Top 28+ Best Basketball Brands in the World

Many people have a special trademark of basketball and this chart includes all of the safest, recognizable and well-known, basketball brands. With so many basketball brands it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of the top basketball brands in the globe.

Basketball Brands in the World


Country: United States

Albert Spalding launched this American brand of sporting goods in 1876 in Chicago, Illinois. Presently, the head offices of this company are situated in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The corporation works in the manufacturing of balls for several athletics but is popular for manufacturing basketballs. 


Country: United States

With the head department near Beaverton, Oregon this American global company is involved in the manufacturing, development, design, and global sales and marketing of accessories, equipment, apparel, footwear, and services. Nike is the biggest distributor of sports apparel and shoes in the globe and the main factory of athletics equipment, with earnings of US$24.1 billion.

Air Jordan

Country: United States

This company of basketball casual, athletic, shoes, and style apparel manufactured by Nike. Air Jordan was developed for six-time NBA Finals and retired NBA player Michael Jordan. The actual sneakers of this brand were manufactured in 1984 only for Michael Jordan. The shoes were manufactured by Bruce Kilgore, Tinker Hatfield, and Peter Moore for Nike.


Country: United States

Chicago, Illinois-based this American athletics equipment factory has been associated with the Finnish group Amer Sports since 1989. It manufactures appliances for several athletics, among them volleyball, tennis, squash, soccer, racquetball, golf, fastpitch softball, basketball, American football, badminton, and baseball.


Country: Germany

Herzogenaurach, Germany-based this transnational firm designs and trades shoes, accessories, and apparel. It claims to be Europe’s biggest company in sportswear. Adidas is the parent corporation of the Adidas Group. As of 2018, Adidas’ earnings were recorded at €21.915 billion.

Under Armour

Country: United States

This American corporation produces casual clothing, sportswear, and footwear. Under their international offices in Baltimore, Maryland with extra departments situated in Toronto, Shanghai, Seoul, Santiago, São Paulo, San Francisco, Portland, Pittsburgh, Paris, Panama City, Munich, Mexico City, London, New York City, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Austin, and Amsterdam.


Country: Japan

Hiroshima, Japan-based this manufacturer of automotive parts and sports equipment is mainly recognized for producing balls for various team athletics, with an expanse of commodities that includes volleyball, handballs, dodgeballs, basketballs, association footballs, and American balls. Remarkably, their balls are the authorized balls for all FIBA International tournaments, and several local associations outside of North America.


Country: United States

Boston-based American clothing and footwear corporation has been associated with the German sporting item brand Adidas since 2005. Reebok manufactures and supplies Crossfit, running, and fitness sportswear including footwear and clothing. Reebok is the authorized clothing and footwear supporter for Spartan Race, CrossFit, and Ultimate Fighting Championship.


Country: United States

This American corporation offers formal services. Rawlings corporation provides security claims return solutions. They serve consumers in America.


Country: United States 

This company manufactures performance apparel, sports protection, and sports medicine, for athletes and active people. The company was launched by Dr. Robert F. McDavid Jr. in 1969. Presently, their commodities lead the suggestion lists of athletic trainers, sports medicine professionals, and pro athletes.


Country: United States

This American shoe corporation licenses, supplies, and designs accessories, apparel, lifestyle brand footwear, skating shoes, and sneakers. It was launched in 1908. Since 2003, Converse has been associated with Nike, Inc. 

Russell Brands

Country: United States

This American company produced athletics appliances and traded its commodities under several trademarks and associates, such as Spalding and Russell Athletic. Previously a globally marketed corporation was developed by Fruit of the Loom.

Champion Sports

Country: United States

This American company of apparel mainly works in sportswear. Champion Sports is associated with Hanesbrands. The corporation was initially founded in 1989 in Rochester, New York.


Country: United States

With the lead department in Costa Mesa, California this American international company is involved in the production, development, and design of global trade and retailing of accessories and surf clothing. It was associated with Nike, Inc. from 2002 to 2019. Licensing and branding corporation Bluestar Alliance LLC purchased the brand in 2019.


Country: Japan

With head departments in Nishi-Ku, Hiroshima, Chūgoku, this global brand of sports goods and sports equipment mainly works in the appliance for ball athletics, the balls designed by this company for handball, water polo, volleyball, basketball, softball, and football are always used for official competitions, games, and matches.

Fila Korea

Country: Italy

This sportswear company designs clothing and shoes. Giansevero and Ettore Fila launched this brand in Biella, Piedmont, Italy in 1911. Since 2007, Fila Korea has acquired this brand. Sports Brand International purchased this brand in 2013. 

US Games

Country: United States

Donald Yu started this video game corporation which initially manufactured handheld electronic athletics games. In 1982, they launched their main game, Space Jockey.


Country: United States

Frank H. Fleer first introduced this brand in 1885. It was the first corporation to produce bubble gum. It became popular as a producer of athletics cards, beginning with the manufacturing of baseball cards in 1923. It also launched basketball and American football cards. Some non-sports cards are also manufactured by this company.


Country: United States 

For more than 30 years, it has been upholding its dedication to providing performance quality commodities with its delightful value and service in the sporting product business. They have developed to provide the widest chain of sports equipment and team wear in the business. 

Trigon Sports

Country: United States 

Masters of the sporting product enterprise started this company in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2007 with a cooperative 40 years of knowledge. Their purpose was not to alter the sporting product business, but plainly to create it better. Through their athletics equipment brand ProCage™, they have broadened their commodity chain from softball and baseball to soccer, lacrosse, football, and more. 

Huffy Corporation

Country: United States

Dayton, Ohio-based this distributor of bicycles was launched in 1887 when the Davis Sewing Machine corporation was bought by George P. Huffman. Its sewing machine manufacturer moved to Dayton, Ohio from Watertown, New York, in 1890.


Country: United States

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee this industrial organization produces gate valves, fire hydrants, and other water supply commodities. In 2010, it shifted from Decatur, Illinois, to Chattanooga, which is the biggest distributor of drinkable water supply commodities in North America. It is associated with Mueller Water Products.

Tachikara USA

Country: Japan

Toyaburo Iimuro launched this brand of Japanese sports ball in 1915 in Tokyo. It has its head department in Matsugaya, Taito-Ku, Tokyo.


Country: United States 

St. Louis, Missouri-based this third-generation household industry trades athletics equipment to merchandisers and supplies throughout America and globally to nearly 50 countries on six mainlands. Their recent development is in team athletics, producing its own trademarks of protective gear, training aids, and general equipment.

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