20+ Bar Logo Ideas That You can Edit And Download

Whatever beverage you prefer, adding a splash of flair elevates it. An evening can be memorable or delightful depending on the bar’s ambiance, including the lighting, furniture, and decor.

Your bar requires a stunning brand, starting with a unique bar logo, to create a mood before guests enter the door.

Spend some time learning the elements that make the ideal bar logo before you start designing. Explore our selection of bar logos from venues of all stripes, from low-key and easygoing to sophisticated and fashionable.

To find out what works for a bar logo, it can be tempting to look at logos for beer, wine, and alcoholic drinks.

If you’re considering opening a wine bar or a pub, looking at some design ideas would be worthwhile.

But keep in mind that wineries and breweries—including a winery’s tasting room—are different types of businesses and require different kinds of logos.

What makes a good bar or pub logo?

A bar logo promises an experience. Because, let’s face it, drinking at home is significantly less expensive.

However, many go out to pubs and clubs because they offer experiences that are unlikely to get at home, like dancing till the sun comes up in a room filled with unbridled passion and sipping on.

Therefore, whether you draw inspiration from the features you see in many wine logos (or if you’re planning a brew pub or a winery with a taproom), keep in mind that you’re adjusting those elements to a bar’s needs, not just switching them onto your new logo.

Restaurant logos can be a great source of inspiration for your bar logo, but as We mentioned earlier, you can’t just plaster a bar name onto a restaurant logo and hope to get the best output because, in a bar, the drinks—not the food—are what people come for.

Tips For Creating A Unique Bar Logo Design

Bar logos that display your available brews

A design that expresses your company’s mission or services in plain sight is the most apparent option for a bar or club logo—or any logo. Depending on what your bar is renowned for serving, your logo could be a beer mug, shot glass, or expensive drink.

Sometimes a bar’s logo draws attention to something other than the alcoholic beverages you serve on tap.

If your bar has a reputation for offering the greatest burgers in town or an ample supply of tapas plates, the best option for your logo might be to accentuate what your chef is cooking up.

Authentic-looking bar logos from bygone eras. 

Every industry uses logos with a retro aesthetic. With the popularity of craft beer and liquor, letterpress and badge-style logos have become increasingly popular for bars.

A vintage-inspired logo is an ideal option for a jazz or swing club since it is a wonderful idea for club logos to match the type of music you play with your logo style.

Not every logo with a retro feel is a circle with letterpress typefaces. Some are reminiscent of past golden times, such as the tiki bar craze of the 1950s and 1960s or even an arcade aesthetic from the 1980s.

Choosing a logo that complements your specialty is important if your bar or club specializes in a certain kind of drink or is decorated to inspire a certain mood. 

Perhaps your speakeasy’s logo should have a geometric art Deco style, or your wine and tapas, an angelic fresco could inspire the bar’s logo.

“Adjective + animal” logos for pubs and bars

Animal + adjective = bar name. You’ve visited a few bars with this kind of label and seen it in many TV shows and movies. But why is this method of naming bars so common?

Because most people in medieval Europe couldn’t read, as a result, if you wanted your friend to join you for a drink, you would need to make sure they could find the bar. So you’d tell them to meet you at the Red Duck Inn or the Cat and Daisy Pub, and they’d come to meet you there.

These names now have a cheerful, homey, and whimsical vibe. You’re not limited to working with actual animals or even living things… Coal and Goggles might be the ideal name for your steampunk bar, whereas The Blue Unicorn would be the perfect name for your millennial women-targeted lounge.

Adjective animal logos are an obvious choice if your company already has a name of this kind. 

If you’re still deciding on the name of your bar or club, the adjective + animal is a terrific choice if you’re trying for something silly, whimsical, old-fashioned, or retro.

Logos for nightclubs and bars that promise a fine experience

Having an enjoyable time is the main goal of going out. If you’re seeking the right club logo, this is your category.

A successful nightclub logo captures a great night out in a single image, much like how many bar logos do by presenting the bar’s food and drinks.

Nightclubs aren’t the only businesses that can benefit from attention-grabbing logos. A craft beer pub in a vintage arcade or a loft lounge offering private magic performances and tarot card readings can showcase their unique experiences with a standout logo.

Guidelines for creating bar logos

The idea of creating a brand-new logo from scratch can be overwhelming if you have no prior experience with logo design. But once you break it down into a series, you’ll realize that logo design is actually quite simple. Here is our quick guide to logo design.

A unique subset of graphic design, logo design combines aesthetics, branding and marketing, composition, color theory, artistic ability, and typography. In order to offer you some context, we’ll keep it brief here.

Create with your brand in mind

Although there isn’t a type of logo that is “best,” there is a logo that is ideal for your brand. That logo is the one that represents your “brand identity.” 

Consider powerful logos from a variety of industries, such as the Oreo logo vs. the United States President’s Seal. Both are effective for the brands they represent since they were designed to fit those brands’ identities.

Therefore, if you haven’t decided on your brand identity yet, this is the time to do so. Do you run a high-energy club that blasts loud dance music all night or an elegant cocktail bar where guests drink handcrafted cocktails on long velvet lounges amid soft lighting?

Your design decisions can represent your brand after you are clear on who you are.

Letters, shapes, and colors

Various colors and shapes represent different emotions. Your choice of color, form, and font will greatly impact the feelings your logo inspires.

A design with plenty of black and severe angles appears sophisticated, whereas a round orange logo appears more youthful, fun, and less expensive.

Using a sans-serif typeface makes your writing appear more contemporary and approachable, whilst using a serif font makes it read more formally, upscale, and even more unique. Build a logo with these components by using your brand identity as a guide.

How to get a logo

There are four major possibilities when it comes to the finest ways to get a logo designed. As continues to follow:

Logo maker (DIY)

You can make your bar logo from scratch with a logo maker or another type of starter design software.

To create a unique logo for your bar, just pick a logo template you like and tweak it as you want.

To see the logo ideas that will work best for your bar, start by entering the name of your place. You can also include a slogan if you have one. That is all it takes to develop a logo that you and your clients will adore.

➜ Start by entering the name and tagline of your bar.
➜ Choose a bar logo from the options or change your search.
➜ Modify your logo by altering the colors, fonts, and other elements.
➜ Align your logo with brand assets.
➜ Download your bar’s logo and spread it around the world.

Consult a design firm

Working with a design agency is the most comprehensive—and high-end option for getting a logo because you hand off the entire process to a team of experts who will handle everything from brainstorming to your logo’s final touches.

Engage a freelancer

You can work directly with a freelancer to make your logo for less money than dealing with an agency. By choosing this option, you can still hire a professional, but you’ll pay less than you would if you hired the entire staff that an agency offers.

Set up a design contest

A design competition gives you a chance to see multiple different designers’ versions of your logo specifications and select the one that most perfectly reflects your brand.

You provide a briefing, designers from across the world respond with logo ideas based on the briefing, and you select, tweak, and pay for the one you like most.

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