Beach Bar Names: 750+ Cool, Creative Names

According to data from the industry, the number of bars has declined over the last year. These businesses are likely to grow when people feel relaxed and at ease in a new atmosphere. Because people have been trapped for too long, bars may have a strong market later in the year.

If you’re planning to open the doors of a bar, nightclub, or lounge for cocktails, it’s important to have a memorable name to draw in patrons. Names for bars that refer to a beach-themed bar should be arousing and uplifting for the sun and sand lovers and water sports fans. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s quickly check out the names suggested for your beach bar.

Beach Bar Names

Bottoms Down!


New Age Poured

Beer Entertainment Zone

B+ Ages

Beer Antiques

Bad Beers

Iced Bars

Sugar Crushed

Twisted Tails

Pink Blossoms Bar

The Mixers Hub

Sunrise Glasses

Unicorn Island

Pink Paradise


Neon Drinks

Saturn Beach Bar

Angel’s Bar

Magic Crafters

Trailblazers Hub

Magic Drinks And Beers

Hot Pink Bars

Aurora Drinks

Kitten’s Lounge

Tasteful Days

Cocktail Mocks

Proper Perry Perry

Classic Trails

Spiked Up

Emerald Wonderers

The Weekend Habit

Heaven’s Pub

At The Grove

Cocktail Revolution

The Cocktail Project

Liquid Ignition

Poise Noise

High Heat

Super Drinks

Cocktail Monsters

Black Out Pub

Cocktail Sisters Pour House

Amber Alert

Pink Buubbles

Fizzy Peach

White Rabbit

Network Loving’

Squeeze Bar

The Cocktail Herd

Fizzy Goblet

Queen’s Throne Room

Insanity Beach Bar

Elegant Dream House

Cool Beach Bar Names

The name should invite people to unwind with sand between their feet and a glass of wine in their hands. The name could also convey something about the area, however, it must be easy to remember and pronounce.

The Plum Bars

Terrazzo Bar

The Gin Stoppage

Fox’s Bar

Bottom’s Up

Gentleman’s Lounge

Gin Concoctions

The Gin Solution

Tilted Drinks

The Gin Conference

After Party

Dizzy Donkey

Nomad’s Place

Crystal Clear

Gin Class

Polished Beach Bar

Gin Tavern

Starting Game

Top Notch

Supreme Gins

Stellar Gin House

Luxe Gins

Imaginative Clubs

Olive Beach Bar

Rendezvous Club

Bottled Desires

Love Talk

Burned Bar In House

Citrus Beach Bar

The Subtle Alcohol

Drunken Aromatics

Versatile Liquor House

Martini Haven

The Box Lounge


Gin Nights

Lemon Beach Bar

Elements Beach Bar

Sweet Spirits

Flourished Fizz

Vagabond’s Hangout

Gin Royale

Sloe Moe

Wine Corner

The Grape

Taste Beach Bar

And Grape

Jupiter Beach Bar

Dr. Red

The Grape Game

The Wine Escapade

The Gentleman’s Guide

Light Conversation

Bene Wines

Quaint Beach Bar

Local Tavern

Mesmerized Barzone

Crimson Bar

Backyard Secrets

Ablaze Beach Bar

Wine Paradise

Bizarre Wines

Underground Indulgence

A Glass Of Lemon

The Grape Hideout

Clever Wines

The Empress

The Red Lounge

Cloud Tower

Lilac Lounge


Liquid Jewels

Mystic Wines

Catchy Beach Bar Names

The process of naming a company is one of the toughest and most important tasks you’ll ever do. Your name should be brief and memorable and targeted to attract your ideal customer. On the one hand, you need an appealing name that is straight clear, and concise. However, you’d like names that are unique and memorable.

Ivory Grill

Astro Club

The Drunk Beer

Crescent Moon

Whole Bars

The Grumpy Bartender

Eternal Night

Loose Lips Tavern

Urban Hits

Vertigo vintage

Bad Attitude Bar 


Mirage Beach Bar

Drunken Safari


Upside Down

Epic Beach Bar

District Nowhere

Potter’s Lounge

Knox-eye bar

Twisted Drinks

Grape House 

Tempest Beach Bar

Pour Up


Go Loco

Red Carpet Brewery

Good Vibes

Barrel House

Social Life and Drinks

Hot Mess


Golden Lounge

Bad Girls Tavern

Lotus Cove

Weekend Bar

Party People

Tipsy Corner

Glow Pour House

Golden Tavern

Wolf’s Den

Beer Revolution

The Vault

Elixir House

Twilight Zone

High Altitude

Odd Hours

Liquor Lounge

Renegade Tavern

Sharp Shooters

Office Pantry

Lost Bar

Break Time

Midnight Pour House

Wise Men Tavern

Freestyle Beach Bar

Full Moon

The Playing Field

Rush Hour

Dawn Beach Bar

The Red Pub

Front & Center

Free Thinkers

Beer Utopia

Seventh Heaven

Deal Breaker


Pop’s Beach Bar

Moon Lounge

Funny Beach Bar Names

Before coming up with a bar name It is an excellent idea to study the other businesses that are in your industry. This will give you an idea of what names for bars are on the market, and what names are popular with companies in your sector.

The Sand Dollar

Coral Brews And Drinks

Sea Escape Club

No Bared Beaches

Purple Skies

Sun Bar 

Tipsy Martini

Babe’s Beach Bar

Fizzy Flamingo

Love And Kisses

Drunk Burnt

The Palm Tree

Sunset Vibes

Swim Club

Sundown Bistro

After Hours Beach Bar

Fun In The Sun

Surf Time

Ocean Breeze Bar

No Fighting, Just Kiting


Under The Palms

The Happy Place

C-Square Bar

Sandy Shores

Tipsy Sand Bar

Stuck On a Sand Bar

Hula Brews

Bikini Martini

Bronzed Beach Bar

Tipsy Tiki

Serenity By The Sea

Swaying Palms Resort


Ocean Breeze

The Night Watch

Chill House

The Surf Club

The Black Manta

On The Rocks

The Coconut Bar

Fisherman’s Place

Diver’s Paradise

Blue Agave

Panorama Beach Bar

Turquoise House Of Drinks

By The Shoreline

Starfish Bar

Pelican Club

Starry Nights

Beer Stop

Beach Bums

Shipwreck Beach Bar

Scuba Nights

The Party Shack


Atlantis Beach Bar

Socials Night

Pink House Of Drunks

Glass House

Hook’s Bar

Sparkling Blue

Sandy Beach Bar

The Empire Beach Club

New Wave

Trinity Cove

The Beachside Manor

Premier Brews

Oasis Drink And More

Above Sea Level

The Plunge

Margarita Nights

Aloha Beach

Aquarius Beach Bar

Bermuda Secrets

The Blue Dot

Crystal Bar

ocean themed bar names

Think of as many bizarre and fun words as you can and then explore what you can think of. You can always put these into the Business Names for the bar to get an even greater variety. There are bound to be some that stand out.

Ace Bounce

American Social

Bandits Bar

Bar One

Better Days

Black Market

Boycott Bar

Clock Bar

Dirty Habit

Fireside Bar

Gypsy Bar

Happy Daze

High Bar

Honor Amongst Thieves

Hot Bird

Kill Your Idol

Last Call Bar

Level 9 Rooftop Bar

Lone Palm

Magic Lounge

Nowhere Lounge

On The Rocks Bar

Phone Booth

Purdy Lounge

Rustic Roof

Seven Grand

Sparrow Beach Bar

Tavern Law

The Boardroom

The Broken Record

The Fainting Goat

The Lost Leaf

The Milk Room

The Old Monk

The Sitting Room

The Tasting Room

The Whistler

Top Of The Mark

Amazing Beach Bar Names

You must want the name of your establishment to be appealing and not be a negative impression on your patrons to be in any manner! Here are some amazing beach bar name ideas for your business.

Nagoya Sushi & Bar

Living Lounge

Wave Bar

The Tipsy Cow

Royale Lounge

Scarlet Lounge

Lost Boy

The Lost Leaf Club

Mai-Kai Tequila

Tike Bay

Delight More And Drink

Hi Dive Bar

Tiki Toltec

Pi Bar Company

Something Shared

Moon Valley Grill

Lemon Lounge

Polite Provisions

The Monkey Farm Cafe

Real Club

The Whining Pig

Beach Shack

Juju’s Drink Shack

The Cruise Den

Wild Hawk

Forbidden Island Club

Palmer Place

Vineyard Wine Bar

Black Bar

Tipsy House

Triangle Pub

Peers And Beers

The Box Lounge

Now Lounge And Pub

The Cruise Den.

Chef Shangri-La

Love Lounge And Bar

Garden Restaurant

Under Town 

Oasis Lounge

Tavern Law Road

Funky Houses

The Mixing Club

The Golden Rum

Beach Bar Name Generator

Beach Bar Name Generator

Explore our Beach Bar Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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