Beach House Names: 700+ Catchy and Cool Names

Beaches are the most visited spots during vacations. Owning a beach house or a hotel by the beach is like a dream for almost most of us.

If you own a beach house, you can put it up for rent and spend your vacation at the beach house without worrying about booking hotels. You can also use your beach house as homestays for tourists.

Beach is a refreshing place for all of us, right? We all love to visit beaches for long vacations or even on the weekends. So, you should think of a name for your beach house if you are planning to have one. 

We will help you with some cool, catchy, amazing, latest, and awesome names for your beach house. So, let us get started!

Cool Beach House Names

Beaches are the coolest and most fun places to visit or spend our days at. Having a cool name will make the beach house fun and cooler. Hold on, we will give you some cool names to get you started with some beach house names.

Rock n’ Reel

Casa Palmera

Once Upon a Tide

Looney Dunes

Starfish Shack

Cove House

Cliff Cottage

Blue Chill

Coral Cottage

Knot 4 Reel

The Beach Hive

Sugar Shores

Porpoise of Life

Second Wind

Regatta Haus

Calypso Cottage

Absolute Beach

5 O’Clock Somewhere

Cast a Waves

Feeling tip’Sea

Hook Wine & Sinker


Coconut Cottage

Sand Ranch

Tequilla Sunrise

Southern Exposure

Beachy Keen

Gone Coastal

Isle be Back

Flirty Flamingo

Wave n’ Sea

Shore Enuff

The Blue Pearl


Luna Sea

The Reel World

Whispering Palms

Catch of the Day

Stay Salty

Sea La Vie

A Wave from it all

Costa Del Ray

Krusty Krab

Serenity by the Sea

Sandy Bottoms

Fiddler on the Reef

Surf Station

Sandy Feet Retreat

7 Palms

Sea Glass Cottage

Deja Blue

Sea Pointe


Sea Renity

Sunny Daze


Sea Esta

Sea Gem

Sea Duced

The Lost Lobster

On the Rocks

Off the Hook

Afterdune Delight


Beach Daze

Footprints in the Sand

Blue Haven

Playing Hooky

Vitamin Sea

Cake by the Ocean

Island Time


Cliff Haven

CoCo Loco

Changes in Attitude

Purple Pelican

Shore Fun

After Dune Delight

Blue Heron

Endless Summer

Sugar Sands

Ocean Pearl

Seas the Day

Villa La Isla

Wait ‘n Sea

Sunnyside Up


Family Tides

Beach Haven

Turquoise Turtle

Flipping Flounder

Shore to Please

Laughing Seagull

Coral Paradise

Sea Forever

Driftwood Cottage

Dune Our Thing

Catchy Beach House Names

Selecting the perfect name is challenging at times. But keep in mind you have to choose the name that goes with the type of things, the fun you do at a beach house, like pool parties, games, surfing contests, etc., a catchy name will invite for more fun. Here are some catchy names.

Beach Happy

Sand Shack

Shore Thing

Jamaica Me

Baydream Believer

5 O’Clock Somewhere


Hip Nautic

Bikinis & Martinis

Lobster Lodge

Bikini Bottom

Fun in the Sun

Summer By The Sea

Sea Esta

Salt Life

Perch Pad

Just Beachy

Beach a Holic

The Jetty Joint

Lost Shaker of Salt

Totally Beachin’

License To Chill

Firefly Cottage

Peace Among

The Lookout

Pelican Pad

After Dune Delight

Reel ’em Inn

Seagull Shack

Anchors Away

Sol Mate

Purple Pelican

Swell Rising

La Vida Loca


Good times & Tan Lines

Aqua Vista

Salt Life

Just Beachy

Shore Enuff

Shore House


Lil’ Nauti

Off Course


Reel Paradise

Victoria’s Sea-Cret

All Decked Out

Slow M’Ocean

Sun Kiss

Bahama Breeze

Shore Break


Fanta Sea

Dock Holiday

The Sandbox

Ocean View

Catch n’ Relax

Sail Away

Octopus Odyssey

Conch Cottage

Shore To Please

Moon Dunes

Seaview Estate

The Kiss

One Oar Missing


Shore Thing

Salty Dog

Happy Daze

The Lucky Duck

Tide Seal

Stella Maris

Coastal Soul

Lost Shaker of Salt

Cove House

Beach Blessing

Catch n’ Relax

Keepin’ it Reel

Paradise Palms

Jamaica me Crazy

One Oar Missing

Lattitude Adjustment

Flip Flop Inn

Shore House

Big Kahuna


Barefoot Bungalow

Amazing Beach House Names

Do you want to double your fun at the beach house with family, friends, and siblings? What are you waiting for then? We have gathered some of the most amazing beach house names for you here.

If you choose an amazing name for your beach house, it will have more guests and customers, which will also be a source of income for you, and you will also love visiting the beach house more often.

Coconut Suite

Fun in the Sun


Vitamin Sea

Cupcake Hotel

Whispering Palms

Sea Glass Cottage

Sea Esta

Blissdom Resort

Entrada Resort

Sunny Canopy

Red Velvet Inn

Fresh Wave

Shore Enuff

Coral Paradise

Salty Dog



Holiday Inn Express


Four Seasons

Hotel Joy Stick

Cedar Point

Sea La Vie

Cotton House

La Serene

The New Yorker

Sandy Ridge

Premier Travel Inn

Crystle Circle

Sea Daze

Versi Yemme

Happy Mornings


Barefoot Bungalow

Beach Daze

Smoklin Resorts

De La Crème

Nature Trinket

Hotel Rose

Fiddler on the Reef

Off the Hook

Bluepeaks Villa

Sharks and tunas

Blue Heron

The Lost Lobster

The Sea Front


Orange Eye

Catch n’ Relax

Palm Bliss

Shore Fun

Winter Crystal



Weekend By The shore


Nextbrett String

The Sebastian Vail


Beach Happy

London House

Indiana Rock

The Society

Beachy Keen

Golden Luxe

Cove House

Lime Wood

Mobi Beach

Reel Paradise

Bluebird Resort

Hexa Crest

Grand & Epic

Salt Life

Island Time


On the Rocks

Conch Cottage


Sandbank Villa

One Oar Missing

Miami Vibes

Woods by the sea

Catch of the Day

Blue Moon

The Cottage Motel

Starfish Shack

Sea Pointe

Bikinis & Martinis


Purple Pelican

Flipflop Stay

Orange Lake

Sunny Daze

Sandy Feet Retreat




The Attic

Big Bang Hotel

Dream Connect

Cook and Sea

Royal Galaxy

Gone Coastal

Resting Love

hue Veranda

Dreamy shore


Shore to Please


Paradise Resort


Quest Hotel

The Jasmine inn

Keepin’ it Reel

The Hoxton

The Elet

Victaura Wish

Coastal Soul

Shore House

Seas the Day

Paradise Point

The Better Hotel


Coast Hotels

Villa Florence

Royal Villa

Big Dreams

The Messa

5 Star Getaway

The Lookout

Happy Place


Sapphires Hotel

Parallel Shine

The Bay Club

Zion Hotel

White Elephant

Latest Beach House Names

Let us show you some latest beach house names before you get started with your beach house names.

Sea beach tourism is a fast-growing industry, and many beach houses are coming up around tourist spots. Also, so many people own beach houses. Here are some latest beach house names.

Rodeway Inn

The Lind Boracay

Night In Paradise

Moss View

Grand Oral

Terra Leaf Wine

Miami Inn

Inn of Chicago

Constant Clap

Nude Moon

Crabs and Shells


Graze Inn

Main Street Resort


Denu Delooks

Lucaya Village

NatureFive Holiday 


Ritz-Carlton Hotel


The Worldly Traveler

isle Treasure

Treebones Resort

Hotel Diva

Towne Place Suites

Acqualina Villa

Flying Fox Resort

The Enchanted Garden

Snooze Lodge

New Apollo

The Fraga 

Vacation Village

Cabrillo Inn & Suites

Barry with Love

Ivory Safari

Max Fun



Sun And Sand

The Ranch at Rock Creek

Danielle Sapphires

Royal Resort

Heritage Inn


Mad Glad Resorts

Backyard Resort

On The Road

Temptation Inn and Boutique

Temporary Home

French Lick

PreciousCIty Resorts

The Glory

Four Seasons

The Mississippi Saga


Two Stupid Dogs

Greensprings Vacation Inn

Comfort Lemonade

The Nines

SpinSurf Hotel



Coastal bay

Baltic Beach Stay



Primrose High


Eight Foot


Dong Bang Villa

Emerald Bay Inn

Vino Peige

Five Star Resort

Ebony Market

Emarald blue

Grand Gross

Scenic Solitude

LaPlaya Beach House

Surfing By The Shore

Hapuna Beach Suites


Chip Inn


The Blue Lagoon


Spring Brook

Moody Moon Resort

Silicove Crystal 

Red Velvet Guest House

Good Quest

Angel lure

Hotel Lucia

The New View

Serene Villa


Awesome Beach House Names

Are you looking for some awesome beach house names? We are here for you. The name is the first impression for anything, and so is for your beach house.

Are you looking for some awesome names for the beach house resort, for the beach homestay or inn or villa? We will give you some awesome beach house names.


Jade Bay Inn

Pearl View



Bay View Inn

El Arturo

Red Flag Boutique 

Welcome Stay 

Fairytale Villa

Quirk Hotel

Marco Beach Ocean House

Urban Minute

Marco Polo

Winds and Sunset


101 Clover

Sweet Dreams B&B

Orlando Lake Buena Vista

Allensos Resorts

Row Resort

The Peninsula Chicago

Knights Inn

Astro Enclave


Sparkling Stones

Helping Hands

The Fresco Inn

Western Ignite

D’Front Uptown

Coral Reef

Water Vibe 

Timeless Treasures


New Merlin Bay

Merilyn Villa

Southern Maldives View

Maui Beach Vacation Club

Royal Place

Coconut Water

Surf and Splash


Great imagine

Beachfront View

Black Butte Ranch

Shore of The waves

The Cozy Cottage

The Breeze Bay

Montage Deer Valley

Spring Tide

Mumford and Sons

Harborview Cottage

Sandy Shore

The Glory Vista Inn

Sunset Lodge

Dive Deep

Merilyn Dots

Hello Home

Turtle Bay Villa

Desire Cache

Queen’s Lion

Shade Tree Resort

Porn Hotel

Secluded Hill

Elden Essa

EdenSeries Corporation

Sleep Well Resort

Chestnut Tree Inn

Zeldofrey Cottage

Country Charm 

Row Hotel

Country Roads Take Me Home

Whale Cave Inn

The blue whale



Summer Of June

Malibu Resort

Liberty Home

Eden Roc

Dark Aura


Ariel House

The Cottage 

Inn Of Dreams

Spongebob Squarepants

Sprouvino Resorts

Cool Conquer

Sunny Canopy Resort

Hotel Fusion

Rare Grendeur

Surfing Spree

The Neighborhood 

WaveWise Vacations

Elite Inn



Cedar Hotel

Welcome Home

Ignite the fun

The Gritty Palace

Small Town Resort

Holly House

Blossom Bed

Well Quest

Sizzling Inn

Fairview Hotel

Parallel Shrine

ObliQ Resorts

Atlas Villa 

Enchanted Isles Villa

Odysse Suites

Sunny Slide Up

Four Seasons Resort

Haven Royale Resort

Signature San Francisco

Walkabout Beach

Habibi welcome to my beach house

Union Rooms

Moroccan inn

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