amplifier and stringed devices brand designs bass amplifiers, public address appliance, and acoustic guitars. The brand is largely acknowledged for its Telecaster, the Jazz bass, bass guitars, Stratocaster, Precision Bass, and Solid-body electric guitars. Fender was created in 1946 by Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender in Fullerton, California.


Country: United States

Anastasios Stathopoulos introduced this American brand of musical instruments in 1873. It is now situated in Nashville, Tennessee. Gibson purchased this brand in 1957 and relocated to Kalamazoo, Michigan from New York. Besides guitars, the company also produced banjos, double basses, and other string instruments. Resonator guitars are also made by Epiphone under the trademark Dobro.

Crafters of Tennessee

Country: United States 

This is the corporation that Taylor and Rich became. Mark Taylor holds on to the convention. Their Tennessee Flathead also comprises an artificial alligator coat hardshell case.  

American Made Banjo Co.

Country: United States

Originally motivated by the prewar Kel Kroydon Style this company has developed bounds and leaps providing several unique Banjos, Accessories, and Parts for every level of the chooser. Commodity quality and consumer fulfillment is their top priority. 

Ballard Bangers 

Country: United Kingdom

US-based this banjo manufacturing workshop is operated in the Suffolk countryside of the UK by Leon Ballard. They work in Appalachian mountain style, Tackhead, and open back banjos of many designs.

Bob Flesher Custom Banjos

Country: United States

Since 1990, this firm of banjos has been producing stunning handcrafted banjos. With 45 years of banjo manufacturing background, creator, and former collaborator of the Liberty Banjo Corporation, they have manufactured numerous custom banjos. They provided a chain of unique Bluegrass Banjos, Open-back Banjos for Clawhammer, and Minstrel Banjos from the 1840s-60s. 

Cedar Mountain Banjo 

Country: United States

This twenty-first-century instrument corporation has its origins in a second-generation convention of the master craftsmanship and best materials. The Banjos of this company are being played by some of the best-experienced performers. Many highly-customizable products are offered by Cedar Mountain to suit a broad expanse of choices.

Huss and Dalton Guitar Company, Inc

Country: United States

The corporation started in 1995 in the Shenandoah Valley, when Mark Delton and Jeff Huss’s partnership and common attractions motivated them to envision attractive, resonant and playable guitars that were credible to their knowledge of tone and aesthetics. Presently, Huss & Dalton manufactures the best banjos and electric and acoustic guitars in the globe in both contemporary and traditional styles.

The LouZee Banjo 

Country: United States 

David and Paul Hopkins have been manufacturing banjos for several years. They have multiple historically notable pre-war devices. The LouZee Banjo is the fulfillment of the several years of knowledge of Mike Longworth and Paul and David Hopkins. Every LouZee banjo is manufactured, played, and set up by David and Paul Hopkins before being brought in the market.

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