Baseball Team Names: 650+ Catchy, Cool names

Baseball is one of the most popular and watched sports in the United States, known for hosting players such as Babe Ruth and Albert Pujois. Major League Baseball or MLB is played and watched all across the United States, where people support their favorite teams, such as the Yankees and Red Sox.

If you are making such baseball teams, you will need unique names to compete in tournaments. To fulfill your requirement, we brought you this article which will feature hundreds of names suitable for your baseball team. Don’t hesitate to pick one of these.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s check out the names:

Baseball Team Names

Restless Rockets

Emo Warriors


Omaha Storm Chasers

The Green Monsters

Raging Backflips

Around The Horn


Tribe of Base


Ragin Cajuns

Maple Leafs

Pink Ladies

Heels from Hell

Born to Win

Beast Bulls

Team Power

Red Raiders

High on Victory

Pitch Masters

Sandlot B Team

Connecticut Tigers

In with Innings

Hoops I did it again

Charlotte Knights


Master Spinners



Smoking Bunts

Smoking Bunts

Random Access Memory

Vulcan Heats

Ball of Duty

Gold Treasure

Pokemon Gang


Gold Coins


Blurred Foul Lines


Blue Man Group

Mad Mammals

Strike Zones

Base Invaders

Terrific Tasks

Strikers Arena

Stockton Ports

Miracle Makers

There’s No Base Like Home

The Blast

Comet’s Tail

Balk Paper Scissors



Son of Pitches

Perfecto Scores

Blazing Rockets

Blue Jays

Tango Twisters

Rough Riders

3 Pointer Pros

The Squad

Friendly Confines


Wilmington Blue Rocks

Lazer Cocoons

Ogden Raptors

Boys Baseball Team Names

If you are searching for a team name for your boys’ baseball team, you’ve arrived at the right place. These names listed below suit boys’ demeanor and will perfectly fit the nature of a boys’ baseball team.

Silver Surfers

Run’s and Loses


Fly Guys

Screaming Nimbles

Bat to the Bones

Six Foot 2’s

Eye for an Eye

Ladybug Army

Kansas City Royals

Tulsa Drillers

Dashing Devils

Pixie Dixies

Wolf Gang


Lowell Spinners

Potomac Nationals


Lady Hawks

Crashing Amigos

No Spoils Left

Touch The Base

Slam Dunkers

Lord of sets

Razor Rebels


Swish Swish

Tackle and Shackle

Greatest Game On Dirt


Broken Bones

Loose Ends

Block and Save

2nd Innings

Fools of Masquerade


Friendly Confines

The Warriors

Special K’s

Blue Waves

Done with Bullshit

Bookworm Athletes

Red Hawks

Cool Kids Club


Florida Fire Frogs

Sulking Hulks

Ball of Duty

Full Counts


Donut Disturb

Turf Warnocks

Pink Sox

Chicken and Quaffles


Dunking Dancers

Blue Badgers

Cyborg Droids

Gone with the Win

Demons Dispatched

Black Magic

Space Angels

Preaching Eagles

Royal Army


The Elite Team

Oakland Athletics

Blue Steel

Flying Squirrels

Cincinnati Reds

Grand Salamis

Girls Baseball Team Names

Girls’ baseball teams are not so uncommon these days. If boys can play this sport, then girls obviously can. The names listed below will perfect go with your girls’ baseball team. Let’s check out:

Elite Sapiens

Clearwater Threshers


Salem-Keizer Volcanoes

Share Holders

Dazzling Balls


Silver Belles

Hitmen Pitchers

The Justice League

Balking Dead


Yellow Jackets


You Need to Calm Down

Hawkeye Hornets

Bunt Force Trauma

Base-ic Pitches

Silent Assassins

Ball of Beauty

Only Homeruns

The Order of Phoenix

Vancouver Canadians

Red Hots

Cut Off Men

Black Panthers

Football Heads

Black Widows

Gatling Guns


Blooming Volcanoes

Hack a Shaq



Flying Crusaders

Rockies Pitchers

The Dementors

Basket Junkies

Blue Bloods


Charging Bulls

Dreamblast Order

Indians on Base

Web Gems

Extra Bases With Inch

Death Wish

Lightning Pitchers

Black Eyed Peas

Kings Pins

Black Knights

Quad Cities River Bandits

The Red Crushers

Crispy Fried Chickens


Arsenal Gunners

Bristol Pirates

Ace of Bases

Ping Bombs

Clubber Langs

Bat and Boujee

Kawai Kats

Red Bulls

Tar Heels

Manny Mavericks

The Flow Zone

Cool Baseball Team Names

While selecting a team name, you must ensure that the name sounds cool and depicts the players’ mindset. If the players of your team has the calm and composed mindset, then you should pick a cool baseball team name.

Big Horns

Crew X

Chicago Purple Sox

No Nonsense Gamers

Bull Riders


Tampa Yankees

Win or Booze

Pro Performers


Backhand Bitches

Pixie Normous

Cheetah Colonels

Brute Force

The Real Beatles

Akron RubberDucks

Sounders Bull

Vicious Thrills

Outlier Pitchers

Just A Bit Outsiders

Rey-eye Beast

Blood Riders

Black Panthers

Harrisburg Senators

Death Squad

California League

Pittsburgh Pirates


Aces of Bases


Winston-Salem Dash

Traitor Joes

Swish and Dunk

The Bandits

Fort Wayne TinCaps

Base Invaders

Big Bats


One Hit Wonders

Mississippi Braves

Big Shots

Tampa Pitchers

Red Bull Wings

The Resistance

Sons of Sun

Greek Gods

Huggable Kittens

Clash with the babes

Palm Beach Cardinals

Wardog Assassins

Sharp Shooters


United Army

Young Michael Jordans

Fire Bird Pitchers

The Boxers

Friendly Innings

Red Typhoons

Game of Loans

Warrior Raptors

Rule Breakers

Arizona Diamondbacks


Quake Birds

Bat Attitudes

Brooklyn Cyclones

Tactical Attacks


Seahawk Pitchers


West Virginia Black Bears

Donut Lose


Bengal Bisons

Hit Talkers

Red Head Gang

Toledo Mud Hens


Men of Steal

Diamond Cutters

Gold Rush

Frozen Bullets

Fort Myers Miracle

Booger Army

Marshall Pitchers

Eugene Emeralds

Nans Lads


The Hot List

Salt Lake Bees

Rochester Red Wings

Charging Hulks

Silent Killers

God’s FavouriteTeam

Aces of Diamonds

Most Valuable Players

Phantom Bulls

Pillaging Pirates

Fresno Grizzlies

Black Sails

Uncivilized Bunch

Balls Avalanches

Billings Mustangs

Thunderous Cats

Blasted Furnaces

Camel Pitchers

We Dino-sore

Noob Power

Dancing Dardevills

Bunt Cakes

Eagle Eyed

Shooting Balls

Inglorious Batters

Basic Boys

It’s All About That Base

Viking Pitchers

Happy Faces On Ground

Raven Raiders

Dirt Devils

Black Mambas

Goldfish Pitchers

Washington Nationals

Defending Champs


Rush Hour

No Fouls

Bluefield Blue Jays

Leather Flashers

Hot Shots


Bald Eagles

Salem Red Sox

Amazing Baseball Team Names

These are some of the most amazing baseball team names that you will ever find. Picking one of these names will ensure that your baseball team is different from others and depicts that the team is ready to play in competitive matches. So, let’s check out some amazing baseball team names:

Prairie Wolves

McGlovin Rangers

Pink Fury

Team Dance

The Kick-ass Rangers

Colorado Rockies

The Atom Bomb


Red, White, Blues

Falcon Defenders

Rancho Quakes

Jets of Giants

Balls Deep

Rocket Pitchers

Royal Blues

7th Inning Stretchers

Black Bears


Black Knights

Blue Whales


Black Bats

The Real Slim Shadies

Silly Bellies

New York Yankees


Goal Masters

Black Sharks

Ninja Bros

Score for DAYS

Strike Zones

Kobe’s Kids

Flying Balls

Pringle Pacers

Chafing the Dreams

Red Rovers

Chaotic Tornadoes

Appalachian League

Black Knights

Shinobi of Salem

Bunt Cakes

Black Widows

White Sox


Bowling Green Hot Rods

Nuggets on Ground

The Beanie Squad

Unstoppable Force

Dropped Shots

Squad Titles

No Hit Sherlock


Lightning Legends

Mister Maniacs


Beast Pitchers


Grim Minds


Balk Paper Scissors

The First Order

Pioneer League

Hickory Crawdads

NY-Penn League


Blasting Balls

Pink Panthers

Coach Man


Goal Diggers

Goofy Dumplings

Umpire Strikes Back

Red Raiders

Navy Blues

Temper Bursts

Ninja Pitchers

Mud Runners

Trenton Thunder

Podunk Posse

Lake Elsinore Storm

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